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England React to Canada Still Recognising the British Monarch
  • England: well... *sighs* Canada, you deserved this. I'm sad to say that we won't be connected anymore, but at least we can still visit each other as equals.
  • Canada: Thank you, England~ I'll do my best and beat America!
  • England: u-uh... that's not the first thing you should do, Canada! A-Anyways, I don't think you need the face of my King anymore-
  • Canada: no wait, I... um... I wanted to tell you that I'll still recognize your monarch, England~
  • England: h-huh?
  • Canada: It means that I'll still keep the 'Monarchy of Canada'! Oh, Australia and New Zealand said they would too, we talked about it~ I don't mind, I think the monarchs in your home are pretty cool-
  • England: *hugs Canada* this is why you're my favourite, poppet!!
  • America, in the distance: Ow! Why do I feel that an older sibling figure of mine is playing favorites again???
Loved You First (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: The reader just returned from a long trip abroad, only to discover her best friend, Peggy Carter, is engaged to none other than her heartbreakingly beautiful ex-boyfriend, Bucky Barnes. (Modern au!)

Word Count: 2.0k

Warnings: angst

A/n: I AM SO SORRY THIS HAS TAKEN ME SO LONG. Seriously. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Also if you’ve tagged me in anything, I’m reading it later today/this weekend!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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“That is not what happened!” you exclaimed, throwing a fry at Bucky’s face, trying to suppress your laughter. Bucky simply caught the fry in his mouth, winking at you playfully.

“That is exactly what happened, and you know it!” he replied. “You went up to grab your coffee and tripped over your own two feet!” He laughed again, clearly enjoying traveling down memory lane that featured your most embarrassing moments.

“The floor was slippery, it could have happened to anyone!” You moaned, putting your head in your hands.

“Well, you definitely caught my attention that day,” Bucky said with a chuckle. “And look where that led us.” You felt your stomach twist unexpectedly as you recalled the duration of your relationship with him. Bucky sipped his water, seemingly unbothered by the almost suffocating waves of nostalgia.

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HetaTube: Top 3 Toys This Month!
  • Sealand: hiya guys! It's me, Seak-kun again, and welcome to this live stream with guest star; Wy!
  • Wy: um... hi...
  • Sealand: today we're going to look at the top three toys that are super popular and trending around the world today! This video could also help you parents or friends out there thinking of what toys to buy for kids physically our age! Okay, let's look at number three and that is- open the box, Wy~
  • Wy: it's... a Lego Batman set.
  • Sealand: ooh, nice!! Lego wins these things all the time, they're the best! Especially to you, Wy, since you love them so much~!
  • Wy: not according to England and New Zealand... they find it really annoying to clean up... and step on...
  • Sealand: wouldn't they yell and blame Den almost all the time?
  • Wy: Anyways, the second most popular toy is... a power ranger action figure?
  • Sealand: my fav! I love power rangers action figures too! Action figures are always the best! And blue's my fav! Look at him! So beautiful! I got it from Japan!
  • Wy: Didn't China give you one too?
  • Sealand: yeah but... I prefer Japan's more.
  • Wy: okay, now the number 1 most popular toy is-... why.
  • Sealand: oh my gosh, it's the meme!!
  • Wy: ... a fidget spinner??
  • Sealand: I mean, they're pretty cool right? I heard that lots of people are getting these for their loved ones, their SIBLINGS, and their kids! I also heard that they great for stress relief and fun to relax with-
  • Wy: oh, England commented on our video. He said that you're still not getting a fidget spinner.
If You Only Believe / Peter Pan (OUAT) Fanfiction


Word count: 1732

Warnings: Fluff, smut, violence, self hate, possessive/obsessive!pan


As every other night you sit in your cosy armchair in your rooftop bedroom. Still living with your parents is normal for people your age, but still you don’t like the idea of not having the freedoms you wish you had. The boy dressed in green walks back to you after picking a book from your huge collection – a positive thing about living with your parents once again, an endless amount of books. He hands it over to you and seats himself in the armchair next to yours. You smile at the title, he had you read the story to him at least two times already.

„You know, you should be able to read this by yourself, you’re probably just around my age? Sixteen?“

„Of course I can read, I just want to hear the story read by your voice. It’s lovely,“ he said, his eyebrows moving in a funny yet attractive way, can he even help his eyebrows wiggling all the time? It is indeed distracting. His dark green eyes flash in the low light.

„Well, then…“ You smile.

You tell the boy the story about the girl, the one that lived in a futuristc ,dystopian universe; the world parted into groups of people, each group with their kind of tasks for the world. The girl that learned to fight and love after getting into a whole new world, only by changing the group of people she counted herself to.

„A gust of air presses against my left side, throwing my body weight to the right. I gasp and cling to the rungs, my balance shifting. Four’s cold hand clamps around one of my hips, one of his fingers finding a strip of bare skin just under the hem of my T-shirt. He squeezes, steadying me and pushing me gently to the left, resoring my balance.“

„This girl, she is one of the bravest I have ever heard of…“

You laugh: „Are you in love with her? That is making me jealous, my friend!“

After a few hours the boy – he never told you what his name was, saying it is a secret only few would keep to themselves – fell asleep in the armchair. You look at him for a while.

You wake up and rub your eyes. You open them and see a shadow gushing along behind your curtains, probably a crow… did I leave my window open?

It is a Sunday, Sundays are boring to you. Your parents make you go to church every Sunday, no matter how often you tell them you don’t believe in a god. You believe in a lot – magic for example – but not god. Why you believe in magic? You believe because you want it to be true. If nobody believed  magic, how could such a thing exist? You don’t believe in a god because you don’t want someone to have control about how your life goes by. Not you parents, not your school and teachers and not a supernatural power. You want to be free, live you life however you want to live it.

You look for your keys,  are they on your desk or in your bed or dresser? You find them within a few minutes. Of course they were still in your coat, meaning you had to go downstairs in your pajamas and go through every coat your wore recently. After you got back to your room you pick out the fitting key and open your bedside drawer. You shouffled through your most precious belongings until you pull out your diary. Yes you have a diary, however embarassing it may be. It looked extremely badass with the pastel rainbow cover.

You looked through the pages for about quarter an hour until you decide to write another entry, using your matching rainbow pastel pen with the pink fluffy tip – as manly as you come – you got from your best friend before she went on an exchange to New Zealand for a year. Obviously, she knew about your bedside drawer, your diary and other things in there.

Hey there Diary,

I dreamt of the boy again. I don’t understand where I am supposed to know him from. I have never met anyone that look like him and… you only dreams of people you have met at some point in your life, right? This is causing me so much confusion; I constantly wonder who he is or where he comes from or why I always sit in my room and read books to him. I have never ‘seen’ him somewhere else in any of my dreams. Magic is the only possibility, I guess.

Anyways, it is Sunday. Churchday. I think my parents should let me live my own way and stop pushing their habits onto me and expecting me to like it. Maybe playing sick would rescue me from sitting in church…

-Sunday, 10th of April, 2017


Today your parents wondered why you came home from school hours too early again. You don’t feel like telling them, they will find out fast enough, when your teacher calls them or your principal sends out a letter to them. They shout at you, wanting you to tell them „What stupid thing you have done again.“ You run upstairs and lock yourself up in your room.

You don’t know what you should do now. How to get rid of the anger slowly but surely building up in your stomach? You decide to write everything off of your soul.

Hey Diary! It’s me again…

I really don’t understand the people in my school… or just people in general. Justin, you know – THE Justin – made me nearly kill him. It was about Y/BF/N again, how I’m all alone without her. Only that this time it escalated into me kicking him straight in the nuts and getting on top of him…

I guess I need some more me time now, I should read something or just… lie there…

-Monday, 11th of April 2017

Also, you wrote down every word of the fight with Justin you remember on the next pages of you diary. Since you are definitly not in the right mood to read a nice book, you decide to put in your headphones, lie in bed and calm yourself down by listening to your favorite band. You close your eyes. Listening to your music helps for a few minutes only, after these few minutes you can’t help but think about the fight again…

After chemistry class you walk to the cafeteria to get yourself some breakfast, maybe a breakfast burrito… You walk pass the table all your school’s bullies gather in breaks to plan on which student to piss off next, today was your big day.

„Eh, Y/L/N! All alone again, huh? Your little friend still on the other side of the world?“

„Oh, ugly… what do you want to know?“ You don’t have time for anything of those cockhead’s shit and, after dropping one of your neatly prepared lines, you try to just keep on walking to the cashdesk.

„Let’s be honest, Y/BF/N only left so she doesn’t have to kill herself, huh? I mean, hanging out with you all the time, it’s the only other way she could have gotten away from your bullshit…“

What he said hit a switches in your body. Without really being able to control yourself you head back to the guy’s table and you feel your face tighten.

„What the fuck did you just say, Justin?“

He grinned in return, slowly standing up to walk to you, his face close to yours.

„She would kill herself if she only had to be your 'best friend’ for one more day, right? She probaly doesn’t even keep in touch with you in any shape or form.“

With that you tightened up and your knee went up to his crotch. His face reddens and he kneels on the floor in front of you.

„You stupid little slut!“

This time your push him on his back and sit on his chest. Multiple times your fist hits his face and you start crying. As your teacher walks up to you with swift strides you hit Justin one more time and hear and feel his nose crack under your pressure. You repress a satisfied grin.

„Miss Y/L/N, you come with me!“

You wait for the priniple in his office. He walks in after letting you wait for about ten minutes, his face in a slight frown.

„Miss Y/L/N, you are one of this school’s most valued students, you are highly intelligent, have an insane amount of opportunities and still, you decide to get yourself in trouble as often as you possibly can. I don’t know whether you hit your schoolmate for a reason, so I want to hear you explaining to me exactly what happened back in the cafeteria this morning.“

You explain him everything in the most detailed way you can, not leaving out the swearwords just for the sake of comedy. This whole fight is sort of funny to you, due to its satisfying ending.

„Y/N, I understand how the things the boy said to you must have hurt you, but as you are taught in first grade, probably in kindergarten already, violence is no solution for conflicts. You have an agression problem, which must be fixed. We will let your parents know to sign you up for psychiatrist.“

Without saying anything you leave his office and walk back home. If they think you have an aggression problem they have to stupid, if Justin didn’t try to get you to escalate, you wouldn’t have done that. It is your choice wheter you visit a therapist or not. Neglecting your free will… just as grown ups do…

Your music stops. You reached the last song in your playlist, what an achievement. You take out your headphones and open your eyes and let out a long breath. As you turn around you see someone sitting in your second armchair. It is the boy in his green clothes, your diary in his hands. Are you even asleep? You pinch your arm multiple times but you don’t awake.

„Uhm,“ you start, but you’re soon interrupted.

The boy turns to look into your eyes.

„I have never heard of those kinds of adventures, Y/N. You must be very strong to live through them!“


Part 2

Home is where the loved ones are - Cameron, Nash, Hayes, Gilinsky and Johnson Imagine (requested)


Request: Can you do a Cam, Nash, Hayes and jacks imagine where you’re from New Zealand and they ask you a lot of questions about it/make fun of your accent etc. My name is Sophie

Sophie’s POV

Today was the day I’m going on a road trip with my five best friends. It’s been forever since I’ve seen them, but thankfully they took time out of their busy lives to spend time with me. We’ve decided to go to my home country New Zealand.

Ever since they met me, something about my accent always made them laugh. Teasing was an always when hanging out with them. They’d ask questions about New Zealand or why I speak like this. But I just fight back and ask them the exact same question to annoy them. They’d never take it too far though, they always know when to stop in case they piss me off or offend me.

I never get mad really, whatever they say I just laugh at, because it truly is funny. It’s very rare for me to get mad at their teasing.

We board the plane and go to our seats. Cam sitting to my left, Hayes sitting to my right, Nash sitting at the end of the four seats next to Hayes. The Jack’s sitting to the left of Cam, in the two side seats, near the window. I liked sitting next to Cam, because when I fall asleep he lets me sleep on his shoulder and he’s quite comfy.

I put the bag carrying the snacks next to my feet, making sure it won’t move around during turbulence.

“Hey Sophie, how longs the flight?” Nash asked, turning his upper body to face me. I looked down at my phone screen and saw the time was 12am, the flight taking about twelve hours from LA.

“Well, the flight’ll take 12 hours form LA to Queenstown and New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of LA , so by the time we’ll get there, it’ll be around 9pm on a Monday,” I looked up to see Nash grinning widely at me.

“What?” I asked confused as to why the boy was smiling so brightly at me.

“Your accent,” I rolled my eyes and got comfy in my seat, looking through Twitter and Instagram quickly. A notification that Nash tweeted something popped up.

‘@Nashgrier: Sophie has the best New Zealand accent in town <3’

I smiled at the tweet and favourited it, putting my phone in my pocket as we were about to take off. I looked to see Nash and Hayes sleeping, I turned to see the Jack’s having a heated debate about which Pringles are better and I see Cam looking at his phone, favouriting his fans tweets, following them. I love how much these boys care about they’re fans, it always brings a warm smile to my face.

I put one earphone in, Ed Sheeran’s soothing voice emitting from the small bud. I tapped Cam softly making him face me.

“Can I sleep on your shoulder?” Cam smiled, nodding, laying back on the seat. I comfortably rest my head on his shoulder. Cam resting his head against mine. I felt sleep slowly taking over me, soon I was sleeping soundly, listening to ‘Autumn Leaves’.

I woke up on the plane to notice the plane was dark and everyone seemed to be sleeping. I tried going back to sleep, but somehow I couldn’t. I decided to go on my phone. I was careful enough, so I didn’t wake Cameron up. I noticed Cam had tagged me in a picture. It was me resting my head on his shoulder. I looking in deep sleep, the caption,

‘@CameronDallas: New Zealander Bae #wearenotdating #itsajoke’

I giggled softly at the caption. I liked it and saved the picture. I decided I’d try again to sleep as there were 8 more hours to go. Surprisingly, I fell asleep, to Shawn’s song, ‘A Little Too Much’, I smiled thinking about how my other best friend’s life has changed.

I awoke to someone gently shaking me. My eyes opened to be face-to-face with Hayes’ bright blue ones.

“Nice sleep?” Hayes teased, trying a New Zealand accent.

“Please never do that again. And of course, Cam’s super comfy,” I smiled over at Cam.

As we were getting off the plane, I saw the mesmerising peaks of the mountains near the Queenstown airport. The one thing I missed most about home was the smell of the place. It smelt fresh and clean, unlike the busy city areas of Los Angeles. Not saying that LA is bad, it’s just I miss when I lived here.

We made our way over to the exit of the airport and called a taxi. It arrived half an hour later. We packed our stuff into the boot and told the guy driving the directions to the hotel. Once we made it there we got off and told the receptionist about our booking. There weren’t any paparazzi as no one knew we were going to be here.

We settled into our rooms easily. I had my own room as I didn’t want to share with the boys, Cam, Hayes and Nash shared a room and of course the Jack’s got a room. Once we unpacked we decided to hang out in Cam, Hayes and Nash’s room as it was the biggest.

“Hey Sophie, how come your accent doesn’t sound like one of an Australian,” Hayes laughed. I rolled my eyes at the stupid teasing and went on my phone going on twitter, seeing all the tweets from the boys about my accent.

“Oi Nash, did you really just take my hair gel?” Cam shouted with a horrible New Zealander accent. The boys laughed while Nash yelled back in an even worse accent,

“Nah, it was Hayes,” Hayes threw a pillow at his brother and jumped on his back.

“Guys let’s be honest my accent’s the best,” Johnson said sarcastically with a terrible accent. Both Gilinsky and I threw a pillow at him. Soon the room had pillows flying in from every direction. I found shelter underneath a desk and took a photo of the chaos and posted it on Instagram.

‘@Y/Twitter/N: They tried (and failed miserably) to do a New Zealander accent, which then turned into a full-blown pillow fight #theyarestillchildren #howdoIevencopewiththeseguys’

“Found you!” Gilinsky yelled, pulling me out form under the desk. I screamed and laughed as the boys all threw their pillows at me.

“Okay, okay, fine I surrender!” I yelled causing a ceasefire. The boys looked at me and smirked at one another.

“Why are you guys looking at me like that?” Then all of a sudden the boys come running at me and jumped on top of me, making sure to not completely squash me.

Once we calmed down I looked at the boys, and I realised, I may be back in New Zealand, but I was always home, because home is where the loved ones are, and I love these goofballs.

“You have such a negative view of parenthood...”

Honestly, I think I just have a really positive view of everything else. I’m looking forward to every second of my life, knowing that I have so many opportunities and chances ahead of me. And I’ll never have to put any of those aside for the good of someone else.

Hell, I have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s waiting at home. Already this day is a winner. 

I’m giddy at the prospect of travel, study, creative projects, friends… I just don’t want to swap a lifetime of open-ended possibility for the inevitable certainties of parenthood. That’s all.

And honestly… parenthood is probably awful.

I suspect this because parents tell me all the time how awful it is.

I guarantee that if I went into the next office, and announced that my evening tonight shall involve a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, a box-set and a bubblebath, at least two people would tell me how lucky I am and how they can’t remember the last time they had an evening to themselves. Then I’ll hear about their evenings: school projects, football practice and fights over who should or should not be in the bath now.

Case in point - I don’t want to be a parent. I also don’t want to be a waitress.

I don’t want to be a waitress because I’ve heard, from friends who are in waitressing, what it’s like. Based on what they say (it’s noisy, it’s exhausting, customers are rude) I have made a judgement that it wouldn’t suit me. I wouldn’t thrive in that environment. I watch my friends grimace when they tell me they’ve got an eight-hour shift at 3pm, and I think to myself: hmm, that looks rubbish. I wouldn’t want that. Best avoided.

This is exactly what I’ve done with parenthood. 

It’s the same thing with New Zealand. I’d love to go. Why? Because people who’ve been have told me it’s amazing. Why would I like to try that new Italian restaurant on the corner sometime? Because my friend went and she liked it. Why do I not want to be a parent? 

Because I’ve been listening to parents all my life, and it sounds like I’d hate it.

India plays sports?!

Believe it or not, India is a top-ranked country when it comes to sports! Okay, it’s more like just one sport. We may not have top-notch basketball teams like the US of A, but we do have the best cricket team in the world. Literally. India’s cricket team is test- ranked number 1, beating big teams like South Africa and even England (take that, eyebrows!). Why, do you ask, am I posting about this now? India is currently in the semifinals for the ICC Champions trophy. It’s the second biggest cricket tournament ever, second only to the Cricket World Cup. Three out of the four teams in the semis are from the Indian Subcontinent: India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The fourth country is the country which invented the sport, England. In fact, most of the best cricket teams come from England’s ex-colonies, such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. 

Cricket’s Origins: 

So, where does cricket come from? England, obviously. Cricket originated in the southeast of the country, invented during Saxon or Norman times. At least, that’s what most people think. Some think it was invented in France or Flanders. Mentions of cricket become most common in the 17th century, popping up in random places. In 1611, two men were allegedly prosecuted for playing cricket on Sunday when they were supposed to be at church. The sport spread to North America at that time (but it never really caught on in Canada). It spread to the West Indies and India in the 18th century, Australia in the late 18th century, and New Zealand and South Africa in the 19th century.

What countries play cricket?   

So, how are your favorite countries ranked in cricket? I’ll be going off of the ICC ODI rankings, where India is ranked third. England is ranked fourth, and Australia second. France has a cricket team, but it sticks mostly to European matches. It won the silver medal the only time cricket was ever a part of the Olympics, in 1900. Actually, most countries have cricket teams, but no one ever hears about them because they’re only associate members of the ICC. The full members of the ICC, in alphabetical order, are: Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. 

With that: Go Blues! I wish the best of luck to all of the teams in the semifinals, and may the best team win! 

anonymous asked:


SHE’S THE BEST!!!! Her url is @nicarette and her art is so so beautiful??? SHE’S BEAUTIFUL???? We skype as much as we can bc the distance is HUGE (Poland and New Zealand, why must you be so far apart??).  She’s so kind and lovely and she makes me all happy whenever I think about her.

Twelve for Twelve: July 22

Continuing my contributions to the Thank You, Peter Capaldi project.

July 22: Favourite Scene

This one was actually a bit tough. Do I pick a funny scene, a dramatic scene, a Whouffaldi scene … But I think I have no choice to reach for the obvious one and go with the revolution speech in The Zygon Invasion. An amazing near-monologue, lasting about 10 minutes (imagine any other TV show doing that!), coupled with incredible supporting performances by Jenna Coleman and Jemma Redgrave, the scene made Doctor Who unabashedly political for the first time in a while. It was in-your-face, and probably pissed off a number of viewers. Yet at the same time, it felt so right for the character. Amazingly, the scene was originally longer too (Peter read a version of the speech with different material at a convention in New Zealand a while later).

I sometimes get challenged when I say Series 9 was the best season of the revival. And while Series 8 is certainly nipping at its heels, it’s sequences like the revolution speech - plus the very existence of Heaven Sent - that pushes it over the top. And I’m going to repeat what I keep saying over and over - why wasn’t Capaldi nominated for acting awards for this? Is it because DW is “a kid’s show”? Is it because he kept his pants on and didn’t spend half the episode snogging Osgood or Bonnie? Is it because DW decided to go a bit political (given the entire two-parter was dripping with politics)? Is it because we occasionally saw glimpses of two guys in rubber suit in the background? Was it the hair? It’s going to remain a mystery to me.

just one rose

A modern CS AU, the Bachelor Style. After being reluctantly signed up for the show, Killian Jones gets himself into something more than he bargained for with Emma Swan as the Bachelorette.

Note: This may be the silliest idea I’ve ever had, but it was a lot of fun to write and too much fun not to share. I posted it on AO3 last night, and the response there was encouraging, so here goes nothing about posting it here too. Also, hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I guess this is sorta appropriate for that, right? 

Rating: T

Words: 10K

read on AO3

New York City, seven months ago

When Killian Jones first moves to the United States, it is to escape his past. Dishonourably discharged from the British Navy after nearly inciting a mutiny about the terrible leadership of some higher up that had resulted in his brother’s death, he had been wild and loose for a long time. While still crazed with grief over the loss of his brother, there had been a bright light – Milah, sweet Milah – but it too had ended terribly, and now when Killian thinks of his former home in England, he thinks only of pain and misery.

America is to be his new start, the dream it has been for so many others. He lives in New York City with his roommate, a young woman whose hippie parents had named Tinkerbell. She suits the name: small, blonde, pixie-like, and ready to kill you if you make fun of her name – Killian learned that the hard way. He and Tink have known each other a long time, having met when staying in hostels during their time in New York while both apartment hunting. He was from England, she from New Zealand, and their foreignness to all things New York City had bonded them together, and, three years later, still remain the best of friends and roommates.

For the most part.

If he could just change one tiny thing, it would be eliminating her fascination with reality television. He can barely stand the stuff – save MasterChef, his one weakness – and one chilly Monday night, like all other Mondays for the last twelve weeks, she settles down to watch the finale of her winter favourite, The Bachelor.

“Killian, come watch this with me.”


“Come on.”

“Tink, why the bloody hell do you think I want to watch this with you?”

“You made me watch that stupid cooking show the other day,” she points out. “Watch this and we’re equal.”

There is a strange gleam to her eye that Killian can’t place. She is also technically telling the truth about him making her watch MasterChef, but that doesn’t stop his muttered complaints as he sits down beside her. When the show starts, he groans and makes snide comments until she hits him with the pillow, and, not willing to risk her smacking him again, resorts to sulking in silence instead. The Bachelor dude is a total cad, some idiot named Walsh, and the two ladies as his final two are much too lovely for the jerk.

Tink hurriedly updates him on the first’s life as she goes on her final date with Walsh – young, beautiful, a waitress from the Midwest – but while Walsh seems entirely captivated by her, Killian finds nothing particular stimulating.

But when the date ends, and the next one begins, Killian can’t help himself but sit up straighter at the sight of the beautiful blonde who appears on the screen. She is more serious than the bubbly waitress, and there is something guarded in her green eyes as she greets Walsh with nothing more than a quick kiss. As they are swept away in a helicopter to a private island, Killian finds himself more and more interested in this silly show, more drawn to the wide eyes of excitement of the blonde as the helicopter soars over the beautiful crystal seas outside Fiji.

“Who is that?” he asks, unable to help himself.

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Asperatus clouds

Asperatus clouds are so rare they managed to escape classification until 2009. Ominous and stormy as they appear, these clouds often break up rather quickly, without producing a storm. As with most other undulating cloud types, these clouds are formed when turbulent winds or colliding air masses whip up the bottoms of the cloud layer into fancy shapes and formations. More common in the plains of the United States (try Iowa), asperatus clouds are at their weird and swirly best during the morning or midday hours after a thunderstorm. The cloud looks a little like the surface of the sea on a choppy day, which is why we proposed that it should be called asperatus from the Latin verb ‘aspero’, meaning to make rough. The term was used by Roman poets to describe the sea as it was roughened by the cold north wind.Photos credits: B.J. Bumgarner (1) ,Witta Priester (2),Ken Prior(3), Ragnhild M Hansen (4).


Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve: “The sky is a cultural resource common to all humanity”

A little more than 100 years ago, people could walk outside at night everywhere, even in cities, and see the Milky Way galaxy arch across the night sky. Being able to see thousands of stars was part of everyday life, allowing people to get inspired by the beauty of our Galaxy. Nowadays, those living in the city can barely see the stars. Our ability to see starlight has diminished due to light and air pollution. Half of the world’s population cannot see stars because of night light pollution. Light pollution interferes with astronomical research, disrupting ecosystems, and determining adverse health effects, as well as wasting energy. 

This is why some bright minds though that preserving the quality of the night sky should become a priority, and acted as such. The Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve is the southern hemisphere’s first dark sky reserve, and the world’s biggest. The dark sky reserve is located in the Mackenzie Basin, in the South Island of New Zealand, and includes Aoraki Mt Cook National Park and the villages of Lake Tekapo, Twizel and Mt Cook. A high number of clear nights throughout the year, along with the stability and transparency of the local atmosphere and its unique dark skies, make Mackenzie one of the best sites for viewing and researching the southern sky. Head here to see the Magellanic Clouds, neighboring galaxies to the Milky Way only visible in the Southern Hemisphere, or to catch the rise of the Matariki star cluster which symbolises the start of the Māori New Year.


Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve: “The sky is a cultural resource common to all humanity”

A little more than 100 years ago, people could walk outside at night everywhere, even in cities, and see the Milky Way galaxy arch across the night sky. Being able to see thousands of stars was part of everyday life, allowing people to get inspired by the beauty of our Galaxy. Nowadays, those living in the city can barely see the stars. Our ability to see starlight has diminished due to light and air pollution. Half of the world’s population cannot see stars because of night light pollution. Light pollution interferes with astronomical research, disrupting ecosystems, and determining adverse health effects, as well as wasting energy.
This is why some bright minds though that preserving the quality of the night sky should become a priority, and acted as such. The Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve is the southern hemisphere’s first dark sky reserve, and the world’s biggest. The dark sky reserve is located in the Mackenzie Basin, in the South Island of New Zealand, and includes Aoraki Mt Cook National Park and the villages of Lake Tekapo, Twizel and Mt Cook. A high number of clear nights throughout the year, along with the stability and transparency of the local atmosphere and its unique dark skies, make Mackenzie one of the best sites for viewing and researching the southern sky. Head here to see the Magellanic Clouds, neighboring galaxies to the Milky Way only visible in the Southern Hemisphere, or to catch the rise of the Matariki star cluster which symbolises the start of the Māori New Year.

Headcannon that Australia and Canada are really close to being best friends and New Zealand is just really jealous of their relationship. 

Like every time he sees them hanging out all he can think is

No, we’re meant to be best friends. 

We’re meant to bond on how we’re cast aside because of our brothers

Australia seriously though, you already have America why can’t you let me have him? 

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Name: Madeleine

Nicknames: Maddie and mads

Gender: Female

Star sign: Gemini

Height: 5'7

Sexuality: Straight

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

Favorite animals: Lions and cats

Average hour of sleep: between 6-9

Current time: 12:54

Dog or cat person: cats my best fried is my Maine coon ruby

Blankets you sleep with: right fasten your seatbelts, a fur blanket, two wool blankets, a duvet and a hot water bottle

Dream trip: New Zealand, I’ve already been twice but I love it so so much

Dream job: lawyer

Followers: 368

Why I made my Tumblr: I actually started it to just look at other people’s stuff but then got too involved lol

Reasons for my URL: I feel that’s pretty self explanatory (I love Jaime)

kouhai-anon  asked:

2 and 7, senpai!

“ Who do you think is most like you?”

Netherlands or Sweden probably! I too have a hard time expressing my emotions and come off as scary, which is why I rely on pets for affection.

“Who do you think you’d get along best with? Worst?”

Best I think New Zealand, mainly because of rugby and similar our countries are to one another!

Worst…As much as I hate to say it, Spain…I love him as a character but if I were to meet him in real life I'd probably find him a bit too loud, flirty and lazy for my liking, I apologize but as much as I love him our personalities don’t match up too well.