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I love you to the moon and back

           up to the stars and back down to the sea

                    to infinity and beyond」*:・゚✧


INFINITE members encouraging fans to vote!

Considering South Korea has only had the democratic right to vote in open elections since the late 1980s, its a big deal. Young people should exercise their right to vote at every opportunity and I think it’s very important to have a voice and a say in how your country is going to be run. 

If you can vote in elections where you live, please please do. If more young people voted, we might have more of a chance to change the way things are. 

If Infinite had to Study for Exams
  • Sunggyu: *Studies hard, revises weeks ahead of time, makes summary sheets, flash cards, goes through all past practice papers, helps others with revision when they need*
  • Dongwoo: *Does revision, does a practice paper* Hey look, the new movie is out! *goes to watch movies*
  • Woohyun: *Muttering "I've gotta ace this, I've gotta come first" to himself while forcing himself to sit down and study*
  • Hoya: *Studies hard, goes to dance practice, keeps studying*
  • Sungyeol: Why is everyone studying?
  • Myungsoo: *Studies* Sungyeol, we have our exam in two weeks...
  • Sungjong: *Is nowhere to be found. Is he studying? No one knows...*