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Let's Go Swimming

Request: “A Harry Hook imagine where the reader and him are already in a relationship and they go swimming together and it’s just super fluffy? Thanks you’re great!”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m taking Harry Hook requests/imagines! [Request here]

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It was a boring day at the isle. Usually you and your little crew Uma, Gil and your boyfriend Harry would hang out together and basically do things around the isle but today they just didn’t feel like doing anything.

You were in your room under your covers with a hoodie on trying to take a nap when someone walked into your room. Startled you were about to jump out of your bed until you heard your boyfriend’s soothing voice.

“Hey hey relax gorgeous it’s just me.” He said taking a seat in a chair in front of you.

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13 Reasons Why....I'm Gonna Get Skinny

1. To ‘eat to live’ instead of 'live to eat’

2. To be picked up/given a piggy back ride and told how light i am

3. So that when my bf holds me i dont feel fat in his bony arms

4. To be the girl who can finally be smart, pretty, funny, AND skinny

5. So that every body shot of me looks like an Instagram model

6. So that the lifeguard on the shore looks at me like a beach babe instead of a beached whale

7. So that *emo look* is complete with chokers on the last notch and protruding bones under band tees

8. So that every person that sees me can see the strength in my muscles instead of fat covering them up

9. So that my 'little black dress’ aesthetic can actually include the dress being 'little’

10. To show my coach that i can shape up over summer and start the season fit and fast

11. So that when i say 'im not hungry’ people think my stomach is actually full and that I’m satisfied, instead of a fat girl skipping meals.

12. So that my boyfriend is proud to have a hot girl on his arm instead of a hot mess

13. To show my mother i have self control

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20 years old alpha Anakin, Qui-Gon's Padawan, meets a 25 year old pregnant unbonded omega Obi-Wan.

With a loud curse, Anakin stopped and turned on his heel, ignoring Qui-Gon’s call for him as he used the Force to boost himself back to where he spotted a man down. He didn’t wait for him to respond, only scooped him up in his arms and ran for the evac shuttle again.

He barely made it, jumping in with the man in his arms as the door closed.

“Anakin what in Forc-oh! Oh Force, is he alright?” Qui-Gon knelt down quickly, reaching out with a warm hand to touch the redhead in Anakin’s arms.

“N-Not sure.” Anakin panted while holding a bit tighter onto the slight but muddy form.

Qui-Gon tilted the mans head up and hissed at a thin trail of blood rolling down their temple. “Force, alright, we need to clean that up and see what we’re dealing with.”

He got up quickly and grabbed a bottle of water along with a rag, moving back to Anakin who had not let go of the man yet. Qui-Gon didn’t question it as he started to clean the mans face, getting a clear look of the gash on his forehead. “Looks like he took a nasty fall and hit his head on the way down.” Qui-Gon mumbled. “Lucky you spotted him or the earth quake and following lava would most likely have ended him.” He breathed out and then used his limited healing ability to stabilize him for now. “I knew Ioz V was in a bad state but they really did under rapport just how bad.” He continued to mutter and then suddenly he took note of Anakin’s face.


The blond looked up quickly and blinked. “I’m sorry, I was just…” He glanced back down at where his hand was resting then back at Qui-Gon. “He’s pregnant.”

“What?” Qui-Gon growled and then reached out to carefully check, feeling the swell of the mans stomach and breathing out at the life he could feel within. “…We need to get him to a medic or healer, now.” He got up to go inform the pilot.

Anakin gathered the man closer to him, nuzzling a bit at his hair. ‘He smells nice…’ Then he forced himself to just hold him. Going around nuzzling unfamiliar omegas was not acceptable damn it, regardless of how nice they smelled.

He shifted him a bit and reached for the rag Qui-Gon had used, carefully cleaning away as much mud as he could.

‘He’s really pretty.’ The Jedi marveled at the copper hair and strong chin that came into view, the cleft made him smile though, as did the beauty mark below his eye.

He dropped the rag aside and settled to wait for them to reach the medical center.


“He should be fine now. He took a good knock to the head but you stabilized him and we cleaned out the gash so there will be no chance of infection.” The medic offered with a half smile.

“Good.” Qui-Gon rumbled. “Perhaps you should contact his mate then to come fetch him.”

“Mate?” The medic blinked in confusion before making a low understanding noise. “Ah you mean his pregnancy? There is no sign of a bonding and he hasn’t mentioned anyone.”


Anakin took that moment to slide away from the conversation to go see the man, wondering if he had a moment in heat and someone had taken advantage of him during the time.

The ginger haired man was sitting on the bed, clean and wearing a medical gown. He looked up when the door swished and took in Anakin’s Jedi gear before smiling at him in greeting.

Oh Force, he had a pretty smile.

“Hello, you must be the Jedi who saved me.” He offered and even his voice was pleasant, a smooth voice in a high Coruscantian accent.

“Y-Yes. Yes I’m Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.” He offered the other his hand.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi.” The other offered in return while taking the hand. “Its a pleasure to meet you.” He smiled a bit at him but Anakin was taking note of faded calluses that almost felt like…

“Anakin, there you are, I was wondering where you ran off to.” Qui-Gon stepped through and smiled at them.

And Obi-Wan’s slight smile promptly disappeared at the sight of the older Jedi, hand falling down in his lap. “Master Jinn, long time no see.” He offered in a crisper tone but still polite as he watched them.

“You have me at an advantage.” Qui-Gon was keeping his smile, folding his hands into his sleeves as he watched the omega but remained by the door was it was clear the other was a bit hostile towards him. “You know my name.”

“Yes. Initiates usually remembers the names of the last Master’s to reject them.” Obi-Wan offered calmly before shifting to get out of the bed, reaching for his cleaned clothes.

Qui-Gon’s smile promptly disappeared. “Ah…Ser Kenobi.”

Obi-Wan made a low hum, giving his stomach a small rub before sitting down to pull his socks on and then pants.

Anakin glanced awkwardly between the two.

“Heard you took a padawan a few years after I left. Congratulation on getting over your fears I guess.” Obi-Wan offered calmly and oh Force, Anakin wanted to sink down into the floor. Qui-Gon didn’t look better off honestly.

“Yes…I…perhaps we can contact the child’s father to look after you? I imagine your belongings for the most part were lost on Ioz V and they would hopefully be amendable to take you in for a few days at least.”

That finally got Obi-Wan to look at Qui-Gon again, a small furrow between his brows as he did. “There is no father.” He returned to his clothes, sliding out of the gown to pull on his own shirt.

Anakin and Qui-Gon traded quick looks at that.


“I think I just told you. There was no father. One day I just started swelling up and got nauseous.” Obi-Wan pulled on his blue hoodie and carefully zipped it up before sitting down again to wait on the medic so he could be discharged. “One pregnancy test later and I was confirmed pregnant.”

“That sounds like Mom’s pregnancy with me.”

Obi-Wan looked at him, raising his brows and Anakin shrugged at him. “My mom got pregnant without…well yeah, that.” He grimaced and Obi-Wan hid a small snort against the back of his hand. “And anyhow, that’s why I exist.”

The copper haired man crossed his arms over his chest and raised his brows. “So what…miracle conception?”

“The Force.” Qui-Gon offered and Obi-Wan pursed his lips.

“Fat load of good the Force has done me.” He snorted and then sat up when the medic came back, smiling at him calmly and pulling his most charming smile out of the air.

Qui-Gon and Anakin traded looks.

They were both thinking the same.

They had to convince Obi-Wan to return with them to the temple.

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hello ~ i was wondering if you could give some advice on learning anatomy? like how useful is it to learn where the bones and organs are placed? since a bit recent i got quite motivated to actually go for realism instead of limiting myself to the more anime/cartoon style and been studying where the bones are and how they would look underneath skin and such.. but its quite difficult to learn all of it

Hi!! And sure, I’ll try to help :) I’m still learning myself, but I’ll tell you what I know so far. 

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You’re Perfect

A/N: Hi there everyone I’m so sorry for the lack of updates but I lost all of my work except for 3 lines from this imagine so I do hope you’ll forgive me if the one you requested isn’t up yet. 

Self-conscious and Paranoid is one way I could describe myself. If handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds probably asking for a second page while I’m at it. That’s just how I have always been. I’ve always felt disgusted at how big my thighs look or how my stomach gains an extra roll when I sit down. I’ve never known what it feels like to not have my thighs touch or my stomach bulge when wearing tight clothing, its just always been like that for me.
Lately my insecurities have been gnawing away at my sanity once again, creating doubts and destroying whatever confidence I had built up after being admitted to Arkham.

“Hey! Are you even listening?” Barbra said shaking me slightly, I shook my head to clear my thoughts and looked at her with a smile. “Yeah sorry, I’m just tired” I lied as I stabbed my food with a spoon, she shook her head and continued talking about a someone named Lee and her Ex Jim. I zoned out and looked down at my thighs hoping that my gaze would somehow shrink the fat that surrounded the muscle. I was jerked out of my thoughts when a hand rested on my middle back, I was about to snap at the person for touching me until I noticed it was Jerome. I offered him a small smile but I could see he was concerned with my behaviour, normally I wasn’t as quiet and reserved but lately I have been retreating into my shell ever so slightly. I guess it was because of Greenwood constantly comparing me to Barbra. 

“Barbra you do look ravishing today, unlike someone over here” Greenwood said shifting his stare over to me, “You look like you just came out of a pie eating contest” I furrowed my brow in confusion before wiping my face. ‘There is nothing on my face so why did he say that?’ I wondered looking at the spot on my arm where I rubbed my face. “Why do you say that?” Barbra asked genuinely interested, she hadn’t heard this one before. “Because her cheeks are fat and her belly is bulging” He said nonchalantly sitting down across from Barbra. I instinctively covered my stomach with my arms and tried to make myself as small as possible. 

Jerome looked at him with disbelief before sitting down beside me, in a matter of seconds I was pulled from the seat and positioned on Jerome’s lap as he hugged me from behind. "Why do you care about how she looks? You’re not her boyfriend I am” Jerome stated glaring at greenwood, I buried my face in my hands and let out an embarrassed groan which prompted Jerome to continue. “You think she’s fat, I think she’s slightly chubby and curvy in all the right places” he paused for a second before pointing a finger at Greenwood “unlike you” he said childishly before laughing at his own remark.

“And besides, who cares if she has a little extra meat, it just means more places to kiss when we-” a tinge of scarlet coated my cheeks “JEROME” I yelled getting flustered at his blunt words. Greenwood’s smirk fell from his face and was at a loss for words, Barbra stood up and cracked a smile, “I’m gonna call Jim!” she announced before striding off towards her cell. Jerome shook his head before burying his face into my hair. “You are perfect just the way you are, I love you and your body. Every little thing you see as a flaw or imperfection I see as something more to love” I smirked; shifting in the embrace I looked up at him and kissed his jaw, “you’re turning soft~” I said jokingly knowing that he was only like this with me. He grinned before lowering his lips to my ear “I thought about stabbing him repeatedly but I knew that It would mean less time with you” I laughed at his reasoning. No matter how bad I would ever feel about myself Jerome would always be there to stab or shoot my insecurities down and rescue me from my own deep thoughts.

I used to think that if I was handed a piece of paper and told to write down all the flaws I had, I would be able to do it in seconds, but now I’m not so sure. After that little incident with Greenwood at breakfast Jerome made sure to show me just how much he loved me, in more ways then one.

‘full potential’  (Jughead Jones X Reader)

Summary- Reader feels bad about herself and has eating issues. Jughead tires to help. 

Warnings- trigger warning!, fluff, eating disorders, crazy moms.

Requested- Yes!

A/N- I have to go to school tomorrow and I missed Friday so I have so much makeup work wow kms.

You always felt like there was so much pressure put on you to be the best. To be the best at school, be the best at making friends, the best at looking good, and the best at staying ‘fit’. 

You never had a problem with eating before, you ate a lot in fact. But recently your mother had been commenting on your size and your diet. 

You thought you ate pretty healthy. You rarely ate junk food. You had an average and healthy weight. But this wasn’t enough for your mother. 

She started out subtle. She would get you salads as sides instead of fries when she ordered take out, she would encourage you to work out and more. 

But then they got less and less subtle. 

She bought you a scale and even dieting pills. 

She assured you it was to keep up to your ‘full potential’ and not that she thought you were fat.

But that didn’t stop you from thinking you were. 

It seemed like you were fatter with every passing day. When, in reality, you were getting thinner and thinner. 

It was unhealthy. Very unhealthy. And your boyfriend, Jughead, knew that.

“Come on, Y/N, just have a milkshake.” Jughead said, as you sat at your regular booth at Pop’s. 

“No. My mom doesn’t want me to eat that kind of stuff.” You assured him, hanging your head.

He groaned, “God, your mom is so uptight. She won’t even let you have a milkshake.” 

You nodded and went back to your homework. 

The truth was, it wasn’t just your mom getting to you anymore. 

It was yourself.

You let every little comment get to you. Even if they weren’t meant to be hurtful. 

You were telling yourself to not listen, but you did. And it effected you. 

“Come out! Show us!” You heard Veronica say from the other side of the dressing room  door.

You were trying on clothes at a store with all of your friends.

You starred in the mirror. 

A girl wearing a tight strapless dress looked back at you. 

You noticed a bit of a tummy sticking out. Juts a bit.

“It’s nothing. Everyone has them. They are just stomachs.” You whispered to yourself as you stared  at the spot.

The words of your mother filled your mind. ‘you should get a salad.’ ‘don’t get that! it will make you bigger than you already are.’ ‘you need to be at your full potential. mentally and physically.’ 

A single tear trickled down your face as you stared at yourself.

“Helloooo?” Betty cooed from outside.

“We’ve been waiting forever!! Now show us how fierce you look!” Kevin called.

You gulped. 

“No, this-this isn’t- good.” You managed to say without sounding too sad. 

“Of course it is! It’s cute on you! And it’s only in your size, so I you don’t get it I’ll be mad.” Veronica joked.

‘only in your size’

you were silent for a while. Then you heard mumbling from outside and then a small knock on the door. 

“Y/N, its me. Open up.” Your boyfriend whispered through the door.

You slowly went over to the door and let him in.

He stared at you for a few moments and then said, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” you croaked, “I just don’t love the dress thats all.” 

An hour later you and the gang went to Pop’s. They all ordered burgers and milkshakes while you stuck with fries and an apple.

The entire gang eyes you as you ate the apple.

“What?” You asked as they all looked at you.

“Is that all you want?” Archie asked pointing at the apple and fries.

“Ya… Is that a problem?” You said back.

“Y/N, this is dinner. Your gonna eat an apple and some fries?” Jughead inquired.

You nodded, “It’s all I want, I’m not that hungry.” 

“Nope. Your getting a burger. You’ve hardly eaten all day.” Veronica said and stood up to order a burger.

You tried to protest but she didn’t let up. You couldn’t get out of this now.

“Now… You eat it.” Jughead said to you as you stared at the burger. 


“No!” They all shouted.

“Just eat.” Jughead whispered.

The image of your mom popped up in your head, what was she going to think after you ate a burger? All greasy and fatty. You were sure to gain after this.

You slowly picked up the burger and took a bite out of it. 

You made a little sigh and you chewed. 

This totally beat diet food.

“See? It’s good right?” Jughead laughed as you nodded.

you completely forgot your mom as you ate. It was as if she and dieting had never existed. 

You finally finished the burger and were as happy as ever. 

“That was delicious.” You said, leaning on Jughead arm. 

“Brugers are the best. Who cares if they make me gain 50 pounds. So worth it.” Veronica joked.

‘gain 50 pounds.’

“Excuse me, I gotta go to the restroom.” You said quickly and dashed to the bathroom.

You shut the door behind you when you got in. You went over to the sinks and looked in the mirror. 

Were your cheeks fatter than before?

 You took the dieting pills from your bag and emptied more than you probably should into your hand. 

You didn’t know how dieting pills worked, and you didn’t care. As long as they would take care of that burger you just ate.

Suddenly the door swung open and there was Jughead.

“What are you doing in here?!” You exclaimed, trying to hide the pills.

“Y/N, there’s something wrong with you…” He said, the look of worry in his eyes.

“No. Theres not.” You told him.

“Yes there is. We’ve been dating over a year, I think I would know if you are acting strange.” He replied.

You could trust Jughead… Right?

“Am- Am- I… fat?” You whispered just loud enough so he could hear.

Jughead shook his head, “Why would you think that?” 

“Am I?!” You exclaimed.

“Of course not! Your perfect just the way you are.” He took you in his arms and kissed the top of your head.

“Jug…”  You cooed.


“I think I need help.”

Jughead let go of you, looking into your eyes.

“Whats going on?” He asked.

A lump formed in your throat as you said, “I think I might have eating problems… or something. It’s because of my mom.” 

You showed him the dieting pills and the bottle.

“Why would your mom give these to you?” He exclaimed.

you told him about your mother wanting you to be at your ‘full potential’. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. If I would have known…” 

“It’s ok. I just need you to help me keep a healthy mind. And help me eat at the right times… and actually eat.” You told him.

He nodded his head and smiled. 

You then went over to the trashcan and threw the pills in.

“Im really proud of you Y/N.” Juggie said and smiled.

You smiled back.

I’m nothing special

Summary: Bucky meets Y/N. Y/N thinks she’s nothing special but Bucky thinks differently…

A/N: This was rushed I’m sorry but enjoy it anyway! Not read through either…

Bucky woke up to the same routine that he had for the past three weeks. Wake up, eat breakfast, work out, work with Wanda on his mind, check in with Tony, eat dinner, sleep. Ever since coming back from Wakanda they were on lock down in the tower for a month on some kind of probation period. It was times like theses Bucky missed the 40′s, the man he used to be and how easy it seemed to work his way around the world.

He woke up to knocking on his door, one more week and Bucky was free for a while until training started for him becoming an avenger. It was Steve “shaking up the routine Stevie?” Steve rolls his eyes and leans his left side into Bucky’s door frame “Tony’s called off our probation Buck, your a free man. For a while at least.” Bucky grunts acceptance and shuts his door but when the lock clicks into place he fist bumps the air and does a little dance. He goes to breakfast in his red Henley and black jeans, greeting everyone with high spirits Wanda and Nat give him strange looks. Whilst shoving cereal down his throat he shrugs his shoulders at the girls and Nat states “Bucky not that us girls don’t appreciate the taut shirts but wouldn’t you like some new ones?” He shrugs again now placing his bowl in the dishwasher, heading down to the lab his thanks Tony for cutting the probation and whilst the air and tension is still thick between them. The smoke seems to be clearing and Tony actually acknowledges him and shakes his hand which puts a spring in Bucks step therefore he decides that maybe he will treat himself to some new shirts.

Steve drops him off outside the retail shop that towers over Bucky making him feel like a kid in a candy store. Walking through the shop his rough hands brushed over the material some of the shirts coarse against his hands, others were soft. Bucky gets caught up in the women’s section for no reason than he was astounded by the change from the 40′s, the range of material, the lower cut tops, the shorter skirts and just about every difference he can identify. A head pops around the rail of clothing and he jumps back a bit, raising a hand in surrender the Y/H/C haired girl comes around and speaks in a slow tone “can I help you with anything Sir? A girlfriend your shopping for maybe?” His eyes widen because how does he explain to this cute worker that actually his 100 years old an obsessed with the softness of silk because he spent 70 years as a killing machine? So instead he replies with  a simple nod, the waves indented into her hair seems to have caught his voice from his throat. She gives a toothy grin that clasps his throat, clapping her hand he notices her delicately manicured nails. “What are we looking for then? Dresses, tops, shorts, underwear?” The spun off list gives Buck a headache but he mumbles something about dresses and goes speeding off towards the end of the shop, black dress swishing to her movement. She has already yanked down three by the time his caught up “what’s her style…” She pokes him for a name and he splutters out “Bucky.” She smiles at the stranger and finishes it off “ok Bucky what’s your girls style?” He rubs the back of his neck, fumbling around in thin air for an answer.

“I don’t have a girlfriend! I like the feel of the silk ok? That may sound weird but if you knew my situation it would make sense, I actually need t-shirts.” He pants for breath after the out burst and the blushing girl now starts to slowly put away the dresses, walking back towards where she came from she shouts out “its a shame! That red wouldn’t have matched your shirt!” Bucky walked in with nothing and left without nothing and basically dropped his dignity off at the door.

Bucky thinks if he leaves it a week then the girl won’t be there and he can shop in peace but a part of him wants to see the girls soft skin again. Walking in with a cap on his head and making a b-line for the men’s section he looks at some and realises he now doesn’t understand 21st century sizes. Screwing his hands into his eyes with the crumples t-shirt in his hands, “actually shopping today?” The voice he knows pops up behind him. He turns and gives a small nod, since he dropped is dignity off last time he dives straight in. “It’s to long to explain really but I don’t understand half of theses sizes may you help me ma’am?” She places a hand over her heart “I’m swooning Bucky! Call me ma’am again and I’ll buy the clothes for you!” She laughs and his ears pipe up at the sound, delicate but deep enough to ring through the men’s level. Taking the black long sleeved one from his hand she looks and snorts “well this is a size extra small so defiantly not for you love, your more of an extra large.” Bucky’s slightly offended at the ‘extra’ but his mind is hazed by the love. He see’s her name tag reads ‘Rosie’ so he asks her “Rosie why am I an extra large I’m not exactly fat?”  Her ears prick up at his voice but she looks at her name tag and shakes her head “no no my names not Rosie! I take peoples name tags so creepy guys don’t have details on me. My names actually Y/N.” Holding out her free hand he shakes it.

Half an hour later she has the grown man trudging behind her with six different shirts in her folded arms. His still pre-occupied trying to work out why she gave him her real name and why she has to hide it in the first place because no women should have to hide behind a fake name. Ringing up his order they talk about small stuff, she in this job for money to fund uni, she goes home only for Christmas and birthday’s and Bucky lives in the richer parts of NYC.

When Bucky gets home the girls are waiting on his bed ready to judge his purchases. Sitting crossed legged Nat pulls out the final top and lifts up a piece of paper “Bucky there’s a phone number here?” He snatches it and it reads

‘Give me a ring, I’d like to see those tops outside of the shop floor for a change.’

Did you guys like it? Shall I do their date or write part three to I don’t need protecting? Tell me here 


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1.2 k words

Stiles’s P/O/V

Ever since Y/N and i broke up i have been feeling awful. We were together for 2 years. It had always been her, Scott and i. And after a while i realised that my feelings for her were more than friends. I told Scott right away. I mean she was his sister and that’s my best friend. He had to know. And he was also the one that convinced me that i had to tell her.



I was walking down the hall alone. Not that i hadn’t done it before. I always did. Right as i reached my locker this jock came up to me. He always found it funny to mess with me. About everything. Grades, friends, body. I had always been very insecure and he somehow found out.

“Hey beautiful” he said sarcastically. I turned my head towards my locker trying to ignore him.

“Y/N. look at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME FATTY” He yelled and pulled my arm around.

“What do you want Jackson” i said tears already starting to form in my eyes.

“What are you gonna cry now” Jackson laughed. I tried running out but he grabbed my arm again.

“LET HER GO” I heard Scott yell and the tears over flooded. I ran out of the school and started crying. I ran behind the school to the bleachers. I never wanted Stiles and Scott to know. I just wished they would let it go. But of course Stiles showed up.

“Y/N… Are you okay” he asked me. I teared up again. I didn’t want Stiles to see me like this.

“I’m fine Stiles. Don’t worry” i told him.


“Stiles please don’t yell at me today. I can’t take anymore” i cried again.

“What did he say to you” Stiles said while sitting down next to me. I sniffled again. Stiles noticed and put his arm around me.

“He just makes fun of me. He calls me ugly and fat.”I said my voice just above a whisper.

“WHAT. Y/N I’M GONNA KILL HIM.” he yelled standing up.

“Why he’s right” i whispered

“No he’s not. He’s so wrong. Like unbelievably wrong. He is so wrong. It’s more wrong than the stoner and that blonde cheerleader together. Cus you’re beautiful. Gorgeous even. Your body. Your face. Everything” Stiles whispered.

I looked up at him shock written all over my face. Did Stiles Stilinski the guy i had known all my life just tell me i was beautiful.

“What…” I whispered not trusting my own voice.  I didn’t even dare look at him. I couldn’t. I had had a crush on him for years and if he was just saying this to make me feel better it would kill me.

“I’m in love with you” Now it was Stiles’s turn to whisper. I turned around to see him looking more nervous than ever. I quickly leaned up to kiss him.

Present time

3 person P/O/V

Stiles thought back to the time he had told her he was in love with her. A little smile made it’s way to his lips. He really did love this girl. And he wanted to be with her again. He wanted to hear her laugh at his stupid jokes. He wanted to hear her whine about not wanting to watch Star Wars again. But most of all he wanted to be there for her when she was sad. He had recently seen her crying behind the school. He of course wanted to help her but Lydia was already there and it didn’t seem like Y/N would ever talk to him again.

“Heeey.” Jackson said when he caught up to Y/N. Ever since Y/N and Stiles had broken up Jackson had been coming on to her all the time. He tried kissing her all the time. He tried to get her to go on a date with him. And of course Y/N didn’t want to date Jackson. He was the guy making her life a living hell.

“What do you want” Y/N whispered. She was actually a little scared of Jackson.  He started off hating her and now he wants to sleep with her.

“Well sex.” he said straight forward.

“I thought you thought i was ugly” she said with a loud smack of her locker.

“Yeah you might not be all attractive but you’re an easy target” He laughed and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled away from him disgusted with his behavior. Stiles sighed, how could anyone treat an amazing girl like Y/N like that. Telling her she was an easy target and that she was ugly. Jackson was a jerk is all Stiles knew.

“Go away Jackson” Y/N whispered scared of his reaction. Jackson laughed loudly. How could she think he was good enough to tell him to go away. No way was he gonna let that go.

“Okay you little shit. You think you’re smart when in reality you’re an ugly piece of shit that people only hang out with because they feel bad for her.” Jackson screamed in her face. Y/N backed into her locker biting her lip to stop from crying. She tried to get away but Jackson had a strong grip on her arm. “Stilinski only dated you for sex” He laughed.

“I didn’t sleep with Stiles.” She was so quiet. Like she wanted to say it but her body wasn’t cooperating.

“Yeah you keep telling people that” He said. Stiles couldn’t look at it anymore. He had to do something.

“She didn’t sleep with me” Stiles said pulling Jackson’s arm away from her arm. Y/N looked up at Stiles with tears in her eyes before running away quickly. “I was with her because she’s one of the most amazing people on earth and like hell am i gonna let you make her feel like shit” He spat in Jackson’s face before running after her.

He saw her sitting in front of the school head in her hand as she was crying. She didn’t care who saw her as long as Jackson didn’t. Stiles went to sit next to her without saying anything. He put his arms around her and they sat in silence. “You didn’t have to do that Stiles.” she whispered.

“Yeah i did. I don’t want anybody making you feel bad about yourself.”

“YOU ARE SO ANNOYING DO YOU KNOW THAT. FIRST YOU ARE MY FRIEND THEN YOU TELL ME YOU LOVE ME THEN YOU BREAK UP WITH ME AND NOW YOU’RE GONNA START TREATING ME WELL AGAIN” She cried. Stiles was shocked at her words. “You didn’t even tell me why you broke up with me. But i figured it out.”

“You did” Stiles said scared. He didn’t think she would have guessed that he was scared of going too far. He knew how she felt about her body and he knew she would have regretted it if they did end up having sex.

“We were gonna end up having sex and you didn’t want to be with me because of my body” she said looking away from him.

“NO” Stiles’s heart broke into a million pieces. How could she think that. “I thought you were gonna regret it if we did you would regret it.” She looked over at him with a shocked expression


“Yeah really. I still love you” 

“I-It’s about time I took a better picture for this… uh… what’s it called again?”

//It’s called an Avatar Ben, don’t worry about why, it just is.

“Ok… so my a-avatar! Yes! Well…  I hope it looks better? You do look at it don’t you? It’s.. like a coat of arms? People will see that next to my telegrams?”

//…Yes, close enough.

[ Imagine #26 ] Insecurities ~ Newt AU

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 1200 words

A/N: Enjoy reading! Requests are always open^^

A/N: Italics mean flashback



You’ve never been one to be particularly confident with your body, but it had always been enough to wear shorts or a bikini in summer, without feeling too uncomfortable.

But lately, it had reached a point where you refused to wear clothes too revealing for your likings, such as dresses, shorts, and crop tops. Simply because you didn’t feel good enough in your body anymore to wear these, even though it hadn’t been a problem half a year ago.

Your best friend, Sonya, had watched this with concern, especially since you even wore long pants when others wore as little as possible due to great heat.

Two days ago you had been in the mall with her, shopping.


“Come on, Y/N, we have a lot of money to spend!” Sonya was beyond excited, it had been months since the last time you were together in the mall, and shopping was one of her biggest hobbies.

She dragged you through the shop, occasionally picking up clothes until she had a huge pile of shirts and pants and a few dresses in her arms.

Suddenly her eyes lit up and she tried to wiggle one of her hands out of the mess in her arms and pointed at the wall behind you. “Y/N, that’s perfect for you! Look!”

You turned around. At the wall hung different clothing articles, some oversized hoodies and flannels, and shirts with different imprints.

“The flannels? Yeah, they look nice. I think i gonna try one on.”

You could practically hear Sonya rolling her eyes. “Not the flannels, dumbass. I meant the shirts. You hid your body long enough in those terrible baggy flannels, it’s time for something that actually looks good on you!”

Sonya ignored my protests, took one of the shirts and then made her way towards the changing room. You sighed, grabbed a flannel and followed your over-enthusiastic friend.

You were skeptic. Sonya had forced you to at least try the shirt on, and you actually liked it, the only problem was… it was too short.

Yes, it covered everything, but you couldn’t even raise your arms without the shirt riding up and exposing half of your stomach. This certainly didn’t sound like a big deal for most people, but for you it was.

“Y/N! This looks absolutely fantastic on you. You should definitely buy it!”

You tugged at the hem of the shirt. “You’re sure? It isn’t too short?”

“Too short? Are you kidding? Something like ‘too short’ doesn’t exist!”

“In your case maybe. But not for me.”

“Hey. You look great. Believe me. I would never talk you into buying something that looks not good on you,”

Sonya hugged you quickly, “also, i’m sure Newt likes to see a bit more of you.”

You giggled and felt your cheeks heating up. “Oh shut up.”

Sonya smirked at you trough the mirror.“Y/N, if you want to date my brother, then you have to live with this comments.”

“Alright alright, how about you hurry up to pick some clothes and then we get something to eat?”


When you woke up the next day, you quickly made some breakfast and then got dressed, knowing Newt would be there soon to pick you up for school.

Eventually, Sonya had convinced you to buy the shirt, and you had actually felt pretty and attractive and comfortable with your body and had looked forward to wearing it the next day.

But this positive feeling vanished completely when you examined your reflection in the mirror.

You didn’t see the confident and happy girl from yesterday, but the complete opposite.

You stared at the mirror when tears began to brim in your eyes, and you slowly sank down on the edge of the bed, burying your face in your hands.

What is wrong with me?

Suddenly you heard someone knocking rather loud on your bedroom door.

“Y/N? Are you in there? Is everything alright?”


You shot up, frantically rubbing your palms over your cheeks to let you tear-stained face appear normal and quickly answered with a wavering voice: “Newt?”

“Can i come in?”

“Wait!” You desperately tried to get out of the shirt and simultaneously attempted to remove the smudged mascara from your cheeks as fast as possible.

You don’t want him to see you like this.

But your hectic movements only caused you to get stuck in the shirt and finally, you just sank down on the floor, letting out a defeated sob.

Newt seemed to lose his patience out there because he knocked even louder. “ Y/N, i’m coming in now!”

Your boyfriend opened the door, and you could hear him drawing a sharp breath before he rushed over and dropped down on his knees next to you.

“Bloody hell, Y/N, what happened? Are you hurt?”

You managed to shake your head before Newt helped you to sit up against your bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m fat, that’s what wrong! I can’t even wear a simple shirt without looking horrible!”

“You’re fat? Who the hell did you tell you this shit?”

You looked down on your crossed arms that clutched your stomach, the stomach you hated so much.

“I don’t need anyone who’d tell me ‘this shit’, a look in the mirror is enough. I mean, look at my thighs or my stomach. I’m just plain fat! I can’t even wear a top or shorts without feeling bad about myself. Why am i like this?”

Newt didn’t answer, so you just continued, even though you’ve never wanted him to know how pathetic you were.

“And you know what? You aren’t really helpful either. Every time i see you, you’re just being … perfect, but when i look at all your ex-girlfriends, i have honestly no idea why you’re still with me. Because they are perfect too, tall, skinny, beautiful and i’m just - i’m just me.”

Silence filled the room until Newt carefully took your hand in his and run his fingers over your palm.

“Y/N, please tell me that you don’t really believe this.”

You didn’t answer, which was answer enough for Newt.

He yanked you up, almost forcefully, so that you stood in front of the mirror, with him behind you.

You looked terrible, mascara smudged all over your face, your previous attempts to remove it had only made it worse, your eyes red and puffy from crying.

“Don’t ever say those things about yourself again. You don’t deserve to feel bad. You know what i see in this mirror? I see a beautiful girl, with an amazing personality and an even more amazing body.”

He gently turned you around. “I love your lips. And your cute little nose. I love your curves, your hips, your thighs and your stomach. I love everything about you.”

Newt peppered your face with featherlight kisses, while his fingers drew little circles on your lower back.

“Stop comparing yourself with my ex-girlfriends. Yes, you’re nothing like them, but only because you are better. There’s a reason why you are my girlfriend and they are not. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He smiled at you, a genuine and warm smile, and then kissed you deeply, causing you to forget everything around you.

How did i get so lucky?

anonymous asked:

Why'd you draw those Overwatch girls fat? Genuinely curious, I'm not mad or pissed that it's uncanon. I'd just like to know.

thanks for asking politely! there are two main reasons:

1. i want to draw people who look like me. like many people, ive struggled with self image issues related to weight for much of my life, and seeing positive representations of people who look like me helps me feel better about myself. since theres so little of it in the media i like, i have to create it for myself - thats why i draw them that way, even though it isn’t canon

and, incredibly, these drawings that i make for myself also seem to resonate with a lot of other people too! i get literally hundreds of tags thanking me for drawing women with fat and body hair. every time i see a comment like ‘i love this, she has arm hair just like me!’ or ‘the way you drew this character looks just like my body!’ it makes me so happy - that i could potentially help other people feel better about themselves too is so unbelievably cool to me!! the positive responses outweigh the negative many times over. so, i draw them that way because i find it personally fulfilling and because other people appreciate it, too

2. i find it enjoyable! on an artistic and an aesthetic level, i genuinely enjoy creating and looking at artwork that portrays women in this way! it would be  boring and a waste of my time spent practicing anatomy to draw everyone with the same body type. and too, im a Big Ol Lesbian and find women of all body types beautiful! sometimes i get comments asking why ive made characters ‘less attractive’, but to me, they’re more attractive this way, because they look less like fake videogame characters and more like the real human women i love

Lotty. Part 1

Hello guys so here’s my new fic (it’s been a while) So this is the fic about Rinn’s 16 year old daughter Lotty/Lucky, she’s your typical teenage girl, a little dramatic and can say things she doesn’t mean but she loves her family. Obviously Rinn will be in this as-well. This is a pov fic. Let me know if you like this, I’m not going to finish this fic until I know it’s ok because I’m not sure if you’ll like reading about Rinn’s daughter. As stated in another post of mine, if you do like this fic I will finish it and post it after my multi-chapter fic “Worlds apart” is completed     
P.s  90% of the time Finn and Rae call Lotty, Lucky. The reason will be explained later on in the fic (If you want me to write it that is lol) Hope you enjoy :)

                                                      Lotty. Chapter 1.

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P90X3- Keep going

I’m in week 1 of Phase 3. And here’s the truth.

You WILL lose more weight in Phase 1.

Phase 2 is muscle building to PREPARE you for the fat shredding in Phase 3. You will lose almost NO weight. But you WILL lose inches.

Phase 3 is where the fat will almost melt off. 

You MUST be eating clean.

The scale is NOT everything and it does NOT define who you are. Keep in mind throughout the day you fluctuate abut 5 lbs up and down.

You MUST take before and after pictures. Seeing yourself everyday in the mirror blinds you to what’s actually happening.

You MUST measure yourself. See above.

You MUST drink a shit ton of water. EVERY DAY. You’d be surprised how much water retention can weight you down.

P90X3 is NOT just a program. It’s a transition into a lifestyle change.

And if you DON’T understand that, then you will NEVER keep the weight off and get to where you want to be.

My stats so far:

Sex: Female

Age: 22

Height: 5'2"

Frame size: Medium 

Start weight: 210

P90X3 start weight: 160

Current weight: 147

Ultimate goal weight: 120-125ish? (idk, we’ll see what happens….?)

Lost 9 lbs in Phase 1 (and about 2 inches). Lost NO WEIGHT IN PHASE 2, but lost 10 inches all over. Nearing the end of week 1 of Phase 3 and have lost 4 lbs already (no joke).

I’ve never been this lean in my life. I’ve never had this much muscle in my life. I’ve never been this happy in my life. I’ve been “that girl”. The fat girl all my life. I don’t even UNDERSTAND what it means to be “skinny” or “fit”. I still don’t. I cried tears of joy in the fitting room the first time I fit into a size medium shirt. Whispering, “I’m doing it. I’m doing it,” to myself in the mirror.

And yet the woman looking back at me in the mirror is so foreign to my own eyes. So different from what I’ve been. My arms are all muscle with no fat. The fat I always thought would be there. My stomach is my problem area, yet when I lie down, it’s flat. I run my hands over it sometimes in wonder because it’s wonderful and beautiful and my life has been changed forever by this journey.

The journey of loving yourself.

And this is why I am sharing with you all.

Don’t you give up. It’s not worth it.

Can you hear me?

Are you listening?




It’s okay to feel defeated. It’s okay to cry or get frustrated or to give yourself that cheat once in a while. But food is not the enemy. 

Humans are emotional, but you must learn to discipline your emotions or they will use you. Behind your feelings is nothing, but behind every principle is a promise. Get back up.



Hey Angel Chapter 71

A few days have passed and things were getting better between you and Harry, which you both were grateful for. You had woken up to pee for what seemed like the 100th time that morning and now that the sun was out, there was no way you were going to be able to go back to sleep. 

You sighed deciding to take a quick shower. After you got out, you were drying off when you noticed yourself in the mirror. It’s not like that was the first time you had seen yourself in the mirror since being pregnant that time around, but there something that you noticed. 

Stretch marks were all over your belly. Your boobs were even bigger than they always were, but not in a “sexy” way, you thought. You no longer had the bruises or scarred cuts that you had after the accident, which made you feel a little bit better. 

As you looked at yourself in the mirror, tears started to fall down your face. Being pregnant with twins definitely took its toll on your body. What if Harry walked in and saw you like this? 

It wasn’t that he was shallow, but you were sure that he wouldn’t want to touch you at through the rest of the pregnancy. I mean how could he, when you looked like that that. 

You heard stirring around in the bedroom, so you quickly grabbed your robe from the back of the door, but cursed when it wouldn't close probably around your belly. Harry’s robe was on the hook next to yours, so you quickly grabbed it and put it on. 

You opened the door and saw Harry sitting up on the bed. 

“Hey, you okay?” He asked. “I was about to check on you, you’d been in there so long.” 

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine,” you said. 

“Is that my robe?” he smirked. 

“Yeah…” you blushed. 

“Damn, it looks better on you than me,” he smirked walking over to you. 

“Uh, thanks,” you said. 

“I just checked on the kids and they’re still sleeping,” he whispered putting his hands on your hips. “Maybe we could have some Mummy, Daddy time under the blankets?” he smirked. 

“Um, maybe later,” you said moving out of his grasp and over to the closet. 

Harry looked behind you confused but didn’t press the issue. “Okay, that’s okay. I can go put on start some breakfast,” he said. 

“Sounds good,” you said. 

Harry looked at you for a moment before walking downstairs. 


Once you got dressed, you walked into Ella’s room to check on her. She was laying on the bed with Jackson and they were whispering and giggling about something. You smiled as you remember how they use to do that when you all were on tour. Part of you missed being on tour, but you were mostly happy to be home and in one place. 

“Mummy!” Jackson smiled poking his head up. 

“Morning, baby,” you smiled. 

“How the babies?” He asked walking over and putting his hand on your belly. 

“They’re playing,” you smiled. 

“They can play in your tummy?” He gasped. 

“Yep. They like to move around and kick,” you giggled. 

“Oh, silly babies,” he giggled 

You laughed. “They’re very silly, they take after Daddy.” 

“Just like Daddy!” he giggled. “Right Ella?” 

“Wight!” she giggled. “I hungi Mommy.” 

“Well, Daddy is making some breakfast, so let’s go see if it’s ready,” you said. 

“Kay!” she giggled. 

All three of you head downstairs into the kitchen. 

“DADDY!” The kids screeched happily before wrapping their arms around his legs. 

He laughed. “Morning babies,” he said. 

“Morna!” They smiled. 

“I hungi,” Ella said looking up at him. 

“Good thing I’ve made your favorite for breakfast,” he smiled. 

“Yummy!” She giggled. 

“Let’s let go of Daddy and sit at the table,” you laughed. 

They both let go and ran straight to their chairs. 

“Need any help?” You asked. 

“Um, if you just want to get the kids some juice,” he smiled. 

You nodded and grabbed their cups from the cabinet. You grabbed the orange juice from the fridge and pour some into their cups before bringing them to the table. 

“Tanks Mummy!” Jackson smiled. 

“You’re welcome,” you said kissing his head. 

Harry brought over the food and put it on the kid’s plates. They giggled and quickly started eating. You laughed shaking your head and put a bit of food on your plate. 

You picked at your food as you ate and Harry started to get a bit worried. 

“You okay, love?” He asked putting his hand over yours. 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you said with a forced smile. 

He squeezed your hand and went back to eat his breakfast. 


For the rest of the day, all of you spent time together. Harry chased the kids around the backyard and had a huge tea party with Ella and her dolls, while you and Jackson worked on some coloring. Harry decided to order in for dinner so that you all could make a little fort in the living room. 

You all sat in it, eating dinner, and watching kid’s movies on Netflix. The kids fell asleep in the fort and Harry kissed their heads.

“I would love to join them on this floor, but this isn’t the best place for either of us to be sleeping,” he said. 

“True. My back is already killing me,” you groaned. 

“Well, let’s get you up to bed, then,” he smiled. 

“Do you think they’ll be okay down here?” You asked. 

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I’ll check on them later.” 

You nodded and got up from the floor and made your way up to the bedroom. You sighed trying to stretch your back the best you could. 

“Hey, why don’t you sit on the bed and I’ll rub your back for you,” he said. 

“Are you sure?” You asked. 

“Of course, now sit,” he said. 

“So, bossy,” you giggled. 

He smirked and went over to the bedside table. He took out the massage oil and sat behind you on the bed. 

“Wanna take off your shirt?” he asked. 

“Oh, uh, no that’s okay,” you said. 

“Baby, it’ll feel better if I can put this stuff on you and I can’t do that with your shirt on,” he said. 

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine without it,” you said. 

“Is something going on here?” He asked. 

“What are you talking about?” You asked. 

“All day you’ve been acting weird. It’s like you don’t want me to see you naked or something,” he stated. 

You looked down silently. 

“Is that what’s going on?” He asked. 

You started to sniffle as tears formed in your eyes. You didn’t even know why you were crying other than from the hormones. 

“I’m fat and ugly. I have stretch marks everywhere, my boobs are huge and look weird. Being pregnant with twins is making me look so gross,” you cried. 

Harry looked at you sympathetically. “Baby,” he sighed opening his arms. 

You cried into his chest as he ran his hand soothingly over your back. “You don’t look gross,” he whispered. 

“You’re just saying that,” you mumbled. “You don’t mean it.” 

“You look beautiful,” he said looking down at you. “Yes, your body has changed and is changing, but it doesn’t mean you’re ugly or gross. Let me show you,” he smiled. 

He took off your shirt and looked down at you. “These stretch marks symbolize how your body started growing as our little ones that we made together grow. And I don’t care how big or small your boobs are, but they’ll never be weird to me. I always love them and take my time on them,” he smirked kissing the bits of your chest hanging out of your bra. “Plus, I know that they’re getting prepared to feed our precious babies once they’re born. You look beautiful because when I look at you, I see the love of my life carrying our babies. The fact that you’re taking care of them and will soon bring them into the world, I just love you even more than I already do for that.” 

“When I look at you, I see the most beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous woman ever and then I hope that our babies look just like you. When I look at you, I can’t believe that I’ve found the person I love enough to bring new life to this world,” he whispered. “When I look at you, I feel like a horny teenager with the way you make me feel,” he smirked. “And all I can think about is how much I want and need you.” 

You blushed looking down at him. “You really mean all of that?” You whispered. 

“I do,” he smiled moving hair from your face. 

You smiled widely and sat down on his lap. “I love you,” you whispered. 

“And I love you, more than anything,” he smiled. “You and your pregnant belly.” 

You giggled. “So… since my back is feeling a lot better now… and it is later… perhaps we could take up your offer from this morning?” 

He smirked. “Only if you’re on top, I want to be able to really look at you all night,” he whispered. 

“Well, seeing as how that’s one of our only options while I’m carrying this extra weight of babies, I think I can arrange that,” you giggled. 

“Then come here,” he smirked pulling you in for a kiss. 


A couple hours later, the two of you laid next to one another. Harry had his hands on your belly and you giggled. 

“Just so you know, you won’t be getting much sleep anymore,” you said. 

“And why is that?” He laughed. 

“Because that was fucking… wow,” you said. “I remember when I was pregnant with Ella, I read all those pregnancy books and I remember it saying something about sex being better while you were pregnant and I obviously wasn’t able to test that out during that pregnancy, but it’s definitely true,”  you giggled. 

He smirked. “I’ll do anything to make my girl happy,” he said. 

“Good,” you smiled laying your head on his shoulder. “I love you,” you whispered. 

“And I love you,” he whispered. “And our babies,” he said leaning down to kiss your belly before the two of you fall asleep. 

l Watched My Neighbor Totoro with my little sister last night. Here is some of her commentary

- “They have nice looking beds”

- “How many people die?”

- “He looks like a butt” (This was when she first saw Totoro)

- “It was its butt”

- “Totoro is like snorlax”

- “FROG!…frog…”

- “He’s soo FAT!”

- “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!″  (Cat bus)

- “Stupid Frooogggg”

- Me: “That’s how plants are made.”
Her: “They use umbrellas and then go POP!” (Complete with arm motions)

- ”It’s Mary Poppins and the magical umbrella”

- “That’s… a big goat…”

- “They’re just blowing” 

- “What the heck!”

- “Why is there so much crying and death stuff? I thought you said she wouldn’t die”

- “Why does she have to carry her corn everywhere?”

- “They have little eyeballs and it’s adorable”

- “Cat bus cat bus cat bus” (She sung this)

- “It has mice on it’s butt”

- “She’s still holding her corn”


- “Corn. It’s corn. Corn in the window”

- “Fuzzy cat Fuzzy cat” (she sung this too)

- “They are still siting in the tree with the umbrella”

- “It’s its butt! the ending picture is the cat bus’s butt.”

vkgothiclolita  asked:

It's because you lose weight in the reverse of how you gained it. So the areas that are most noticeable are last to lose from. First you slim out those extra little places your body found to store fat... face, neck, back, arms etc. Then you will start to lose from the real problem areas and see results. It's also why after the initial big loss you hit that plateau you are losing from inside fatty liver and such. You are doing great Kaya... keep it up!!!💕🖤💕

Literally in all the videos from the past week I feel like my face especially looks fatter than it ever has. I don’t know if being dehydrated played a roll or what, but like, giant puffy face, awful double chin, never mind the rest 😫 Feeling so gross and hopeless.

What Ever Made You Think That?

Request: hi I came from @justhamilton and I want to request a Daveed x reader where reader is self conscious about their body and Daveed makes them feel better about themselves? I’m having intense body shame rn and I want something happy :) 

Warning(s): slight angst? 

Word Count: 931

Reader Gender: Female (if it was supposed to be male PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND ILL WRITE ANOTHER

 Author’s Note:hey anon I think you’re beautiful just sayin also @justhamilton is an angel and shoutout to @bestfluteninja for proofreading this they’re so nice :) ok let’s do this 

I wake up from the sunlight coming in through the window. The clock next to my bed read 9:47 a.m. Ugh, nope. I slam my face into the pillow, trying to remember my dream. Sadly, I can’t, because footsteps interrupt me. Pretending to be asleep, I hear those footsteps come into the room. 

“Y/N, get up,” A voice says. I know it’s Daveed, but I stay where I am. Maybe he’ll let me sleep a little longer, I think. The bed sinks slightly as he sits down. “C'mon babe, I know you’re awake,” he says. “Don’t make me do this.” I can tell he’s grinning now. What is he gonna do?

It’s not long before I get my answer. Daveed suddenly jumps on top of me and starts tickling my sides. I scream and roll over, putting my arms up in defense. He continues to attack me, and I can’t stop laughing. 

“Daveed, s-stop!” I yell, out of breath. I throw my hands up in surrender. He’s laughing at me, but stops and leans down to kiss my cheek. 

“Get ready, I’m taking you out for breakfast,” Daveed says. He gets off the bed and heads for the door. As he walks out, he winks at me. I grin, and start to get ready. Once in the bathroom, I start on makeup. Just some simple stuff, like mascara. I brush my hair quickly. I go back into the room to decide what to wear. The closet doors are open from Daveed getting his clothes earlier. I start throwing different things onto the bed. Shirts, jeans, skirts, everything. Turning around, I take my shirt and leggings off to get changed. As I start to put one of the shirts on, I catch my reflection in a big mirror on one of the closet doors. My mind starts racing. 

My stomach is too big, I think. My arms are big too. But why does my stomach stick out so much? I don’t even have any curves. And my legs are flabby. Stretch marks are everywhere. I walk closer to the mirror. When I get there, I start pulling on my stomach, trying to make it smaller. I push the fat on my legs around. I pinch my arms some, trying to figure out how to make it all disappear. Tears begin to form in my eyes. Why am I so fat? Why am I so disgusting


I spin around to see Daveed standing in the doorway. He has a look of confusion on his face. I think I can even see some hurt in his eyes. 

 "U-uh,” I stutter, not knowing what to do, “how long have you, um, been standing there?" 

"Long enough,” he replies. “I came to see how close you were to being ready. What are you doing, babe?" 

"Uh, nothing, it’s nothing,” I say. I quickly grab one of the larger shirts to put on. Daveed walks to me and grabs my hands, making me stop. 

“Sweetheart, talk to me,” he whispers. I look up at him, and sigh. I can tell he does want to know and isn’t pretending. Dropping the shirt, I lean into his chest. He wraps his arms around me, and I tell him: 

“I’m upset about how fat and gross I am." 

Daveed stands still for a moment. Suddenly, he puts his hands on my shoulders and gently pushes me forward. He’s looking at me now, his eyes slightly glistening. 

What ever made you think that?“ He asks. I gesture at my body with my hands. "Y/N, you’re a masterpiece,” he says. He looks me up and down and gestures, “Just look at you.” I’m blushing now. But, I can’t help but think negative remarks about my body. 

“Daveed, I have stretch marks on my legs and stomach,” I tell him. “My stomach sticks out, my legs are big, and my arms have a lot of flab. I’m not curvy in any form. I’m just so gross and unattractive.” He steps back from me. Then he starts talking: 

“Love, you’ve got it all wrong. These aren’t bad things. It’s normal for your stomach to stick out, it’s beautiful. Your arms are lovely, and your legs are works of art. Your stretch marks are absolutely gorgeous. They make you who you are. You don’t have to be traditionally skinny or curvy to be pretty. I know this, because you’re even more than pretty. You’re an absolute goddess, inside and out.” Daveed steps forward and pulls me to him. “You have no idea how lucky I am to have a girl as astounding as yourself." 

I’m smiling beyond belief now, and slightly tearing up. Thanks to him, I feel somewhat better in my own skin, which is a big improvement. I reach up and kiss him, thanking him in my own way. Once we break apart, finally, I realize I’m still not dressed. 

"Hey, you wanna help me choose what to wear?” I ask him, winking. He nods and immediately picks up a shirt and a pair of jeans I’d thrown onto the bed. The jeans hug my legs. The shirt was one of my favorites, and it was loose but still shows my form. Quickly, I put them on with a pair of combat boots. Once I was dressed, I looked at Daveed for confirmation. He smiles wide and gives me a thumbs up. As we went out of the house, I grab his hand. All I can think is, I have the best boyfriend in all of existence.

Made For Each Other - pt 3

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Warning: violence

*also keep in mind that Namjoon’s POV is a few days behind yours. 


When I open my eyes, I’ll be back with Namjoon. I’ll be home and planning out the wedding. I’ll be happy. 

You opened your eyes but the grey room surrounded you. Tears rolled down your cheeks and you had it. You stood up and walked up to then door. Your fist slammed into the metal over and over again, as you screamed for them to open the door. 

“Hey! Stop! That’s enough, you’re gonna hurt yourself.” The guy said, opening the door only a little. “I want to see your boss. Take me to him.” You pulled the door open all the way and walked out. 

“No. Get back inside.“ He grabbed your arm and started to push you back in. You put your hand on the door frame and closed the door on it, a painful yelp filled the hallway. The guy’s eyes went wide and he let go of you. He opened the door and dragged you out of the room. 

"Are you crazy?” He barked “I’ll hurt myself until you take me to him.” You stared at him, making him see that you were serious. He pushed you hard back into the room and closed the door before you could get up. You screamed and threw yourself at the door and he ran down the hallway. In a few seconds two other guys joined him and you backed away from the door, now afraid. 

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I want to love my fat face...

…but I find it so hard to do so! I feel bad admitting this, because I have spent so much time and energy the last few years improving my feelings about fatness, but I hate my face. Recently, every time I look at a photo of myself my stomach drops, because I can’t see anything other than my double chin. It makes me think my face is ugly. And it’s worse if I’m smiling, so the cruel irony is that the happier I am in the pic, the more I hate it!

I see so very few picture of fat women with double chins here on tumblr. Do most of us feel this way secretly, hating on our double chins and fat faces? And when I do see them, I never think they look bad! I love seeing pictures of fat people with double chins, I think those people are beautiful. But if it’s my face it makes me seethe in shame and self-disgust. Why?

My wedding is in a little over a month, and I am dreading the pictures, because I know they will show me my fat face. I should love my fat face, but I don’t. I have such an easier time loving the rest of my fat body, my belly, my thighs, my back rolls, my flabby arms, I find them beautiful, or at least neutral, most of the time. But not my face.

Why is this so hard? Do you guys find it hard as well? Please send me happy smiling pictures of yourself, looking beautiful with your double chins! I’ll publish them, and hopefully feel a little better

anonymous asked:

hey like,,,, i don't mean to be that gal but,,,, would you mind not drawing zarya like that maybe,,,? I'm a muscular girl myself and we barely get any rep at all and media usually shows us as repulsive,,,, it's just really upsetting to see that small bit of rep we have get taken like that

ive been kind of torn about how to respond to this, which is why its taken me a couple days. on the one hand, i get where youre coming from and im sympathetic. im a believer in the idea that changing existing representation to rep a different group is usually a dick move, and im definitely willing to reexamine the way i draw her if that’s what i’m doing

on the other hand i didnt intend to change her all that much and dont think i did? her model is much broader in the shoulders and waist than all the other female models, with muscle definition in the arms. the only thing i intentionally altered was to change her toned stomach to a softer one. i made this decision because i looked at photos of champion women weightlifters and noticed that many of them had body fat, as opposed to being completely toned. i don’t personally feel like this decision diminishes her athleticism, considering that real women in her profession have similar bodies, but then its also not my body type, so i dunno

why does her being less toned ruin the representation for you? or when you ask me not to draw her ‘like that’, are you referring to something else? how would you prefer to see her portrayed? if u feel comfortable messaging me directly you’re more than welcome to, but if not thats understandable and anon will still be open, i’d love to hear back from you