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Days of the week: Wednesday (smut)

Words: 2252 of pure smut. Kinda fluff in the final

Warning: Smut

Reader x Hoseok

Days of the week l Monday - Jin l Tuesday - Yoongi l Wednesday: Hoseok l Thursday - Namjoon l Friday - Jimin

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“I would love to stay” you said.

You weren’t expecting that you would be tired enough not to go home. You didn’t know you would be tired enough for them not to let you go home. You also didn’t know you would have the nicest morning of your entire life.

  “Jagi? Wake up” a sweet voice called you. You murmured a “No” and turned around to let the couch’s pillow swallow your face. Not that they hadn’t invited you to sleep on their beds, but you denied. You wouldn’t sleep if you had gone, and not that it would be actually a problem, but you were really tired. You needed to sleep a little. Your half-awake mind told you to wake up. It’s probably morning and you should have breakfast. Maybe they invite you, you thought.

“Come on, Jagi. It’s time for breakfeasteu” the voice said and you immediately recognized. Hobi. His accent, ah…

“Hum… I think I should go home” you murmured. You looked at him and he smiled at you, and you immediately covered yourself. Oh ma fucking God I just woke up I must be horrible.

 “Why are you hiding?” he asked and tried to uncover you.

“Oh my God, don’t look at me” you said.

“Why not?”

 “I just woke up, you can’t see my face like this” you said. He laughed and uncovered you.

“Stop it. You’re beautiful. Come on, have a… breakfasteu with us” he said, “If you need a minute, the bathroom is over there”

 You stood up quickly, trying to hide your face, and before you could run to the bathroom, he pulled your arm, making you face him.

 “If you are so insecure about yourself, maybe I’ll have to take Namjoon’s turn and show you how beautiful you are” he said and your heart stopped. Oh, my… He was going to…? Take Namjoon’s turn?

“Huh… I… Maybe…” you tried to say something in answer but no words came out. Your cheeks were getting even pinker and your legs weaker.

“It’s ok. I need to wake up my hyungs” he said and let you go.

 You ran to the bathroom and locked the door. You looked yourself on the mirror. Oh my God. What am I doing? I am getting fucked by… 7 guys. I am at their home, being feed, being used. Is this right? I should probably stop…  What if they think I am a slut? And what is gonna happen when all this is over? Shit. All this can’t be happening. This is so… urgh! Ok. Take it easy. You can do it, Y/N, you thought. You washed your face – at least you wouldn’t look like a zombie – and walked out of the bathroom. The moment you got out of there you crashed onto Jimin, who did hold you.

“Hey.  Good morning” he said, giving you his eye-smile, “I’m sorry”

“No, my fault. Morning, Oppa” you said and his smile got bigger when you called him Oppa.

“Are you having breakfast with us?” he asked, his voice sound kinda hopeful.

“Yeah, Hobi invited me, I hope its fine”

“Yeah. Come on. Let’s go”

 The breakfast was going absolutely great. The boys talked about their tour, they played with each other, occasionally playing with you, trying to bring you into the conversation, but all you could do was watch them. Cheesus, they were completely beautiful. They were really a family; all that they showed up in their Bangtan Bombs was real. No one was talking about that thing till Hoseok brought this up.

  “Huh, Namjoon hyung” he called. Namjoon looked at him. “I know today is your day, but, huh… I was wondering if we could switch our days. Like, I could take Y/N today instead of you” he asked. You thought that would bring a discussion or something, but Namjoon just said an “ok” and nodded. Oh…

Why was Hobi so anxious? Would he really “show you how beautiful you were”?

Now you were getting anxious. It was 9 a.m. and you were thinking about sex, God. No, Y/N, have your breakfast in peace. You didn’t notice you were red and tightening your thighs till Hoseok, who was beside you, squeezed it.

“You are all red. Is you ok?” he asked.

“It’s ‘are you’, Hope” Namjoon corrected. Ah, these boys

 “I am fine” you lied. You weren’t fine. You wanted him. One of them. Now.

“I think she is not telling us the truth” Yoongi said. You gave him a devious look, telling him not to say anything. “Ah, I know this look. I know very well…” he said and you blushed even more.

“Huh. I am fine.” You said, now your voice was trembling because everybody on that table was scanning you.

“Maybe you should take her to your room and ask her again, hyung.” Taehyung said.

“I think so” Hobi said and stood up. “Milady?” he said and offered you his hand. Of course you wanted to go with him, but that was so embarrassing! Everybody was looking at you, Jesus. Everybody knew you were going to fuck. Everybody knew you had fucked the night before… And the night before the night before. Shit.

  You followed him toward the door you had been with Jin. You looked at the bed you both had used and sighed, the memories coming to your mind. He locked the door and turned to look at you, who were sat on the bed.

“Are you okay?” he asked and sat beside you. You hadn’t noticed yourself before he said that. Your face was serious. Too serious for someone who was about to fuck. You decided to be honest with him.

 “I was wondering if…” you said, looking down, “If this we are doing is right. I am getting fucked by you all. 7 people. I mean…It’s a little much. I don’t want you to think that I am a slut or something. I would never do that with someone else, I’m doing it with you guys because as a fan, I love you all so much and it’s hard not to say ye-“you said but he cut you.

“Hey, hey. Calm down. Breathe and relax. We would never think this about you, we are not assholes. We might be jokers but not assholes. Besides, sex is natural, and if you wanna have sex with someone, than have it” he said simply, never leaving your stare. You just nodded. “I still have to prove something…” he stated and got closer to you. He took your head between his hands and leaned in, pecking your lips. Then, he pulled away to watch you.

 You smiled at him and kissed him by yourself. He smiled into the kiss, one of his hands going down to hold your hips. He licked on your bottom lip and you let his tongue explore your mouth, letting him control the kiss as well. He sucked your tongue, making you whimper.

 He put his hand under your shirt and on your back, finding the opening of your bra. He opened it and started to take off your shirt. You pulled away, but only long enough for him to take off your shirt and bra then kissed him again. Hobi’s kiss was soft but needy, different from Yoongi’s. You enjoyed the kiss as long as you could, till you started to take off his shirt too. He let you, and when you saw his abs you whimpered.

  “Oh my God” you whispered, touching his chest. He smiled at you and pushed you to your back softly, making you lay. He was now between your legs and kissing your neck, you weren’t sure if it would leave marks but you didn’t give a shit.

“Your boobs are perfect” he said and traveled down, sucking your collarbones and then your nipple, “perfect to suck and play with”. Even his dirty talk was cute. But still got you crazy. He was massaging your other boob, never leaving your skin. You closed your eyes, feeling him as much as you could, your hands entangling on his hair.

 He started to kiss you again, this time his hand playing with the zipper of your shorts. Your tongues were dancing against each other, the kiss getting deep. You decided to move, letting one of your hands go down and touch his crescent erection. Once you touched it, he groaned, caressing himself against your hand.

“Shiteu” he groaned. You started squeezing it slightly, teasingly. He noticed it and pulled away from you, sitting on his ankles taking off his clothes completely. His dick was bigger than Jin’s and Suga’s and you couldn’t help but wide your eyes. His head was dripping pre-cum and you just wanted to lick this off.

“See what you did to me?” he said and started pumping himself. Moans started to come out of his mouth, he let his head fall back in pleasure as you watched him masturbate himself. Little bastard. You wanted to do that. You should be doing that. Seeing his eyes were closed, you stood up and kneeled in front of him. Before he could even open his eyes, you put your mouth around his tip, licking the salty liquid off it. He looked at you in surprise.

“Hum…” he moaned and took a fistful of your hair, controlling your speed. You started to test your gag reflex, taking him more and more. You used one of your hands to massage his balls, and he tightened his grip on your hair, moving you faster, making you gag a little.

It didn’t take long for you to feel the warm liquid in your mouth.

“Oh, shit, Y/N. I think it’s my turn, right? I’ll show you how beautiful you are” he said and laid down. He tapped his lap, “Fucking ride me” he said.

You almost ran, straddling his lap. You lowered yourself slowly, and once you adjusted, you started moving. You were slowly at first, testing the sensation, feeling his dick stretching you. His finger added pressure on your clit, and you couldn’t hold yourself back anymore.

You moved up and down fast, roughly, your skin slapping against his violently, the sound mixing with your moans and his. He pulled you down, and you took the chance to kiss him, sucking and biting his bottom lip.

“Fuck…Y/N, you’re wonderful-ah” he groaned. Shit. He was stretching you real good; he was hitting the perfect spots. His hands found your butt and he slapped it, the pain turning into pleasure quickly.

 “Oh my God, Hobi” you moaned out and realized where you were. You weren’t at home and the others were outside there. Probably hearing you both. You stopped moving for a second, getting embarrassed.

“What? What?” he said, breathing heavily.

 “We are being loud” you stated.


 “I dunno, shouldn’t we- ah!” you tried to say but he moved his hip up, thrusting into you hard, making you jump. That was enough to shut you up.

 You kept moving, the sounds getting louder and the pleasure getting bigger and bigger inside you both.

“You are a fucking kitten for my cock, don’t you” he whispered on your ear. That was enough.

You tightened yourself around him, your walls warming his dick, tightening around him. He squeezed your butt harshly as he came, releasing all inside you before you could cum.

“You…” he said, breathing, “you didn’t…” he tried to say and you signaled a “no”.

In one fast movement, he stood up and pushed you down, opened your legs and introduced three fingers inside you suddenly. You almost yelled. He started pumping them in and out in an impossibly fast pace, his fingertips hitting your g-spot every time. He introduced a fourth, while the other hand of his played with your clit, and you couldn’t hold yourself back anymore. You cummed, the hot liquid coming out of you violently.

 Fucking hell. What was that?

“Join me for a shower?” he said. You nodded.

You followed him towards the bathroom. He turned the water on, and once your bodies were already wet, he started washing you softly. His touch was so soft it sent you shiver.

Once you were done, you started drying yourselves and he looked for something on his locker. Then, he offered you a hoodie, sweatshirts and one of – probably his – his boxers.  You looked at him.

“N-no, I can’t accept it. I can wear my clothes” you said.

“Please. Just take it”. He said.

The biggest challenge now was to get out of there. You wouldn’t be able to look into the boys’ faces. They had heard you fucking, hard. Yoongi would probably make one of his cocky comments. Oh…

“Let’s go?” Hoseok said and took your hand. You smiled at him and walked out.

“Had fun?” Namjoon asked.

You got red by the moment the guys looked at you. You murmured a yes.

 “I gotta, hum… I gotta go back to my dorm, my roommate is probably wondering where the hell I am, so…” you said, “Hobi, I’ll bring these tomorrow, ok?” you said.

“Just keep it” He answered.

“Ok, huh… I’ll go” you said and hugged each of them, but when Namjoon’s turn came out, he pulled you closer, not letting you go and whispered loud enough only for you to hear:

 “I hope you aren’t too tired, because tomorrow is my turn and then you’ll see what is like to be really fucked” he said.

A/N: I got you all, huh? Namjoon’s turn is the next one

Mystic Messenger : Day 5 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

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In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Mystic Messenger: V’s Route Walkthrough (Days 5-11)

V’s Common Route Bad Ends | V’s Route Chat/Calls Times | Walkthrough Masterpost

Read before you start:

  • These are the answers I chose. There’s probably more than 1 way to reach each different outcome in the story, you are free to pick different answers.  
  • This walkthrough may not be 100% accurate. Follow the choices at your own risk.
  • Missed Chats: Cost 15 hgs to unlock
    Calling V & Saeran “Ray”: Cost 10 hgs. As of now, these two don’t have calling cards, & are not included in the “all characters” calling cards from the VIP package. 
  • Heart Color Meaning: 
    • V: Mint | Unknown/Ray: Magenta | Jumin: Purple | 707: Red | Yoosung: Green | Jaehee: Yellow | Zen: Gray
  • CGS unlocked with this walkthrough:  
    • V: 35/37 | Unknown/Ray: All (6) | Jumin: All (6) | 707: All (4) | Yoosung: All (1) | Jaehee: ¾ | Zen: 5/6

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

**I want to play blindly and see what endings I can achieve on my own. Please DO NOT send me spoilers**

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Nomi’s Pride Speech

I’ve been thinking about my life and all of the mistakes that I’ve made – the ones that stay with me or the ones that I regret are the ones that I made because of fear.  For a long time I was afraid to be who I am because I was taught by my parents that there’s something wrong with someone like me – something offensive, something you will avoid, maybe even pity.  

Something that you could never love.  

My mom – she’s a fan of St. Thomas Aquinas and she calls Pride a sin.  And of all the venal and moral sins St. Thomas saw pride as the queen of the seven deadly sins.  He saw it as the ultimate gateway sin that would turn you quickly into a sinaholic.  But hating isn’t a sin on that list.  Neither is shame.  

I was afraid of this parade because I wanted so badly to be a part of it.  So today I’m marching for that part of me that was once too afraid to march and for all the people who can’t march:  the people living lives like I did.  Today I march to remember that I’m not just a me. I’m also a we and we march with pride.

So go fuck yourself, Aquinas.

Sense 8, Episode 2: I Am Also A We

“There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.”

People with Saturn in the eight house often struggle with intimacy. This is not strictly talking about sexual relations. People with this natal placement struggle with being close to anyone. I say they struggle with this, not that it is impossible, but it is hard for them. They may seem very reserved and this is because it takes them a long to really open up to someone, for they don’t trust easily when it comes to these things. What I’m referring to could be something as simply as being honest about their emotions, or showing their weak spots, or in some cases even just showing pure happiness. Of course this could also go into other things such as sex. Since it is so hard for these people to show their more secret, intimate side, once they do trust you, you mustn’t break that trust. For you’ll break them, they’ll never want to be intimate with anyone in any way again. Don’t forget that Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn’s sister sign is Cancer, the crab that will easily hid in it’s shell. Gaining a Saturn in the 8th’s full trust and intimacy is hard, but once you’ve gained that it becomes oh so easy to shatter their very foundation, sense of security, and ability to share the deep truths about themselves. Saturn in the 8th’s try to act untouchable, unbreakable. But really they are more fragile than you’d ever believe, which is why they hide their more intimate self. Although you must remember, Saturn’s torture isn’t without reason. There is always a lesson to learn, Saturn is a very karmic planet and it teaches you not to make the same mistakes that you have done before. The lesson of Saturn in the 8th is to be careful of who you open up to, don’t give yourself to someone unworthy. 

Some BNHA characters as smash players

I may regret this but oh well

Bakugo Katsuki: “I would be beating your ass into the ground in any other game, okay?! This game sucks.” (He’d rather play Mortal Kombat or smth)

Todoroki Shouto: “Why are you hitting me, I haven’t done anything to you. No one has hit Midoriya, you’re wasting your time with me.” (Yeah, he’s that guy. That fucking guy.)

Iida Tenya: “What does this button do? How do you do that? Why can some characters do things others can’t? What is the point of this game? Is there a prize to be won?” (You…don’t want to play with him…)

Uraraka Ochako:“Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Uraraka, please.” “Okay.” “Oh my fucking god-.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.”–

Midoriya Izuku:He just fucking avoids as much as he can, hence Todoroki pointing him out. (“Todoroki, why must you betray me-” “It’s your own fault for hiding away like a snake.” “Wow, okay.”) Do not engage/annoy excessively/taunt/enrage. He will ground-pound your ass into the ground, no lie. He is actually pretty fucking good and you do not want to legit fight at all costs (unless you want to be forever haunted by his slightly and unconsciously patronizing behavior.).

Tsuyu Asui:Dies on purpose to watch the fight and commentates the fuck out of it

Bonus: Shigaraki Tomura: …….don’t let him and Izuku ever play on the same team…

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Narnia Imagine 1 : Wunderkind

Pairing : Peter Pevensie x Reader__________ Word Count : 3,128___________ REQUESTS ARE OPEN! DM me for a customised Narnia Imagine!__________ Tags: @pegasusdragontiger @aiaranradnay @bolontiku ___________________________________________ “You better be back by noon, princess. His Majesty will be far from pleased if you don’t attend the evening ball.” Pructiller, your best friend and the Advisor of the Royal Calormen Council, said to you, as you got ready to go. “I shall be back in a while. Cover up for me, will you, Pruc?” She nodded. “Good girl. Now, give me the key to my secret exit…” You grab the key, adjust your sword and bag, secure your daggers in place and tie your black turban and mask. You were set to do it. Once again. What you loved the most. But what was also your biggest secret. Your father, the Tisroc of Calormen, Emperor of the Tashbaan City, had forbidden you from hunting or going outside the castle, lest you were harmed. But you didn’t care. For what you did was far too noble to be scared about. You opened the door to the secret pathway in the basement, that led you outside the castle and quickly escaped its boundaries. You walked forward to a clearing, as usual and whistled loudly. As always, your favourite guy in the world, your black stallion, Samuel came galloping towards you, happiness evident in his whinny. “There, boy. Missed me, did you? Well, I’m sorry. I had to wait for Father to fall asleep. Now, let’s get to work, Sam!” You stroked his mane and he neighed, snorting and beckoning the saddle to be climbed. You climb on him and take the reins. In no time, he’s racing through the wind, making your black robes fly like a bird. It has always been the best feeling in the world to ride Sam, away from all the discipline and suffocation of the Castle, free and wild. You ride swiftly, until you reach the Market, where the traders and shopkeepers were howling their goods to sell. You scanned the Market completely and went around asking for the prices of commodities. They were fair and reasonable. So far so good. These folks saved their necks. You drifted into the deeper, darker parts of the Market. That’s when you heard it. A stifled scream that belonged to a child. Not again, you thought. Slave Traders. You gripped your dagger and tackled the traders from behind, knocking them unconscious. A faint little girl, half your age was crying and in chains, shivering with fear. You comforted her, freed her from the shackles and price tag they had put, and said to her, “Don’t worry, little one. Come on, I’ll get you out of here. You’ll be safe with me.” You led her out into the heart of the market and ask her where she lived. “I am Selena and I live very close to the Calormene Castle. My parents must be worried. What’s your name?” She asked, smiling calmly. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you, Selena.” You said. Her eyes widened. “Are you the Princess? His Highness the Tisroc’s daughter? Princess Y/N? Rabadash’s sister?” You chuckled. “I am afraid not. I just share Her Highness’s name. I am a nomadic traveller.” She looked somewhat convinced and said, “I’ll make the journey from here, alone. Thank you for saving my life. Have a good day, Y/N.” She ran away before I could protest, sprinting in the direction of the Castle. “Strong girl” I said to myself. Just then, you heard someone hurling abuses at the shopkeeper and threatening to chop his head off. You walked towards that cart and saw that a thief was trying to scare the Pear Shop Owner. Your instincts kicked in and you jumped on him, keeping your sword at his neck and asked him, “You Scoundrel! Why do you dare to trouble these merchants?” You were sitting on his stomach and his masked face was terrified, by the look in his eyes. The Pear Merchant said, “Yes! Kill that fly already! He has no backbone!” “If I ever see you here again, I swear I’ll-” you were cut off because he had jumped up and pushed you to the wall, holding your neck and squeezing it. Your face went red with the sudden loss of air and your eyes were burning with hot tears. You panted, struggled to breath and get out of the thief’s hold, but you couldn’t. He was punching you repeatedly. You were not one to give up, so you tried to kick him, but in vain. Out of nowhere, an arrow came flying and pierced the Thief’s heart, his grip on you loosened and you collapsed on the ground, gasping for air and trying get the bloodrush out of your head. “Are you alright?” A soft, yet strong voice said to me, while I felt a hand on my shoulder. A man had just saved my life. And he was concerned about me. “Y- yes.. I’m fine. Thank you..” you said, slowly getting up and standing upright. That’s when you see him. A masked man, about five feet tall, having deep blue eyes and blonde hair (no hood or turban) was looking at you, concerned and expectantly. He was wearing what looked like Narnian hunting clothes and had a sword fastened to his body. His bow was still in his hand, the quilt of arrows on his back. His eyes wrinkled like he was smiling. “What in the name of Aslan, were you doing, m'lady? You could’ve got yourself killed.” He said, full of care. You replied, “Just trying to keep these people safe. And I’m guessing you’re doing that too.” You smiled a little. “Looks like I am. What’s your name?” He asked, childish curiosity in his eyes. “Y/N, and I’m not the Princess of Tashbaan. I just happen to have her name too.” You say, before he could ask. Phew. “Well, I didn’t know this place had a Princess, forget about knowing her name. I am Lucian, a traveller and hunter. I’ve never been here, Y/N.” He remarked, matter-of-fact-ly. “Aha… so, how long since you’ve lodged here?” You ask, suddenly curious to know a lot more about this charming man, whose presence stood out in your senses and made you feel different. “I arrived just this morning. I intend to meet the Tisroc and write books about his life, times and this very kingdom.” He said, sounding excited. You smiled to yourself, thinking about how silly it would be for a person to write about her father, being the insignificant, careless, vague and stupid person that he was. But you conclude, he’s probably heard a lot of rumours about your Father’s greatness, chivalry and splendour, all of which were false and spread only to lure travellers like this man. “That’s wonderful. I am a native of Calormen. Where are you from, Lucian? If you don’t mind telling me… why are you masked?” You asked, hesitantly. He bent his head, ruffled his hair and said, “For once, I’ve always wanted to stay anonymous. It gives you the freedom of being yourself, without being judged or recognised. I can afford to tell you though, I am a native of Narnia. Any more questions, Y/N?” Your heart resonates the feelings of freedom that he spoke about, which is exactly why you try to hide your identity. You say, “I must say, I agree with your idea of freedom. So much so, that it is also my reason to be masked. You said you were a hunter. I am not so bad at it, myself. Would you like to have a hunting contest with me?” He seemed hesitant and you added, “If it isn’t much trouble, if you’re unoccupied, that is.” “Oh… it would be a pleasure, Y/N. I love hunting. I was just thinking where we would hunt. It shall be fun, though.” He smiled through the veil and you replied, “I’ve beaten many champions here, Lucian. Better watch out.” “That remains to be seen, Y/N” he smirked and I could hear the overconfidence in his voice. “Let me go get my horse, then” he said, “meet me in the woods right next to the tombs.” You nodded and found yourself smiling at how well the day had been so far, and how you’d made a new friend, who was just like you._____________________ ***** _________________In a few minutes, you’re waiting at the entrance of the forest at Tombs, stroking Sam lovingly, when Lucian’s horse, a White stallion, comes galloping towards you from the west. You adjust your sword, daggers and arrows, waiting for him to speak to you. After getting down from his horse, Lucian says, “Your horse is magnificent, Y/N! Is he from the Royal Stables?” You reply, “Yes. In fact, he escaped from there. I’ve adopted him since then. He’s Samuel. And what do you call this beautiful stallion?” “SwanWhite” he said and I could hear him smile. “Suits him. Now, shall we begin our contest, Lucian?” You ask, challengingly. “Sure. I say, whoever hunts the larger beast wins. Yes?” He asks. “No. Whoever hunts the faster one wins.” You declare. “Wouldn’t disagree with that. Okay then, faster beast it is.” He concluded and we set out into the forest, looking for a beast. In half an hour, you find a large, non-talking rabbit in a bush and hunt it down. When you turn to climb on Sam and ride back to the entrance, a bear suddenly falls on you, ripping your turban apart and looking at you hungrily. SwanWhite comes in galloping and kicks the bear so hard, he moans in pain and falls far away from you with a loud thud. “Thank you, SwanWhite! Where’s Lucian?” You ask him, smiling widely. “Caught a really fast huge bear, Y/N! I win!” Lucian was heard saying, as he came running towards you, pulling the bear that had attacked you, now wounded with by Lucian’s sword. “I guess you do.” You say and chuckle loudly, looking at SwanWhite happily. A strong gust of wind ripped your veil apart and your face was exposed, leaving your frizzy black hair loose and you terrified. Lucian was looking at you like a child looking at a rainbow. His eyes light up, a hint of awe in them and he smiles, looking at the terror on your face. “You’re beautiful, Y/N. Don’t let that fear make you look funny.” He laughed, a hearty, joyous laugh, that made your heart flutter and your stomach droopy. “Show me who you are, Lucian. Now that you’ve seen my face, I would like to see yours.” You insisted. “Sure. No problem at all.” He untied the veil that was covering his face and the next moment, you realise you’re looking at the most handsome man you’ve ever laid your eyes on. His deep blue eyes and blonde hair were just the beginning. His nose looked well-crafted, his cheeks faintly blushed, beautiful pink lips, and a sharp jawline. He looked like someone had carved a perfect sculpture. You smiled. “Now that we’ve seen each other, shall we talk more about ourselves?” He asked, flirtatiously. “Of course. You’re very good-looking, Lucian. You’re well built for a traveller.” You wink, smiling widely. He walks towards you and holds your shoulders. You look up at him, smiling and notice the adorable dimples he gets. You swoon over his stunning face. His eyes wrinkle when he smiles, which makes him look even more endearing. “I’ve never seen a girl this brave, yet this beautiful. You seem to be the one every man would love to have. Would you like to be friends with me, Y/N?” Your heart was racing at the proximity you shared with him. His earnest eyes were emanating honesty and yearning. “I thought we were already friends, Lucian. Well, then let me confirm it. It would be my pleasure to make you my friend, officially.” You smirked, smiling at his happily grinning face. “Wonderful. I must confess I want it to be more than friendship, but for now, this is good enough. Listen Y/N, I have some urgent business to attend to. I better hurry and get ready for that. I’ll meet you tomorrow right here. Until then, goodbye Y/N. It was such an amazing time I had with you. Take care, gorgeous.” He hugged you gently and let you go, which you wish he’s never done. This was new to you. Being made to feel cared about, appreciated, beautiful and special, not merely because you were a princess, but because of the girl that you truly are, was the best feeling in the world. You smiled gratefully and said, “Of course, Lucian. Good luck with your job! Thank you for making my day! Take care. I’ll meet you tomorrow. Bye, sweetheart.” He stroked your hair playfully and patted your shoulder, walking away, climbed on SwanWhite and galloped away, making your hear soar with a whole lot of mixed feelings. You climbed onto Sam, smiling widely and all the while thinking about Lucian, and absentmindedly rode to your castle, reluctant to attend the ball your father had held in the evening._______________ *****____________________ “You look absolutely gorgeous, your majesty. Here, let me just style your hair a little bit more.” Your royal maid, Bela was saying. But you were not in this world. You weren’t paying attention at all. Your mind was flying around in happiness and memory of the gallant charming man, who had hugged you in the afternoon. Your eyes yearned to see him again, to talk to him. Lucian. “Her Majesty, the ball is about to commence. Let us escort you to the Ball.” Pructiller said, shaking you out of your daydream. “Oh… okay. Let us go.” You replied, hurriedly getting up and wearing your ball shoes. As you were escorted by three royal maids, down the staircase of the palace into the Ballroom, you heard trumpets hooting and drums beating. Nothing new, for you were used to this. Kings, princes and high officials were always escorted and introduced with lots of noise and grandeur. You sighed in disgust, as you had to now fake being happy and put up a smiling face for the men and women in the Ball, though neither you knew them, nor did they. Your anonymous life was much much better than this, you thought. Your purple dance dress fleets were flowing around you and your face had been decorated by Narnian Powder and Colours. Narnian perfume had been sprayed onto you. As you entered the Ballroom, an old dwarf was heard announcing, “Behold! Make way for His Majesty, High King Peter the Magnificent, Emperor of the Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel, Sir Peter Wolfsbane, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion!” All heads, including the Highest Order Men and Women standing in the Ballroom, turned in the direction of the door, from where a richly dressed party of soldiers were escorting the High King of Narnia. You had heard the marvellous stories of his bravery, chivalry and appearance, that he had defeated The White Witch and his reign was so rightfully called “The Golden Age Of Narnia”. The Pevensies were indeed the most influential kinsmen in the whole of Narnia. In fact, he was the only person you were not disgusted about meeting in person, you were looking forward to it. “Well, hullo there, Ladies!” Your joker of a brother, Rabadash had scared you by shouting at you and your maids from behind. He was looking absolutely hideous and funny in the stupid neon pink dress that he had worn. The jewels were not matching with his attire too. What a revolting taste of fashion. One of your maids, Yubusi smiled and clapped like a child. She had always been a huge admirer of Rabadash, so much so that she worshipped him. “Now shall be gracing your palace, is Queen Susan the Gentle, Her Majesty, Queen of Narnia, Owner Of the Mighty Horn Of Aslan!” The dwarf announced, and you looked at the arriving party of maids and the Queen. Rabadash’s eyes seemed to light up furiously, and when you looked at Queen Susan, you could tell why. She was fierce and beautiful, a combination rare to find in a queen. Her eyes gleamed with the thirst for knowledge and she smiled gracefully, yet full of royalty at the Ballroom audience. My brother was not wrong to be smitten by her. She was stunning. Just then, you turned your head to look at The High King, and your eyes were suddenly so wide open, they threatened to pop out of your skull. You saw him. *************The High King was none other than the gallant young man, Lucian!!!************ He had hidden his identity from you under the name Lucian and fooled you into believing him. You had been called Beautiful and hugged by The High King Of Narnia, Peter Pevensie, the Magnificent, himself. His eyes found yours, and for a moment he looked confused and bewildered. Then, it came to him and he smiled triumphantly at you. I am your King, his eyes seemed to say. Mischief and amusement in his eyes were a contrast to the Shock and excitement in your eyes. “And I, His Highness, Tisroc of Tashbaan, Emperor of the Calormene Kindgom, take immense pride in introducing the gathering to my most beautiful daughter, Lady of the Tashbaan Forests, and Royal Poetess of the Calormene Council, Princess Y/N of Calormene Dynasty!” Your father waved his hand at you in show, announcing your presence to all. Rabadash’s face went from love-struck to full of anger and jealousy, as you climb the stairs to the Royal Dias and stand in full view of the audience. “You forgot to say, ‘The most charming woman in the world’, Your Highness, the Tisroc!” Lucian, rather now, High King Peter exclaimed, standing up from his guest throne and smiling at you, like you were the only thing in this world, worthy to be looked at. You blushed and remarked, “His Majesty, the High King surely rules all the hearts there are to be conquered.” “What are we waiting for?! Let the dance begin! Your Majesty, The Magnificent, whom would you like to choose as your lucky consort for the evening?!” The Tisroc asked, excitedly. “I think we all know the answer, Your Highness. It would make me lucky beyond words to be able to dance with your daughter, the Charming Y/N!” Peter said, flirtatiously eyeing you. “The pleasure is all mine, Oh High King!” You replied, cockily. “Call me Pete, dear Y/N” And you both danced the night away, smiling and forgetting the world around you. For as you held each other, you could see entire constellations in his eyes. And he saw the Universe in yours.

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The One You Love [a Sebastian Smythe AU]

Request: i’m a slut for prince!seb omg. can you write one where she doesn’t feel confident in the relationship bc she doesn’t have an important title and seb comforts her x

a/n: my brother got rid of my asks when i was makin food and I AM PISSEDDDDDD…but fuckin’….fuckin’ me too, man, god bless that some lovely person thought of it

Being a peasant isn’t too bad. Sure, sometimes you have to work extra hard, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Water splashes up the side of the wood bucket and you stumble slightly, face heating up with embarrassment. You cannot drop this water; if you do, you have to go all the way back to the well.

Either the bucket is too heavy or you’re too weak. Again, you readjust the handle in your palms, ratty old pale yellow skirt of your dress collecting dirt. Blowing your hair out of your eyes, you gasp quietly, looking up at your… “Y/N, this… is way too heavy for you to carry on your own, my dear.” Sebastian huffs, taking the water from you.

Frowning, you walk with him, head ducked down, dress balled in your fists. His brown knee-high boots slush in the mud and he snarls, keeping his complaints to himself. Nervously, you glance around, fearful of other people seeing the two of you together. “My lord-”

Sebastian.” he corrects pointedly.

My lord,” you insist, shooting him a small glare, which he gladly returns. “You should not be here… with me. And you certainly should not be carrying my things!” you argue, turning into the barn. Sebastian’s upturned nose scrunches at the scent of the horses and cows. “You are the prince-”

He sets the bucket down, purple tunic fluttering around his thin torso. “I am your lover.” he counters, cupping your rosey cheeks in his palms. His thumb brushes of the specks of dirt on Y/S/C skin, intelligent green eyes filled with concern. “Why must you hide our love? Are you ashamed?” Sebastian’s voice is soft; overflowing with curiosity.

Biting your lip, you nod childishly, hair draping in front of your eyes. The prince frowns at your response. “I am a peasant. You must marry royalty, Sebastian. It will be best for France. I am not of importance; I have no title.” you stress, eyes searching his slender face, his neat light brown locks. Surely, he is meant to be a prince.

Sebastian’s mossy green eyes droop slightly. “I do not care.” he scoffs, “I am going to marry the one I love on the night of my birthday. And the one I love is Y/N Y/L/N.” You crack a smile, bowing your head. With a giggle, the prince rests his forehead on yours, lifting your head up. “You are my one and only. My future queen, ma riene.”

“I love you, Sebastian.” you hum against his lips.

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Me again 💕💕💕 if you have the time, "I just need you to kiss me. I just want to know what it feels like" :)

This took ages, but here you go:

‘I just need you to kiss me. I just want to know what if feels like.’

Anakin stares at Obi-Wan, his eyes begging him wordlessly to please, please, please, at least answer him, at least say something, even if it’s a no, just don’t let it be nothing. But Obi-Wan just stares back, his walls up again. He can’t stay quiet forever, can he? Every second is a more terrible torture than the one before.

‘Anakin –’

‘No. No,’ Anakin replies, ‘Don’t you Anakin me. Don’t do that.’

Obi-Wan stays quiet for a while. ‘You must understand I can’t kiss you.’

‘Why not?’ Anakin asks, unable to hide his pain, his anxiety and his aching heart any longer. ‘It’s just a kiss, isn’t it?’

‘I can’t.’

Of course he can’t. ‘If it’s nothing –’ he says, ‘if it’s nothing, if you feel nothing for me, then tell me. Look me in the eye and tell me you feel nothing.’ But please don’t do that, oh Force, do anything but that. ‘And I’ll never ask again.’

Obi-Wan doesn’t look at him. He doesn’t face him when he starts talking. ‘I can’t do that.’

‘Why not?’ Anakin asks. ‘Look at me, master.’

He doesn’t. ‘It won’t just be a kiss.’

Anakin paces around the room, while Obi-Wan doesn’t move from the bed. He just sits there, after dropping such a bomb on him. He doesn’t say anything else. He does nothing.

‘What do you mean?’ Why does he keep speaking like this? Why is he like this? Why does he love him still? ‘Obi-Wan, talk to me.’

‘Because – because I love you back.’

Anakin’s eyes widen and he stops in his tracks. Obi-Wan loves him back?

‘You do?’

‘Yes! And,’ he hides his face in his hands, ‘I shouldn’t. We shouldn’t.’

‘Come on,’ Anakin says, ‘no one needs to know. No one in the galaxy.’

He doesn’t reply.

‘Kiss me,’ he says. ‘Just kiss me. Like nobody else exists.’

And when Obi-Wan stands up and faces him, finally looks into his eyes and lets them speak that love he never knew existed before, when he presses his lips on his, finally – he kisses him like nobody else exists.

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Hi it’s me, your Abs. Are you ashamed of me Jax? You must be ashamed of me, why else would you hide me behind all this belly fat? That’s f*cked up bro. I have been there for you your whole life keeping your intestines from falling out and sh*t. You know who I am, I’m your six pack bro. I feel like you just hide me from everyone. All you have to do is get this belly fat off of so people can finally see me in all my glory.

I Honestly dont know who sent me this or if my Abs spontaneously messaged me from another account while I was napping but I’ll say I saw this 6 weeks ago and it motivated me Hardcore bahahahahhaha

So whoever sent this thanks for lookin out for me 

Yours>> Suho, You

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This is an entry for @exoticarmy127’s Switch it Up Week 2017 

Prompt: “ Why can’t you hold me in the street? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?” (Secret love song - Little Mix) 

Words count: 1858

“And for today’s episode we would like to welcome our guest.” The host said. Her voice was energetic and excited. “Everyone, let’s welcome the rising star of this year and EXO’s member, Suho.” Exclaiming as she said his voice, there was an introduction following it.

“Hello, this is EXO’s leader, Suho.”

“It’s an honor to have you with us today, Suho-ssi. You are preparing for a new album right?”

“Yes, I’m preparing for it now and it will be realized next week.”

“The title song is about wanting to hold your lover without fear. That’s so beautiful. Many fans had been wondering if this album was meant for a special one.”

“It’s.” He said, chuckling softly.

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Prompt for DWC - 8. Holding hands :)

One week later! Asha/Cullen for @dadrunkwriting

It’s an eerie quiet in Skyhold with the nobles gone and the soldiers still returning from the Arbor Wilds. It’s like the whole keep is holding its breath, waiting for Corypheus’ next move.

Asha’s holding her breath too. She has been since she stepped into Mythal’s temple.

The weight of everything sits on her chest, constricting her heart so that each beat physically hurts.

She can feel the panic constantly swirling in her stomach, has for weeks, and now that she’s sitting alone on the battlements she can feel it rising.

Heavy footsteps let her know her hiding spot has been discovered, and she opens her eyes to see Cullen crossing the last of the pathway between them.

His lips quirk in a half-smile when their eyes meet, but it falls quickly. He settles beside her, bending slowly to sit on the cold stones, and she holds her breath to wait for the questions she knows must be coming.

Why are you out here? Why are you hiding? Shouldn’t you be working with Morrigan?

But he doesn’t speak. He just removes one glove and reaches out to take her hand–the one with the anchor–to wrap her fingers in his.

[Asha Trevelyan master post]

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Hi! Can i request Rfa (+Saeran+V if you can but its ok if not) reacting to a shy Mc? Some days ago a friend told me that im "invisible" when im with other people bc i dont stand out too much and ive been feeling a bit down after that lol, sorry for the personal request! (congrats for the 100 followers! your writing is awesome! :) )

Howdy~ I’m sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down, anon. *sends virtual hug*⊃≧ω(´ω*) I know the feeling. I’m extremely, extremely shy myself;;; I shy away from too much stuff and often panic in public if I’m on my own. ( /)u(\ ) I’m often ignored in large skype calls with friends when we play games, so I sit on mute a lot. (´ . .̫ . `) You don’t have to be sorry for the personal request though! If you ever want a shy buddy, I’ll happily sign up. ( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ ) Send me a message, friend~()

Anyway, I hope this request cheers you up a bit! (˃́˂̀)

Also, thank you for the 100 (now nearly 300 followers XD 200 followers in a day and a bit, damn XDD) followers.

~Mod Shadow


  • This boy can relate.
  • He’s not the best at expressing his emotions.
  • Though he doesn’t mind your shyness at all.
  • In fact, if your shy behaviour settles to you playing with Elizabeth more, he’ll often just watch you play with her without trying to be noticed as well
  • Sometimes he’ll try and watch you do things you wouldn’t do around others – maybe singing or dancing – but he gets caught since he’s not so sneaky.
  • Will often try and get you involved in conversations if you look left out, but will let you sit out if you feel too nervous to talk.
  • Much hand holding.
  • So many cuddles in private.
  • He’ll wrap his arms around you sometimes in public to make you flustered.
  • He knows when it comes to talking in public, it’s a bit difficult for you – especially in front of strangers.
  • Whereas he’s grown up having to get used to that, so he’s more than happy to speak for you.
  • You two happen to get onto a similar mind sync that he just knows when you’re uncomfortable with a situation.
  • Honestly just thinks you’re more adorable than Elizabeth.
  • Expect reassurance that you are perfect


  • Gosh you’re adorable.
  • How did he end up with someone so cute?
  • He understands you could struggle to be comfortable with in the face of the press.
  • He’ll keep you close with an arm around your waist for comfort.
  • He doesn’t mind that you don’t talk much. He believes it means you’re a great listener.
  • Which you are.
  • You help him practice his lines a lot.
  • He always talks about how you should join him in acting, but the thought just has you in ‘deer in headlights’ look.
  • He’ll just chuckle and say ‘Maybe one day.’
  • You seem to make a lot of stuff for him since you feel like you don’t do enough.
  • In particular, you get shy about telling him you love him.
  • So you leave him little love notes to find.
  • And he adores them.
  • Has them all stored away somewhere safe to look at when he feels down.
  • He’s also certain you give the best hugs in the world.
  • And he claims that it’s all because you’re a bit quiet and shy.


  • She can understand your shyness.
  • She does a lot of research into the topic of shy people.
  • She never wants you to feel uncomfortable.
  • Date night usually involves watching a rented movie at home.
  • Snuggled under blankets with warm drinks.
  • She likes to read to you sometimes.
  • Also loves it when you read to her.
  • She can shy herself sometimes, so she knows the signs for when you want to leave a crowded or busy place.
  • However, she will show small signs of PDA to make you blush or to make sure the world knows you’re hers.
  • Of course it makes her blush too.
  • Despite you being a bit quiet from being shy, she always notices you first. – You’ve been noticed by senpai
  • If you start to feel down because you feel left out, expect your hand to be held and her ask for your opinion.
  • She just wants you to happy and always smiling, so cheer up buttercup.
  • She thinks you being shy is sweet.
  • Especially when you go out of your way to do something you generally don’t like just for her sake.
  • And she’s so very proud of you when step beyond your comfort zone willingly, even when you don’t realise it.
  • She’s generally just your little (quiet) cheerleader.


  • How was he so lucky to get such an adorable sweetheart like you?
  • He figured out you were shy the day of the party. You were hiding behind Zen and Seven
  • He honestly just thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world.
  • He doesn’t mind talking for you or going to quiet places.
  • You sometimes join him on LOLOL to play raids and while you don’t talk much, you play very well as your class. Gamer boy is so proud
  • He’s also noticed how good you are at reading emotions.
  • You always know when he’s sad.
  • It’s taken him a small while, but he’s worked out how to ‘read’ how you’re feeling too.
  • His favourite thing in the world is seeing you excited.
  • You break out of your shell and talk so passionately, only to apologise.
  • He smothers you in a hug and tells you you’re fine.
  • Sadly for you, he loves to give you kisses and hugs in public.
  • I’m sure Seven was the one to tell him about the best game every: See how badly he can make you blush.
  • Expect kisses if you stutter
  • Kisses for doing anything cute.
  • Kisses for when you do something that you normally can’t because of shyness.
  • You both try new stuff together – but only if you’re both comfortable with it.
  • Once, you both tried to learn how to knit.
  • You made the longest scarf ever for Yoosung.
  • He wears it every winter without fail and it’s long enough that you both can share it.
  • Guess who insists on sharing it every time you leave the house.
  • Complete with holding hands.


  • Are you okay with hugs and being carried?
  • Because you should expect a lot of that.
  • From the background check, you always seemed kinda shy.
  • All your photos or lack thereof made sure of that.
  • Meeting you in person just confirmed it.
  • He doesn’t mind that you’re shy. He’s a shut-in anyway, so going out to crowded places isn’t his thing.
  • But he knows going to the parties for the RFA are a must.
  • And you seem to be nervous about parties in general.
  • But don’t fret! God Seven Zero Seven is here to protect you!
  • By protect I mean hug you from behind the entire night.
  • Or if that makes you too flustered, he’ll settle for holding your hand.
  • You leave him lots of little notes to remind him to look after himself.
  • He has them stored away somewhere that you can’t find.
  • But he does as you ask just because he doesn’t want to worry you.
  • He tries to help you be more confident and speak up more in conversations.
  • Starting with topics your passionate about and then moving on from there.
  • Of course, he still loves your shy self just the way you are, so don’t feel pressured.
  • Makes sure to have the others acknowledge your existence everyday (not that they need prodding)
  • If you’re the type of shy person who is loud when they’re angry, expect jokes about ‘the kitten being able to roar’.

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Hey. You know that Light hid a “secret diary” in his drawer so as to conceal the DN. 
But in order for the plan to play out correctly, the diary has to be a decoy so it cannot be blank or someone might get suspiscious. Why would you hide a unused diary?

Long story short, Light must have written in this diary and I want it