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Arya Would Have Survived In King's Landing

The claim that Arya wouldn’t have survived if she had been in her sister’s situation is an overly repeated idea that can’t be supported by canon. In fact, the theory goes against canon since it requires misinterpreting Arya’s character and completely misunderstanding the political situation in King’s Landing.

To sum it up quickly for TL;DR purposes:

  • The Lannisters needed hostages as leverage against their enemies. If they killed those hostages, they would lose any leverage they might have and put Jaime at risk.
  • Arya survived in Harrenhal where she was forced to serve her enemies and conform her behavior to protect herself from additional abuse and murder. She did this without the protection of being a valuable hostage. If she could do that, she could have done the same in King’s Landing.

This post is long and full of canon.

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Stark!Reader x Tywin Pt. 4...

Also, i got asked to continue my Stark!reader x Tywin series so I kind of took the two request and threw them together!

((*sigh* I loved this. The ending is the way it is leaving the series open for just about anything - Tywin’s death, a Jaime x reader eventually - I hope you like it!))

Word Count: 2,066

Warning: None

Pt. 1: http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/144110519465/tywin-x-reader

Pt. 2: http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/144310563466/prequel-to-tywin-x-reader

Pt. 3: http://letsasoiaftogether.tumblr.com/post/145622876123/tywin-x-starkreader-pt-3

You gave birth to a son exactly seven moons after announcing you were carrying the child of the Lord of Casterly Rock and the Hand of the King.

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A Lion and a Wolf pt. 3

Requested by @angie-beth0616Okay! I REALLY REALLY REALLY need a part 3 to a lion and a wolf!! Please tell me you’re planning on writing it *insert puppy dog eyes here*

Part 3/3 of “A Lion and a Wolf”, Part 2

I do not own Jaime Lannister or any other Game of Thrones character. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: angst, a good bit of it so I apologize in advance,mentions of death and then fluff.

Pairings/Characters: Jaime Lannister x fem!Stark reader, Cersei Lannister, Myrcella Baratheon, Ellaria Sand, Doran Martell, Trystane Martell

*text in italics is a memory*

Originally posted by valargot

The news of your death hit Jaime hard. The moment he heard, he made an excuse to leave the room. He was heartbroken, but more than that, he was angry. Angry with your mother for sending him away, angry with his father who had made the alliance with Roose Bolton that caused your death and angry with himself for falling in love with you in the first place. Jaime pushed into his chambers and slammed the door behind him. For a moment, he sat with his back to the door breathing heavily as he tried to fight back tears.

              Soon, there was a knock on the door and his sister’s voice called out, “Jaime?” Jaime inhaled deeply before telling Cersei to leave. He wanted to be alone and he certainly did not want to see Cersei. “Jaime, open the door,” Cersei told him as she tried to force her way in. Jaime clenched his good hand and punched the wall. “LEAVE, CERSEI!” It was rare for Jaime to lose his temper, but in his grief he simply couldn’t help it. He would not dishonor your memory by giving in to his sister yet again.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you do a Jaime Lannister x reader imagine (using the prompt 2 from your March list) where the reader is the sister of Bronn and he sends her to teach Jaime sword fighting with his left hand and as time passes Jaime soon realises he is in love with her because of her kind and innocent soul? Thanks!! BTW.... Love your blog!!!

Jaime Lannister – “Too good for this world”

“One more time. Come on, Lannister, don’t tell me you need your right hand to win from a girl?” You laughed when you assumed the correct fighting position again, knowing you could beat a lot of men who called themselves knights but barely had any proper training. There was one advantage of having Bronn for a brother. He would make sure his family knew how to look out for themselves.

Surprisingly, Jaime reacted with a laugh. That had been different over the past days and weeks when you were training.
“Need?” He shrugged. “You’re lucky I can’t use it anymore. I know your brother is too scared to do this job himself, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t beat you within seconds if everything is the way it was, my lady.” He gripped his sword a bit tighter, still not with the ease he must have handled it before he came back to King’s Landing.

“Fine… you’ll just have to prove that you can handle yourself then. I’m not going to hold back.” Not to let him win, at least. That wouldn’t serve any purpose, not for you, not for him. You needed to train him, not cuddle him. And you were actually surprised how well he was doing once you two were actually fighting. Compared to a few weeks ago, he was just as good as the average soldier by now. Not that that was enough for sir Jaime Lannister, of course. He wanted to be the best. You played with him for a while, before managing to disarm him and catch the sword with your left hand, almost dropping it because of the weight of it.

That didn’t get a laugh from him. He had seen it, but with a frown.
“I lost again! I can’t lose, Y/N. My men can’t see me like this…” He took the sword from you, roughly and sat down on a stone at the edge of the training field. “This… I’ve become useless. A joke. No one will ever believe anymore that I won the position as leader of the King’s Guard all by myself.”

You sheathed your own sword and picked up two water skins from the ground, passing one to him when you sat down next to him.
“How long are we doing this now? A few weeks? It took you years to achieve your skills with your right hand, sir. Why should that go that much faster with your left hand?” Sure… he’d have the basics down, but the rest was practice, practice, practice. Like Bronn and you had done when you were children. Like Jaime must have done in his youth.
“You’ll get it back. Maybe not the way you had it, but you’re still progressing.”

He took a swig of water before shrugging again.
“I don’t have years. I probably don’t even have months before some fool will challenge me.” He looked at you, bright eyes behind too long blonde locks you were itching to wipe out of his sweaty face.
“But you won’t see that, Y/N. You’re just here, believing in me. You’re too good for this world.” He suddenly seemed to feel uneasy, standing up, creating some distance between him and you.
“And I can’t feel about you the way I do now…”

You tensed when you heard what he was saying, but by the time you realized what it meant, he had already ran off. You could only hope he’d show up tomorrow morning. Even when you weren’t sure what you had to do with what you had heard.

First Times

Characters: Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle), Reader (You).

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Reader is from Tamaran and Blue Beetle and Scarab have to help her understand earth culture.


A/N: Y/N = Your Name.



Obviously, there are some extra bits and Jaime is older that I’ve added in.

Hope you like it!

I feel it’s cute.


Tags: @lastbeliever @riddlemethisbatboy 


The first kiss was a surprise. The second ensured Jaime would take care of them as long as he could. Despite the fact he was sick of saying “no!” And “don’t do that!”, she was so adorable with her innocent ways, he could watch her try to figure out things for hours.

“Beetle!” She called and the scarab chirped in response to her.

“We discussed this,” I said the scarab, “Beetle is what she has nicknamed me.”

The scarab mumbled a ‘whatever’ to me while I searched for Y/N around my apartment, which has cost me a lot of money on repairs with her staying here.

Please no more bugs. Jaime couldn’t afford to replace the shower again.


“Beetle, what is this?” Y/N pointed at the TV screen where there was a local ad for a carnival that was visiting.

“It is a place where people go to have fun.”

“Ooh,” Y/N sprung up to lean on her knees in the couch and grinned widely, “may WE go to the place of fun?” Her hair bounced as she moved.


“Please? I must learn what makes Earth people happy, and fun makes people happy.”

Jaime sighed. “Okay. But wear clothes, okay? We don’t need a repeat of the train scenario. That was loco.”

Y/N nodded her head and bounded off to her bedroom.


“I’m so sorry, señor. So sorry.” Jaime apologised profusely to the worker at the High Striker game that Y/N had managed to break. Jaime held onto Y/N’s arm as he hurried away.

“My apologies. I haven’t properly grasped the difference in human strength to Tamaranian strength.”

“All good. But maybe we’ll stay away from those sorts of things for now.”

Y/N smiled sheepishly.

The scarab spoke to me.

“What did the alien technology say?”

Jaime laughed, “n-nothing.”

“But didn’t you say when it makes that sound it speaks to you?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t understand it that time-” the scarab interrupted. “It’s just saying I’m tired.” Jaime rubbed the back of his neck.

Y/N took Jaime’s hand into hers. “Maybe we should go home, and you can sleep. Or maybe a coffee! I am yet to try that drinking beverage.”

“Well, let’s find a coffee place.”


“So? What do you think?” Jaime watched Y/N’s face closely as she took a sip of her coffee they bought from a food truck.

Y/N’s face scrunched up, her nose wrinkling. Jaime find himself biting his lip to supress a smile.

“Oh, it’s horrible. How do earthlings enjoy this?”

“Yeah, it’s not the greatest place to get coffee,” Jaime stared down at his own cup, “I’ll have to take you to a café.”

Lips still pursed in disgust, Y/N managed a smile. “I would like that.”

Jaime’s heart pounded and the scarab spoke up again.


Jaime and you collapsed on the couch of Jaime’s apartment, laughing.

“That was marvelous! That was splendid!” Y/N shouted. “We must go again!”

“Maybe when it comes back.”

“Oh,” Y/N pouted, “why not tomorrow?”

“We’ll do something else tomorrow.”

“Yay!” Y/N cheered with a toothy grin.

Jaime and Y/N sighed in sync and lay staring at the roof.



“I’m glad I met you. I’m glad it is you who shows me around Earth. To be with another Tamaranian like you offered was nice, but to spend this time with a human,” Jaime rolled onto his side and watched as Y/N’s chest rose and fell with each breath, each quirk at the corner of her mouth as she spoke, “It’s wonderful. I’ve never felt anything like this.” Y/N rolled over to face Jaime. “Thank you.” She kissed his forehead. Jaime’s cheeks flushed red, but Y/N failed to notice as she sat up. “I’m going to make sure I have the energy for fun recreational activities tomorrow.”

“You do thAT.” Jaime’s voice cracked which he could Y/N laughing about as she waltzed to her bedroom.

The scarab chirped again, hoping Jaime wouldn’t ignore it this time.

“Yes, I am aware my heart is pounding and no, that doesn’t mean she is bad for me.”

The scarab laughed and said something about Jaime and humans being pathetic.

“Shut up, bug.”

Loving A Lannister

Title: Loving A Lannister

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1k

Warnings: none, open end though

Summary: You have feelings for a Lannister, said Lannister however is too thick to see it while the other is actually quite aware.

(A/n: I suck at summaries.J)

Originally posted by gameofthrones-reactions

You giggled softly at Tyrion’s words. Truth be told he was short and not exactly the fairest of them all, but you absolutely adored his fast and witty sense of humour. The queen’s youngest brother never failed to brighten your day.

“You should stop Tyrion or she might fall off her horse laughing.”

While her other brother never failed to make your heart skip a beat. Jaime Lannister was for certain the most handsome knight you’ve ever seen.

“It’s not my fault I’m so unbelievably charming that she might throw herself off her horse for me.” Replied Tyrion quickly, winking in your direction.

“I’d call it shock about your lack of charm, brother.”

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Will You Be My Fake Boyfriend? (Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 1,661


Some guy had been following you for a few blocks now and you were starting to get a little creeped out. In front of you stood four guys laughing and joking with each other then you got an idea to throw the creep off you. Three of the guys headed into a restaurant the while one wearing a black beanie scrolled through his mobile. You approach him and tap him cautiously on the shoulder; he turns to face you with a confused look on your face.

‘Can I help you?’

You nod your head quickly.

‘Play along.’

You attach your lips to his and feel his body stiffen then relax after a couple of seconds. You pull back and he smiles.

‘Now I don’t mind a pretty girl coming up and kissing me on the street but I’d like to know why.’

You motion over your shoulder to where the creepy guy leans against a nearby lamppost.

‘That guy has been following me for a few blocks. He keeps wolf whistling and saying inappropriate things and it’s scaring me. I tried to tell him I was meeting my boyfriend but he didn’t believe me, then I saw you and your friends and thought maybe you could fake be my boyfriend until he leaves me alone.’

The guy follows your motion and his lips turn into a scowl before he looks back at you and takes your hand in his and squeezes it. You feel safe around this guy despite not even knowing his name.

‘I’ll be the best fake boyfriend you’ve ever had…err…

‘y/n, my name is y/n.’

He smirks before kissing you again taking you by surprise, though it was a nice surprise.

‘I’m Vic. Now how about you join me and my band mates for a bite to eat?’

You shake your head and bite the inside of your mouth.

‘I couldn’t intrude Vic.’

He scoffs and waves you off before wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

‘Please what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t take my girl out? Come on they don’t bite.’

Before you can protest Vic opens the restaurant door and the two of you enter. The place is relatively empty and you feel three sets of eyes on you from a nearby booth and you tense up.

‘Relax y/n.’

‘Who’s the lovely lady we saw you lock lips with outside Vic?’

You don’t know any of their names so you have no clue who asked the question. Vic slides into the booth and I you follow him.

‘This is y/n. Now y/n the idiot opposite us with the funny hair is Jaime, sitting next to him is Tony but we all call him turtle and this is Mike my brother.’

All the guys mutter a hello before they turn their attention to Vic. You drown out their twenty questions and scan the restaurant and nearly curse seeing the creepy guy sitting at the bar ordering a drink. He really couldn’t take no for an answer.

‘Err Vic I think we have a problem. Look who’s sitting at the bar.’

You tug on Vic’s sleeve and point at the bar, something flashes behind Vic’s eyes and both you and Mike have to stop him from getting up.

‘Woah chill Vic. Who’s the guy?’

Vic clenched his fist on the table before facing his brother.

‘That’s the creep who’s been stalking y/n.’

‘He really is dedicated. Normally they’d give up by now and find someone else. Do you know him y/n?’

You shake your head at Jaime’s question.

‘No, I haven’t really been here long enough to know anyone. I’m visiting an old friend who moved out here after college.’

‘Wait a second y/n. You told him you were meeting your boyfriend right?’

You nod at Tony confused at where he was going.

‘Yeah why?’

Tony shrugs his shoulders.

‘You and Vic aren’t exactly coming across as boyfriend and girlfriend material. Anyone from a mile off could see that there’s something fake going on between you. Maybe if you made your ‘fake’ relationship look more real the guy would take a hint.’

You and Vic look at each other when Jaime snaps his fingers together.

‘Vic put your arm back around her shoulder and y/n get closer to Vic…’

‘Maybe rest your head on his shoulder…’

‘Are you guys enjoying this?’

Mike, Jaime and Tony all nod their heads in sync grinning like mad men at Vic’s question.

‘I’ve always wanted to tell my big brother how to act around girls, plus this just made our night ten times more fun.’

Mike reached over and pinched Vic’s cheek which got him a playful slap back. The two of you do as they say and in the corner of your eye you notice the creep looking uncomfortable. Was this plan really working?

‘Whisper things in her ear Vic and y/n smile and laugh as if he’s said something funny, which is rare may I just add.’

Vic shot Tony the middle finger who raised his hands in mock surrender.


The guys continued giving y/n and I advice on how to actually look like a couple and I found myself becoming more and more relaxed around this girl I hardly knew. I didn’t want to imagine what would have happened to her if she hadn’t seen us, what would that creep have done to her? Just the mere thought of anyone laying a finger on her made my blood boil.

‘Err hello earth to Vic…your staring went from lovely to darn right creepy.’

y/n snapped her fingers in front of my face and I shook my head not realising that I’d zoned out. y/n high-fived Mike across the table and I felt my cheeks redden, how long had I been staring at her?

We ordered food and drinks and as the night went on if anyone saw y/n and I then they’d assume we were a couple. She laughed at my dumb jokes and we learnt a lot about each other. It was also nice to see the guys warming up to her, after my last girlfriend they weren’t happy to see me around girls in case they used me again. But they all seemed pretty taken with y/n.

‘Guys I think he finally took the hint.’

Both y/n and I glance over at the bar and notice the creepy guy leaving; a wave of relief washes over y/n’s face as the rest of the guys high-five each other. I should have been happy but I knew this would be the end of us, yes y/n wanted a fake boyfriend and now the creep was gone why would she need me around. I really wanted to see her again after tonight but once she walked out of that door she’d be out of my life.

‘Shoot it’s my friend I really should take this, I messaged her earlier and she didn’t respond and now she’s freaking out.’

y/n removes herself from my arm and heads outside to answer her phone.

‘I never thought I’d say this so soon Vic but y/n is alright. She seems genuine and I don’t think any of us have seen you this happy since the breakup.’

Mike slaps me on the back and Tony and Jaime nod in agreement.

‘Plus we like her which must be a good sign.’

‘What are you going to do now Vic? I mean the creep has gone so there’s no need to continue your ‘fake’ relationship anymore. Unless you like her.’

Why did Tony have to be the voice of reason? I’d known y/n less than three hours but I knew there was a connection between us and from her blushing and little gestures I knew y/n saw and felt the connection to.

‘What do I do guys?’

‘Go out there and kiss her, then tell her that you like her and ask her out on a real date.’

Jaime was right; I couldn’t just let y/n walk out of my life for good. I decided to take his advice and slid out of the booth. Behind me I heard Mike speak to Jaime.

‘You spurt out that romantic crap and yet you can’t get yourself a chic.’

I grinned as I made my way towards the door. When I pushed it open y/n was just finishing her phone call.

‘Oh hi Vic, I was just going to come back in and say thank you for everything. My best friend wants me back because she’s freaking out. It was nice meeting you and the rest of the guys; I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time. Thank you for being the best fake boyfriend Vic…’

I cut her off midsentence by crashing my lips against hers, she jolted slightly before relaxing into the kiss. I now knew the feelings were mutual.

‘What was that for Vic?’

I shuffled on the spot before locking eyes with her.

‘I don’t want to just be your fake boyfriend y/n. I’m not going to ask you to be my real girlfriend right now, but I’d like to take you on a real date because I like you and think there’s a connection between us.’

y/n blushed madly before smiling.

‘I’m so glad you just said that Vic. I didn’t want to say anything in case I misread the signs. I’d love to go on a real date with you, but now I have to get home.’

‘Let me walk you back, the guys can pick me up from your friends address. I don’t want you walking alone especially if that creep is lurking somewhere.’

y/n wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pecked me on the lips before pulling back.

‘Thank you Vic. I’m so glad I forced myself on you and made you be my fake boyfriend.’

I couldn’t help but laugh; this would be a story to tell the children one day. 

anonymous asked:

For the fic prompt - ✨ Jaime/Brienne. Thank you!!

This is probably not quite what you were expecting. Thanks for the opportunity to get this Stardust AU out of my head!

unedited, unbeta’d - you know the drill


Jaime put a hand on the fallen tree trunk, hoisting himself up and over to land on the precarious edge of the crater. Through wisps of smoke and ash, stars illuminated the treasure at the bottom: a heap of molten rock that glistened silver in the moonlight. Victory coursed through him, sweeping away the ache in his feet and the weariness in his shoulders. He tilted his boots forward, skidding down the steep, uneven dirt into the crater. Visions of his cousin danced across his eyes as he approached her fallen star, Cersei all in white, sweetly smiling as she hadn’t in years. For him, and him alone.

The broken sky rock shifted, and Jaime froze. In none of Tyrion’s endlessly boring astronomy lectures had he mentioned the dangers of unstable space debris. But then, denied by the Citadel, Tyrion had never glimpsed a shooting star except through the telescope in their grandfather’s observatory. And he’d certainly never scaled the Wall into the icy, mythical world beyond.

Jaime eased forward as the rock moved again, glimmering and oddly graceful. It shifted in the dirt, rolling over with an almost pained groan to reveal the ugliest woman Jaime had ever seen. Her face might have been carved from slag, kicked aside while more precious celestial bodies were carted away. If blood had framed that wide, crooked nose, he might have suspected she’d been caught in the blast. But she was pale all over, from her freckled skin and stardust hair to the satin of her silver gown.

Wincing, the woman touched her side.

Jaime blinked away his surprise. Rooting through his pockets for a handkerchief, he picked his way across the broken earth.

“Did you fall in face first?” he called.

Her head shot up, fingers clutching her ribs. Fear flickered across her face, as fast and bright as a shooting star. He paused, listening to her boots scrabble for purchase as she hoisted herself to her feet in one lumbering motion.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“Someone who can bind those ribs, once you stop dancing around like a skittish cow.”

She seemed not to realize that she’d been probing her side as she spoke, each wince souring her already dour face. She stopped abruptly, forcing her hand away.

“Why would you help me?” she asked suspiciously.

“Do you see another soldier in shining waistcoat lollygagging about?”

She said nothing, so he drew closer. Silently, he assessed the crater, piles of dirt and molten rock that dipped inexplicably toward the place where she’d lain, curled in an indentation that seemed to fit the curve of her hip, faint though it was.

Some other fool must have run off with Cersei’s rock. Someone from the Citadel, he supposed. Who else could have moved a molten boulder in the time since he’d crossed the Wall? But if the woman had seen …

Jaime put on a charming expression, smiling up at her as he squatted at her feet. “Tell me, my lady, did you see a fallen star pick itself up and walk out of this crater?”

Drawing his knife, he reached for her hem. Only quick reflexes saved him from a broken jaw. He evaded the knee she’d aimed at his chin, catching the back of her leg before she could draw back for another attack. With a sharp yank, she was back on the ground, groaning in pain. That didn’t stop her from landing a boot in his back as she scrambled away, glowering at him as she regained her feet.

He matched her glare for glare. “Bloody ungrateful wench,” he said, pushing to his feet. Did she expect him to bind her ribs with a handkerchief the size of a tea cozy? Or perhaps she imagined him the sort of monster to terrorize ladies in the wilds beyond the Wall.

“What do you want of me?” she demanded. Her fingers flexed around the hilt of a knife. His knife.

Cursing himself, Jaime circled her, looking for an opening. “Manners?” he suggested. “The ladies of my acquaintance know better than to attack a man who’s only trying to help.” Well, he amended, remembering his cousin’s more forceful caresses, most of them do.

“Men don’t help,” she spat, matching his steps.

“Ah, one of those, are you? As you please. Toss me my knife and point me in the direction of that star, and I’ll leave you to your lick your wounds in peace.”

His knife glinted with the light from her silvery gown, but the brightness of her eyes seemed all her own. “My heart will never be yours,” she said fiercely.

Jaime’s laughter burst free like a bird startled from the brush. “Have no fear, my lady. I would not expect you to offer it.”

No lightness broke her stony visage. Calm and fierce, she spoke as a soldier facing a foe. “I assure you I will not die easily.”

Anger sliced through his mirth. “Whatever tales your septa might have spun, I have no intention of killing you either.”

“Then what do you want?” she asked, desperation bleeding into her calm. “I want to go home.” Her head lifted skyward, to the place where the moonmaid hid her face. She’d been more bashful than usual these past two nights; one of her stars seemed to have winked out of existence entirely. The motion aggravated the wench’s tender ribs; she grit her teeth and hissed.

Jaime sighed. Taking a large step back, he lowered himself onto a pile of scorched earth, resting his arms across his knees. “I want you to take that knife and cut a strip from your hem,” he told her. “I’m sick of watching your face contort into such hideous shapes.”

It took four long minutes for her to oblige. Jaime counted, pointedly fishing out his pocket watch to speed her on her way. At last she hunched over and cut a ragged strip from her gown.

“You can leave that there,” he called, nodding to the knife. “I’ll retrieve it when you’re gone.”

The woman eyed him suspiciously, but there was no way to bind her ribs while holding the knife. Her teeth clacked as if she meant to bite it, but at last she dropped the blade to the ground, kicking it behind her.

Now, ordered the soldier in his head, while she’s occupied. He ground his boots into the dust and thought of his cousin instead, the way her laughter had fizzed in his brain like summerwine as she said, ‘Yes, Jaime. Catch a falling star and put it in my pocket, and I’ll marry you instead.’

“I meant no offense,” he called to his unwitting companion. Idly, he watched the muscles of her abdomen shift beneath her satin dress as she pulled the bandage taut. Catching his line of sight, she stiffened and went red, the first hint of color he’d glimpsed in this bleak, white world. She ducked her head, fingers tangling in their attempt to escape his presence faster.

“If you must know,” Jaime found himself saying, “it is a heart I’m after.”

She froze, eyes flicking to the knife out of reach.

Jaime snorted. “Never fear, wench. I have no desire for yours.”

She frowned, tying off the bandage and looking up at him. He expected her to flee, but she merely said, “My name is Brienne.”

A halo of stars seemed to sparkle as she said it, and for half a heartbeat, she looked almost lovely, cradled by the loving night sky. When he shook his head, she was painfully plain again.

“Jaime,” he said softly. Clearing his throat, he made his tone glib. “It was for love that I crossed the Wall to seek a fallen star.”

She flinched.

“Have you been beyond the Wall?” he asked. “Do you fear the same strange tales we do, of men a hundred feet tall and creatures made of ice?” Snorting, he went on. “I would fight a thousand dark creatures for my cousin’s hand, but she wanted a star, so that is what I swore to find.”

“If you found this star,” she said at last, “what would you do with it?” From the steel underlying her voice, his response might earn him his knife back, stuck squarely between the ribs.

Jaime shrugged, pushing to his feet. “Whatever Cersei wishes. I imagine she’ll tuck it on a shelf somewhere and forget its existence.” He smiled wryly. Some dim understanding fell into place as the words found his tongue. “It’s not the star she wants. It’s knowing how far I’ll go to get it.”

Brienne’s mouth worked soundlessly, now timid now angry now sad. “And how many impossible tasks does love cost?”

His expression darkened. “You’re never likely to know.”

A twig snapped in the distance, echoed by the shuffle of boots on the forest floor. A low murmur of voices caught his ear and quickly resolved into a conversation. “—over that ridge.”

“There weren’t no bleeding star,” said a reedy voice. “T’aint the first time your drunken eyes have mistaken torches for magic.”

Brienne’s eyes went wide, so bright and so blue.

Jaime darted across the crater and snatched his knife from the ground. His arm was around her waist before he’d thought to move it, curled low on her hip to avoid her ribs. He shivered at the heat radiating from her skin, a stark contrast to the cold world beyond the Wall. She dug in her heels until a third voice hooted a laugh, then Brienne grit her teeth and started to climb. Weak as she was, he half hauled her up the craggy crater wall. Together they hunkered behind a thicket, as a handful of men in pale, travel-stained furs emerged from the trees.

“I told you I seen a falling star!” said the first man, nearly tripping in his haste to descend into the crater. “Look ‘ere,” he called, toeing the spot where Brienne had lain. “Made a dent and everything.”

His companions joined him in the crater. One dropped to his knees and tugged off a glove to press a hand to the scorched earth. “Still warm,” he announced.

“She couldn’t have gotten far,” said the little one excitedly. “They always get hurt in the fall.”

She. They.

Brienne crouched beside him, tensed to flee or fight. Struggling to make sense of the men’s words, Jaime turned his head and found himself caught in her gaze, so clear and blue her eyes almost glowed, framed by moondust lashes and a constellation of freckles. Heat seemed to build between them, emanating from the fire that flamed to life under her skin. The fear in her eyes gave way to a determination so strong it could’ve lit the skies, and for a moment, Jaime believed.

Abruptly he dropped his hand from her waist, edging back until he hit a tangle of branches. Excited voices drew his attention, and he watched the men follow his bootprints over a fallen tree and into the forest, well across the crater from where he and Brienne crouched.

His heart pounded in the silence, searching for something familiar to hold onto. Cersei, he thought, but her name was oddly hard to hold onto. The star. That was easier.

“Well, wench,” he said at last, “it looks like you owe me a debt.” Brienne met his gaze, wary, but oddly free of suspicion. Something twisted in Jaime’s gut, victory or guilt or some familiar feeling he couldn’t quite put a name to. He put on a bright smile. “How would you fancy a little journey beyond the Wall?”

Better be Good!

Request:Jack barakat imagine where he falls asleep on your boobs after he plays a show and your brothers Vic and Mike find you reading while he’s asleep and they didn’t know you were dating and he wakes up and fluff? Sorry this is long, welcome back!


“Thank you guys, you were amazing tonight, hope to see you again soon!” Alex said, I looked at him and then smiled at the crowd.

It was our third month of tour with Pierce the Veil and although touring be awesome, I was extremely tired, the kind of tiredness that makes you wake up with my feet already hurting.

The best part of it all is that Y/N is with them. The started to date some time ago. We met at a party at Vic’s house and she told me that she was waiting for college approval. Some time later Mike was talking to Alex and he mentioned that she was coming to New York, and he was very frightened that she would be alone there, so since she went to college our contact intensified. After her first year, we started to met almost every weekend, Baltimore is only three hour away from New Your. Well, things started to get serious, and I felt that I had to tell her that I was feeling something different about her.

Well Now she’s on holiday waiting for us to come back to the bus.

After the set end up I ran to the backstage, took a shower and texted her to meet me on my bus.

“Why are you running so much?” Jaime asked me curious

“I’m tired as hell! Need to have some peacefull time to pull myself together for dinner.” I said and he agreed

“Touring is awesome, but it feels like my bones are all shattered!” Zack said and got into the restroom.

“Alright guys! see you later!” I said and ran to the bus

Y/N was waiting for me outside.

Y/N’s POV:

“Hi, sweetie!” He said, kissing my forehead, then my cheeks, then my neck…

“Hey, inside, please!” I smiled at him and we got into his bus. “How was you show?”

“Oh, it was great! Tiring, but great…” He sat with me

“Awn my baby! You look tired! Come here!”

I positioned myself in a way he could lay down over me. Jack took off his jacket and in a little he was asleep. I tried to sleep as well, but after waiting for two hours in a bus, I had slept enough. I couldn’t move because he would wake up, so I picked up a magazine I found somewhere close enough to my arm reach and started to read.


“And then he looked at me and said-” The guys entered at the bus and looked at us “Could I please be informed of what the heck is going on here?” Mike said

I lookd at them all, and put my magazine down

“He’s sleeping”

“Yeah, I can see” Vic glared at me dead in the eyes “We’re talking about the whole thing of Jack over you”

“Oh, about it… We’re king of dating for a while now”

“Ohhh! That’s fantastic! But you could at least have told us, couldn’t you?!” Mike looked angrily at me

“What is going on?” Jack woke up and looked at the guys “Oh! Hummm I-I was just…”

He sat as fast as he could and I fixed my position

“They know now…” Rian looked at thim, making thing clear, for the late ones

“And, and…Is it okay?! I don’t think I should die before the end of the tour…”

“HA-HA-HA! You’re so funny Jack!” Mike almost yelled sarcastically

“Alright, guys, let’s not that it so seriously, things are already done, and there are not much that we must do” Rian started “We all can talk about it after having dinner”

“Yeah, ya know! Food make things better! And It’s almost impossible to beat someone up after eating, so it’s safer as well” Jaime smiled “Come on Mike… Take it eazy!”

“I will.” He took a long breath “Just tell me why couldn’t you have told us before….”

I looked up at him

“I thought it would be better to tell you after things got stabilized and we were all together…” I looked down “Imagine yourself taking this by phone!”

“You’d be funny!” Tony smiled

“I’m not sure about it…” Vic looked at Mike “Well, anyway, it’s better fore everybody you be a good boy, or All Time Low will be over and two people will be arested!”

“when you’ve known me longer, you’ll learn that I mean everything I say.“

 "Even the lies?”   

“Especially the lies.”

- Tyrion and Petyr Baelish in ACOK

Tyrion says that he means everything he says but then he says things to play the “monster” role that people expect of him and is hurt when people actually believe him.

"Whatever happens to her happens to Tommen as well, and that includes the beatings and rapes.” If she thinks me such a monster, I’ll play the part for her


“To save a whore’s virtue, you threatened your own House, your own kin? Is that the way of it?”

“You were the one who taught me that a good threat is often more telling than a blow. Not that Joffrey hasn’t tempted me sore a few hundred times. If you’re so anxious to whip people, start with him. But Tommen … why would I harm Tommen? He’s a good lad, and mine own blood.“

"As was your mother.”


Jaime handed him the ring of keys. “I gave you the truth. You owe me the same. Did you do it? Did you kill him?”   

The question was another knife, twisting in his guts. “Are you sure you want to know?” asked Tyrion. 


And I am the monster they all say I am. Yes, I killed your vile son.“ He made himself grin. It must have been a hideous sight to see, there in the torchlit gloom.  

Jaime turned without a word and walked away. 

Tyrion watched him go, striding on his long strong legs, and part of him wanted to call out, to tell him that it wasn’t true, to beg for his forgiveness. But then he thought of Tysha, and he held his silence.

He’s playing this role that’s been assigned to him but at the same time I think he wants to be proven wrong. In particular the fact that Jaime has to ask him whether he killed Joffrey is what hurts him the most, and telling him the lie is not only a way of getting back at Jaime for what happened to Tysha but for not believing wholeheartedly in his innocence. He’s testing Jaime here, and Jaime fails the test.

At least with Tywin and Cersei he already knows that they think him a monster, but even then I don’t think he really expected them to believe his threats against Tommen. People say that Tyrion should have expected that the things he said would come back around to be used against him in Joffrey’s trial but the reason people believe those things in the first place is because of their previous ableist conceptions of Tyrion as a monster. Marginalized people have always had their words twisted against them so this is not a surprise.

As is shown by Tywin’s reation, a threat against kin is a taboo in a feudal society, and throughout the novel we see how people, particularly his own family, see Tyrion’s mere existence as a threat. The immediate evidence that Tywin has that Tyrion would carry out that threat is that his mother died giving birth to him. So Tyrion doesn’t even have to do much at all for Tywin and Cersei to believe that he would harm his own blood, no matter how warm his relationship with Tommen is shown to be, no matter how much he says that he would never hurt Tommen.

In a way Tyrion is right about meaning everything he says; even his lies are not without meaning because it’s a way of testing the people around him and of testing himself. Tyrion’s narrative is about the question: am I really the monster that I was taught that I am? I think the things he says here are examples of both wanting to be that monster and wanting to be proven wrong, which seems contradictory but that’s part of what I love about Tyrion as a character.

Jaime’s fate is in the stars... maybe

I’m so addicted to this paragraph. Maybe because I love stars and symbolism, I don’t know. But I’m totally going to over-analyze the shit out of it. I don’t even care if everyone avoids reading my post or laughs at it. There is probably a million interpretations but here’s my wishful thinking interpretation.

Jaime lay on his back afterward, staring at the night sky, trying not to feel the pain that snaked up his right arm every time he moved it. The night was strangely beautiful. The moon was a graceful crescent, and it seemed as though he had never seen so many stars. The King’s Crown was at the zenith, and he could see the Stallion rearing, and there the Swan. The Moonmaid, shy as ever, was half-hidden behind a pine tree. How can such a night be beautiful? he asked himself. Why would the stars want to look down on such as me?

“Jaime,” Brienne whispered, so faintly he thought he was dreaming it. “Jaime, what are you doing?”

“Dying,” he whispered back.

“No,” she said, “no, you must live.” (Jaime IV, ASoS)

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Taking inspiration from this delightful piece of fanart.

“No one will even be able to tell the difference,” she smiled at him.

“How do you move in this thing?” he asked, tugging at the tie that Cersei had done up around his waist.  Her legs were slightly shorter than his, and he knew he would trip over the hem and ruin it.  

“You just do,” she replied, stepping back.  Then, she reached for her dressing table and put a jeweled pin in his hair to keep his bangs in place.  "There.  You look just like me.“  She kissed him on the cheek.  Jaime blushed.  She smelled so clean–and he was sure they had put lavender oil in her bath.

Then, a sly look crossed her face, and she backed away, taking quick steps.  "Bye!” and she darted away, pushing open the door and sprinting out, leaving Jaime quite alone.

It was a hellish sort of day.  Not because he missed running about.  He did.  But because everywhere he went there was something he was doing wrong.

“Have you forgotten your manners, Lady Cersei,” snapped Septa Norelle when he sat down.  "You wait  until your elders are seated.“

"Leave her be, Septa,” Aunt Genna said, then turned to Jaime, “Though are you feeling well?  You look a little like your stomach is ailing you and you can’t find the privy.”

Then, later, “That dress again?  It’s much to small for you, Cersei.  You really should send it to your cousin Cerenna.  She’d be lucky to have so fine a gown from Casterly Rock.”

“Why are you reading so slowly?  What’s the matter with you, girl?”

“Sit up straight, My Lady.  Everyone knows that a good back will help you when you carry a child.”

“What have you been doing with your hands?  There’s dirt under your fingernails.  Go and wash them again.  Honestly, you’re as messy as a pigboy sometimes.”

“Don’t speak back to your elders, or I shall write to your Lord Father.”

“You should know better than to speak that way, Cersei.”

And on, and on, and on.  He didn’t know how she managed it.  There was never any kindness in their chiding–never the good-natured correction he knew in the practice yards, or from the Maester.  There was always some sort of derision in their voice, some form of disappointment.  How did she keep it from hurting her?  It certainly hurt him.  Perhaps Cersei was stronger than he was, braver.

And by the time that Cersei found him again, sitting on the floor of her bedroom, playing sullenly with Tyrion because only Tyrion didn’t care what he did or didn’t do, she had eyes that shone brighter than emeralds and a broad grin on her face.

“Look what I found while going down to see the lions.”  She handed him a tooth.  It was huge, and pointy, and pale.  "It must have fallen out,“ she grinned.  "You should wear it strapped around your neck.”

“Why don’t you wear it?  You found it, after all.”

Cersei looked at him, raising her eyebrows.  "You must know they wouldn’t let me.  They’d call it horrid, even if I told them it was a gift from you.“

Jaime looked down at Tyrion, who was now chewing on the hem of Cersei’s dress.

"How do you do it?” he asked.  "Don’t you hate it?“

"More than anything in the world,” she replied, reaching for the laces behind his back and beginning to undo them with a forlorn sigh.