why must you do this to me

Punishment for being a naughty girl.

Just imagine that you are tied nude and spread eagle. You look down and your eyes widen with horror as you see me standing between your widely spread ankles holding two long stiff feathers. “So I head you’ve been a naughty girl and need to be disciplined.” As I start sliding the feathers up and down your inner thighs. Each stroke going higher and higher until they are stopping just shy of your womanhood. Pausing for just a moment, looking at your eyes letting the suspense build, you begin to feel the tips of the feathers, one on each side of the lips. Tickling and teasing, up and down the sides, then crossing the top and the bottom, letting the tickling feelings increase exponentially. While at the same time you begin to feel another feeling going over you, as the throbbing begins. Then when you least expect it, I take one of the feathers and glide it right up the center, causing your body to jerk suddenly with the shock of it. Grinning to myself at the reaction, “Are you ok there? you seemed just a bit sensitive right HERE!” Dragging the feather once again. Then placing both feathers in one hand and reaching with the other, your eyes widening once again as you realize what is going to happen, you feel me open you and then the torturous touch of BOTH FEATHERS, one on either side of your throbbing clit. Bringing you just to the edge but not enough to push you over the edge. The tickling just inside and around all the sensitive areas, bringing you higher and higher in sexual stimulation but with no release in sight. As you begin to beg for a firmer touch, all I say is, “That’s not going happen. Maybe next time you will be a good girl and not cum without permission. But to make sure you learn, you will be going through this every day, for 1 hour today, 2 hours tomorrow, 3 the next and so forth. I will also be bringing other toys to use on you, on your breasts, nipples and vagina. increasing the torment every day for an entire 7 days. Maybe then you will learn and remember to behave.”

Dragon’s Fate

so apparently I’m going to be involved in something, and knowing @dragonfrost04​, something very evil and malicious.

I’m so dead. Welp okay let’s go:

Number: 12

Killer: Yes

Loner or group: Loner

Weapon: M16 Assault rifle, basic combat skills and agility

BBS member: CaRtOoNz (does he count? Idk)

Dead or Alive: Dead

Cause of Death: Cornered by hit squad in the middle of the jungle on a stealth mission

I’m absolutely terrified. This is gonna be some terrifying BBS D&D shit