why must you do this to me

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Why must you do this to me?

Seriously… why?

He’s nervous. His palms are sweating, his stomach is twisting and making him feel sick, and the smell of the hospital is making him feel woozy and a little light-headed as he sits beside his wife in a chair that wasn’t as comfortable as it looked. And he’s not sure why he’s so nervous because he’s wasn’t the one who was scheduled to be poked and prodded by needles for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. His tiny daughter, just freshly turned eight weeks old, bundled up and tucked beneath a blanket as he rocked the car-seat with his foot.

“I feel sick,” he murmurs quietly, looking around at the expectant mothers and fathers who were there for a check-up, his eyes falling on a brand-new baby boy, who must have been days old and snoozing in his mother’s arms, “needles makes me feel funny.”

“Stop being so silly,” she squeezes his knee, reaching over to tuck the blanket, a little tighter, around Persephone, “you’re not the one being vaccinated, are you? You’ve been through all that. I don’t think you have anything to worry about right now.”

“But she’s so small.”

“Exactly. She’s so small and incredibly vulnerable to diseases and whatnot. Once we get this over with, she’ll be fine for a few weeks before we bring her back in,” she looks at him as he worries his lip, chewing nervously on the flesh and making the skin look pained and inflamed, “this is just something that happens.”

He sighs softly and gulps. Eyes wandering around the waiting room, lingering on a particularly boat that was painted on a wall of sky-blue, ears perking to the sound of scuffing shoes going across the linoleum floor, slightly glittered and glistening under the bright lights above them. Nurses walking passed in blue scrubs, clipboards in their hands, as they disappeared around the corner. He can still feel the comforting hand of his wife upon his knee but it’s not enough to settle the tingling in his stomach and all he wants to do is pick up his daughter, cradle her close to his chest, and run without looking back.

“Persephone Styles?”

The practice nurse is already looking in their direction. A soft smile on her lips as she watches the missus stand to her feet, picking up her bag and the coat she’d set on the floor beside her feet, draping one over her forearm and comfortably adjusting the strap, of the other, on her shoulder. Harry’s hand wrapping and holding tightly around the handle of Persephone’s carrier as she startles awake at the sudden motion. Green eyes looking at her surroundings as he slowly follows the two ladies down the hallway.

Introductions being exchanged before he’s even entered the room. Making a dart towards the chair by the chair opposite the desk of the room and placing the carrier by his feet, tearing away the warmth that covered her and setting it over his knees before unclipping the straps that kept her in place. Lifting her up and setting her on his lap.

“We’ll give her a short check-up to see how she’s progressing and then we’ll get set onto giving her these immunisations. You can relax for now. I know that some parents find it difficult. You wouldn’t be the first set of brand-new parents who don’t like seeing their little one in pain,” the nurse explains, “if you want to follow me, bring her with you, and we’ll see how she’s doing. She’s absolutely gorgeous, by the way.”

He stands back with his wife, arm slung across her shoulders as she snuggles against his side, watching as their daughter, laid comfortably as she went through her check-up, careless and unfazed by what was happening around her. Putting Harry at ease… until he saw a trolley being pushed into the room with a set of jabs about to pumped into his daughter.

And he can barely keep the stray tears at bay once his daughter starts crying. The stings being applied to her arms making her feel uncomfortable and pained and sore and it takes everything in him not to push away the nurses hand as she edges closer to the second needle. His daughter curled up in his elbow, resting in his lap, as his free hand squeezed the missus’ hand as tight as he could without hurting her. His fingers, aimlessly and ever so gently, patting her bum as her mewls turned into full blown cries. Face scrunching up and her cheeks becoming wet from the tears falling from her pinched up eyes.

“We’re almost done, sweetheart. Just a couple more and then you can have a good snuggle with your mummy and daddy,” the nurse coos softly, taking one glance at Harry as he sniffed and wiggled his nose to remove the tickle of a tear building up, “you wouldn’t be surprised how many new fathers have a cry when their little one has their jabs. You’re not the only one, mister Styles.”

“It’s hard to see her like this,” he chuckles lightly, his eyes rimmed red as he looked from the nurse to his wife, “I think you can come and do it on your own next time. Take my sister or your mum with you or something. I can’t cope. This,” he puffs out a breath as the nurse pushes the final needle into his daughter’s arm, “this is too hard. I hate seeing her like this.”

There’s a quiet tinkle as the practice nurse sets the empty needles aside. The wheels of the metal trolley squeaking and rattling as she moved them aside to stand up.

“If I just get you to stay here for the next ten to fifteen minutes, just to make sure there’s no immediate reaction to the vaccinations, then we’ll let the three of you go. She’s all good now until her 12-week injections. Not as many as today, the little trooper did so good, but she’ll still need them done,” she drops the gloves to the top of the trolley and smiles, “I think she just needs a nice cuddle. She did really well.” xx

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Let’s be honest. In Star Wars, Oscar and Adam are Juilliard trained. Daisy has raw talent. John is just ok. If he continues he can improve but he’s not amazing. You’re literally criticizing a man who graduated from one of the best drama programs in the world. This is why people don’t take anti Adam people seriously. It’s ok to like John but be realistic about his limits as an actor. Adam is amazing.

dfajhgfdkjajhasdjkahs how am I “anti adam” I have repeatedly said he has a lot range which is why all these name directors want to work with him and specified that I just personally don’t like method acting that’s all, “john is just ok”?! now how do you expect me to take you seriously lmaoo and daisy has “raw talent” yeah that must be why JJ told her she was wooden while filming tfa.. ugh srsly white fangirls ruin everything

Apparently even though Bruce was being a dick to Diana about bringing up Steve’s death, the w*nderbat fans are like: “ oh my gee, they must totally be in love! -throws confetti everywhere” oh, you delusional shippers amuse me. Diana’s heart still belongs to Steve. Bruce childishly bringing up Steve was wrong. Why do you think she shoved his ass??

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5 Dorm Room Aesthetics to Make People Say “Wow!” in 2017

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well with your studies! If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking ahead about your dorm and the new life ahead of you. Having your own dorm is a blank slate, so why would you leave it empty?! You have a fresh start from your cluttered room at home, so let’s make it count! Here are my top 5 favourite aesthetics and some links to decorations and furniture.

1. Boho Chic, this is a classic dorm room design. Very “Urban Outfitters” vibes with lots of tapestries, fairy lights and cacti. Cozy sheets are a must! Polaroid photos tacked to the walls also add life to your room.

B&W Tapestry ($)

Blue Peacock Tapestry ($)

Fairy Lights, 8 Settings, 20ft ($)

Chunky Knit Grey Blanket ($$$)

Hanging Rope Planter ($$$)

2. Pastel Retro, really beautiful design and definitely something unique that your friends won’t have! Retro includes round shapes and soft colours of blue, green and pink. Light wood goes really well with these colours too and adds life! Definitely check out your local thrift stores, you never know what goodies they might have!

Red Retro Coffee Maker ($$$$$)

Retro Clock in Blue ($$$)

Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($$$)

Raw Steampunk Lightbulb ($$$)

Various Coloured Shag Carpets ($$)

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Hey, as we're currently having two conversations one per message and one through post, why don't we bring it to another level and start one through ask ? (don't judge me for this pls, it's 7am and I had yet to sleep, you know laundry and stuff 😂)

Okay okay XD I’m laughing at this one 😂😂 it must be hard to have two coversation hahahaa okay do whatever we wanted to do 😂

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Oh sure Atsushi, darling, anytime. *hands him a cup of tea* So are you, okay? You're not hurt or anything right? I can't imagine how you must be feeling...

Atsushi: Ah, thank you… Although my heart hurts excessively, you could say that I’m fine overall. What my dear friend did to me…what Todomatsu did to me is still so confusing; I don’t know why he did it, only how. What reason does he have to do this to me? It’s possible that it’s painfully obvious and I’m just not getting it.

Character Takeover Day: Part 2

Castiel: Samantha is working on the last three pages of her Research Paper so we must be quiet so she can focus.

Balthazar: She’s blasting classic rock music while she works as we speak! What do you mean we must be quiet?

Me: Because you both are in my room while I work that’s why! Behave and be quiet!

Balthazar: Well sorry…

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How would monster Kai, baekhyun, and kyungsoo react to y/n saying she hates them and will never love them? Thank you!! ❤

Jongin: “You don’t mean that… just give it time, you’ll come to love me as much as I love you. You’ll see… and if you don’t, I’m willing to wait for however long it’s necessary. Besides, there’s also other means to make you love me…”

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Baekhyun: “You’re making me sad, why must you be like this? I can give you everything you could ever want. Don’t say things you don’t mean, you’ll learn to love me one day, I’ll make sure of it, no matter what it takes…”

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Kyungsoo: “You’ll never love me? That’s funny, because if I remember correctly I made you fall for me once, what makes you think I can’t do it again?”

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Accio: Dear Yaxley, how do I get my crush to like me back? Sincerely, Vex(?)

ask for the character’s advice on something

“I have no clue why you would ask me something like this, as I can’t relate to this problem in the slightest. My advice is to, first, grow up and stop using the word crush, you sound like you’re a bloody first year, no one is going to be interested in that. Secondly, just tell the unfortunate soul who has caught your interest that you want them. That method hasn’t failed me once. Although, you must possess a certain level of charm and authority for that to work well, and your use of crush makes me wonder if you have an ounce of either.”

A Shin from today’s doodles

little reputation things™
  • *ahem*
  • i i i i  see how this is gon go
  • “but if i’m a thief then he can join the heist”
  • baby let the games begin! let the games begin! ahAH AHHHHHHHH
  • ahHHH and ya heard about me”
  • ed sheeran rapping on a taylor swift song
  • “i swear i don’t love the drama IT LOVES ME”
  • ed in the background of the last chorus: “be yoUR A TEAM NOW”
  • the string plucky things in the beginning of i did something bad
  • “if a man talks shit then i owe him nothing”
  • “and i’d do it over and over and over again if iiiii could”
  • “they’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one”
  • taylor apparently wanting to be set on fire
  • ((agreed))
  • the harmonies on this album filling my entire soul
  • “oHHH LORD SAVE ME MY DRUG IS MY BABY I’LL BE USING FOR THE REST OF MY LIIIIIIIIFE” aka the only prayer i’ll ever say again
  • i get so high OH… trip of my life OH
  • the way she sings “using for the rest of my life oHH OH OH OHHH” after the bridge damn son
  • “my reputation’s never been worse so he must like me for me”
  • taylor finally discovering alcohol
  • the way she says “coz i know that it’s delicate” so…. delicately
  • how delicate feels like a rain shower in a desert
  • :) i :) don’t :) like :) your :) little :) games :)
  • OH look what you made me do
  • “i don’t like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me”
  • “i’m sorry the old taylor can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh! BECAUSE SHE’S DEAD” is singlehandedly the most iconic thing i have ever and will ever hear.
  • so it goes being chill and then the chORUS AND ALL THE PIECES FALL!!! RIGHT INTO PLACE!!!
  • ;) scratches ;) down ;) your ;) back ;) now ;)
  • o n e  t w o  t h r e e
  • how getaway car is the only song i ever want to hear ever again
  • think about the place where you first met me
  • “there were sirens in the beat of your heart”
  • the way she says getaway
  • the chorus of this song feeling like driving down a highway with the windows rolled down in the middle of the night
  • GO! GO! GO!
  • being part of a heist, leaving money in a bag in a shady motel, stealing keys and getting tf out in her getaway car. zoom zoom bitch.
  • “all the boys in their expensive cars, the range rovers and jaguars never took me quite where you do” calvin harris WHOM
  • the drums in king of my heart are more important than my need to breathe
  • “your love is a secret i’m hoping, dreaming, dying to keep”
  • ~up on the roof with a school girl crussshhhh drinking beer outta plastic cupsssss~
  • i’ll never let you goOOO
  • but we were dancing BASS DROP dancing with our hANDS TIED, HANDS TIED
  • “oh baby can we dance, through an avalanche?”
  • “swaying as the room burnt down, i’d hold you as the water rushes in” …. “so i punched a hole in the roof, let the flood carry away all my pictures” ….. h e c k
  • how dress is literally an orgasm turned into a song and i’m… into it
  • take it oH OH OH OH OFFFF
  • “carve your name into my bedpost”
  • “but if i get burnt at least we were electrified”
  • wildest dreams who???
  • “and i woke up just in time, now i wake up by your side”
  • say my name and everything just stops -EVERYTHING STOPS-
  • ra’lin’ the chandilier
  • AWaaaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAAY
  • “and therein lies the issue, friends don’t try to trick you, get you on the phone and mind twist you”
  • the sound of shots being fired from every possible angle
  • if only you weren’t…. so shadyyyyy :)
  • they don’t care about the HE SAID SHE SAID
  • the way she says “and here’s to my baaabyyy
  • the organ?? piano???? during “and hereeee’s to youuu…” oh my god
  • her voice at the end when she just says “nice things” 
  • her world crumbling around her and that’s just fine?? because of joe???? i wasn’t ready 
  • “loves me like i’m brand new”
  • “all my flowers grew back as thorns” …. “all the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst” again…. clean WHOM
  • i’m laughing with my lover makin forts under covers trust him like a brother yeah you know i did one thing right
  • not because he owns me but cos he really knows me. which is more than they can say.
  • “you don’t need to save me, but would you run away with me?” “yes.” :’)
  • call it what you want is the lightest, softest pink sunrise seen from the window of a peaceful airplane in the early morning of a good day
  • how we went from pop anthems to??? i’m bawling in a sea of tissues on my bedroom floor at two in the morning and new year’s day is the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard??? 
  • it’s just a guitar and a piano and she’s harmonizing with herself
  • “don’t read the last page, but i stay”
  • “i want your midnights, and i’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on new year’s day”
  • “i can tell that it’s gonna be a long road” as in she knows that even if it’ll be a long road they’ll always be together don’t TOUCH me
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • hold on to the memories, they will hold onto you
  • and i will hold onto you
  • “please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh i could recognize anywhere”
  • oh cool my heart’s shattered into a million pieces this is fine thanks
  • how there’s ten seconds of silence at the end of new year’s day because you bet your ass i need recovery time before the album starts over again and i gotta get back to boppin’
  • ((they were not ready for it))
I want you to want me

“Wait, no, let’s take the other corridor.”

“But that will take so much longer!”

“I don’t care. Come on!”

Draco ignored Pansy’s pouting and dragged her along. What were the teachers thinking, hanging up all these mistletoes around the castle? There were so many, it was so hard to avoid them all. Also, it was only November 17th! Couldn’t they at least have waited until December?

Cursing under his breath, Draco turned to the corridor that was still mistletoe-free. Well, at least it had been this morning.

“Oh, come on,” Draco groaned as he suddenly found himself and Pansy standing beneath a gigantic ladder. Filch was on top of it, fumbling with the fateful plant Draco had come to loathe.

Since he was a child, he had been very superstitious. Ignoring the mistletoe wouldn’t do it. It was bad luck. And Pansy knew this very well, judging from her smug expression. She had been taught the same by her parents, but, unlike Draco, she chose to try her luck. At least she usually did.

“Well, go on,” she said, grinning at him. Exhaling loudly, Draco pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This is ridiculous,” he grumbled.

“I’m waiting.” Pansy’s grin only widened when Draco huffed and blew his hair out of his face.

“Alright, alright.” He leaned over to her reluctantly, but panicked, when she suddenly closed her eyes. She couldn’t be serious! Dear Merlin! Hastily, he planted his lips on her left cheek and immediately started walking again. There! Surely that would count!

“Hey! Draco,” he heard Pansy call after him. Nope, he would keep walking! He would keep walking and avoid these bloody mistletoes this time! Getting back to the Slytherin common room couldn’t be that impossible!

“… no, I remember you specifically told me- Ouch!”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Rubbing his nose, Draco glowered at the person he had just collided with. The Weasel. With Granger in tow. Magnificent!

You bumped into me,” Weasley said in an accusing tone.

“Whatever, Weasel! Now get out of my-”

“Oh, mistletoe,” Granger interrupted him, pointing at the ceiling.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Draco looked up, then back at the other two standing in front of him. Oh, damn it!

“Come on, let’s just go,” Granger said, taking Weasley’s hand.

“We can’t,” he whispered. “We have to kiss.” Granger rolled her eyes at him, but Weasley’s face turned serious. “No, we really have to kiss. It’s bad luck if we don’t.”

Huh. Weasley wasn’t as dumb as he looked after all. With an exasperated sigh, Granger pulled him down and kissed him for much longer than was necessary. When Draco cleared his throat, they finally stopped.

“What, you want one, too?” Weasley asked, arching his eyebrows.

“Well, I was standing under the damn thing, too, wasn’t I?”

Understanding hit Weasley’s face and Draco would have loved to take a step forward and slap him. His dumb face was just so infuriating. Before Draco could do anything, however, Granger shoved her boyfriend and he stumbled forward.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Weasley asked, turning his head.

“Well, obviously, you two are the ones with the superstitions. And I already kissed you, so you can go and kiss him.” The way she said it was so nonchalant, it made Draco gape at ther. Okay, so he definitely didn’t want to kiss her. But did she understand how revolting it would be to kiss the Weasel? Well, of course not. She did it willingly. On a regular basis. Yuck!

When Weasley turned back around to Draco, his face was so pale, Draco thought he might faint.

“Ugh, let’s just get this over with,” Draco murmured.

“No, please, Hermione, no, please don’t make me do this!”

“I’m not making you do anything! You were the one who said you have to kiss under the mistletoe.”

“She’s right,” Draco said through gritted teeth. He closed the gap between them and wrinkled his nose. “Just… hold still.” Draco placed both his hands on Weasley’s shoulders and tried to ignore the way his bottom lip was quivering. His lips looked very chapped.This was going to be worse than he had thought!

If he hadn’t already cheated when he had kissed Pansy on the cheek, Draco would have done the same with Weasley. But he couldn’t cheat fate twice in one day! Ugh!

Just a quick peck. Light. Very light. Lips barely touching. Yeah, that wouldn’t be so bad, right? Ugh, if only it weren’t Weasley!

“Merlin, Malfoy, just do it already,” Weasley groaned. Clicking his tongue once, Draco stood up on his toes and gave Weasley the quickest kiss in history of all kisses.

“Ugh! Now excuse me, I need to go wash my mouth,” Draco declared and started hurrying off.

“Ron. Ron? Are you okay? Are you crying? Oh, you’re gagging. Come on, stop it!” Granger’s voice slowly died down behind him as Draco ran down the stairs to the Dungeons. No, wait, he couldn’t walk down that corridor. There were at least three bunches of mistletoe down there. The one on the left had only one. That he knew of. And he’d have to walk through half the castle again. But one was still better than three. Okay then.

As he walked, Draco kept his eyes to the ceiling. He wouldn’t let himself get into another situation like that. Yuck! Weasley! Disgusting! He’d probably never forget it. November 17th, the day he had kissed Ron Weasley. Why? Why??

He wiped his lips with the back of his hand and began running when he spied the bunch of mistletoe he had been dreading. Luckily, no one else was in the corridor. Heaving a sigh of relief, Draco slowed down when he suddenly heard footsteps approaching.

“Potter!” Draco narrowed his eyes. “Wandering the corridors all alone?”

Why couldn’t it have been Potter? Why couldn’t he have bumped into him under the mistletoe? This really wasn’t fair! Draco was doing everything, but still he had the worst luck! This was just infuriating! And honestly, it was kind of Potter’s fault he’d had to endure kissing Weasley. If Potter had been with his stupid friends, it might have gone very differently.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of your little trio? Tired of being the third wheel?”

Potter blinked.

“I am, actually.”


This was no fun when Potter was being honest.

“What about you? You look a bit ill. Are you okay?”

Draco tried very hard not to think about his lips touching Weasley’s. This would probably haunt him for a very long time. Instead, he rolled his eyes.

“How sweet. Nice to know the Saviour cares.”

Potter was about to respond, when his gaze fell to the ground.

“What’s that?”

Draco followed Potter’s gaze and almost choked. Was that mistletoe? Growing, actually growing out of the cobblestone while they were standing there? But mistletoe usually grew on trees!

“You can’t be serious,” Draco muttered. This was insane. But… he was with Potter. This would be the perfect opportunity to steal a kiss without having to reveal his feelings for the stupid git. “Ugh, can this day get any worse?” Draco moaned. Yes, yes, act like this is the worst thing that could have happened right now! He watched as Potter slowly examined the plant.

“Is that…”

“Yeah,” Draco said, trying to sound as displeased as possible.


There was a brief silence, in which they both avoided the other’s eyes.

“Well, since we’re not exactly standing under it… Let’s just ignore it,” Potter babbled. Draco’s heart fell. This was his opportunity! Why was Potter being so difficult?

“We can’t just ignore it. It’s bad luck,” he mumbled. He felt so stupid. Potter was probably seeing right through him. From the corner of his eyes he saw the Gryffindor shuffling his feet, while his eyes were still glued to the ground.

“That’s just some stupid superstition, isn’t it?” Potter said with an arched brow.

“It’s not,” Draco insisted. “People… people have died after ignoring it.” It was utter bollocks. And Potter probably knew it. Draco considered just walking away. Potter was right, they weren’t standing under the mistletoe, so the rules probably didn’t apply here.

“Oh.” Potter paused while Draco suppressed the urge to kick the mistletoe.  “Well, if it’s that serious… we better not risk it.”

Draco’s head snapped up. What? Had Potter just… What?

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Disabled Person: “I can’t do this.”

Abled Person: “Yes you can.”

Disabled Person: “Actually, no I can’t. I wasn’t putting myself down. I was just stating a fact. Everyone has some things that they’re able to do and some things that they’re not. This just happens to be something that I’m not able to do. Maybe there’s something similar that I can do but not exactly this. Maybe it doesn’t come natural to me but I can do it if you explain in detail how. By placing a high importance on one particular skill, you’re the one putting me down. I’m well aware that the only reason you’re defaulting to ‘yes you can’ is because you expect it to be a skill that everyone naturally has, which means you’re implying that there must be something wrong with me if I’m not able to do it.”

Abled Person: “Uh … Yes you can.”

Disabled Person: (gets angry) “No I can’t! You just ignored everything I said!”

Abled Person: “Geez! Why do you get mad so easily? I was just trying to help.”

(autism tags were used due to personal experience, but this post can be relevant to other disabilities, so comments from people with other disabilities are welcome)


If any of y’all haven’t seen this video, WATCH IT NOW, IT’LL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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Lucas trying to ask max out

Lucas: hey, so, max, hey

Max: hey stalker

*lucas whispering behind him after staring for an uncomfortable amount of time*: guys help me! The hell

Will: oh uh he wants to take you…….

Mike: he thinks you’re pretty, really pretty

Dustin: *makes growling sound*

*max looking scared as hell*: um….


Max: oh! That’s what you were asking me? Of course

*max and Lucas walk away happily*

*El slapping the guys on the chest*: YOU IDIOTS

*steve watching from the distance*: why is it that the only person who understands anything is this girl who could only say like 15 words last year….. my sons oh all the things I must teach you

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I don't know why, but for some reason I've always had the head canon that a little bit after petals to the metal Taako got sick. Mostly because their so freaking high up and it was turning to winter. How long do you think it would take for Magnus to notice all his sweaters are occupied by a shivering elf?

(There was a cold going around the base at that point so yes this is a quality headcanon, good work!)

It takes two passes through the main living room of the new apartment for Magnus to notice the pile of sweaters heaped on the couch. It takes a third pass before he realizes that at least one of those sweaters is his.

Upon closer inspection, all of the sweaters are his.

He figures he must have left one of his boxes in Merle or Taako’s room when they moved over here and this was their way of giving him his stuff back, but when he peels a sweater off the top of the stack to fold, a single elf ear pokes out. The rest of Taako’s head follows soon after, looking annoyed and flushed. “What the fuck, my dude,” Taako rasps.

Magnus stares while Taako’s head lists ever-so-slowly to one side. “You feeling okay, Taako?”

“I’m fine, fuck you.”

Taako is not fine. By that night his fever has gotten worryingly high and Merle and Magnus have replaced the sweaters with blankets. He hasn’t moved from the couch. Neither of them know how to take care of a sick elf, and Taako isn’t helping, choosing instead to ignore them as much as possible and bury himself under the blankets instead of answering questions or taking medicine. He makes some kind of annoyed, whining sound every time they try to talk to him.

It’s not until late that night while Magnus is absently carving a duck in the living room (too nervous to go to bed in case Taako needs anything) that he catches Taako watching him.

It’s a hazy stare, obviously unfocused, so the fever hasn’t broken yet. He’s watching Magnus’s hands move. “Wha’s that?” He almost sounds drunk.

“Carving a duck.” Magnus holds up the duck for emphasis. Taako’s gaze lifts a little and his eyes slide over the duck.

“Where’s Lup?” Taako’s voice is small and it sounds strange; Magnus isn’t used to Taako being anything but loud, ridiculous, and dramatic. His voice now sounds… more real, somehow, and Magnus is about to stand up and go looking before it registers that he doesn’t know who Taako wants.

“Who’s Lup?”

Taako thinks about that for a moment. “Not sure.” He glances around the room. His expression doesn’t change, but his ears droop a little. “Oh, right, she left.”

“She did?” But Taako is already burying himself in the blankets again.

The next morning, Taako’s fever has broken and when Magnus asks about their conversation, Taako laughs. “I don’t even remember saying that - must have been one hell of a dream. But hey, if you find a ‘Lup’ somewhere let me know, maybe she owes me some money or something.”

Magnus laughs, and promises that he will. He doesn’t know why, but something about the exchange feels wrong.