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Broken Laptops (Jughead Jones x Reader)

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Imagine: Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: It’s super duper fluffy!!

She watched him from afar. He just looked so perfect. His grey beanie on his head, his concentrated expression while he sat in front of his laptop, his jeans jacket that hugged his body perfectly, his beautiful dark hair. Everything seemed just perfect to her.

But for him, she didn’t exist. She was just another soul between hundreds. She wasn’t extraordinary. She was a girl who liked to sit in the library and disappear in her own world. She was a girl who did anything to get to the college of her dreams.

Jughead Jones was the only thing that did stop her from thinking straight. She knew. She knew that Jughead didn’t live with his family. In fact she knew that he lives in school now.

Y/N’s family wasn’t perfect either. Some nights she would just sneak out and walk around Riverdale. When she saw him at night in the school building she knew. After she saw him at the Twilight Theater, she knew that he wasn’t living where he should live.

And now she was sitting in a booth at Pop’s. And so was Jughead. Jughead actually knew Y/N but she wasn’t anyone special to him. But he knew that she was incredibly smart. Jughead wasn’t a person who showed interest. He was just like a lock. If you didn’t have the key, in that case it would be his trust, he wouldn’t open up to you.

Y/N was done with her homework as she stood up. A rather new waiter was walking in her direction. But then he slipped and Y/N was walking next to Jughead’s booth. In that moment her drink fell on Jughead’s laptop.

Her eyes widened. “Oh my god!”, she said loudly as she took some tissues to help him. “I’m so so sorry! It’s just the waiter slipped and-”, before she could go on further, Jughead stopped her.

“It wasn’t your fault.”, he said and sighed. “Good thing that I save my stuff on a stick as well. But it looks like my laptop isn’t going to make it.”

Great. For the first time she was really talking to him and destroyed his most precious thing. What a great start. “I will buy you another one! I promise.. I’m so sorry.”, she apologized one more time.

“I don’t think that you can afford a laptop unless your last name is Blossom.”, he said and looked at her. “I think I can get it repaired. No worries.”, he assured her that it was okay. “Y/N, right?”

“That’s me. Jughead Jones.”, she smiled at him. “Can I at least buy you a milkshake?”

Jughead smiled at her. “Well I can’t say no to an offer like that, can I?”, he told her.

The next few weeks they ended up talking to each other a lot more. He didn’t know that there was so much more to Y/N than just that smart girl who was the perfect student.

She was a person who was understanding, a little shy and a really good listener. Something about her fascinated Jughead. So he decided write about her. On paper of course. He didn’t know what he wrote. He just wrote the things he noticed about her down. Her actions, her flaws, her attitude. About how she laughed about his jokes. About how she was a really genuine and nice person.

Y/N took a job. She worked after school and sometimes on weekends. She knew that Jughead’s passion was writing and she took his passion away by destroying his laptop. Also: he was really nice to her and they did spend time together a lot. She wanted to give him something back. She also felt guilty about breaking his laptop.

One day they decided to go to the football pitch and lay down on the grass. They watched the stars who were shining brightly that night.

“Talk about yourself, Jughead. You never do that.”, Y/N asked.

“How about you tell me what you know about me already. I find that more interesting.”, his gaze was on the stars while Y/N’s gaze was on him.

“Well.. I know that you are a very creative person.. you’re also a realist and see things different than others. You are generally different than others. But in a good way.”, she stopped and took a slow breath. “Also.. I think that you don’t have a good connection to your family.”

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Jughead stopped for a moment and then turned his head to her. “How do you know that?”

“My parents fight a lot.. and sometimes I just sneak out to get away. To get away from them shouting at each other. And one night I saw you at the Twilight Theater and at school.. why don’t you live with your parents?”

“My parents don’t live together anymore. My family is broken and I can’t keep living with my father. He doesn’t care about me or his family. He is drunk all the time. And I just couldn’t live there.”, he told her. For the first time he opened up to her. “My life might not be perfect. But I write my thought down. It helps me not to go insane.”, he sighs. “It’s the only thing in my life that will always stay the same.”

It felt good to talk about that. Sometimes even his laptop couldn’t take that pain away. Y/N moved closer to him. Jughead slowly put his arm under her. Now her head was laying on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat which was beating pretty fast. They lay there in the middle of the night on a football field and talking about their problems.

Y/N talked about how she expects a divorce any minute. It didn’t seem like the situation would get better. And Jughead listened to every word she said to him. Suddenly he wanted so comfort her. He wanted to be there for her. Because she was in a similar situation as him.

After that night they spent a lot of time together in school too. Y/N became Jughead’s getaway. Whenever he needed someone to talk, she was the first person he would talk to. The thought of her not being in his life, pained him. He didn’t want to imagine that. In such a short time, she became a big part in his life.

Jughead was working with Betty on the murder case as Y/N walked in with a bag. “Hey, how’s the work going?”, she asked them and smiled.

“Good.”, Betty answered. She saw that Y/N possibly wanted to talk to Jughead. “Uh.. I have cheer practice! I’ll see you guys around!”, she said and left.

Y/N sat down next to Jughead. “So.. 2 months ago, I broke your laptop. So.. I worked.”, she started.

But before she could go on, Jughead interrupted her. “If this is what I think it is, then I want to ask you one thing: Why? You didn’t have to do this, Y/N.” No one did something like that for him.

“I felt guilty. And I care about you and I know that you really need this laptop. Here is a complete new one. See it as a present from me, Juggie. As an early birthday gift.”

He pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly. “Thank you.. but my birthday is in 8 months.”

She pulled away and looked deep in his eyes. “I don’t care. I want you to have it. And every time you use this, think of me.”, she said and smiled at him.

A week later, Y/N saw Jughead sitting at Pop’s in his usual place. “Hey, Juggie.”, she said and sat down.

“Could you please stay here, I’m going to get us some drinks okay?”, he said and Y/N nodded.

As she saw his laptop background her eyes went wide. It wasn’t just a normal picture. It was a picture of her. A picture of her smiling. But she didn’t look in the camera. She seemed distracted. That must be the moment where he took that picture. But why would she be his background picture?

Jughead noticed that she stared at his laptop. “Uh.”, he said with his drink in his hands.

“It’s okay.. you don’t have to explain. I told you that you should think of me while using this laptop. And that is the best way, right?”

Another night, another night on the football field. The same position as always. Her head on his chest. Her calm breathing was present and so was Jughead’s heartbeat that only Y/N could hear.

Y/N hand reached out for Jughead’s. Jughead sat up and looked at her. “You look so pretty like this. Let me take a picture.”, he said and took a picture. Another inspiration to write about her.

“Really?”, she smiled and held his hand tighter.

“You’re the most beautiful girl I know, Y/N.”, he said. “Really. You are.”

Y/N sat up too and stared at Jughead and moved a little bit closer to him. “Why do you say that?”, she whispered.

“I don’t know. But there is something about you. I don’t know what.. but it’s just there. And I feel so much better with you. Thank you for being in my life.”

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And just like that, Y/N pressed her lips on his. She pulled him close. Both of her hands were on his cheeks. Jughead also pulled her close to him. He pulled away. “Why?”

“It’s my way of saying thank you. I’m glad that I destroyed your laptop. I’m glad that I could spend time with you. I..”, she couldn’t finish that sentence. It was hard for her to express love. She never felt that way with a boy before. And now Jughead was there.

“I’m also glad that you did that, Y/N. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here right now. And.. I.. I love you. That’s what you wanted to say, right?”

She nodded and kissed him again. “Yeah. I love you too, Juggie. I love you with everything I have. That might not be much.. but-”

“That’s everything I need. You being here with me is more than enough.”

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PROMP: you and Chris have been best friends for years, but the jealousy can bring a lot of things out.

PAIRING; Christoffer Schistad x reader



‘’Earth calls y/n’’

Eva’s voice interrupted the stream of your thoughts.

‘’Eva, sorry, I was not listening’’

You apologize a bit embarrassed, you were very distracted. Christoffer Schistad was staring at you from the other side of the room, his eyes fixed on your figure, his lips curved in a smirk, typical of him. You had been his best friend for years by now, but something was in the air in the last period and you were dying to find out what was that.

‘’Too busy talking with your best friend, I don’t know how you two can do this’’

Eva was staring at Chris too, the drink in her hands almost finished and her lipstick on the edge of the glass.

‘’Do what?’’

You asked while pushing a boy definitely too drunk away from you. The room was filled with people, the pre-drinks at William’s place were always crowded and loud, and you loved it.

‘’Are you fucking kidding me, y/n? You two speak each other with your eyes, everybody can see it’’

Said Eva, her eyes fixed on you. Before you could answer, someone touched your shoulder.

‘’Plus, William is included in this strange magic’’

Said Vilde, taking part in the conversation, you just shrugged your shoulders but a smile appeared on your face. It was true, you couldn’t deny it: you, Chris and William were a trio, an unbreakable bounding had been connecting the three of you for years, you were simply best friends.
You were their age and, when the boys started to invite Eva’s group to the parties, you immediately became friend with them.
In that moment, William attracted your attention: he was smiling at you vividly while Noora was dancing with him. You smiled back, knowing what he meant: he was happy to show you that, finally, he managed to make Noora his girlfriend. You couldn’t be more satisfied with that, you were well aware of how much your best friend wanted to be with that amazing girl so you soon started to ship them.
You turned your face toward Chris and he was still staring at you, his hair a bit messy and a beer in his left hand; he moved his head in a way to make you understand that he wanted you to go to him. Before you could take a step, someone spilled a cold drink on your leg. You turned around with all the intentions of yelling at that idiot but what you saw made you stop: and handsome boy, probably younger than you, with blue eyes was staring at you and looking not so sorry.

‘’I’m so clumsy, my apologies’’

Said the boy putting a hand on his chest, his voice woke you up from the surprise.

‘’Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal’’

You said with your flirty voice. It was not hard for you, to get what you wanted. Being the boys’ best friend it was quite usual to be with the Penetrators for you, so you just learned all the tricks to be a fuckgirl. Someone in school also used to say that you were a female version of Chris, but, unlike him, you never used to be presumptuous about it.

‘’How can I make amend?’’

Asked the boy, you faked a shy smile but you took his hand and started to walk away from the people.


Chris’ voice made you turn while you were on the stairs; you looked the boy at your left and then you smiled in triumph at your best friend. He inspired and then nodded, he seemed quite disappointed. You were so confused by his reaction that you almost had the temptation to go to him and ask what the hell was going on, but the boy you were with started to walk toward an empty room.

‘’Shall we?’’

He asked with a mesmerizing smile, you smiled back and he took it as a ‘yes’. William’s room was almost your room because of the great amount of time you had spent in it, watching movies and talking with him and Chris.
Chris. His face was all you kept thinking about during all the time that the boy kissed you, your body pushed against the wall and his hands on your ass. He was a good kisser, nothing to say about it, but you were not involved.
‘y/n, what is wrong with you?!’ You yelled at yourself internally while the boy was torturing your neck with bites and kisses.


You couldn’t handle it any longer; the boy stopped kissing you and looked at you in disbelief and confusion.

‘’I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well, to much alcohol’’

You lied, he shook his head.

‘’I thought you were the biggest fuckgirl in town’’

He said, disappointment and irritation in his voice, you almost laughed, you knew how to deal with the assholes; you pushed him back, opened the door and, before leaving the room, you turned toward him with your most polite smile.

‘’My dear, I’m just not interested in fucking you’’

You said, he didn’t say a word while you were coming back to the party. Your eyes were searching for your best friend. The party was almost at the end, the house was quite empty and people were too high or drunk to even talk.

‘’Will, have you seen Chris?’’

You asked to him, your best friend gave a quick look around and then looked at you.

‘’He probably left, he said he was tired’’

He answered, you nodded and hugged him, was time to go for you too.

‘’I can drive you home’’

Offered William, you freed yourself from the embrace and gave him a kiss on his check.

‘’Don’t worry, Jacob said that he will drive me.’’

You reassured him, Jacob was one of the Penetrators boys you were closer with, even if you used to get along with them all.
While you were saying goodnight to the girls and Jacob was driving you home you couldn’t stop thinking that Chris seemed so strange that night, you tried to keep him away from your mind but it was practically impossible.



You called your best friend at the end of the school day, he seemed to be in rush.


He answered turning to you, his voice was quite bored.

‘’You left yesterday’’

You said carefully, you knew how complicated was to make Chris talk about his feelings, his problems… making him open up was practically a mission, every time that something was wrong you and William had to give him space and be patient.

‘’I was tired, I still am’’

He said running his hand through his hair, you bit your lower lips, you knew he was lying.

‘’Chris, are you coming?’

William’s voice made him turn left and you saw it: on his neck there was a big purple hickey.
In spite of the fact that you had no right to feel jealous, that’s how you felt in that moment. You were constantly informed about the sexual life of the boys, you also used to help them with the girls when they were not that good, you experienced the birth of the Penetrators and you never felt like this. Chris was sleeping around and William either, period, that was the normal condition; but in that moment, you felt like someone else touched something you wanted to call yours.
You couldn’t resist and you touched it, retiring your hand a second after that. This contact made him look at you.

‘’Yes, I imagine that you must be very tired’’

You said sarcastically, your voice lower than how you planned it to be; he rolled his eyes, he seemed more sorry than bothered.

‘’Why are you acting so strange? You have always talked to me about the girls you screw as I’ve always told you about the boys I hook up with, why did you lie?’’

You were staying calm, of course you were; it was a bad idea to yell at Chris, you had learned it by seeing him when he was mad at his friends, he was not a tempered person.

‘’I just needed a distraction’’

He said biting his lips, he was holding back.

‘’First of all, you don’t have to give me explanations, the girls you sleep with are none of my business. Second, distraction from what?’’

You asked, your voice suddenly full of rage and your hands gesture matching your words. He seemed to be so in conflict with himself, a thousand of thoughts crossing his mind, then he gave up.

‘’A distraction from you’’

He admitted, his left hand covering his mouth, he looked so tired and sad. You opened your eyes and looked at him in total surprise.

‘’Chris… d-does this mean what I think?’’

You asked hesitating, you wanted to be sure. He nodded and made a step forward, now you were closer.

‘’I’m not good with this shit, you know that, y/n, but I suppose I have feelings for you. Yesterday night, when you arrived you were so stunning I just wanted to kiss you. When I called you I wanted to tell you the truth, I was tired of looking at you from the other side of the room and wanting you without having the possibility to have you. Then you went upstairs with that boy, I just could not handle it. A girl kissed me randomly and I decided to bring her home, but all I could think about was you. I’m sorry, really.’’

It took a moment to you to assimilate all of the new information, then a big smile lighted your face up. You thought you had never saw Chris in that way, but you wanted to kiss him so bad in that moment.

‘’I know, I screwed up our friendship, I..’’

He couldn’t finish his sentence because you were kissing him. You never expected to feel such a rush of adrenaline while kissing Christoffer Schistad, but your heart was beating so fast you were scared he could feel it. Chris was nothing like you imagined: he was calm, his hands were delicate and his touch cautious, like you were something precious. You crossed your hands behind his neck and ran your finger through his hair, your lips opening and letting his tongue in. Suddenly, the kiss became more desperate, more passionate. He moved his hands on your hips, caressing them under your t-shirt, you felt shivering going down your back and attached your body to his, you wanted more.

‘’Okay, I suppose I can leave, then’’

William said from his car, he was laughing. Chris interrupted the kiss and turned his head toward his best friend.

‘’Bye, William’’

He said, his voice bothered and amused at the same time. He turned and looked at you, you smiled on his lips and waved at William while he was leaving. You caressed his check, your body still close to his.

‘’I wasn’t expecting that’’

He said smirking, you rolled your eyes but you were still smiling at him.

‘’So, Penetrator Chris has a heart’’

You said touching his chest under his hoodie, he smiled and looked at you so intensively that you felt like he was undressing you with his eyes.

‘’Don’t try to ruin my reputation, babe’’

He said giving you a quick kiss on your neck, you closed your eyes and moved your head back to make him continue that.

‘’God, we already are at the part where you call me babe’’

You teased him touching the back of his head; he stopped kissing your neck and looked at you.

‘’y/n, I want you to be my girlfriend. No games with you, no tricks.’’

He said in a serious tone, you almost were surprised to hear this voice, you never saw him like this before.

‘’I feel flattered by the offer, I shall think about it’’

You answered trying to stay serious; he smiled and brushed his lips on yours, his hands were still on your hips.


He asked softly biting your lower lip, the look of triumph in his eyes while you gave up.

‘’Okay Christoffer, you can call me babe from now on, I’m definitely your girlfriend’’

You answered; he smiled vividly and touched your hair. Before he could kiss you again, you stopped him.

‘’Chris, I wanted to tell you, I didn’t sleep with that boy, I couldn’t stop thinking about you yesterday’’

You confessed, your checks going a little red while he looked at you in total relief.

‘’That’s better, I’m the only one allowed to make you feel pleasure’’

He said, his eyes filled with lust. You gave him a smirk and slowly touched his neck.

‘’I can’t wait for that’’

You teased him with your hands running down his chest. He looked at you, his lips barely touching yours and he said.

‘’Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, but I want to do the things in the proper way’’

He caressed your left check and gently brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear, you looked at him, the curiosity shining all over your face’s expression.

‘’So, what’s your next move?’’

You asked laughing a bit and looking at him in his eyes, he smiled before asking you:

‘’Y/n, will you go on a date with me?’’

You laughed in surprise, your eyes wild open and your stomach already upside-down because of the happiness.

‘’Really? Christoffer Schistad inviting a girl on a proper date?’’

You teased him, there was no meanness in your voice, just sarcasm and pleasurable surprise. He took your hands in his while smiling and intensely looked into your eyes before saying in the most serious tone:

‘’You have no idea of the things I would do for you, y/n y/s’’

Studio Ghibli & Mr. Miyazaki starters

- suggested by Anonymous and pulled from various films/sources

  • “You cannot alter your fate. However, you can rise to meet it”
  • “A heart’s a heavy burden”
  • “I’ve got something I want to protect - it’s you”
  • “I think we ought to live happily ever after”
  • “Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memories to return”
  • “It will protect you. It’s made from the threads your friends wove together”
  • “Nothing that happens is ever forgotten, even if you can’t remember it”
  • “We need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes, it’s not easy”
  • “I make friends, then suddenly I can’t bear to be with any of them”
  • “Here’s another curse: may all your bacon burn!”

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She sat on the sofa watching something that she had no interest in when her phone rang from the armrest. She peered at the phone, eyebrows furrowing once she saw the caller I.D.

It was him – Harry.

She didn’t want to pick the phone up so she waited til the call ended.It felt like minutes although it was seconds,realistically.

She didn’t pick up the phone because she didn’t know how to talk to him, she didn’t want to hear his voice.

Ever since their break- up,she avoided everything Harry related, whether it be his song on the radio or him appearing on her social media dash.She did attempt to listen to ‘Sign Of The Times’ but after he first sang ’just stop your crying’, she turned it off.

It hurt. It hurt to hear his voice when she hadn’t heard him in so long. It hurt to hear the voice of the man she gave her heart to; a man she dreamt of being the father of her children.

But it was a couple of months back when she tried.Maybe things had changed and she was finally over him.She wouldn’t know that though, not if she didn’t try.

The documentary she had no interest in, was officially forgotten as she began to contemplate on whether or not to call him back.She didn’t.


[Message received]

1 voicemail in your inbox.Dial 1 to listen to them now.


She was about to listen to it until her phone rang.The call ended.He rang her several more times,though she didn’t pick up.

So she waited until there were no more calls.


[Message received]

6 voicemails in your inbox.Dial 1 to listen to them now.


She dialled 1.


“Hey it’s me Harry. ‘M only saying my name in case you’ve deleted m’ number.Wouldnt be surprised if you did,I’d have done the same if it was me…Actually I don’t think I would have.Love you too much to do tha’ ”

“I wouldn’t be calling you,I shouldn’t but ‘m drunk and I miss you.I don’t drink tha’ much anymore cos of work yet here I am…Drunk of m’ arse,” Harry let out a bitter laugh. “Maybe I’ll regret it in the morning but I don’t care right now.I - “

“Stupid phone cut me offl.Why aren’t you picking up?Are you avoiding me?”

“I fucked up love.Fucked up big time.I brought a girl to our - I mean m’ house. ‘t feels weird sayin’ tha’.’S even more weird to call it a home when it doesn’t feel like it.Mum always used to say ‘home is where the heart it’..Think she took tha’ off of the internet.You kno’ how she is,”A small chuckle left his mouth at the thought of his mother and her antics.”But yeah,I brought her home and kissed her. ‘S all we did.I promise.Only kissed her that on’ time though cos it felt wrong.”

“I don’t kno’ what’s wrong with me, ‘s like I can’t function without you.I always used to think tha’ feeling you get when the person you love is gone,was a myth but I guess I never fell in love with someone the way I did with you.”

“I need you baby.I fucking need you.I can’t go to sleep peacefully anymore cos whenever I shut my eyes,all I see is you. ‘S the same with writing; all I do is write about you.About how things have changed.About how I messed up.”


She thought he stopped calling.

But then her phone rang once more.

Without glancing at the device,she prayed that it wasn’t him.She was scared of what’d he say,that what he’d say would have her crying her eyes out (though she was close to tears already).

The call ended.

She tried as best as she could to distract herself.But the temptation of listening to the voicemail fought back.

It fought back quite hard.

So she had no choice but to listen to it.

“What have you done?” A strangled scream was heard.”What have you done to me,” she heard a thud; he must have fallen to the floor. “Why?Why did you pretend that everything was okay if you were just going to leave me?I didn’t mean it baby,I swear..Why does this hurt so bad?” Sobs began to leave his mouth as the voicemail ended.

She closed her eyes, it hurt her to hear him cry.However, when she closed her eyes, she could imagine how he looked in his current state.

He’d be on the floor,sobs escaping his mouth like there’s no tomorrow.His throat would begin to hurt yet he’d continue to cry.He’d be in a fetal position,like he’d be protecting himself from harm….It was too late.

Being drunk and emotional….Not such a great idea.

Jumin Han chewing gum for the first time

So like…I was chewing 5 pieces of gum and thought about this okay
And don’t tell me this is gap moe okay
•You were chewing a piece of bubble gum one night while watching a drama
•Jumin appeared from the hallway and sat next to you with a towel around his neck.
•he was fresh out of the shower, his hair still wet.
•Though he was focused on the tv for a few moments, he got distracted by the sound of you chewing something.
•"What are you eating, MC? Why must you chew it for so long?“ He asked, obviously perplexed.
•You smirked and blew a bubble, watching his eyes follow the growing ball and look back at yours when the bubble popped.
•"Gum. It’s a ‘commoner’ thing” You said teasing him. You reached over to the coffee table and grabbed him a piece of gum.
•He flipped the wrapped rectangle around in his hand before opening it.
•"You just…chew on it? And make bubbles?“ He questioned. You couldn’t tell if he was interested or confused.
•"Yep! Just chew on it.”
•He looked at the gum and back at you with a concerned look lingering on his features.
•He gingerly placed the gum in his mouth and began to chew.
•"Now try to blow a bubble!“ You said after letting him chew it for a while
•He looked back at you with determination (cute) and tried to blow one
•he didn’t do it
•he tried may different approaches, all failing
•it was the CUTEST thing every watching him concentrate so hard on trying to blow the darn bubble
•"mc, how did you manage to blow the bubble?” He said, verging on begging you to teach him
•"Jumin, dear, it’s all about using your tongue, which you are amazing at using.“ You say (bhhaaa mc you dirty perv)
•he smirks at your comment but brushes it of, now using his tongue to try to blow a bubble
•he combines his past techniques with your new advice and BAMB
•he blows a decent bubble!!
•you squeal with joy and jumin is sO HAPPY he’s like
•he has a faint blush on his cheeks and a smile on his lips, along with the popped bubble
•you lean forward and kiss him despite the gum
And end up with gum on your face too (mc that kinda gross)
•jumin chews gum often after that and continuously blows bubbles
•he was trying to show Elizabeth his skills and got gum in her fur. Yikes.

Company Is Welcomed

Crowley x Reader

Prompt #1: “Please don’t go. I don’t want to be alone.”

Summary: When a hunt turns rough, a certain someone is there to help you through it; will the fact that you almost died be enough to finally admit your feelings for Crowley?

Warnings: Swearing, slight torture, blood, and FLUFF

Word Count: 1706

A/N: This is for @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester writing challenge. It should’ve been due back in December, but I’m completely horrible. Here it is! This is my first time writing any Supernatural x reader, so I hope you enjoy!

   Vampire nests are always easy to clear. Just stick to the plan, and everything will go smoothly. Unfortunately, working with the Winchesters is almost a guarantee that things will go wrong; and after hunting with them for 3 years, you think you would know this fact before you agreed to their plan in the first place. The plan is that you will be bait and on your word, the boys will jump out and help to take down the other vamps. This is only to happen once Sam and Dean scope out the warehouse to make sure there aren’t too many the three of you to handle.
   At their okay, you walk into the mostly empty warehouse that is basically in the middle of nowhere, keeping your wits about you. You see a shadow appear on the ground next to you and quickly turn to face the bloodsucker. About to give your cue to the boys for them to come and help out, you hear a low growl echo all around you. Turning your body in a slow circle, you see that you’re surrounded by way more than the three vamps that you were told there would be.
“Where are the brothers?” One steps forward from the shadows, lifeless eyes boring into you. With that question, you knew you had to keep your mouth shut.    
Shaking your head, you feigned innocence. “Who?”
With a short, unamused scoff, another vampire creeps up closely behind you. “You can’t expect us to believe that one hunter would attempt to take us on without backup?”
“To be fair, there were only meant to be three of you.” You mumble, trying to keep a quiver out of your voice. “That’s a fair amount for a strong hunter to take on.”
“She’s lying.” The first one states. “Her heartbeat sped up.”
The vamp behind you grabs your arms tightly. “Well we have to get it out of you somehow.” He whispers in your ear.
About to make a snarky comment back, you feel something hard hit your head, then everything went black.

   Coming to, you try to bring ah hand up to your pounding head, but realize that your hands are bound. You blink your eyes open, noticing there isn’t much light in the room.
   “Let’s see if your precious Winchesters will be able to find you now.” A sultry voice sounds from the shadows.
   “You moved locations.” You mumble, annoyed. The monster moved out into the dim light and nods, a smirk on her too overly drawn lips. “Good thing I came on this hunt alone.” You shoot out, realizing immediately how suspicious that had sounded.
   In a flash, the vampire moves right in front of you, straddling your legs and pouting.
   “Oh c’mon, I don’t like when I’m being lied to.” She drapes her arms around your shoulders. “It makes me really,” Her head comes close to yours. “Really,” She bares her teeth. “Angry.”
   Your eyes widen as you realize her antics and as you try to pull your head back, her eyes blaze in joy at the fear in your eyes and suddenly, her teeth pierce your neck.
   Biting your lip to keep from shouting out in pain, you feel a few tears slip down your face.
   “Where. Are. The. Winchesters?” The vampire asks, your blood dripping from her still bared teeth.
   “I don’t know.” You whisper.
   “Liar, liar.” She taunts, bringing her head forward again, this time to suck your blood. In no time at all, you begin to feel a little lightheaded.
   “Hmm, you’re pretty tough for losing so much blood.” The vampire notes. “But how long can you keep it up?” She gets up and circles around you, finally stopping on the other side of your neck. The feeling of her breath on your neck and the tips of her teeth ready to strike again, makes you tense up in anticipation.
   “I’d step back if I were you.” A voice growls.
   Looking over the vampire’s shoulder, you let out a breath of relief once you recognize the brothers. Their eyes widen in shock at the sight of your state. Pale skin, sunken eyes, wounds in your neck, and blood continuing to spill out. You’re losing too much blood, and it’s obvious on their faces that you look horrible, and need help. Soon.
   The vampire glares at you. “You lied to me, you little bitch.” She basically growls. “You’re going to pay.” Her voice turns dark, as she rakes her sharp nails against her skin to form a line, eyes gleaming in what can only be described as evil. “Let’s see what happens when you become the very thing your little pals hunt.”
   With wide eyes, you realize what she means as she brings her arm to your neck.
   “P-please, you don’t have to do this. There’s no point!” You try to reason with her.
   “But you lied to me.” She pouts, sounding sad. “Liars must pay.” She says in a way that makes you realize that there’s some back story behind why she dislikes liars so much.
   “Yeah you said that before.” Dean pipes up, creeping closer at a slow pace so she won’t notice. “What do you mean by that?” He asks, attempting to distract the bloodsucker.
   “Why must she pay? Because liars-” Her voice cuts off as her head is lopped off her body by something you can’t see.
   You let out a breath of relief and open your mouth to thank a Winchester, but your jaw drops at the sight in front of you.
   A certain suit clad, red eyed demon stands tall, a smirk on his face.
   “Crowley?” You breathe, feeling very lightheaded from the loss of blood.
   “Thee one and only, dove.” The smirk on his face slowly falls as he takes in your state. “Darling, look at you…” He walks to your side to detect how much help you need. With a snap of his fingers, the pain from your neck subsides. Crowley works at the ropes on your arms and legs, continuing to study your face. Although his demon mojo healed the wound on your neck, it can’t replace the amount of blood you had lost, and he can’t help but worry about you by the way your eyes keep slowly shutting, only to snap back open to settle your gaze on him.
   “Crowley, thanks for the help, but I think we’ve got it from here.” Dean says stiffly, walking over to pick you up.
   The King of Hell nods solemnly, knowing he is no longer wanted.
   “N-no!” You whimper. “I want Crowley.” You muster out.
   With a soft smile, Crowley leans forward and lifts you into his arms, kissing your forehead before raising his head and walking toward the Winchesters.
   “I’ll take her back to your so-called home, but don’t worry, I won’t harm my little kitten.” He looks down at you, pure adoration in his eyes.
   In a flash, you two are out of the dark room, and in your room at the bunker.
   “There you are, darling.” Crowley almost purrs, moving you into your bed.
   You still feel quite lightheaded, but the realization that you almost died starts sinking in. Eyes flickering to the red eyes demon, you notice your heart speeding up, and your face turning red. You had been falling for the King of Hell since you first met him. Why did the event of you almost dying make you suddenly want to shout it from the rooftops?
   “I’ll leave you to yourself now, love. Remember, just call my name if you need me, and I’ll be here.” Crowley moves to snap his fingers and vanish, but you quickly sit up and grab his arm.
   “Please don’t go, I don’t want to be alone.” You whisper.
   “Don’t fret, darling, those Winchesters should be home soon.” He pushes you to lay down again, stroking your hair softly. “You need to stay still.”
   “No, Crowley. I want you here with me.” You spring onto your knees to place a hand on his cheek. “I-I’m so sorry. I’ve never said anything before, and now I can’t even get it out. Crowley-”
   His gaze stays locked with yours as you lean forward and capture his lips with yours.
   “Dove, you’re not feeling well. We can discuss this when you’re not loopy from blood loss.” His eyes sparkle with what you can only identify as hope.
   “I’ll feel the same then too, just like I have been feeling. Crowley… I’ve been falling for you since you first called me kitten.” You smile, as he lets you guide him to sit on the bed. “I just, I never actually admitted it to myself until tonight.” Leaning forward, your gaze flickers between his chocolate brown eyes, and pink lips. “You show me how you feel all the time,and tonight, I could’ve turned into one of them, or even died and-” You break off, breath quickening.
   “Shh, shh, don’t over-do anything.” His hands smooth your hair, and urge you to lay down.
   “I could’ve died with you never knowing how I feel.” You finish in a whisper, gazing up at him.
   “Oh darling,” His hand caress your cheeks and he kisses your forehead. “I’ve known. I could tell, even when you couldn’t.” His lips curl into a smirk.
   “Then please stay with me. Please.” You’re almost ready to beg.
   “How could I resist?” He kisses you softly, moving his lips against yours in the most gentle way possible, moving to lay next to you and bring you in his arms. “With me, you won’t be alone. I’ll be here whenever you need me, dove, or should I say kitten since it’s what made you fall in love with me.”
   You roll your eyes and curl into the powerful demon who is being so careful with you.
   “Get some rest kitten. I’ll be here when you wake up, and then I’ll take you on a proper date. How does that sound?”
   No answer.
   The only sound in the room is your deep breathing as you sleep against him.
   You stir and clutch his shirt lightly.
   “Sleep well my darling.” He sighs with a small smile, kissing your head. “Sleep well.”


Post 4x07 speculation fic featuring the bed of sex. “Her heart beats thunderously beneath her chest, and she begins to trace the length of his hair, his nose, the curvature of his lips, and the hollow spot on his chin with her curious eyes. His Adam’s apple bobs and Clarke wonders if he’s feeling this too, this strange, exhilarating sensation she’s feeling now. A mix of excitement, nervousness, and familiarity coils at the pit of her stomach, winding and unwinding with each breath she takes.”

Bellarke’s first kiss and first time together. Sometimes it really is about coming home.

Read on Ao3 or below

Her hands move in practiced motions, her right reaching over to grab the tape while the other holds the gauze in place. She zeroes in on the wound, quieting the part of her that won’t stop worrying over him. He needs to be more careful.

After putting tape on the edges, Clarke inspects her handiwork to make sure it’ll heal properly. She’s still worried but mainly annoyed – he genuinely can’t go a single day without hurting himself.

“It’s just a scratch.”

She knows he’s grinning lopsidedly without her even looking, and sure enough, the corner of his mouth is lifted in what can be seen as Bellamy’s first smile in weeks. It baffles her how he can take getting hurt so lightly, but there’s a part of Clarke that knows he’s just as exhausted and angry as she is. It hurts, having to carry the weight of the world. It will never get easier, but Clarke takes comfort in knowing Bellamy will be there, just as he always has.

“Yeah, well, it’s a scratch you could’ve avoided.”

He huffs under his breath but makes no move to leave. He sticks out like a sore thumb in this bedroom. Both of them do – all grimy, angry, and touched by evil. It’s too pristine for them. Even back on the Ark, she slept on a cot with basic bedding. This bed – the entire house, in fact – is too luxurious.

There’s a part of her that feels she doesn’t deserve to stay here, even if it’s to simply sleep. She’s already experienced a lifetime of luxury. She grew on the right side of the Ark, didn’t have to worry about food, or working when she was fourteen just to provide for her family. She doesn’t need it, not anymore.

Taking a deep breath, Clarke steps away from Bellamy and points to the bathroom. “You can shower in there. Murphy probably left food in the fridge, so I’ll warm it up for us.”

He nods solemnly. “Thanks.” Bellamy scans the entire room with a slight scowl on his lips. “I’m scared I’ll make this place dirty.”

Laughing, Clarke shakes her head before crossing her arms. “Feels weird, doesn’t it?”


An odd look crosses over Bellamy’s face, and his eyes flicker up to hers, searching for something. Her stomach flips and flops for a moment, and she doesn’t know what to make of the new sensation. She’s not terribly close to him, but she can spot the freckles on his face, sprinkled out in imperfect harmony. And if Clarke leaned in a little further, she could see the tiny mole on his left collarbone, peeking through his war torn shirt.

She’s spent a lot of time studying Bellamy – back at the dropship, she would study whether his facial expressions revealed his ulterior motives. Then after, she would look to see if his eyes flickered anywhere that might pose danger and follow his line of sight, trusting his instincts. And now, Clarke checks to see if he’s forgiven himself, if he no longer views himself as a monster.

Clarke hasn’t been able to determine if he has.

But she’s a grown woman, and she can admit he will always be her favorite subject. She is able to study herself through him. If Bellamy is worried, then so should she. And if he is happy, she realizes she should be as well, because life is too fickle to never smile for days on end.

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So Maybe We Should Start All Over Again

You carried the last box up the steps to your new apartment when you realized your keys were in the most difficult spot possible. You tried to maneuver the box so you could grab them and ended up dropping it spilling its contents.

Just my luck. You thought to yourself. You bent down to start gathering the various picture frames and art supplies. The last paint brush had rolled over to the door across the hall. Just as you reached for it, the door opened and you were met with dress pants standing in front of you. You slowly looked up to meet a gorgeous pair of green eyes that were staring at a one of your pictures in his hand.

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Requested By Anon

Pairings: Loki x Reader

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Sam, Vision, Bruce, Wanda, Scott, T’Challa.

Thor: Greetings my friends. I would like to inform you all of the riveting secret I have uncovered.

Bruce: I did not take you for one to gossip.

Wanda: If it’s a secret, we should not know about it.

T’Challa: Respect peoples privacy, Thor.

Vision: It is most likely something embarrassing, in which case do not inform us about it and tarnish someone’s reputation momentarily.

Scott: If the person wanted us to know, they would have told us, but they didn’t.

Thor: It concerns my brother.

Bruce: Why didn’t you just say so?!

T’Challa: Tell us everything!

Scott: Oh thank god. I really wanted to know the secret but my conscience was getting in the way.


Wanda: Go on.

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Life or Death (Vamp!Hamilton x Male! Reader)

Words: 3800+

Request: Vampire Hamilton x Male!Reader

Warnings: forced courting, blood, 

A/N: hi, i got carried away, but here you go. enjoy me being extra without any spell check because im too lazy

Part 2

Hamilton wiped the corner of his lips, and placed his thumb in his mouth, licking the rest of the stray plasma off. He looked at the young woman on the ground, and grinned at the color leaving her body. He threw her over his shoulder, trying to find a spot to hide the body. He looked at the burning candles outside homes, enticing him to go and check to see what’s wrong. Instead, he forced his eyes away, searching for an open field. He spotted on, and ran, quickly making it there in a few seconds. He dug through the mulch with his bare hands, and threw the woman in the hole.

“You know, miss, your blood was quite bitter. Have you been drinking?” He said to the body, waiting for a response he was sure was not coming. He sighed, running his hands through his brown hair. “Will you not answer me? Fine, I will answer for you. Yes, you have, and yes, you should have listened to your father and stayed home tonight. It is a shame, you were a beautiful one.” He began kicking the dirt into the cavity, watching it cover her now blue cheeks.

“Too bad you were naïve. That is rather unattractive, you know. Men like a woman with intelligence.” He paused, “well, for certain some sort of reasonable thinking. Can’t have your partner running off with another, right?” He fully covered her body, and reached down, patting the dirt flat. “I am puzzled, though. You told me that someone was waiting for you at home. Yes, I was paying attention. Your screams are distracting, but I could tell what you were thinking. Now that, that was fascinating.”

There was yelling behind him, and he stood up, looking at torches approaching the field. He sighed, rubbing his face. “See, I told you to stop yelling. Now I must deal with townspeople chasing after me. What a shame.” Hamilton began to run, glancing back once at the bumpy dirt.

“Well, that is not inconspicuous at all.”


You cursed, spilling your ink jar on your work. “For the life of me, I cannot understand why my limbs are so ungainly.” You mumbled, reaching for an ink-stained towel that you kept next to you in your study. You pressed it on the table, waiting for the ink to seep into it. You heard your door open, and turned around, seeing your mother standing there.

“Good morning, mother. How are you?” She smiled, walking in. She placed a kiss on the top of your head, looking at the table.

 “I am well. But it seems like you are having an interesting morning. What have I told you about spilling the ink, Y/N? We cannot afford to continue to buy you one every fortnight. Please be careful son.”

“I know, but my arms seem to fling out whenever I come up with a new idea.” You looked at the piles of paper on your desk, then looking back at your mother. “I have not slept in a few days.” She frowned, hitting the top of your head with a rolled-up newspaper. You winced, leaning away from her.

“I will hit you once more if I see that you have not had a day’s rest. But for now, I have someone here for you.” She wiggled her eyebrows, and you groaned, placing your head on the desk. “Y/N, what are you doing? Did you forget about the ink?” You quickly picked your head up, and touched your forehead. You stared at your fingers, seeing the black.

You were such an imbecile.

“How am I supposed to show this young woman her suitor when you have a mark in the middle of your forehead?” She placed her fingers on her temple, rubbing it in circle motions. “You are going to be the death of me.” You grinned, jumping up from your chair. She widened her eyes at your quick movements, and you kissed her cheek, running your hands through your hair.

“This is the perfect ensemble for a courtship. I will meet with her promptly.” Before your mother could grab your arm, you were already out your door, sliding on the rail to get down the staircase quicker. Your momentum was too fast, and you immediately landed face down, the hardwood floor probably bruising your cheeks. “Perfect.” You whispered, satisfied with your decision.

You told your parents countless times that you would find love on your own. But they continued to insist that you court an eligible woman, someone who would carry the title of yours well. Of course, you could care less about how much money your partner would have, but they cared.

They cared immensely.

Since you could not convince them of your views, you made sure to meet your suitors with the worst manners and personality, making sure they would hate you to your core. And so far, it had been working well.

You walked into the parlor, a little wobbly. You saw the woman sitting there, wearing the finest silks and jewelry. You rolled your eyes at the attire, clearing your throat. She turned around, her gaze meeting yours. “Hi, miss,” You said, holding out your hand, “I am Y/N. A pleasure to be of acquaintance.” She placed her hand in yours, and you kissed it lightly. She took her hand out of yours immediately. You could tell she was disgusted at your outfit, and your stomach swelled with glee.

Step one: complete.

“Um, sir, do you need more time to get dressed? I can wait here.” She said, a sweet smile on her face. You felt guilty for treating her this way, but it needed to be done. You needed to teach your parents about how you felt.  

“Is there something wrong with my attire?” You glanced down at your clothes innocently, looking back at her. She shook her head.

“Ah, no, sir. You look handsome.” This time, she did not smile. “Would you like to dine here? My father has caterers that are on their way.”

“Well, Miss…” You waited for her name, and she blushed, looking at the ground.

“Oh, I apologize. I am Anna Vermont.” She said, smiling at you. You nodded.

“Yes, Anna. I was thinking that we should go to a nearby park. It would get us to connect more, without the stares of our parents. Do you agree?” She hesitated, and you heard stomping behind you. Fingers dug into the skin of your arm, and you looked down, seeing the anger on your mother’s face. You smiled at her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

She looked at you, fuming.

If this woman was not here, she would have killed you.

“I am sorry, Anna, but my son has not slept well in the last few nights, and he needs some rest. Do you mind if we postpone this visit for another time?” Anna nodded quickly, gathering her things off the furniture. She looked too eager to go, and you knew you were never going to see her again.

You grinned.

Mission accomplished.

“Yes, that would be best. Y/N, nice to meet you. I will see you soon.” She curtsied to the two of you, and you walked her to the door. Once the two of you were outside on the porch, she turned to you, a sneer on her face. “What a poor excuse for a man. You do not even know how to greet a lady properly. I am sorry for the maiden who seeks your hand in marriage.” You raised your eyebrow.

That was a quick change in personality.

“Sure, Anna. I hope you can find a man who tolerates a gossiping woman. I heard that you were spotted at a brothel recently. Do you have an excuse for being there?” You said, grinning.

“Excuse me, sir, but doesn’t that seem-“

“Have a wonderful day, Anna. I hope to never see you near me again.” You shut the door in her face, turning to see your livid mother standing there, her arms crossed over her chest. You gave her a cheesy grin, and she hit you with the same piece of paper. You pouted, holding your face. “Mother, you are going to damage this handsome face. Then no one will stand to look at me.”

“I cannot stand to look at you right now, Y/N. How dare you speak to that woman in such a manner? I know your father raised you better than that.” She said, “Do you not want to have a wife? Do you not want to have children, to pass the family name down? Is this why you are so troublesome?”

There was a multitude of questions thrown at you, and you frowned. “Mother, you know why I refuse to meet with these women. I want to fall in love on my own, and I cannot do that with a lady who enters the house to just collect my money and live a life of luxury. I want someone who cares about me, who wants to sit outside and gaze at the stars at night. Someone who loves this clumsy man, who would give up the world to be by my side. Is that too much to ask for? For someone to love me for who I am?” You questioned, and her stern expression relaxed, and she placed her hands back to her sides.

“Love is such a childish emotion, Y/N. You should live in the real world. I did not marry your father because I loved him, I married him because he was the one my parents wanted me to marry. And I grew to love him. You can do that too.”

“How can you tell me that? How can you tell me to learn to love someone? I cannot force myself to convey an emotion.”

“Then you will never be wed.” She stated simply. “Is that what you want your life to be? Staying as an angry old man without someone to sit in a rocking chair next to you?”

She was not listening to a word you were saying. Seeing that this fight would never be won by you, you nodded slowly. “I guess I might as well sit on a pile of money and use it to wipe my a-“

“Y/N, if that word comes out of your mouth-!” You ran past her, grabbing your satchel.

“I’ll be back soon, mother.” She was able to catch you this time, and she reached into her pocket, taking out a small glass bottle.

“Here, just in case you run into a vampire, toss salt on the ground. They will unable to resist counting each one.” You shook your head at her superstitious nature, but took the bottle anyway, tucking in in your front pocket. “I’m serious, Y/N. A woman was killed yesterday-”

“See you later. I’ll be home a few hours after nightfall.” She sighed.

“Be safe, my son. I’ll be waiting for you to get home.” She kissed your cheek, squeezing your hand. You did the same, running out the door.


Hamilton paced the sidewalks, looking at the groups of people walking down the blocks. He had his hands tucked in his slacks, scanning the crowd for his next victim. As he was distracted, a hard force hit the side of him. He stiffened, freezing in his spot. He looked to his side, seeing a man on the ground. He raised his eyebrow at the mark on his forehead. Why would anyone leave their house in such condition?

The man on the ground moaned, holding his head. He was lying back, staring at the sky. Hamilton stared at him. Why did he not get up yet?

After a few moments, the man struggled to get up, with no help from Hamilton. He jumped once, looking at Hamilton. He gave Hamilton a crooked smile, his hair a mess. “Sorry, I was distracted and I was running. Such a bad combination, don’t you agree?” The man said, rubbing the side of his head.

Hamilton stared at him, silent. There were many thoughts running through his mind, most filled with his need for the substance pumping in this man’s veins. The man’s scent was different from others, much sweeter and mouthwatering. The man coughed, noticing Hamilton’s gaze on his neck.

He found his next victim.

Hamilton smiled, holding out his hand.


“Alexander Hamilton. A pleasure to meet you.” The brown-haired man said, his eyes crinkling. You looked at the outstretched hand. Now he offered his hand to you?

You took it nonetheless, shaking it once. “Nice name. Very strong and masculine. Mine’s Y/N, my mother gave it to me.” You said, immediately regretting it. Goodness, your mother was right: talking and writing words were two very distinct things.

The man’s smile never left his face, and you could not help but notice how attractive he was. His face was well-structured, and his hands were soft. You blushed at the very crude images forming in your head. You tightened your eyes, forcing them out of your brain. You stared at the man. There was something off about him, especially the smile that has not left his face for the past minute or so.

You shrugged off your doubts, nodding at the man once. It was getting dark outside, and you needed to be home before your mother sent out search parties for you. “Well, I better be on my way. It is getting quite late, and I need to be home.”

Hamilton’s smile never left, but it turned into a smirk. “Ah, is your wife waiting?” He asked, and you noticed an edge to the statement. You shook your head at him, slowly walking forward.

“I’m not married, um, Alexander. And I only wish to be married to someone I love, not someone who is forced to marry me. How about you?” You asked, noticing that he began walking next to you. You tensed up.

“I was married, once. Her name was Eliza Schuyler. She died recently.” He said, leaking out some emotion with that statement. His face dropped when he said her name, but he shook out of it instantly, looking back at you. “It was a murder, someone killed her.” His fists tightened. “They staked her because they believed she was a vampire. How idiotic.”

You did not realize the way this conversation was going, and you regretted asking him about himself. Vampires? He sounded like your mother. It was not that he was not an interesting person, you just felt like you should run in the other direction. The street was empty, the two of you walking alone.

“I am sorry for your loss. Please send my condolences to you and yours. I better be on my way, Alexander. Nice to meet you.” You began jogging. After a few moments, you glanced back, noticing that he disappeared from the street. “Hmm, where did he go that fast?” You turned back, bumping into a man once more.

You face was throbbing, and you knew you would have bruises all over your body by tomorrow. You looked up from the ground, seeing Alexander in front of you. Your heart dropped.

Was he not just behind you? How did he get there so quickly?

“Ahh, Y/N. You did not let me finish my story. How can you leave before that?” His irises were pitch black, and you widened your eyes. What this man on some sort of substance? Was he sick?

“Are you okay, Alexander? You look pale and your eyes are dark. Would you like me to walk with you to the nearest hospital?” The smile on his face dropped, and his gaze flicked between your eyes, confusion on his face.

“I am fine. You should be concerned for yourself right now.” He grinned, showing sharp incisors protruding from his lips. You scrambled back, now terrified. You struggled to get off the ground, but finally did, hopping onto your feet. He walked slowly towards you, his hands behind his back. “You are a really interesting fellow, Mr. Y/N. Why aren’t you running? You know, the chase is always fun.” He winked at you, and you could have sworn you almost urinated.


“Um, hey! Officer!” You yelled, looking behind Hamilton. Hamilton whipped his head around, and you ran full speed, almost tripping over your own feet.


Hamilton turned back, seeing that the man was already a few hundred feet ahead of him. He grinned, licking his lips. He crouched down on the ground, touching the place where your blood dripped off a scratch. He rubbed it between his pinky and thumb, looking up at your retreating figure. He sniffed it once, then licked his digits, standing back up.

This will be fun. He thought.


You were panting, unable to run any further. You cursed at your body, looking for anywhere to hide. You noticed a pub that was open, and dragged yourself over. Before you could open the door, the ponytailed man stood in front of you, his arms crossed against his chest.

“You are a runner? Have you ran away from vampires before?”

You suddenly remembered the salt in your pocket, and took it out, throwing it on the ground. He widened his eyes, looking at you.

“Oh no. You sick human, you-“ He crouched down, unable to resist counting the grains of salt. You smiled, and you heard a chuckle come out of the man on the ground. He stood back up slowly, raising his eyebrow at you. “That is just folklore, my friend. And by the way, that makes no sense. Why would my weakness be salt? Did you try to bring garlic too? What about iron, do you have that in your bag?”

Even though you were in a life-or-death situation, you could not help the tone that came out of your mouth. “You are a really terrible being. Why are you so pompous? Are you going to kill me already? Because your talking might kill me instead.” Hamilton grabbed you by the neck, pulling you behind the cottage. He held you against the wall, the whites of his eyes now completely black. This time, you took him seriously, shivering.

He glanced down at your neck, and touched it softly. He gave you a sideways grin, his eyes still trained on your pulsing vein. “You know, you have the sweetest smelling blood. As long as I have been on this Earth, I have never smelled anything like yours.” His face moved closer to your neck, and he sniffed, licking the skin.

You shivered, and definitely felt some warm liquid come. Hold yourself together. You thought.

Hamilton laughed, moving away from your neck. “You know, I think I like you.”

“What are you even saying?” You said, and he tightened his hold on your neck, and you clawed at his hand, trying to pull him off. “Stop, Hamilton. You’re better than this.” You gasped through breaths. He stopped grinning, looking at you.

“I’m sorry, have you met me before? Were we acquaintances in a former life? I’m sure I would have remembered your face.” He stated.

“It does not matter if I met you or no-“ You coughed, your head becoming dizzy. You felt his grip on you loosen, and you took a deep breath. “Thank you.” You mumbled, looking at him. The dark color in his eyes was lowered, but he still had some left. You were amazed at what he could do.

Is this a dream?

“Do not thank me, Y/N. Tell me what you were going to say. I want to know before I end your life.” He said, glaring at you. You chortled, rolling your eyes at him. He frowned. “What is so funny?”

“You. You are trying to act like this robust, threatening figure, but you are not. I can see through you.” He slammed you against the wall once, but you continued talking. “You are lonely. Even the slightest affection towards you scares you, because you have never felt that before. Everyone in your life has hated you.” He held both of his hands around your neck, his hold still the same as before.

“Shut up.” He hissed, the black slowly leaving. You were unceasing, talking again.

“I could see it when I questioned if you were alright. You immediately jumped on that sentence, it puzzling you. You need someone to care about you, and for a second, you thought it was me.”

“Stop.” He grumbled, his hold loosening. You were glad that this speech was distracting him. His fangs were still there, peeking out from his top lip.

“If you wanted me to stop, you would have killed me a long time ago. Isn’t that right-“ His teeth sunk into your neck, piercing the delicate skin. You attempted to scream, but he covered your mouth with his hand, muffling the yelling. You were going cross-eyed, you barely able to keep them open. Your hands grew limp on their sides, and he wrapped his arms around your torso, pulling you closer towards him. Before you passed out, you whispered one last thing.

“There is someone out there who cares about you. You just need to find t-“ Your voice faded, and your head tilted to the side.


Hamilton retracted his lips from your neck, looking at your pale figure. He widened his eyes, feeling something leak out of them. He touched his eyeball, and squinted at the substance.

What was this? He rolled the liquid around, and tasted it. He frowned. Tears?

You were unconscious. Hamilton did not kill you, but he drained enough blood from you to keep you alive longer. He picked you up, carrying your body bridal style. As he walked towards the town, he examined your face. You were a handsome man, no doubt about that. But you were strange as well, the ink staining your forehead, and your clothes looked like you’ve slept in them. He found a bench, and laid you across, sitting down next to your head.

As he looked at your ragged breathing from the rising and falling of your chest, he wondered what it would be like to hug you. To touch you. You were kind, even when you thought you were going to die.

He snickered, running his hands through his hair. What have you done to him? He never saved anyone, always killed his victims.

But you, you were different.

You were funny, you were intelligent (to an extent, of course), you were friendly, and you listened to him when no one else would. And you were right.

Hamilton was lonely.

He stood up, placing your satchel under your head and pulling up your collar to cover the bite mark on your neck. It would disappear in a few minutes, but he had to make sure no one saw it until then.

He took one last look at you, and then walked away, disappearing into the night.

The Matchmakers - Part 10

A drabble series I’m working on with @setthestarsxnfire - we wrote this one together! Another long one so more under the cut!

ZEN: Would you just shut up?

Jumin Han: I don’t see why I should.

ZEN: No one cares about your stupid cat.
ZEN: I’m sick of hearing about you and that thing.

Jumin Han: Elizabeth the third is not a thing.
Jumin Han: She’s my companion.
Jumin Han: At least I’m not complaining to everyone about my non-existent love life, like a brat I know.

V: Jumin…

Jumin Han: I, however, do hope that you can find someone who can tolerate your bullshit.
Jumin Han: So that you can disappear from this chat and bother them instead.
Jumin Han: Let’s be honest, people only care about your looks.

Yoosung★: omg

ZEN: Oh, yeah?

MC: Guys

ZEN: Well, I hope you find someone in your life
ZEN: Who’s not in it for the money

Jaehee Kang: O.O

ZEN: But that’s never going to happen.
ZEN: You only care about money and that stupid cat.

Jumin Han: Fuck off, Zen.

ZEN: With pleasure.
ZEN: I feel sick just being in the same chatroom as you.

707: Holy shit

Jumin Han: The feeling is mutual, I have tolerated a brat for too long.

ZEN: Fuck you, jerk.

- Zen has logged off -
- Jumin Han has logged off -

Saeran: What the fuck.

Yoosung★: TnT Why are they fighting now? Did something happen in the photo shoot yesterday?!

MC: No!
MC: Or at least, not while we were in the room.

Jaehee Kang: Something must has happened when we were gone, MC…

V: And it was probably quite harsh to get them to carry the fight all over here.

707: Cat mom and prince charming…
707: T_T My otp orz

Jaehee Kang: Let’s discuss this in private.


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Chocolate (B.A.P Yongguk Scenario)

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Admin: Zion

Genre: Fluff

POV: Second (female x male)

You heavily exhale and shake your hands by your sides, trying to calm your nerves before knocking on the door. Why you were so scared was a mystery. Sure, it was your fourth date with Yongguk, but you had never been to his house on a date before. The last time you had been over to his house the two of you were just friends. Both of you had feelings for each other then, but you had been worried if you expressed your feelings for him he would never want to see you again.

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anonymous asked:

So I was wondering if you could write a Saeyoung X MC fic about her moving in with him and them experiencing all these first, like going to bed together, eating dinner, waking up in the same bed etc etc. all the fluff and cute stuffs, maybe a little ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) sexy time as well.

This isn’t as fluffly as you probably wanted, but I hope you enjoy this! I love doing insecure Saeyoung, idk why.

Five Years

Your eyes were closed, you didn’t really need to open them since you couldn’t see him with his face buried between your legs under the covers, plus, you could see the entire galaxy with just the sensations he’s been causing you with his skilful tongue, you just needed to focus on the waves of pleasure flooding your whole body. You grabbed the sheets and bit your lip, muffling a moan, and then, finally, you opened your eyes. Only to find a pair of golden satisfied eyes staring at your blushed face.

“You can scream if you want, you know?” Saeyoung said, crawling over you. “I would enjoy a lot…” he kissed you deeply. “Oh, by the way, good morning, roomie!”

“Good morning, roomie.” You giggled, noticing his actual good morning greeting to you didn’t involve words… he just made his way to between your legs and did his magic. “Should I say ‘thank you, roomie’ for this… welcoming greet?”

“You can thank me later.” You knew what this implied, you could see all over his grin, but he was right, this had to wait. It was going to be a busy day for both of you, there was still a lot to unpack.

You don’t really remember when you two decide it was time to move in together. You just caught yourself stuffing one of his cars with a bunch of boxes and next thing you know, here were you. You slept over a few times, you made him breakfast before, and it wasn’t that different now, was that bad? I mean, was it bad how natural everything felt? How it felt like this  was just one of many first nights you’ve been there?

“I’m still working on my device to hack into you, so until then, you have to tell me what you’re thinking…” he said, noticing you were spacing out.

“Is it okay… not to be nervous right now? I mean, are you nervous about… this?”

“Come on, MC, it’s me! I’m always nervous! I almost panicked last night thinking I forgot the box with your stuffed animals… WHICH I didn’t, so don’t need to look at me like that!” yeah, you almost panicked right there too.”But… I’m glad one of us is mature enough to be totally chill about this, maybe I’ll relax soon seeing you relaxed?”

“I hope so.” You smiled, he smiled back, and your eyes were locked. “Saeyoung, turn off the tap, you’re wasting water!” he started washing the dishes again.

And then it began the round 2 of unpacking. Saeyoung was shocked at how many glasses you had, why did you need it so many? He only had a plastic cup for over 3 years! He was also fascinated at the fact you brought almost a library with you! So… many… books! Looks like “The Expert Playboy” would have to get out to make some space for your much more interesting collection.

“Oh hohoho, MC! Look what I found!” he was fidgeting a bunch of photos on his hand and looking at you with a teasing tone. Oh no… “You were on a band?” OH NO!

There were boxes and bubble wrapper everywhere, but neither of you cared about the mess, you were too busy looking at your photos. “So… I gotta ask, which era represents more your career? The… cheerleader phase or… the grunge phase?”

“Bite me!”

“If you insist…” and he actually went to bite your shoulder, you defended yourself shoving the pictures on his face. “Wait, hold on! Who’s that?”

“Who? Oh, this one? He was my boyfriend…” Saeyoung fixed his glasses to look at it better.

“Hmmm… guess you always had a thing for guys with glasses, huh?” you laughed and he smiled softly, but then he got serious of a sudden. “What was him like?”

“He was… really sweet. A little pretentious, but… yeah, he was cool.”

“Why did you break-up?”

“Hum… it was… it didn’t really happen for a reason. We were almost finishing high school, and… I guess we both noticed there wasn’t much of a future for us…” you didn’t like the course of this conversation…

“Future? I’m very nervous about the future, MC…” he was looking down “You,me, Saeran, the RFA… it’s just… What if one day you wake up and realize there’s no much of a future for us?” oh no…

“Saeyoung this is… this is completely different! This was just a high school fling, you are… you are… my soulmate, I loved you from the moment you appeared on my life and I’m even living with you now! I want a future with you so much!”

“You do…? Oh, MC… this is…it’s just everything is terrifying, you know?”

“Of course I do! But you have to be positive about it… think… think about your life, let’s say, 5 years ago, would you ever think that you would be here? With Saeran beside you? And… someone like me to love you the way I do?”


“See? You can’t… predict how is it gonna be, you just have to wait for good things to happen, because they do happen, Saeyoung! I know they do happen for good people! And don’t waste your time trying to convince me you’re not a good person, I know you are!”

He smiled, you could see his eyes were glossy due to some tears fighting to roll down.”I will be happy, right? I will be happy with you and my brother and RFA, and we’re gonna be this big loving twisted family forever, right?”

“Only if you want to…” you hugged him, he cupped your face and planted a passionate kiss on your lips. It wasn’t romantic or lustful, it was just… someone desperate to feel all your love, and did you want to give him.

“So… what did you expect your life to be five years ago?”

“Hmmm… I wanted to be a big hit with my amazing synth album! And… I just wanted to be happy, maybe sharing my life with someone I love and trust, and it would be a bonus if he had red hair and cute glasses. Can you imagine?”

“Oh my! Who could tell you were a psychic? Or… half psychic since the synth album was a flop… wait! So there was a synth phase too? Show me the photos!”


“I’ll find them, MC, mark my words!” and he attacked you, tickling your sides “Tell me and I’ll show you mercy, MC!”

You were under him, squirming and tearing between your laughs. You would much rather let him torture you like this than keep seeing him so insecure and afraid. You both had still a long way to go when it comes to his problems, but for now… it was good to laugh and focus on the present.

“What did I tell you? I knew these two were incapable of unpacking everything without getting distracted!”

“Hmph.” You knew those voices.

“Vanderwood! Saeran! Nice to see you, guys!” you greeted them, trying not to show your embarrassment for being caught like that…

“Good to see you again, MC.  I must say I’m disappointed, I had no hopes for him, but you… I thought you were better than… this.” Vanderwood said on a very judgemental way.

“Why would you even think that? Haven’t you know me?” you asked, your answer made even Saeran chuckle a little.

“Alright, you two, quit shitting around! I don’t know if you forget, but this place is mine too, so let’s organize it before the day is over, okay?” both you and Saeyoung squealed a little, Saeran was so cute scolding you. “Stop looking at me like that, you… freak duo!” oh my! Listen to him trying not to cuss you out completely… so adorable!

Vanderwood’s diligence and Saeran’s  complaints made you two finally get back to work, but you kept slacking off as Saeyoung kept hugging you and trying to bite you. So Vanderwood assigned tasks for you two in different areas to keep you two separated.

When the day, and the work, were over, you begged Vanderwood to join you and the twins for some dinner and maybe a movie. Now all four of you were on the couch, Saeyoung was trying to cuddle you, but you were embarrassed doing in front of Saeran and a guest.

“Hey… thanks for what you said early… I’m… I’m not that scared anymore.” Saeyoung whispered.

“You aren’t?”

“No, I mean… I’m just…super excited for all things to come, is it okay to feel like this? Like, I’m so… eager to imagine how my life’s gonna be in 5 years, knowing that… you’ll be here with me” he held your hand. You were so happy you wanted to cry and kiss all over his face.

“Well… I know it’s gonna be amazing, for sure! But for now… I’m just thinking what’s about to happen in 5 minutes…”


“Well, I didn’t forget your… warm welcome this morning, so… I’ve been thinking how to repay, because you know… we should share our fairs equally at this house from now on…”

“I couldn’t agree with you more! I really value harmony between parts! Especially my parts…”

“Oh God, that was awful, Saeyoung!” you laughed.

“Yeah, and try to talk lower you two, we’re listening to everything!” Saeran said.

“Sorry, gentlemen. I just remembered we… have to vacuum my bedroom. You know.MC? Because there will be a lot of sucking and blowing?” you didn’t even have time to blush or say anything about his bad puns, he just carried you away, a thud could be heard. 

“Oh no, MC! It looks like you banged your head. Mc, how’s your head?” 

“Well, I’ve never had any complaints!” 

“Hell yeah!”

Vanderwood and Saeran looked at each other.

“Gross” they said at the same time.

Game Grumps Heart of Darkness the Many Deaths of Arin starters
  • "Did you die already?"
  • "And you have been torn apart."
  • "Aw, fuck! Alright."
  • "Maybe this one's friendlier."
  • "Stop stop stop stop stop!"
  • "Aaaaawww!"
  • "Yeeaaahh, you did it!"
  • "Ah, nope."
  • "Oh fuck! OH SHIT!"
  • "I made it look easy. Aaaaand I'm dead."
  • "FUCK, man!"
  • "Just eat me."
  • "Damn!"
  • "Eat shit. E--aaaaugh!"
  • "I'm going to stab myself. In the jaw."
  • "You suck, fireball!"
  • "It's overwhelming!"
  • "There you go."
  • "Awww, gross."
  • "FUCKIN'...."
  • "I thought I was-- Ooookay."
  • "Oh. God."
  • "Ohp, fuck!"
  • "Good job."
  • "*Smack* Ow. *Smack* Ow. *Smack* Oooowah."
  • "I told you!"
  • "Oookay."
  • "Oh, shit, I can't remember."
  • "This is the one. This next one is gonna be the one."
  • "Uuuuugh."
  • "They have wild fire."
  • "Are you fuck-- I gotta do this whole thing again!"
  • "Jesus Criminey!"
  • "I can fucking count."
  • "Shit has gotten very real!"
  • "Nope."
  • "This is so the one."
  • "Delicious."
  • "It's fucking relentless."
  • "Naaaaaawwww!"
  • "You dead."
  • "God dang it!"
  • "Don't smile or breathe."
  • "Ah, fuck!"
  • "This is a nightmare."
  • "I can't believe you!"
  • "Fffffuuuugh!"
  • "That's the sound of me dying. OK. OK. Alright."
  • "Nonononono FUCK!"
  • "There's a lot of tension and emotion-- I'm dead."
  • "I just have to accept my fate."
  • "You saw it!"
  • "I didn't even have a chance!"
  • "Shit."
  • "I can't listen to your phat beats and your suck rhymes."
  • "Oh my GOD."
  • "Let. Go."
  • "It's all wrong!"
  • "I want to, but I caaaan't!"
  • "What are you doing, man?"
  • "Put me out of my misery."
  • "Be a man, you must jump over the fiiire baaalls."
  • "I had to dinkle over it."
  • "I did a hard dinkle!"
  • "Are you fucking serious?!"
  • "Too low."
  • "It's taking an emotional toll on me."
  • "Whyyy?"
  • "You just gotta jump to the rhYTHM."
  • "GOD....HA....WOOOO."
  • "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh."
  • "I saw it coming and it didn't happen! And I wanted it to happen!"
  • "So many ways to die!"
  • "Goo..."
  • "Don't you dare!"
  • "Hey, buddy!"
  • "I didn't jump high enough!"
  • "I got burnt."
  • "I don't deserve this."
  • "Now I just think you're a pain in my ass!"
  • "There's more after that."
  • "Gotchya."
  • "You son of a fucking bitch."
Conor’s Not So Little Brother

“I’m so excited, you guys!” Conor bounces on the balls of his feet, grinning over at the others. “You’re going to love him.”

“Considering how much you talk about him,” Joe laughs. “Feel like we already know him!”

“Yeah, bud. Your little brother sounds awesome.” Oli nods, “Can’t wait for this weekend.

“Surprised it’s taken this long, really.” Caspar replies, “You secretly just don’t want us to meet him?”

“Ha, ha.” Conor rolls his eyes, the smile still large on his face. “He’s just busy. But he’ll be here in a few days, and you’ll all finally get to meet.”

“About time we meet another Maynard,” Joe pats Conor on his shoulder as he walks past, “Getting tired of you being the only one!”


The boys had all heard about Conor’s little brother Jack on multiple occasions. Conor loved the younger man, and would tell stories galore of the two from growing up and from when Conor visited home.

Except Jack’s schedule never worked for him to come to London, until now. Finally, he was coming to visit Conor instead, which meant they all got to meet the mysterious Maynard that had only be described to them by Conor.

No one knew what the weekend plans were going to be, leaving all the planning to the older Maynard.

Although they figured it would be a pretty chill weekend, having Conor’s little brother hanging around them.

“About time you showed up!” Conor greets Joe as he swings the front door open, “Everyone’s already here. Even Jack. And since he’s always late, thats impressive.”

“Sorry,” Joe shrugs, “Traffic was bad. Now, let me meet your little brother!”

“He’s just in here with the others,” Conor lead Joe to the living room, “Jack! The old man has finally arrived!”

“Hey!” Joe goes to say more, but is distracted by the attractive man smiling over at him.

“You must be the famous Joe Sugg. I’m Jack.” The younger Maynard waves over at Joe, and there are quite a few thoughts going through Joe’s mind at that moment.

What the fuck? He’s not little!

Why is he so hot.

Shit. Conor’s brother is hot.

Fuck. I can’t like Conor’s little brother.

“Uhm, yeah,” Joe mentally shakes himself, smiling over at Jack, “That’s me. Nice to finally meet you.”

“You too. I’ve heard lots about you.” He smirks over at Joe, and the older man can feel a shiver run down his back at the look, but he does his best to hide it.

“I’ve heard some stuff about you too.” Joe replies. But not the fact that you are not a teenager.

All the times Conor had mentioned Jack, their little group had assumed that the younger Maynard was anywhere from the age of ten to fifteen.

But as they all chat, Joe learns that Jack is actually twenty two, and has been busy with DJing, which is why he hadn’t been able to visit.

And as the night continues, Joe and Jack find themselves drawn together, talking nonstop, learning more and more about each other.

Even after Jack has to head back to Brighton when his visit comes to an end, he and Joe don’t stop talking.

They text daily, and are nearly on the phone with each other as much. They start to FaceTime as well, even when Joe is just at home cooking dinner.

Jack is eager to visit London again, claiming he wants to see his brother, but Joe secretly hopes that its to see him again.

And Jack does visit again. A few times.

But when he comes to visit without telling anyone except Joe, not even Conor, Joe realizes that he’s in trouble.

Because he’s fairly sure he’s fallen for his mates not so little brother.

Yet when he opens his front door to see Jack smiling over at him, Joe doesn’t care in that moment.

All he cares about is the fact that Jack is there, in his flat. And that they’re alone.

Joe decides there’s a few more things he wants to learn about Conor’s not so little brother.

And apparently Jack is just as eager, because as their cooking dinner, he pushes Joe up against the counter, their lips crashing together.

“You were taking too long,” Jack mumbles against Joe’s lips.

“Sorry.” Joe replies, his arms snaking around Jack’s neck as the kiss deepens.

He’d worry about the fact that Jack was Conor’s not so little brother later.

Right now, he just really wanted more of Jack.

Dragon Age: Inquisition starter sentences

part 8 of ???
30 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing
[other parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7]

  • “Do you sleep on silk while gold shits down all over you? Are you rich?”
  • “Oh, so you DON’T think I’m dreadful now.”
  • “You haven’t said much to me since… well, you know.”
  • “Just because they don’t see you doesn’t mean it isn’t theft.”
  • “Maker, however shall I endure this horror. Someone fetch me a fainting couch.”
  • “If we freeze to death and get eaten by wolves, I’m blaming _____.”
  • “Oh, look—a dragon. What a perfect way to ruin our day.”
  • “Isn’t that just precious?”
  • “You’re not better than me, you know.”
  • “Just don’t make it weird. No full hugs. Maybe a one-armed slap on the back… at most.”
  • “Stop going into my quarters. How many times must I tell you?”
  • “The air hurts. I have to stop.”
  • “People can be trying, mankind most of all.”
  • “You must not blame yourself, _____. You have done all you could and more.”
  • “If you can’t be flawless—and no one can—be flashy. Nobody will know the difference.”
  • “_____, I had a thought. The next time we run into a line of enemies, I’ll pick you up and throw you.”
  • “_____, do you think we could ever be friends?”
  • “What’s the point of words you know, but others don’t? Who would you say them to?”
  • “Out of my head, bitch-balls!”
  • “We’re going to get lost and starve to death, aren’t we.”
  • “Why are you looking at me like that, _____?”
  • “You don’t have to be afraid, _____. I won’t hurt you.”
  • “We cannot afford to let political infighting distract us from our duty.”
  • “The sooner we’re done here, the better.”
  • “_____, I would prefer you stop referring to me as "that hairy lummox.”“
  • "No, I’m sorry. Of course you don’t understand. Just… leave me with it for now.”
  • “Your opinion of me must be very low to surprise you so often.”
  • “You should learn to watch your back.”
  • “Away with you!”
  • “I’d like to live, thanks!”
Young!Sirius Black imagine - I'm in love?, part 1

A/N:So I should probably tell you that I haven’t wrote an imagine in ages so I’m a lil rusty. If you want to send me a request then please do(I don’t bite) and I also do ships so yeah.


Y/N never really liked Sirius Black, always thought he was annoying and full of himself. In fact some may even say she hated him. It all started when Sirius decided it would be a good idea to prank Y/N in third year, it’s fair to say he pranked her good, it’s also fair to say he never thought she would hold a grudge against. He clearly thought wrong because that was two years ago, and she still hates him.

Y/N was making her way to the library to complete her homework that was due the next day. Walking slowly, Y/N made her way down the hall until she accidentally bumped into someone. She would have apologised, if it wasn’t Sirius Black.

‘Hey watch where your going Y/L/N’ said Sirius rather loudly.

‘Why don’t you watch where your going Black’ Y/N retorted.

‘Wow that may possibly be the best comeback I’ve ever heard in my life’ Sirius said, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

‘Oh sorry, your giant ego must have disturbed my train of thought’ Y/N mused.

‘So you admit I distract you’ said Sirius with a smirk on his face.

‘NO’ Y/N shouted, making a few students turn to look at her while she tried to hide her rising blush with her Y/H/C hair.

'Anyway I would love to stay and chat about your undying love for me but I have to go and meet Marlene’ he said, grinning, whilst walking away.

Y/N didn’t know why but everytime she saw Sirius with other girls, it really bothered her. She simply shrugged Sirius’ comment off and continued walking to the library.


After completing the homework for potions, Y/N made her way back to the Gryffindor common room. On her way she spotted a certain Sirius black, he was lent up against the wall while a pretty girl with blonde hair was hanging of his arm. Y/N insides boiled and raged, she felt like crying and she didn’t know why. She stood for a while, watching the girl and Sirius laugh and flirt.

A single tear escaped Y/N eye, as she ran into her common room, straight passed her friends and up to her dorm. She slammed the door and collapsed on her bed, she was now crying uncontrollably and she didn’t know why

The door opened as lily, her best friend, came rushing in, closing the door. Lily sat on the edge of Y/N’s bed.

'Y/N what’s wrong?’ Asked lily.

'I don’t know’ Y/N replied, 'and it’s so frustrating, every time I see Sirius with another girl I get this weird feeling and I just want to cry’

'Oh honey, I think I know what’s wrong’ said lily, giving Y/N a sympathetic look, 'you’re in love’


A/N: I don’t know why I wrote this I just felt like writing and I absoloutely adore Sirius Black. Either way, this sucked.

- Erin /*

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Optional Bias Scenario | Bittersweet

Summary: You start a new job at a café and meet someone that you definitely weren’t expecting to.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1416

He’s actually here.

Your eyes drop back to the display case, fingers pausing around the silver foil of the cupcake you were about to move. You frown to yourself, feeling silly about the way your pulse jumped when you’d seen who walked through the entrance to the café.

You sigh, pushing the cupcake into line behind its siblings before sliding the door to the display case shut. You wipe your hands against the apron tied around your waist and approach the register.

You’d jokingly thought, when you first got the job, that you’d see idols all the time given the café’s close proximity to two entertainment buildings, but you’d never actually considered it an actual possibility. There were assistants to do coffee runs, after all - but here he is, proving you wrong yet again.

The first time he came in a month ago, it had been nearing midnight and the café was dead. The only customer was a frazzled-looking university student who didn’t even bother looking up from their textbook to see who’d entered.

Of course you’d noticed. 

You’d been stuck the late shift that week for training on cash since the traffic in and out of the café was more manageable and people were more forgiving late at night if you were a little slow. You’d been bored out of your mind, wiping down the front of the display case for what was probably the fifth time that past hour alone just because you were itching for something to do.

Your coworker was perched on a box behind the counter, flipping through a stack of index cards with furrowed brows, trying to get some last minute studying in for the test he had the following morning. He glanced up at the man approaching the counter and jerked his chin toward the register.

“You should know what to do by now.” His attention returned to his notes and you felt your heart fall into the empty pit where your stomach was supposed to be. You’d been manning the register by yourself all night, but it felt like day one all over again as you forgot how to even turn the screen back on from its sleeping function.

He had a camera in his hand and was speaking softly to it. He must have been filming for some reality show or something. Even though it should have looked strange, a person technically talking to himself in the middle of an empty café, he looked so comfortable and unselfconscious about it that it didn’t. He smiled when he finally reached the counter and gestured toward the small display card that featured the new latte your café was promoting.

“I’d like to try this, please.” He pointed the camera toward the card. “It looks yummy, right?”

Your hands fumbled as you tapped the screen and it came to life. Your eyes darted about as you tried to find the right buttons and ignore the way your heart was about to tear a hole through your chest because of how fiercely it was beating. Your fingers tingled as you reach the cash out screen; you were the literal physical embodiment of nervousness.

“It’ll be five thousand, three hundred won.” You resisted the urge to pat yourself on the back for not stuttering once when you spoke. He smiled again and you felt your cheeks flush as he reached into his wallet and passed you his card.

“You’re new,” he said and you almost dropped the small piece of plastic.

“I started yesterday.” You kept your eyes trained on the card machine, certain that if you snuck one more glance at him, what little composure you had would be a thing of the past.

“Ah.” The camera fell to his side. “I just got back yesterday, so that explains why I haven’t seen you before. Are you enjoying it so far?”

Your brows drew together; you were surprised that he was keeping up a conversation with you. People weren’t exactly talkative at this time, more concerned about getting through the night with a caffeine fix than learning your life story.

“Everything but the late hours,” you said and he laughed. You let your lips curve up slightly, pleased that you were able to incur that reaction, as you passed the card back. “It’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

“Thanks, no rush.”

He returned to his camera while you wandered over to the espresso machine to make his latte. You glanced at him while he was entertaining himself and you couldn’t stop the smile that grew on your face at his playfulness.

You called his name when his latte was ready and he returned to the counter with a bright smile. He accepted the drink you slid across the counter and raised it in thanks.

“See you around,” he said, before disappearing into the night again.

And you did.

You saw him every night for the next two weeks while you worked the late shift, but when you were finally done with training your manager decided to put you on afternoons and you haven’t seen him since.

You won’t lie and say that your heart doesn’t jump a little bit every time the bells above the entrance to the café chime during the slow lulls because a part of you still expects him to waltz in and order whatever drink the store is promoting that day. You also won’t say you’re not disappointed every time it’s not him, even though you feel ridiculous admitting it.

It’s not like you guys struck up the romance of the century with the small chatter you fell into while you made his coffee those nights, but you’d thought that he was a little interested, even after your coworker explained that he was usually that friendly with anyone working when he came to get his caffeine fix during his late hour rehearsal breaks. You’d stupidly let yourself be a little hopeful.

Now, nearly two weeks after your last night shift, you’d been about ready to give up that hope and settle into the reality that there’d been nothing happening there that hadn’t been built up in your mind, but there he is. And you’re not quite sure what to make of it.

The café’s pretty quiet, mostly couples sharing desserts in the late afternoon, or students trying to finish up work before their evening classes, so he has your full attention when he walks up to the register. He doesn’t look as bright as usual, wrinkles gracing his forehead while his hands are stuffed in his pockets as if he’s got something on his mind.

Your brows meet above the bridge of your nose as you eye his expression. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s great.” His face brightens in a forceful way which makes you less inclined to believe him, but it’s not your place to pry.

“I’m surprised to see you in here in the daytime,” you say honestly. “What can I get you today?”

You expect him to point toward the little promotional card beside the register, but instead he asks for an iced americano. You bite your tongue as you ring him up and go about preparing his order. You’re considering crossing that line to ask him if he’s actually okay but he speaks before you can get the words out of your own mouth.

“Would you like to grab coffee with me sometime?” he asks, speaking so quickly that his words slur together and it takes your mind a second to process what he’s said. Your pause must make him nervous because he continues to ramble, “I mean - you don’t have to. I don’t want to put you on the spot but I’ve missed seeing you and I don’t want to distract you while you’re at work and get you in trouble - ”

A smile spreads across your cheeks as you realize why he’d seemed so worried walking into the café. You’re relieved that you hadn’t been going crazy making things up in your head, and also a little flattered that he’d been forward enough to even say that he missed you.

“I’d love to,” you say as you push the iced americano across the counter so it sits between you two. Your nose wrinkles a little as you jerk your chin toward it. “But maybe we could do something other than coffee?”

He laughs and runs his hand across the back of his neck, nodding. “Yeah, that’s probably a better idea.”

A/N: Hey guyssss, so after completely binging on all the scenarios I could get my hands on, I decided that I wanted in on the action! I use to write one shots back in the day, but it’s been a while so I’m a little rusty. If you have any specific requests (that fall into the list of what I accept on my page), let me know! I’m thinking of trying to post at least one scenario a day as a way to keep practicing my writing, so always feel free to drop by if you want me to write about something (or someone) in particular! - Fee x


Originally posted by winner-13

Genre: Angst

“How could you do this to me!” you sobbed while shoving away your boyfriend.

“Jagiya, let me explain” Minho grabbed your arms as gently as he could in an attempt to calm you.

“Explain what Minho! You slept with her!” you tugged your wrist out of his grasp. “You promised!” you did your best to choke back your tears. “You promised you wouldn’t do this again…You-Dammit!” your voice cracked as your legs finally gave in. You’d wasted a lot of energy yelling at him. More so than anything else you tried to keep your distance, because the moment he wrapped his arms around you. Cupped your cheeks and whispered your name with an apology you’d be done for.

It’d become routine at this point. You’d been with him for six years. It was hard to imagine your life without him. You always forgave him.

But that’s what was best for relationships wasn’t it? Forgiveness. Working through the problem no matter what the cost.

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