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└  Model pair: カッコイイ〜 可愛い〜 (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

And cos I couldn’t resist a super-competitive Jun looking adorkably cute~~

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Request: If you’re still doing the drabble game (no idea if you have too many requests) could you do one with Yoongi and #23, #29, and #35? Thanks a bunch! You’re wonderful! ❤

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Genre: Drabble « slight smut

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1.156 (too long for a drabble but oh well)

Quotes Used: 

23. “Wait…is that my shirt?!”                                                                             29. “This isn’t exactly the best place for a makeout session, but I’m open to anything.”                                                                                                         35. “I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me.” 

A/N: why do all my drabbles end up so dirty I’m sorry

Loud music echoed through the hallway before you could even open the door to Yoongi’s personal recording studio at the entertainment’s building. A small smiled crept onto your lips, thinking about how immersed into the music he must be, probably not even noticing your appearance.

You carefully knocked on the door, not expecting an answer as the music was too loud to hear anything else. Slowly, you opened the door and sneaked into the studio, tiptoeing over to where your boyfriend was sitting.

His gaze was focused on the screen in front of him while the same beat played on repeat as you gently placed your fingers over his eyes, making him flinch before a smile spread onto his lips.

“You came”, he paused the music and softly grabbed your fingers to interlace them with his own. 

Yoongi turned around in his chair, his smile changing to a judging frown. “Wait…is that my shirt?!

Shafts of giggles left your mouth as you covered your mouth with one hand, letting only one of his hands free. “Yes it is and it’s very comfortable”, you snuggled deeper into it and closed your eyes for a second, emphasizing its comfortableness.

“Why are you wearing my clothes? You have literally a whole apartment full of your own stuff”, he furrowed his eyebrows, still not happy about your choice of wardrobe.

You shrugged and sat down onto the couch that had been placed into the small studio. “It smells like you and that way I have a part of you close without having you physically near me. It helps when I miss you.”

Yoongi grunted and turned back to his screen, ignoring your cute words and focusing back on his music. 

“Whatever you say”, he mumbled but you saw a faint blush creep onto his cheeks.

Pulling your legs closer to your chest, you made yourself comfortable on the sofa, snuggling into Yoongi’s shirt before closing your eyes in an attempt to take a quick nap.

“I’ll use my headphones so I can concentrate more on the music okay (Y/N)?”, Yoongi distractedly asked before you hummed in response.

He put his headphones on, going back to work, humming from time to time to the beat and tapping his fingers along to the beat. It was a soft background noise but somehow you couldn’t find yourself to fall asleep or even rest a little bit, so after a few minutes of just plainly laying there, you sat up and looked at the back of your boyfriend’s head.

“Yoongi”, you called out but he didn’t react, still tapping along to the music, eyes glued to the screen.

“Yoongs”, you tried again using another nickname, this time a little louder. Yet, no reaction.

Groaning, you got up and moved in front of him, making him take his headphones out and look at you in confusion. 

“What are you doing? I thought you wanted to nap”, he asked irritated.

“Let me sit on your lap and cuddle with you. I can’t sleep on that couch”, you explained and saw a small smile creep onto Yoongi’s face before he patted on his lap, signaling you to take a seat.

Sitting down, you wiggled your butt a little bit to get more comfortable, earning a small groan from your boyfriend. Innocently, you smiled up at him, placing your face against his chest, finally finding a comfortable position. Yoongi put his headphones back on, holding you close with one arm while the other one kept maneuvering the mouse.

Soon you started to get bored again, still not being able to sleep, so you started tracing small patterns across Yoongi’s chest with your index, making goosebumps appear on his arms. His face didn’t move, still highly concentrated on his work, so you kept on drawing random patterns all over his front, each time moving lower.

Suddenly his hand grabbed yours, stopping you from moving anywhere lower than his belly, making you look up at him.

“Stop that. I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me (Y/N)”, he growled, his eyes a little bit darker than the moments before. 

You grinned and sat up, changing position so that you were straddling him, feeling a slight movement underneath your bum. “I’m bored, can’t we do something fun?”, you pouted, slightly rocking back and forth.

Yoongi’s hands grabbed you firmly and stopped you from moving. “My work is fun. If you’re bored why did you come? You knew I had to finish this. We would have seen each other tonight anyway”, he asked, still not letting go of you.

“Because I missed you”, stretching the “u” sound, you leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on Yoongi’s lips before moving down to his neck, ready to leave your marks on him.

A low growl left his lips before your body got lifted off of him and Yoongi hastily stood up. “I really don’t have time for that right now, I’m sorry”, his eyes told you how hard it was for him to push you away like that. He scratched his neck before looking back at you. “Let’s do this - I have to record my final rap part, so what if you stay here and listen to it through the headphones while I go into the booth to record it? You could be my assistant.”

He didn’t even give you time to answer as he was already moving into the booth, leaving you standing astound in the studio. Carefully, you took Yoongi’s seat and put his headphones on just as he started rapping his lyrics into the microphone.

Seeing him being completely absorbed into his music, bringing his soul into his rap, filled you with pride and dangerous hot feelings. You listened to his words, took in the sight of his neck veins pulsing and lips moving faster than anyone could figure out. 

By the end of the fourth session, Yoongi being the perfectionist he is and asking for a redo every time, you couldn’t hold it in any longer, pictures of his skilled lips and tongue running through our mind, challenging your inner patience. Throwing the headphones onto the table, you quickly got up and stormed into the tiny recording booth.

Yoongi looked surprised and stumbled a little bit when you attacked his lips, pulling him closer by his collar. His hands automatically landed on your hips, closing the gap between the two of you before you gently bit down onto his bottom lip, earning a groan from him and letting you slide your tongue into his mouth.      

You parted for a second, catching your breath. “I’m sorry but-”, you reattached your lips. “You look so freaking hot when you rap, I couldn’t take it much longer.”

He grinned into the kiss before attacking your jaw with his lips. “I mean-”, he whispered against your skin. “This isn’t exactly the best place for a makeout session, but I’m open to anything.”  

The first time you give him a boner [you are not yet his gf]

Jungkook: Thinks his life is over now.



J-Hope: Inner Hobie ‘AHAHAAHAHA SHIT’ outer Hobie ‘whoopsies’

Rap Monster: Tries to distract the attention away from his crotch.

Suga: ‘Think of unsexy things Suga, think of Namjoon dressed as sailor moon’

Jin: FML

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“why must you watermark your gifs?? they’re so nice but ruined by the…”

They’re not distracting at all. I love your GIFsets. Keep up the great work!


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“why must you watermark your gifs?? they’re so nice but ruined by the…”

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“why must you watermark your gifs?? they’re so nice but ruined by the…”

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“why must you watermark your gifs?? they’re so nice but ruined by the…”

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Thank you, loves!

You firmly tell Asgore to Stop Fighting.

Why must this beautiful game distract me with it’s precious goat(?) people and incredible music, and not allow me to be doing the actual work I should be doing right now?
I think I cried every time I’ve seen anyone get to any of the emotional endings, especially the pacifist ending (a lot of people are doing let’s plays of it! Yay!). Lately I’ve been managing to hold back the tears though. Asgore’s battle theme might be in my top 5 for this game’s OST. Along with Sans’ and Papyrus’s themes.

Initially I wanted to add more details and effects like quotes to the image to make it more sad and intense, but I thought it ended up looking nicer and serene like this. Goddamn golden flowers.

Possibly more Undertale fanart to be posted!