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The Valkyrie- Chapter 1

“No need to look so menacing, sweetheart.” Loki murmured in your ear. “This is the elven king I am treating with, not a horde of orcs.”

You bit your lip, trying to ignore the tingles down your spine.

The flush on your cheeks, the quickening of your breath. There was nothing that made a Valkyrie’s blood run hotter than the prospect of danger.

He had insisted on your company this night. For protection, he claimed. The Mirkwood elves were lean, war-hardened creatures with wild, dangerous temperaments. A valuable asset in Loki’s quest in gaining his rightful place as king and ruler of Asgard. But it was yet to be determined whether the king of the Woodland Realm was ally or adversary.

The elven procession was approaching, and the last thing you needed was to be distracted by his throaty sensuality, the electrifying warmth of his close proximity. You pulled from him in annoyance, adrenaline rushing. You had to focus.

The elven king strode forward in his brocade robes, hair cascading down his shoulders like a silver waterfall. He eyed Loki with a cool disdain, his nose upturned.


Loki gave him a charming grin and bowed, half mockingly. “Thranduil.”

Thranduil narrowed his eyes, looking hard at the Asgardian. Then his gaze fell on you.

You had not expected to see fire in the piercing blue. He tilted his head ever the so slightly. Suddenly a red-haired elf by him leapt towards Loki, silver blade flashing.


You blocked her sword with your twin daggers, inches from Loki’s face. You could hear the pounding of your heart, feel the maddening heat racing through you. She ducked as you swiped at her, and kicked your legs from under you. As you fell, you threw a dagger at her face. She knocked it from the air. You used the distraction to slam her in her shins. Her arms were pinned down with your knees, your remaining dagger against her throat. You glared triumphantly up at the elven king. Your breath was ragged now. Your lips were parched, your chest tight and heaving against your breastplate.

A faint smile played on the elven king’s lips. “…Quite a fighter you have protecting your mirage, Loki.”  


You ground your teeth. The bastard. He brought you here not because he couldn’t protect himself, but to watch you burn. And he was enjoying every minute of it.

There was a rush of wind behind you as the mirage vanished. A warm, familiar hand grazed your shoulder. The sensation was almost painful. The real Loki had materialized, wearing his full regalia. Slowly, you released the elf and pulled yourself to your feet, every cell on fire.

“It seems as if elves are not easily deceived by Asgardian magic,” Loki laughed, shrugging. “I am impressed. Although I still don’t know what the fuss is about. I thought we had already reached an agreement.”

“We had. But you have yet to fulfill your side of the bargain.”

“Killing a dragon is no easy task; you know firsthand the dangers of facing such a beast. Surely there is something else I can offer in the meantime for a few thousand men.”

Thranduil was quiet, his expression unreadable. Then he turned to you and stared you dead in the eye. “…The Valkyrie, perhaps?”

Loki narrowed his eyes almost imperceptibly. Then he threw his head back and laughed. “I’m afraid the Valkyrie is not mine to give,” he lied smoothly. “She serves me on her own free will.”

“I see,” Thranduil said softly, his gaze lingering as if he were drinking you in. “I will give you time to consider a counter proposal. You and your Valkyrie are welcome to stay in Mirkwood in the meanwhile.”

He turned on his heel, his elven guards following after him deep into to the woods.

“Your rise to my defense was unusually slow tonight,” Loki said gruffly, cupping your chin and tilting it towards him. “You seem…distracted.”

Your senses still simmered from the brush with violence. He was too close, his lips a sensual flick away. His breath was warm on your face, his grasp firm.

“I promised to defend you. I was not aware I was to defend your shadows as well.“

He trailed his fingers down your face. “…I gave you freedom to choose how you serve me. If you’ve chosen to protect me, then protect me.”  

You swallowed a low moan. Stupid hormones. Stupid Loki. 

You swatted his hand away irritably. "Are we heading to Mirkwood?”    

“You’ve but just met the king of elves, and now you’re so anxious to go to Mirkwood,” he said sourly, wrenching his gaze from you.

“…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Fine then.” He snapped. “We will go to Laketown first. Watching you fight has me worked up to quite an appetite.”

Loki’s “appetite” tonight was a voluptuous brunette and a lean, spritely red-head. You stood by in silent indifference as he hooked the tavern girls with the slightest crook of his finger, the seductive curve of his smile. How effortlessly the gods enthralled the mortals.

He spirited the four of you to the Halls of the Woodland King, where the elves were expecting your company. The elven guards raised their eyebrows at the humans but said nothing, showing you to the guest quarters.

Once in his room, he threw himself on the plush feather bed and gathered the two giggling women into his arms.

“Such delightful hospitality!” He drawled mockingly, grabbing a pillow. “Silks! Satin! Courtesy of the splendid elven king Thranduil, the only elf in the whole galaxy with a stick permanently up his arse!”

The red-head guffawed too loudly.

“They say a dragon shredded half his face,” the brunette rasped dramatically. “He uses magic to mask his disfigurement.”

“Oooh, battle scars!” Loki snickered. “Is that why you couldn’t take your eyes off him earlier, Valkyrie? He’s just your type!”

“…It’s late. I’ll take my leave.” You said flatly, heading towards the door.

The way he looked at you then, like a storm cloud had swallowed engulfed the sun.

“…You know I brought them here in jest,” He said quietly, the laughter gone from his voice. “Stay, and I will send them away.”

Jest? Spiteful, petty, jealous god. You can play that game too.

“…Good night, my lord,” you muttered, and closed the door.

The Mirkwood guards let you out of the cold stone halls and into the fresh silence of the woods. You leaned over railings of woven branches, overlooking the waterfall, the water crashing down against jagged rocks.

It had been three years since Loki claimed your life-debt. Six months since he began following you with eyes of forlorn longing.

Were he not in exile, he would never have given you a second glance. You knew it was only his loneliness that drove him to you.

A part of you hated him for it. Another part of you secretly yearned.

“It is not safe in these woods alone at night.”

The voice was low, soft as distant thunder. Your hands were on your blades, your breath caught in your throat. It was the elven king, pale under the moonlight like a silver ghost. He leaned against the trunk of a gnarled tree only a few feet away. You did not know how long he had been standing there, watching you.

You should have sensed his presence. How could you not have seen him? The base instinct of fight or flight took hold, adrenaline streaking through you like lightning as it did earlier in the night. Danger, your body purred. Delicious, delightful danger.

“I can fend for myself,” you murmured.

He drew closer. He was very tall. With broad, muscular shoulders and heavy-set chest. There was something very carnal about the way his robe flashed blood orange against blackened silver, and you could not help wonder what sort of man one would find beneath the brocade.

“I have seen for myself how a Valkyrie is a force to be reckoned with. Odin must truly regret having lost one of his finest warriors.”

“He regrets nothing,” you growled, your temper rising at the thought of the tyrannical old buzzard. “If he had his way, I would be burning alive on a pyre. Loki smuggled me from Asgard, before I could be executed.” 

"A Valkyrie’s life spared is her life owed. So you do belong to Loki.”

There was that slight smile again. You could feel him studying you, a tiger eyeing its prey.

"He holds my life-debt. I belong to no one.”

“But you are precious to him.” His words dripped from his lips like honey. “Guard, soldier, assassin. Bound by honor to fight, to kill as commanded by whomever holds your debt.”

You nodded. “To go against the honor of a life-debt is lethal for Valkyries. Our hearts would stop mid-beat should we refuse to kill or defend as ordered.”

“Can a Valkyrie life-debt be transferred?”

The elven king’s expression was unreadable. You bit your lip.

“…Why do you ask?”

There was no mirth behind his smile. “I have a twisted dagger scar that runs between my shoulder blades. A jagged parting gift from one who had, up until then, been my confidant and most trusted bodyguard. I have made many enemies over the years, and I need someone I can trust. Loyalty, like trust, must be earned. But honor…” He took your hand and raised it to his lips, his eyes never leaving yours. “Honor is intrinsic. If it is honor that binds you to your god, then I will have that same honor bind you to me.“

Your heart fluttered like a banner in the wind.


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The Stand 1978

I’ve seen in my dash a list of ‘100 books you should read’ or something like that, ‘The Stand’ was among them and I totally get why, it’s a book that really makes you question a lot of things about yourself, society, good vs. evil and how difficult it is at times to distinguish one from the other.

What is it about?
After a lethal strain of the flu erradicates 90% of the human population the survivors must come together choosing between two mystical figures they see in dreams and take their stand in how is this new world going to be.


I am amazed by this book, frist we have all this struggle with the government trying to deny the existance (going as far as to send the army to radio and TV stations to hold the reporters and locutors at gunpoint to keep them on the line) of this new strain of the flu– called Captain Trips or Project Blue– because they know the fucked up but don’t want to admit it even though probably everyone, including them, will die for it. Honestly terrifying and realistic af.

And then it’s over, most people die of the flu, kill themselves or die in some accident (like some immune people does at a section of the book called ‘No great loss’).

And we have our protagonists (all of them immune to the virus) : Stuart (Stu) Redman a man who worked in a fabric, Francine (Fran/Frannie) Goldsmith a college student who is pregnant, Larry Underwood a somewhat known singer, Nick Andros a deaf-mute guy turned deputy during the plague, Tom Cullen a slightly retarded guy that was left alone in his home town, Harold Launer a very smart teenager and aspiring writer, Lloyd Henreid a convict and thief, The Trashcan Man a pyromaniac and Nadine Cross an ex-teacher.

There are a lot more of characters but these are the most important ones I think.

And we have the two important figures that leas the two communities of survivors:
*Abigail Freemantle (Mother Abigail) a deeply religious 108 year old black woman that leads the Free Zone community in Boulder Colorado and she represents the Good.

*Randall Flagg (also known as the Dark Man, the Walking Dude, R.F, the Smiling Man, etc.) he is some sort of super natural creature (almost like a god) that is reborn out of chaos and destruction and at the aftermath of the Captain Trips plague he seizes the opportunity to create a society where he is God in Las Vegas, Nevada (refered constantly as the West) whose immediate goal is to destroy de Free Zone community.

One of the points I loved the most about this book it’s the possitive and amazing representation of Nick’s and Tom’s disability, they are smart, resourceful and most definitely my favorite characters in the book ( M-O-O-N that sepells I love my boys) really kudos to King for that!

Then we have the question of ageism in a lot of modern novels, we rarely see old people be active and useful, they are usually given the role of grandparents or mentors, but in The Stand 70+ year olds are totally there doing dangereous missions for the community (Judge Farris and Glen Bateman) or leading them (Mother Abigail) and that was amazingly refreshing.

We have a bisexual character! A fierce woman named Dayna, and it is thrown so casually in the book, I LOVE IT (also bless Stu’s heart, he didn’t even know what bi was and when he knew he didn’t care).

The Trashcan Man, OK so at the beginning I gave 0 fucks about him and felt his backstory/introduction was dragging on forever, and while I certainly have no Love for him, his role at the final act of the book it’s A+ (you go Trashy!!)

The morally gray characters, even if I talked about the dichtonomy of good vs. evil as a theme in this book it’s not so simple as that because every single character in this book it’s complex and flawed, Larry Underwood seems to me the perfect example, before the flu he was a FUCKING asshole and his own mother told him (ouch) as much, but through the book he changes little by little (not completely) and becomes a leader, someone trustworthy and loyal to a boot. And he is not the only one Mother Abigail and her meesages from God who seems ruthless (and the FUCKING thingy with the Dark Man tho) and yes even cruel.

Believe me this book it’s gonna blow your mind.

Movie/TV adaptations:

There’s only 1: The Stand from 1994

It’s really good, very accurate to the book the cast is FUCKING amazing (Rob Lowe plays Nick Andros and Molly Ringald plays Frannie, they gave me life) totally recommended


“No one can tell what goes between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side. Or you don’t.

“The place where you made your stand never mattered. Only that you were there… and still on your feet.”

“Above, the stars shone hard and bright, sparks struck off the dark skin of the universe.”

“Superstition, like true love, needs time to grow and reflect upon itself.”

“In his heart hope– that indestructible weed of the human heart– had begun to bloom again.”

“Sixty-four has a way of forgetting what twenty-one was like.”

“Love didn’t grow very well in a place where there was only fear, just as plants didn’t grow very well in a place where it was always dark.”

Love is what moves the world, I’ve always thought… it is the only thing which allows men and women to stand in a world where gravity seems to want to pull them down… being them low… and make them crawl.“

"I am afraid, but I have been afraid before. All he can take from me is what I would have to give up someday anyhow– my life. I will not let him break me down. I will not let him make me less than I am, if I can help it.”

“Movies, after all, are only illusion of motion comprised of thousands of still photographs. The imagination however, moves with its own tidal flow.”

Next book: “The Dead Zone”

anonymous asked:

I have a question about your chosen method of execution (different anon) because I find it very interesting! I can't imagine how painful and horrible it must be to be shot to death. Why do you think that lethal injection isn't humane or quick? Would love to know! Happy new year x

It’s one of the most barbaric forms of execution, I believe. They pen it as being humane but it’s far from it and it certainly violates the Eighth Amendment on cruel and unusual punishment.

Many things can go wrong with lethal injection executions and it can be torture for the inmate. For example, incorrect dosages can cause inmates to not fall unconscious or awaken before the procedure is complete but rendering them practically paralysed but feeling everything. In the execution of Clayton Lockett, he didn’t receive enough drugs and he lay on the gurney for 43 minutes, writhing in pain, until he finally had a heart attack. Sometime officials cannot find a vein, causing distress and pain to the inmate. In the case of Rickey Ray Rector, it took 50 minutes to find a suitable vein.

Here are some examples of botched lethal injection executions:

- Robyn Lee Parks took a reaction to the drugs used. The muscles in his neck, jaw, and abdomen began to react spasmodically as he gasped for air and gag until he died.

- 7 minutes after drugs were administered into Emmitt Foster, the execution was halted due to the fact that the drugs stopped circulating around his body. He was gasping and convulsing when the blinds were closed so witnesses could not view the scene. He died 30 minutes later.

- During the execution of Joseph Cannon, his vein collapsed and the needle popped out, to which he exclaimed to the witnesses “It’s come undone.” The curtains were closed and reopened 15 minutes later, when Cannon, who was crying, made a second final statement and the execution continued.

- It took 33 minutes to find a suitable vein in the execution of Bennie Demps. “They butchered me back there. I was in a lot of pain. They cut me in the groin; they cut me in the leg. I was bleeding profusely. This is not an execution, it is murder,” he said in his final statement.

- In the execution of Joseph Clark, it took 22 minutes to find a vein. After the drugs were administered, the vein collapsed and his arm began to swell. He lifted his head up off the gurney and shouted “It didn’t work!” numerous times. The curtains were closed and it took another 30 minutes to find another suitable vein. Media witnesses reported that they heard “moaning, crying out and guttural noises.” He was finally pronounced dead 90 mintes later.

- After the drugs were injected into Angel Diaz (photos of his autopsy after the execution are available online), he continued to move and grimace in pain as he tried to mouth words. A second dose had to be administered and he took another 34 minutes to die. The problem was that the needle has been inserted through the vein so the drugs were injected into soft tissue as opposed to the vein.

- Clayton Lockett was the first inmate to be executed with a new experimental drug protocol. They were unable to find a suitable vein. He was finally injected in the groin. The physician announced he was unconscious and ready for the next two drugs which were known to cause excruciating pain if the recipient was conscious. Lockett was conscious. “Lockett began breathing heavily, writhing on the gurney, clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head off the pillow.” The curtain was closed and witnesses were eventually asked to leave. Lockett died 43 minutes later due to a heart attack.

The Sacrifice (Lydia Martin)

Imagine being with Lydia as you die.

You were preparing for battle, and you knew it was highly unlikely that you would survive this fight. You are a Nishta, basically a supernatural creature who has a spiritual bond with a banshee, bur you have strengths of a werewolf. You wanted to tell Lydia what she is, but… It would put her at risk. Despite the advantages of being a nishta, you also feel all of the pain of the members of the pack, so if you’re not careful, you can easily become distracted.

You and your friends were facing off against the alphas. You wanted Lydia to not be there, but she said she was going no matter what, she frustrated you. Lydia was like the sister that you never had, well had, but she died. When Lydia found this out, she never left your side, declaring that she would be your older, more fashionable sister, who is also a genius.

You pulled on a pair of jeans, and combat boots, along with a thick sweater to attempt to slow down any amiss blades or claws. You knew it wouldn’t work, though. This was more for Lydia’s benefit. You tied your hair back, and you began to stow your weapons in various locations on your body. You had to be prepared. You grabbed your car keys, and you placed the folded note in your pocket. Just in case. You were about to walk out the door, when your phone rang.

“(Y/N), please don’t go and fight. Please, I can sense it.” Lydia spoke quickly.

“I have to. Okay? I’ll try not to get killed.” You said. She was about to protest, but you hung up. No, you weren’t going to allow yourself not to go, and allow someone else to get killed. Someone that is more important. You thought you weren’t, but all of your friends disagreed. To them you were more important than life itself, but you never believed them. You counted from ten, and when you reached zero, you walked out your door, possibly for the last time.

You walked to your car, and drove to the abandoned building. You were completely serene. You were okay with the possibility of dying, because you knew if you took at least one of them out, many more people would live their lives.

Usually when people are about to die, they stress about the things they didn’t get to do. But not you. All your life, you knew that you were supposed to do this. Sacrifice yourself for others. This is what you were meant to do.

You parked your car next to the building, and you sighed. You didn’t mind the fact that you were most likely going to die, you minded that Lydia would feel it in her soul, but if her banshee powers accelerate, she could bring you back to life. Like how she unknowingly brought back Peter. You hadn’t told Lydia this, because you didn’t want her to obsess over it. It would put her at risk.

Someone knocked on your car window, and you jumped slightly. You looked over, and you saw Scott standing there, with Lydia slightly behind him, and he gave you an exasperated look. Obviously he had failed to convince her not to come. You knew he would fail. When she sets her mind to something, she sticks with it. You admired that trait about her.

You opened your car door, and Scott gave you a sad look. He knew that you weren’t planning on making it out alive. “Please, (Y/N), don’t do this. I know what nishta means in archaic Latin. It means ‘whom sacrifices themself’ I can’t let you do this.” Lydia said.

“Lydia, this is what I was born to do. If something happens, there is a note in my pocket. Read it.” You informed her, keeping all emotion out of your voice. You badly wanted to comfort your friend who is like your sister, but you couldn’t. You would be shamed by your family.

You swiftly turned on your heel, and you marched right into the building, feeling the wolves trail behind you. At least Lydia was staying back. You wouldn’t be able to handle it if she died instead. You saw the alphas all in fighting stances. You were in front, flanked by Derek and Scott. Isaac and Boyd were behind you.

In exactly three seconds, fighting broke out. Kali came towards you, and you swiftly pulled your blade out, and you made a series of slashes, and the poison that laced the blade visibly weakened her. It wouldn’t kill her yet, but it could if it reached her heart, but Kali wasn’t your focus. Deucalion was. The one who killed your sister. That was why this fight was so personal for you.

“Just give up Kali. You’re not my target! Be the alpha you are, don’t be a damn guard dog!” You ground out, as you felt her claws dig into your side, but not enough to kill you. You were starting to feel the others pain, and it was starting to slow your reflexes.

“Can’t do that. Nothing personal.” She sneered, and raised a clawed hand, and you ducked quickly, and Scott came and took your place. You scanned the area, and you saw Derek and Ennis engaged in a serious fight. Boyd and Isaac were going against the twins, and Deucalion was in the corner. All you had to do was go after him. You made your move, but you noticed that Derek was getting too close to the edge. No. Derek couldn’t die. You ran to the pair, and tossed him out of the way, and pulled out your highly poisonous and lethal blade that was meant for Deucalion. The pack comes first. His clawed hand rose, and right as it plunged into the stomach, you slammed the knife into him. Both of you froze, and almost simultaneously you fell to the ground. You felt no pain. You heard. You heard Lydia’s shrill voice yell out your name, and you noticed the fighting had stopped.

Lydia brought your head into her lap, and you noticed your pack had gathered around. Why had the alphas stopped fighting? Probably because all wolves must recognize a nishta’s bravery and sacrifice. It must be commemorated no matter who’s side they’re on.

“Please (Y/N), please don’t die.” She pleaded.

“Sh, it’s alright. Everything will be okay.” You weakly said.

“Stop being so noble for once! You’re dying!” She said crying.

“Remember the note.” You said as you felt your soul leave your body. Lydia let out a shriek, and she cried over your body, and if you hadn’t killed Ennis, she would have killed him herself. She decided to take the note out of your pocket, and as she read it, she felt herself freeze. Her crying stopped, and she felt courage and determination swell up inside her.

She lifted your head out of her lap, and gently placed it back on the ground. She placed a kiss on your forehead, and walked away, dropping the note. The pack gathered around the note, and Derek picked it up, and they all read it.

If you are reading this, then I’m dead. I did what I’m supposed to do, but don’t worry Lydia. All is well. My soul is tethered to yours, because of what you are. Meaning you are able to bring me back to life. Like you did work Peter. If you bring me back… I’ll tell you everything. If you choose not to, I don’t blame you, but if you do… All of the instructions are in my room. Including what to do with my body. -(Y/N)

P.s. Guys, don’t let Lydia become detailed by this. It doesn’t have to be done right away. My body doesn’t decompose.

P.p.s. I love all of you.

So when Kurds want to seek independence, we’re “too nationalistic” and it’s “haram”.
But Arab nationalism is totally okay. Arab nationalism is “good for the Ummah”.

This idea and notion of “one, united Ummah” is nonexistent. Please understand that. It’s good for ARAB UNITY.
Arab nationalism = great for the Ummah.
If you’re a pro-Kurdistan Kurd, you’re not a real Muslim.
If you’re African and you want to liberate and unite, you’re not a real Muslim.

The only way you can be a real Muslim and contribute to this delusion of the oneness of the Ummah is to fight for Arab nationalism. Fight for Arab causes and struggles. Forget about your own because they’re not doing anything good for the Ummah. So, guys, in conclusion: Unless you are an Arab who fights for Arab nationalism, you’re not a true Muslim. And unless you are an Arab who fights for Arab nationalism, you are harming the Ummah with your non-Arab nationalism.

Try mentioning other struggles that are not Arab-related and you will be shut down. 
“There are worse things happening in the Middle East.”
Or, you receive fake pity just to shut you up.
“Oh, it’s horrible what’s happening to you guys!!!”
Yet, never do I see these same people who think it’s “horrible” fight for that particular cause. Never do I see these people fight and advocate a cause that ISN’T Arab-related.

And if this post offends you, realise that YOU are the problem. The Muslim community, who pretends to be united for the sake of the West, MUST be criticised. That’s the only way things will change and progress. Sitting here and pretending to avoid any backlash from the West is so dangerous and so lethal and it is the reason why we have so much racism within. It’s not okay.

Soon Enough We'll Die

Title: Soon Enough We’ll Die

Original Imagine: here

Warnings: None that I can think of

Word Count: 2645 words (another long one)

Summary: Imagine Dean coming home to the Bunker after a difficult hunt and crawling into bed with you because he doesn’t want to face the night alone.

Link to Fic; You can read it hear or on fanfiction.net

AN: The song I used as inspiration for this one shot is ‘We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow’ by Soko. I thought that it really set the mood for this one, guys! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I really love how the first part came out, just lettin you guys know! c: 

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural or the song used as inspiration… or this gif

Soon Enough We’ll Die


It had been a long couple of days. It seemed like every fifteen minutes Sam or Dean would call and ask her to find something in the numerous books in the library or on the internet. The Winchester brothers were out on a case and she had chosen to stay at the bunker, making her their personal nerd for the time being. Not that she minded researching things for them, but staying up until four in the morning and then getting called again two hours later to find things that sucked the life out of women hadn’t been a very good start to her day.

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Dear infinitescrollofawe,

Umm… Short-Cut-Hair-Girls? 

I’m sorry but I don’t think I even know that girl! Why would I be in a wrestling tag-team with a person I don’t even know?!

On the other hand, it is very possible that we would become acquainted if we were to form one of these so-called ‘wrestling tag-team outfits’! This possibility must mot be ignored, would you not agree?

Umm, yeah, but I only really know your name…

And I do know your name! Chie Satonaka! The Carnivore Who’s Discarded Womanhood!

W-What!? You saw that!? N-No, wait, it’s not true!! I haven’t discarded anything, I swear!!

And I am… Elizabeth! The Lethal Elevator Attendant! …That is it! Eureka, I say! We shall be the ’Lethal Carnivores’! I cannot wait for our debut!

But… wait, you’re not bothered by the title? Or… Eh…Y-You really wanna do that…? Huh…

But, of course! I would be thrilled to enter into such an alliance! And I should let you know, am less than ready to accept a rejection.

Umm… Well…

This sounds like a matter to be decided over a steak skewer… Let’s go get some first, OK? Then we’ll see.

I am ready to negotiate while dining! 

~Chie Satonaka


If the Bleach captains had to choose a stern ritter to be in their division...

As requested by anon. :)

Recently the captains had to pick an arrancar to join the Gotei-13. Now they must pick a stern ritter to be in their own division. Who will each of them pick? 

1. Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi: I will pick BG9. I hear he is good for data collection.

Kurotsuchi: I will dissect him, make his data collection mechanism better, and then replicate him and hand him out to the members of my squad.

Kurotsuchi: Perhaps as some sort of Christmas bonus.


BG9: Why does anyone work for you?

2. Kenpachi

Kenpachi: I would pick Meninas, of course!

Kenpachi: She’s the strongest, and the strongest belong in my division!

Kenpachi: Plus maybe then people will stop asking me why my only female squad member is my lieutenant.

3. Kyoraku

Kyoraku: I feel like, in honor of Yama-jii, I should hire Candice.

Kyoraku: She has lightning powers. Lightning powers belong in Squad 1.

Nanao: You’re sure this isn’t about her short shorts?

Kyoraku: N-Nanao-chan, what are you implying??

4. Byakuya

Byakuya: I suppose I would hire Bazz-B, as Renji seems to have bonded with him.

Renji: B-bonded?!

Bazz-B: Fuck yeah!

As Nodt: I can’t believe you didn’t pick me.

5. Komamura

Komamura: I feel drawn to pick As Nodt!

Komamura: I too once wore a mask and struggled with loneliness!

As Nodt: And I have always wanted a puppy.

Komamura: Great!

Iba: Um, captain?

6. Kensei

Kensei: I feel like I have to pick that Nianzol guy. Since he’s the “Wind” and we’re the wind squad.

Hisagi: Uh, it’s actually a long “i” sound, Captain. “Wiiiiind.”


Kensei: Eh, whatever.

Kensei: I just can’t let Shinji get the guy with two tongues.

Shinji: …what makes you think I wanted him?

7. Shinji

Shinji: I gotta go with Cang Du, the guy with iron skin.

Shinji: Because I’m a realist: in Squad 5, you get stabbed a lot.

Shinji: Seems cruel to pick anyone who doesn’t have iron skin.

8. Unohana

Unohana: Askn’s ability is to calculate, and then increase or decrease lethal doses of things. A most useful ability, in a medical squad.

Unohana: He will be my new beaker.

Askin: ….I’m slightly more than that, you know.

Unohana: Hush, beaker.

9. Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya: I…….I feel like I must pick Giselle and I don’t know why.

Matsumoto: NO CAPTAIN

10. Rose

Rose: I would have to pick Ishida Uryu!

Rose: From what I’ve heard, he has an artistic soul, loves to sew, AND has asymmetrical bangs just like Izuru!

Rose: Also he’s one of the few remaining Sternritter who hasn’t hurt somebody I know.

11. Ukitake

Ukitake: I pick Gremmy, of course!

Ukitake: There is nothing better than a child with an active imagination!

Rukia: He uses it to kill people though.

Ukitake: Probably he just wasn’t hugged enough!

12. Soi Fon

Soi Fon: Quilge Opie, The Jail.

Soi Fon: Urahara Kisuke will not know what hit him.


eruri week day 1 - post ACWNR

“It was the Titans. I know. Save it,” Levi’s anger softens and melts into despair as they ride back, sun sinking shamefacedly below the mountains. “It was the Titans, and you and I aren’t to blame. I get it.”

“I wasn’t going to say that,” Erwin brings his horse closer, dust stirring aggressively under their feet. “I was going to ask something. Why are you following me?“

“Why do you care?” Levi wipes the froth off his horses’ neck. “I won’t betray you or nothing. Don’t fret your ass about that.”

“But why?” Erwin crimps his mouth, frowns as his hair is whipped back by the dirty, hot wind. “Have you suddenly converted to the cause? Are my words so powerful?”

The cause? Levi cannot give less of a shit. The Titans, yes, he hates them and he will kill every one his eyes set upon but the cause? Humanity? When had he cared about anybody’s skin except his own when the consequences of caring were staining the battlefield behind him red with old blood and discarded heads. What damn cause did he care for? Why did he follow this man and his white horse and his serious eyes?

“I don’t know, damn it,” Levi grinds out his words like gravel. “Stop asking me.”


He’d gone to Sina for Levi’s arrest warrant to be revoked, threatened lives and lied, searched back woods and government facilities and storage ships. He’d saved Levi’s world a hundred times over. With every time he kneels to a noble and greases a palm he thinks of Levi’s unrelenting fury, his calculated precision in cutting out any threat.

“What were you doing down in Sina?” Levi asks. “You took so long, the trainees’ arses are itching.”

“My family lives in Sina.” Erwin tells the truth in order to not let Levi hear the barer truth. “My mother and sisters.”

It comes again, to Levi. The longing to be a follower.

“I’m tired,” he hums. Looks at the sweat on Erwin’s temples.

“Of? Of the Corps?”

“No.” Levi slumps down straight onto the floor, ugly and crumpled. “Of leading. Of being a leader. I’d led Farlan and Isabel. Captain Smith -”

“You’ll lead,” Erwin says too sincerely and he smiles sideways, looking at Levi with such raw affection that his chest tightens. “You’ll lead teams and squadrons. You’ll do it ever so well.” 

“Ah,” Levi says after a moment, composing himself and pressing hand upwards to the kneeling Erwin’s shoulder that offsets his cool tone. “we’ll see.”



Then, in the threshold of the bathroom with the knife lying still on the tile behind them, he’d held Levi’s arms by his sides, fought the urge to shake him. He’d wanted to ask that laundry list of questions used in school. Who, what, where, when, why. Erwin wanted to ask how Levi would have calmly watched his own face in the mirror as he prepared to take his own life, the same one he’d saved a hundred times over. He wanted to ask why, why, why would he do this to him (and the Corps!) to himself, to them?

“Please,” Levi said, before Erwin could get anything out. His eyes were pale and focused on his face. “let’s discuss this later.”

“Your friends are dead. And you wanted to join them, did you not?“

He watched Levi pick up the knife and lock it back in it’s sheathe. He watched Levi like he was a subtle, lethal thing.


Levi looks up at him, searching, untethered by the way Erwin kept his hands in the open space between them.

“I had to try, Erwin,” he whispers. “I owe them at least that.”

“No. Why?” Erwin grits his teeth and clenches his eyes shut. “Tell me why, that day -”


“You are never a cryptic man, Levi, tell me why.”

He remembers again, obliquely and out of context, kneeling below Levi on the bloody ground.

“I must know. Levi, I must know.” Erwin’s eyes are darting, flinty in the half-light. If he squints he could pretend he doesn’t know Levi. He is a murky figure, breathing shallowly.

“Because of you,” Levi starts, his mind catching like a dirty record. “Damn. because I wanted to follow you. You were all I saw, the damn sun rising behind you, like… like you took me out of something I had buried myself within. And my friends were dead and I was done for and all I could think of was that I had sliced your palm. So I followed you. It’s like if I drank poison, then coughed it back up - sickly sweet with a forever aftertaste. I taste your words every day. Because I tried to kill you, I tried to shit on your dreams and I didn’t give a fuck about your Corps and all you did was comfort me on that damn battlefield and you brought me home. I follow your damn corps only for you, you - and I forgot that today. You could have left me for dead a hundred times but you saved me. I should be dead, but you fucking…”

“Then follow me, Levi -” Erwin urges. The hottest flames are blue.

“For life,” Levi whispers.

“Remember that,” Erwin says. Levi grips his hand like an iron lifeline.  

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How TG:A should have ended

Kaneki to CCG: I’m turing myself in.

Arima: … (White hair…just like me) 

Kaneki: There’s only one thing I ask of you. Please return him to his family 

Arima: Hai…se (He has my looks too…he’s a ghoul but I don’t feel like attacking) 

Kaneki (looks at Arima): Even if you have to kill me…(Oh, did he say “Hai”? A YES?? He looks beautiful…just like me)

CCG: (Are they lost relatives??) 

Arima: I’ll make you my son. Welcome to our family…let’s come home

Kaneki: Fa…family?!!!! (Drops Hide in shock) 

Hide: Oooww!!

Kaneki: Hide!! You’re alive!

Hide: Hahah that was close I thought I was going to die…I have the  Takatsuki Sen’s novel with her signature on it in my pocket…(coughs)…I think you’ll realy like it…i’ve been trying to pass it to you. but luckily it saved me from a lethal blow (coughs) … sorry…it’s ruined (coughs)…oh man it’s covered in blood! I lined up for almost 5 hours just to meet her!!…hahah (coughs)

Kaneki: Hide you played dead again?! WHY must you keep scarying me?! It’s NOT FUNNY! (shaking Hide violently) 

Hide:  No I wasn’t pretending (cough)! I just blacked out when I saw all the blood! Actually…I also fainted that time when I was attacked by Nishiki senpai…but I knew you’d laugh at me. 

Kaneki: Don’t move you’re bleeding again!

Hide: Aagh!!! (turns pale, hyperventilates and faints) 

Kaneki: HIIIIDDEEE!!!! NO don’t DIE AGAIN!

Arima: Let’s take them back. We’ll decide what to do with them later (face palms)