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Pregnant- Tyler Posey

Request: ‘I loved your Tyler Posey imagine! It was so freaking cute. Would you be willing to do another T-Pose imagine where like he’s your best friend and one time you hooked up but you ended up getting pregnant and you tell him, thinking he’s gonna be pissed but really he turnd into an overactive puppy of excitement and gets really cute like, kneeling and talking to your stomach and stuff?’ by @krism98

prompt: You get pregnant from a night with your best friend which was supposed to be a one night stand

pairing: tyler posey x fem!reader

Warnings: swearing

A/N:  yes, cute little imagine xx I’m posting in honour of @dun-t ‘s birthday! love you lots xx


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“Shit!”, you cursed out. “Fuck, fuck shit,”, you continued. You stared wide-eyed at the pregnancy test in your trembling and cold hands. Why did this have to happen to you?

Yes, you were pregnant.

And yes, the baby was from your best friend.

You hadn’t wanted for any of this to happen. Of course you also hadn’t wanted to fall in love with your best friend, but you gave up not ‘wanting’ that a long time ago. 

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Loosing your moon can tear you apart Part 1

I know I suck at names. So I was thinking about Cream (again), and then about the swap universe. We all know the cute little Halluciv, who wants his senpai to notice him. This image is just so cute, but would fade away if there was Cream in it. Or maybe it wouldn’t? Anyway hope you enjoy the story.

Pairing: (swap) Nightcross

Halluciv, Marvul, Xcellence and Eraser belong to @blogthegreatrouge

Original Nightmare and Dream belong to @jokublog

Original Cross belongs to @jakei95

Original Ink belongs to @comyet

Halluciv is swap Nightmare, Marvul swap Dream, Xcellence swap Cross and Eraser swap Ink


Halluciv ran. He ran and didn’t know where he was. He didn’t care. He was crying. The memories in his mind didn’t make it any better.

“You’re so cute”

Xcellence never thought he was cute

“You’re so beautiful”

He never thought he was beautiful

“I love you”

Halluciv began to cry harder. He never loved him. He saw it himself.



Halluciv wanted to see his senpai. They were going to be meeting in the park for a date. Halluciv smiled at the word, he was really excited, he even transformed into his original form, to look good for Xcellence.

Halluciv was wearing a black shirt with a moon on each of his sleeves,the sleeves were golden-lined, dark blue shorts and black shoes with a moon on the outside of each shoe.

He was sitting on a seat in the park and was waiting for 10 minutes. Then it were 30.40. 50. An hour. Halluciv started worrying and began searching. What if something happened to him? Or did he just forget?

Halluciv figuered it would be smart to start at Xcellence’s castle, so he began walking there. It wasn’t a long walk, only 10 minutes. When he arrived, he rang the bell. Nobody opened. He rang it again. But nobody came (=W=) to open the door. He wanted to knock at the door, but then it opened by itself. It wasn’t locked. Weird.

Without thinking he went inside. He heared weird noises, he walked in further, and heared Xcellence’s voice “O-oh my *pant* aah~ oh goodness~ haah~” Halluciv smirked a little, so that’s why he didn’t come, he was probably in heat and touching himself. Well, he doesn’t have to do this alone anymore. Halluciv walked up the stairs and slowly opened the door of Xcellence’s room.

When he was standing in the doorway now he was…what was the right word to describe it, shocked? surprised? No, it was heartbroken. On the bed were his senpai Xcellence, and even worse was the fact that on top of him was his own beloved brother. Wow, traitored by his own brother, the worst thing ever happened to him. Halluciv began to cry, without even realizing it. He let out a small wimper wich caught Xcellence’s attention, his eyes widened.

“L-lucy! How long have you been-” he was interrupted by Halluciv.

“I’m sorry, didn’t want to *sob* interrupt you and my *sob* brother. JUST KEEP GOING, LIKE I NEVER EVEN EXISTED!” he practically screamed the last part. Then he telepored away.


Flashback end


Halluciv didn’t teleport to his house, because that would’ve been the first place they would search for him. He laughed at his stupidness. It was a dead laugh. As if they would even bother thinking about him. They would just keep on having their fun. The fun that was supposed to be his. And ONLY his. Kind of funny how fast you can lose something.

He was in a random AU in waterfall, falling down in front of a small lake. He didn’t even bother looking in wich universe he was in. That changed when he heared a voice.

“Rough day, huh~?” the voice asked. Halluciv immeadiately shot up, trying to look calm, wich was hard. Really hard.

“W-well…” Halluciv didn’t dare finish that sentence. The person just smiled at him with a not so pleasant look in his eyes.

“Tell me what’s wrong. I’m sure you’ll feel better after telling me what’s bothering you~” Halluciv sighed.

“I just caught my boyfriend sleeping with my brother” he said trying to hold back his tears. The person noticed, opening his arms for Halluciv to give him a hug. Halluciv didn’t think, he just ran into his arms and hugged him. He was crying in the others furjacket, but he didn’t care.

“Haven’t gotten your name though~” the person said. Halluciv managed to sob out some words.

“H-Haluciv” he said quietly. The other gently took Halluciv’s chin and made him look in his eyes.

“That’ such a cute name you got there~” he purred.

“I’m Sans, but because I’m sure you’re from another AU, just call me Lust~” *click* Lust had put a metal collar around Halluciv’s neck, making him jump. He tried to teleport away, but it didn’t work. Then Lust used his blue magic to pin Halluciv on the floor, he climbed on top of Halluciv, licking his lips.

“Tell me~ Ever fucked anyone else besides your so called boyfriend~” Halluciv looked to the side, blushing and shaking his head. Lust’s smirk grew even wider.

“Oh really~” he purred “That makes it even more pleasurable for me to get to do you~ who knows, maybe we can even make your boyfriend jealouse~”

“That won’t work” Halluciv said flat “I don’t think he even cares for me” Lust laughed sweetly.

“How could he not~? To be honest-” he leaned in where Halluciv’s ear would be “you’re the cutest Sans I ever got to do~” Then Lust kissed Halluciv. He tried to kick his legs, but to no avail, Lust was still holding him down.

Lust began massaging Halluciv’s lower area, causing him to moan. Taking his chance Lust shoved his tongue in Halluciv’s mouth. Before he knew it Lust was unbuckling Halluciv’s shirt. He began massaging the exposed ribs. Halluciv’s erection began to grow, without him even wanting it. Lust noticed and pulled away smirking.

He took off the shorts, causing Halluciv’s eyes to widen.


“A pussy~? You’re beloved boyfriend has made you bottom~?” he asked mockingly. Halluciv only nodded shyly. Lust leaned down so he was face to face with the erection.

“Well~ Let’s see how this guy tastes~ I bet it’s as sweet as yo-” he stopped when he felt something sharp on his neck.

“Don’t. You. Dare. This pussy doesn’t belong to you! I’m the only one who can taste it!” Xcellence growled, trying not to lose controle and kill that bastard. Lust  smirked.

“Your boyfriend?” he asked pointing with his finger at Xcellence. Halluciv was still looking away.

“Not anymore” he said. Xcellence nearly dropped his weapon. Halluciv can’t be seriouse about this. No, he was surely just trying to annoy him. Yeah, that must be it.

Lust gave Halluciv a small kiss on the cheek and took away his blue magic. He winked and made a call me later motion with his hands, making Halluciv blush a dark purple. Why was he blushing? He then teleported away.


Xcellence took a look at Halluciv. He was blushing, his shirt was loosely hanging down his shoulders and he wore no pants. It was making him sick. He was the only one allowed to make his Lucy look like that. Halluciv wasn’t even looking at him.

Xcellence was teleporting them to his room, pushing Halluciv down on the bed. Halluciv’s eyes widened.

“N-NO” he screamed while kicking his legs, as Xcellence climbed on top of him. Xcellence clenched his teeth. He looked down at Halluciv who had tears at the corner of his eyesockets.

“Why are you so tense! It’s not like we haven’t done this before!” He took a rope and cuffed Halluciv’s hands on the bed. Halluciv couldn’t teleport away, because of his metal collar,wich was still around his neck. Xcellence growled, he would show him, who he belongs to. He took off his shorts and tried to enter the legs kicking Halluciv.

He pushed himself in hard and began thrusting, making Halluciv scream “Aah… Xcellence…this…aah~… hurts” Xcellence was a little hurt himself. Why didn’t Halluciv call him senpai? Or Celly? Or any of his cute nicknames for him?

“Well that’s *huf* your own fault *huf* , you traitor” Xcellence said. Halluciv’s eyes widened with anger. “I’m a traitor?” he asked “You’re the one sleeping with my brother!” Xcellence nearly forgot about that event, but he doesn’t care, he could do whatever he wanted, he’s the feared lord of chaos and destruction. But Halluciv? Halluciv was his alone. Nobody could ever touch him. He gave a deep thrust, making Halluciv cry out again “Y-You’re hurting me!” he cried out.

Xcellence didn’t care, he would give him a lesson, he’d never forget. Still thrusting he began kissing Halluciv roughly, taking Halluciv’s screams as a chance to shove in his tongue. He roughly massaged Halluciv’s tongue, making him scream louder.

But for the first time, Xcellence wasn’t pleased with Halluciv’s sounds. It didn’t sound like they were because of love and pleasure, it sounded more like he was being hurt. It even sounded like Halluciv was hating him, and wanting to make this stop as fast as possible. Xcellence would never admit it, but he missed Halluciv moaning his name, because he was in pleasure. Calling him cute things. Wrapping his arms and legs around him and telling him to go faster and harder. Telling him that he loved him. He stopped.

“Stop it” he commanded.

“Stop what?” Halluciv asked.

“Stop making me feel bad! You don’t give me cute nicknames, don’t moan my name and there are the tears in your eyes!” he tried not to scream “YOU EVEN GOT AROUSED BY ANOTHER PERSON!”

Halluciv began to cry again “Well, it wouldn’t have happened when *sob* you wouldn’t have cheated on me with my brother” he sobbed.

“Lucy, that’s-” Halluciv interrupted him.

“DON’T YOU DARE CALLING ME LUCY! I’M NOT YOUR LUCY ANYMORE, YOU MEAN CHEATER!” Xcellence felt dumbfounded. That was a new side of Halluciv. He was the feared Xcellence, he would get everything he wanted. And what he wanted was Halluciv. He leaned down, gently placing butterfly kisses on his chest, mumbling quiet sorrys inbetween kisses.Then he kissed his cheeks a few times. But no matter how often Xcellence would say sorry, Halluciv wouldn’t believe him. Xcellence pulled away, uncuffing Halluciv’s hands.

Xcellence gently placed Halluciv on his lab, beginning to thrust again. He softly bit down in Halluciv’s shoulder. Halluciv tried not to please Xcellence and moan, he put a hand over his mouth to not let a sound escape, wich didn’t work. He even stopped crying.

“Aahh~” he moaned when Xcellence began licking his shoulder. Why didn’t he fight back? Why didn’t he run away? Why didn’t he pnch him. It was because he couldn’t. He just couldn’t.

“Lucy~” Xcellence mumbled against his ear, causing him to lightly shiver.

“My cute little moon~ the only thing that makes me happy~ my reason to live~” he began kissing Halluciv again, enjoying the sweet taste of Halluciv’s tongue. He pulled away licking his lips.

“Mmh~ you taste so good~ ” he began stroking Halluciv’s still wet cheek.

“Why are you so beautiful~? It’s like you’re a piece of the moon~”

“St-mmh~stooooop~ aahh~” Halluciv couldn’t think clear because of all the affection. He was being thrusted in, his cheek was being stroked and he was being bitten in the shoulder, all at the same time. He knew all of this love was fake, but it still caused him to shiver.

“But how can I stop~ You’re too sweet for me to ever stop showing you my love~ Just look at you~” he wasn’t saying the truth, Halluciv knew that, he just wanted to let Xcellence know how this feels. How it feels to be heartbroken.

“If you’d ever be erased from existence I would cry my whole life~” he began thrusting faster, making Halluciv moan louder, but something clicked in his mind when  he heared the word erased.

“I-I’m gonna~ hmm~” Halluciv stopped to speak, when he was being filled with Xcellence’s cum. He had totally forgotten how amazing this felt. Right after that, Halluciv came too, a little bit even came on his cheek. Xcellence chuckled, licking the cum from his cheek.

“Such a bad little boy~ making a big mess~ you should be punished for that~” Halluciv smirked, he knew how to get revenge now, it was dumb, but maybe it would work. He began kissing Xcellence roughly and making both of them fall onto the bed with Halluciv on top. Halluciv took the rope in his hands.

“I’m not the only bad boy~” he purred “You should be punished more than I~” Xcellence was shocked for a moment, but then smirked. He took the rope out of his hands and threw it away.

“Someone’s eager~” he said while climbing on top of Halluciv. He began kissing Halluciv wildly. Halluciv kissed back, still being hurt by Xcellence’s actions, but he needed it for his revenge.

Xcellence pulled away, placing Halluciv’s legs over his shoulders, starting to thrust again. This time Halluciv didn’t even try to hide his moans, he even tried to be extra loud.

“O-oh~ senpai~ you feel so good~mmh~ inside me~” Xcellence smirked. He always gets what he wants. Halluciv’s moans were like music to his ears.

“Aaah~ ooh Eraser~” Xcellence stopped. Halluciv quickly put his hands over his mouth, in a ‘Oh no’ motion.

“What did you just call me?” Xcellence asked shocked.

“Xcellence?” Halluciv answered, trying to sound unsure.

“YOU JUST CALLED ME ERASER!” Xcellence screamed.

“N-No I didn’t”

“YES YOU DID! WHY DID YOU JUST CALL ME ERASER?!” he didn’t even realize he was near tears, other than Halluciv who was mentally smirking.

“W-Well…” he fake gulped “Wh-When you entered me it felt a little like when…”


“When Eraser did it…” he wispered, looking away. A few tears rolled down Xcellence’s cheeks.

“When did you two…?” he didn’t even finish his sentence.

“For a few months now…” Xcellence gulped.

“So you two have been doing this more than once…? How often…?” Halluciv was still looking away.

“I don’t think you want to know that…” Xcellence nodded and left the room.

Halluciv turned to the side, not really looking anywhere. He had gotten his revenge, Xcellence understands how this feels now. But why wasn’t he happy about it?

Poor Lucy

Numb episode 3

Lance stand up from his chair pulled Allura to the chair made her sit and place his arms in the chair armrests cornered Allura “ok listen up bitch” the team flinch at Lance way to talk to Allura “you can question my decisions and my position in this team as much as you fucking want but if you wanna open your fucking filthy mouth to talk about Blue you better talk good shit alright? No one talk bad about my lion and less in front of me Blue is the closet thing I have to feelings and that makes her more important than my own life so next time you wanna question Blue make sure I’m not in the.same.fucking room” Lance said letting go the armrest and walking off.

Allura stand up in shock no one could believe what just happen Lance insult the shit out of Allura defending his lion the cold on Lance words where too much they made Allura tear “that’s fucking it! LANCE!!” Pidge said and rush behind Lance “PIDGE NO WAIT!” Hunk said running behind her follow by Keith and shiro coran stayed with Allura pidge was fast surprisedly fast for her short legs and when the team arrive she was already yelling at Lance and she threw a fist at Lance who easily doge it “you ASSHOLE!!! You made Allura cry!! How do you feel about that?!” Pidge say letting punches and kicks fly to Lance and he just keep dodging until he grab pushes hands “Pidge” Lance said Pidge looked at her anger tears falling from her eyes “I don’t have feelings I don’t care about anyone here or myself” Lance said “BULLSHIT!” Keith yelled “if you actually don’t care then why the hell did you save hunk?!” Keith snapped and walk to Lance pushing Pidge away.

Liked said before you can only fight ice with fire and Keith was on rage fire “Keith you’re giving me a headache” Lance said “no I’m NOT!!” Keith yelled “I’m making you mad that’s what I’m doing” Keith said “Keith I can’t” Lance got interrupted “YES YOU CAN LANCE!” Shiro yelled walking to him “you can feel but you’re trying to hide it even from yourself” shiro said “shiro don’t give me a peep talk it’s not gonna work my Abuela always told me I was empty dead inside that someone took something away from me when I was on the womb” Lance said looking at shiro “I’m not fixable and if it makes you feel better tell Allura I’m sorry” Lance said “I’m gonna talk to Blue she’s been calling me for a while already” Lance said and leave.

Keith and shiro walk in their room “so he say he can’t feel huh?” Keith said “do you think he really doesn’t?” Keith ask turning at shiro “I doubt they’re just hidden so we have to pull them out Keith…together” shiro said staring at his lover and he nod they both loved Lance and before they thought Lance loved them too but turns out Lance can’t love or that’s what he said.

Lance starts spending a lot of time with blue today the team called him to eat but he didn’t answered so they head to blues hangar where they all could feel this sad aura so they slowly open the door and saw Lance tearing and sobbing Keith and shiro where about to go to him when “wow girl you got better on this feeling things” Lance said wiping tears away “so this is sadness? Heh it sucks it feels horrible” Lance said “that’s a pinch of sadness huh?” Lance said getting a purr from Blue “thanks girl I know this is hard for you have a numb paladin…it must suck” Lance said he cared so much about blue he wanted to feel…feel for her but he couldn’t do blue will take feelings she remember from her other paladins and give small portions of it to Lance at this point Lance already got a pinch of: sadness, happiness and guilt but that was all just a pinch nothing even close to enough of what the feeling really was “You know I did feel something the first time I flew you I think I was exited you’re so fast so yeah excitement” Lance said and blue purr at him “man I wish I could have feelings but well I think being numb can work sometimes I mean who doesn’t need a cold blood killer in a war am I right?” Lance said with a sarcastic tone in his voice “let’s leave him” Pidge said and walk away followed by hunk shiro and Keith walked to Lance “you’re not part of the team because of that” Shiro said “and you where not suppose to be hearing that” Lance answered “why your answers are always in a defensive way?!” Keith ask Lance only shrug “Lance…” shiro said looking at Lance “…yeah?” Lance ask shiro hated that stone face Lance always had he missed his laugh his smile he whisper something to Keith and Keith nod at him “mmm?” Lance ask but before he could do anything shiro was holding him from behind and Keith was trying to tickle him “really? Tickles guys my family tried that and it didn’t w-” Lance squirm when Keith touch a point in his hip. Lance was laughing Keith found his tickle spot it was a real laugh even “what the- *laugh* this is n*laugh*” this was new even for Lance the sound of his laugh his real laugh it was so weird after a while it start to hurt Lance couldn’t breath and his stomach burn “ok Keith stop STOP!” Lance yelled Keith stoped and Lance let him go Lance fall to the ground recovering the lost air “never do that again” Lance said “that was awful I couldn’t breath and my stomach hurt” Lance said “that’s what happen when you laugh a lot” Keith explain “you have a cute laugh” shiro said “well we’re going to eat you’re coming?” Keith ask “Yeah I’m need food” Lance said Blue purred happy at Lance she heard him laugh but when they get to the dinning room everyone looked at Lance with a killer looked except Allura and Hunk Allura tried to looked away Lance let out a sigh “hey Allura” Lance said and Allura flinch “I’m…sorry for what I said” Lance said Allura looked at her “you mean it Lance?” Allura ask “no” Lance was honest “but not no in the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ more like a 'I’ve never been sorry in my entire life’ no” Lance said forcing a smile “I forgive you” Allura said all of them sit down. Keith and shiro pulled Lance into their room “am I being kidnap?” Lance ask “so tickles work…” Keith said “Lance we want you to let us try something else to see if you have feelings” shiro said Lance let out a sigh “alright if that makes you both happy then go ahead give it a shot” Lance said and extend his arms to the sides Keith and shiro looked at each other and nod suddenly Keith was kissing Lance while shiro kissed Lance neck the contact feels weird it last for a few minute until they both pulled away “anything?” Shiro ask Lance shook his head “sorry but no” Lance said and walk out “nice try tho” he said and leave. He head to blues hangar and when he did he fell on his knees suddenly blushing his heart going crazy “what the fuck is happening?” Lance said and reach for Blue’s paw “girl” Lance place his hand on his chest his hard was going to fast he thought it he was going to have a heart attack “girl this is awful my skin burns my heart is going like crazy my head is fussy and I’m dizzy” Lance said panting. The next day was a living hell Lance got split from his team and found himself face to face with Hagar who notice the magic that made Lance numb “your numbness is inconvenient for me I’ll get rid of it stay still child” Hagar said attacking Lance who moved dogging the attack Lance got hit a little in the arm making it burn and he got away “damn” he said his team saw him hurt took him to pot and heal his arm when he was out something was weird “guys….I think Hagar did something to me” Lance said TO BE CONTINUE (Spoiler he’s not gonna stop being numb…yet…he just got one or two emotions)

Spending More Time with Him

Ittt’s Father’s day where I live! This one focuses on my Siegbaby wanting to spend more time with his precious father, enjoy!

The Kingdom of Nohr had been blessed with the birth of the second prince a few months previous – Young Prince Kana and Crown Prince Siegbert now were the light and joy of the palace, though a very conflicted boy sulked about around the corridors.

Not to the point of getting behind his classes, heavens forbid! No, he always made sure to be as focused as he should during his lessons, but a few side glances and some blank stares caught the attention of one of his instructors, who promptly reported to the Queen.

“Siegbert is acting strange?” Kamui repeated the report, placing one hand over her cheek in worry. “He’s always been such a good child, I wonder what ails my baby…” She murmured the last part to herself, the music teacher excusing herself while the Queen made her way towards the Crown Prince’s chambers.

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Word count: 1241

Warnings: ANGST

Author’s note: Oh yeah I’m trying something new. Different headline same story. I’m so adventurous :D So this is the second part to “Useless” which some of you requested me to do. And even when I’m pretty late I always love to make you happy ♥♥♥ So please leave me some feedback if you could and enjoy of course.

Little sidenote: This is inspired by Labyrith’s “Jealous”. Awesome song!

Useless (part 1)

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Definiton: adjective; Feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages

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Please excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes, just rushing this out for you guys before my next class since it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything, hope y’all like it ^^

“Daddyyy! Feed me!!!” Your adorable 4 year old son whined, kicking his legs in his high chair as he watched Jay dash out of the bedroom and straight to the door, hair barely dried as he rushed to put on his shoes.

“I’m sorry but Daddy’s gotta go!” He called out from the door, casting him a quick glance and giving him a small wave.

“But Daddyyyyyy!!”

“Daddy’s late for work, now be good and finish up your breakfast alright?” You told him in a hushed whisper, patting his head in an attempt to get him to calm down as you saw tears welling up in his eyes.

But you knew there was nothing stopping the waterworks as Jay picked up his haversack, sending your son into a frenzy of tears as he burst out crying and repeatedly banged his cutlery against the table.

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bisexualscarletqueen  asked:

Hi! Can I have a scenario for gom where they realize that they've spent 20 years married with their s/o and their children are all grown up? Thank u♡

May have gotten carried away because MARRIED LIFE AU? -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

“Tetsuya? Have you seen-” You stopped, spotting your husband at the door, back turned to you. Through the many years you were married, you had gotten used to his low presence, and instinctively knew which room he might be in.

“It’s been a while since I looked at this,” Kuroko said softly, and you stepped forward, looking over his shoulder. He was looking at your scrapbook of photos and news clippings, starting from junior school, and the latest page was updated when you two sent your son to university.

Kuroko was staring at the group photo of when his team won the Winter Cup for the first time; there were more victories, bigger competitions since then, but to him this was the most important victory of them all. “We were so young,” he noted, and you smiled, albeit sadly at the wistfulness in his tone.

You slid your arms around his waist, resting your chin on his shoulder. “It’s been a long time since then,” you murmured, half to yourself. It’s hard to believe the two of you have come so far, from the moment you began dating during Kuroko’s second year, until now, twenty years later.

Sometimes you still wonder if your life with Kuroko has been an illusion.

Kuroko turned his head and pressed a kiss to your cheek. “I know,” he replied almost absentmindedly. He flicked through the pages of the scrapbook until he reached the photo of the two of you on your wedding day. “Thank you.” “What for?” “Being here for me.”

Kise Ryouta:


“Keep your voice down, Ryou!” you snapped. Your daughter tried to contain her laughter, but her eyes were wet. “Dad, you’re going to embarrass us all.”

Kise sniffed. “But I won’t be able to see you for months and months! What if you get too busy? Or you get a boyfriend? Or—”

“Alright, that’s enough,” you squeezed Kise’s arm reassuringly, then looked at your daughter sternly. “Just promise you won’t forget about us.”

“I won’t!” Your daughter rolled her eyes. “Gosh, Dad, stop being so clingy. I’ll call if I have any problems, and text you if I’m free. I’m an adult, I can take care of myself now.”

Apparently that wasn’t the right thing to say, because Kise promptly burst into tears again, much to your annoyance and your daughter’s horror. “I-I know t-that!” Kise sobbed, voice quavering. “B-but it only seemed like y-yesterday when I was still t-trying to change your diaper…and you a-always wet the bed too…you were so cute back then…”


“But it’s college!” Kise looked at you tearfully. “Even I almost didn’t make it through college, I needed your help and I had to copy your homework…”


Midorima Shintarou:

“Remember, you must—

“Check Oha-Asa, wear my lucky colour, and bring my lucky item, every day, without fail,” Midorima’s daughter parroted, making you laugh and Midorima a little miffed, but pleased nonetheless. “I know, Dad. Don’t worry. I’ll make you and Mom proud.”

“No slacking, alright?” Was it just your imagination, or did Midorima’s voice tremble a little? “Medicine is difficult, no matter how clever you are or how easy it seems to you. Always work your hardest, and God will give you what you deserve—”

You rolled your eyes and interrupted, “Shintarou, it’s the third time you’ve said that since we got here. She still needs to go through immigration.”

Midorima huffed, and looked at his daughter. “Show me your hand.”

Obediently she held out her left hand, the bandages around her fingers cleanly done, like his. Midorima cleared his throat and tried not to sniffle. She (luckily) did not inherit his unusual speech pattern, but did learn from his work ethic. “Good, keep your hands in this condition. It will help you in your practicals when you perform mock operations.”

“I remember when the two of you played surgeon,” you reminisced fondly, a faraway look in your eye. “Granted, your dad sometimes forgot you were a toddler and almost gave you a real scalpel once…”

“We don’t need to talk about that,” Midorima said hurriedly, and the two of you laughed.

Aomine Daiki:

He’d never thought that he’d get this far. Everybody - hell, Aomine himself, too - thought that he’d spent his entire life playing basketball and flirting, and not settling down in a committed relationship.

The two of you sat side by side, watching your two sons playing basketball in the court out in the yard, a typical one-on-one. Aomine still played with them sometimes, but work piling up made it harder. “It felt like just yesterday that those two were still pulling on my hair and couldn’t tell the difference between a basketball and a football.” Aomine’s eyes suddenly narrowed and he raised his voice. “Oi, you should’ve done a drive there, not try a shot, that’s why you got blocked!”

“Sorry Dad!”

You laughed, kicking him half-heartedly in the shin, like you always did before. “Don’t be mean. It’s their last match against each other for a couple of months. University will be tough for them.”

“Oh, right…damn.” Aomine didn’t want to admit it out loud but he was feeling a little sentimental. Time sure goes by quickly. “The house is gonna get quiet, huh? At least I’ll still have you.”

You smiled, blushing a little. “I’m still surprised, y’know. Aomine Daiki, a husband and a father.”

Aomine broke into a grin. “And on the plus side, our kids beat Kagami’s kids at basketball. That’s definitely a bonus.”


Murasakibara Atsushi:

“Hey, Atsushi, could you come here a sec?”

“Ehhhh?” Slowly Murasakibara shuffled over to the kitchen, munching on a handful of chips. “What, do you need help getting s—”

He trailed off at the sight of you grabbing a set of boxes from the top shelf, only having to stand on tiptoe. You turned to face him. “Something wrong?”

“Ah…nothing.” Great, now he was getting teary. He missed the times when you relied on him to get stuff from high shelves. He hadn’t realised how tall you’d become since the two of you started dating. Instead he said, “What’ve you got there?”

You smiled, looking a little embarassed. “Well, now that it’s just the two of us at home, I was thinking of clearing out some of our old stuff, things that we won’t use anymore…like these, we could give them away.” You held out one of the boxes you’d taken, and Murasakibara saw it was filled with old plastic cups and cutlery, hilariously small and in cartoon designs. “We could sell these.”

“…Oh.” Their son used to use these when he was younger. He’d just left them two days ago, to attend a prestigious culinary school in France. In the blink of an eye, the kid had grown from a tiny toddler that Murasakibara used to trip over, to a tall, lanky boy who rivaled his father’s own height - and soon, his cooking skill, too.

Murasakibara hated crying. But he couldn’t help it, and this time, instead of scolding him for being childish, you let him be - because you were sniffling, too.

Akashi Seijuurou:

The festival was coming to an end and Akashi waited hand-in-hand with you in the wings of the stage, his heart filled with pride and affection as the two of you watched your daughter perform her violin recital flawlessly on stage. When she finished, the audience rose to their feet, whooping and clapping, and Akashi felt tears prickling at the corners of his eyes.

“Thank you so much,” Akashi’s daughter spoke, smiling gently. “I feel very honored to be here, and I would not be able to accomplish this without my father - Akashi Seijuurou.”

She turned towards them, her red eyes shining, the same colour as the dress she wore, and extended a hand towards him. “Father, please come out.”

Akashi glanced at you in surprise. He hadn’t expected this. But you simply pushed him forward, and slowly he made his way towards his daughter, aware of the crowd’s murmuring as he came out into the light, and stood next to the young girl who had his eyes and your dark hair.

“Thank you,” his daughter smiled, glowing. “For teaching me, for raising me, and for being the best father I could ever ask for.”

Akashi swallowed, his throat dry. Twenty years. It felt like so little time had passed and yet so much had happened. It was like he’d blinked and she’d become a beautiful young woman. He wasn’t sure of what to say in response, with all his feelings in his throat, and thankfully, she offered an easier way.

She handed him her violin. “Would you play a song with me, father?”

Punch! >> Jungkook, OC (Part 3)

Parts 1|2

Minyoung’s POV

“Here, we are.” Jungkook said after sending me back in front of the school gate. I asked him to walk me back to school since I didn’t know how to get back home from where we were.

The walk to school was a little awkward. Me and Jungkook were silent. My sudden hug was shocking for both of us. My cheeks were burning after I realized what I had done, I apologized and he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, saying it was fine.

“Thanks.” I pressed my lips into line as I took off his jacket that he gave to me, handing it to him and turned to leave when I remembered that I’ll be back to the same street that I was chased at. The fear took me again and I didn’t want to walk home alone.

“Jungkook!” I turned to look back at him. “I’m sorry, but can I ask for something?”

His eyes widened and nodded slightly, waiting for my request.

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RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 11 Reaction

- “Taking Control” well I hope this has some of WBY in it!

-Wow! Way to go Cinder! Her aura must be really straining because of her injuries so using the Maiden’s powers must be tough.

-Hmmm I wonder if Cinder will be Salem’s lap dog forever…

-OH! Is she gonna punish Tyrian?!??? Huh… guess not.

- WOW! He completely went nuts and he’s even crying… and look at Cinder’s face! Lol

-Cinder, I know for a fact you’re not the kind of character to throw your pride like that and become as crazy as Tyrian… so what will you do I wonder.

-YES!!! WE GET SOME YANG!! And oh my gosh!! She’s painting her arm!!!! It looks so bad ass! I love it!! It matches her gauntlet perfectly!!


-Yeah, Yang. Where are you going? OH, MISTRAL!?!?! YOU’RE GOING TO RUBY RIGHT? I mean that’s where Raven is too! So it’s taking out two birds with one stone! (Heh I wonder if that could count as a pun)

-WEEEEEEEEEISSSSS!!! YAAAAAAAASSS!! Klein is so tiny and I love him~!

-wait I thought she’d just go out the window lol! Nevermind I guess. I hope Klein helps her out!!

-oh shit! Someone’s yelling… Ironwood??? Took his daughter? Winter?!?!?!?? Are they talking about Winter?!?!!


-The boarders are going to close soon!! Holy shit! She needs to leave that kingdom now! Ugh please!!


-wow I’ve never seen Sun shirtless before, that’s nice.

-oh my god…. Blake said she thinks about them everyday and that Ruby Weiss And Yang were people she loved…. I AM SOBBING!!! And now she wants them to hate her?!???? WHY BLAKE?!? They love you! That’s why they get hurt for you!!

-YES YOU TELL HER SUN! Tell her you’d do it again and that her leaving would hurt more! Because that’s exactly how Yang feels! YES!! THIS WHAT SHE NEEDS TO HEAR!

-lmao! Kali you’re so cute! And look at Blake’s cute face awwww


-oh no… REN! D:

-oh god… it’s there… it’s with them right now… shit!!!

-overall, for another multi part episode, this was great! It highlighted and kinda of concluded WBY’s part of this volume because they’re all basically going to Mistral. I love how Sun finally told Blake what she needed to know. I AM SO HAPPY KLEIN HELPED WEISS FREE! She needs to get out of there fast! Idk how but she’ll do it! I believe in her! Yang’s arm is kick ass and her using her bike again is awesome!! Now I guess the conclusion for his season is fighting that… thing… I’m betting Raven helps them out. I don’t think she’d let Summer’s daughter die or her own brother.