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Types as people I've met irl (ENFP pov)

Saw several posts about this & thought it would be a cool thing to do

- least judgmental person /ever/
- loves going on exciting trips
- “do u want me to do the dishes?”
- if they’re with someone who’s good with puns they suddenly come up with great material, if they’re with a physically affectionate person they’ll return the affection whole heartedly
- is actually pretty straightforward about opinions but never in a rude way

- can’t say no
- unbeknownst to many is actually pretty self conscious
- “oh gosh why did I do that!!” regrets, regrets, regrets
- 100% night owl
- Let’s Talk About Our Insecurities™
- they have crazy energy spikes & then retreat into a shell to recharge

- usually has a bunch of good friends that are of the opposite sex
- gets offended over the stupidest things
- the one who calms you down and tells you everything will be OK
- in love with bromance
- “I can’t I’m super busy with work I literally don’t even have 5 minutes I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight!!” *leaves on spontaneous trip to the woods for 4 days with no reception*

- will introduce you to some of the best places/experiences
- music taste on point
- “let me tell u why this person will never get anywhere”
- actually pretty successful out in the real world
- surprisingly very judgmental
- great jokes

- hair, makeup, outfit, purse, everything must be perfect
- amazing cook
- d a n c i n g when no one’s watching
- takes a while to open up, but when they do it’s like a whole other world
- will drop their friends when they get into a romantic relationship

- the person with the most shocking sense of humor
- does things that at times aren’t socially acceptable
- can be surprisingly introspective
- super blunt
- is actually a cat whisperer

- they’re actually super funny????
- smart conversationalists
- if they hate you, you prolly don’t know it
- fine with school, and in some cases actually like it
- never get emotional

- yearn for change, will make important life decisions on a whim sometimes
- deep & intimate late night conversations
- will go on an adventure w/ u @ midnight
- need lots of love & encouragement
- big dreams but have a fear they’ll never achieve them

- Rebellious™
- love things like rock climbing and hiking
- feel more affection for their kitty than for people lol
- will be pissed if u knock on their window at 5 am but will still get up and do ur hair for u bc u need it for a photoshoot bc inside they are truly fuzzballs
- lots of boyfriends/girlfriends

- will see that you’re feeling down and will shower you with love & gifts
- super expressive in facial expressions
- if they talk to you they are pretty open about the people they don’t like
- super involved in everything
- has a really fun childlike side

- believes in you when you don’t
- replies to compliments with “I know.”
- “you can do better”
- prolly smarter than you
- spunky
- volunteers bc they have the desire to help people less fortunate than them

  • Me: I am allergic to cats and sundried tomatoes
  • Them: omg??? but cats have nothing to do with sundried tomatoes??? why would you talk about them at the same time??? that's gross and anti-feline!!! u must haet all cat people!!!
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I am allergic to both cats and sundried tomatoes.

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Dude but you know how you get the after endings when you get the good endings? Imagine if you got an after ending for the bad ends too. Like I'm imagining like the one where unknown takes you to be his assistant in the beginning if you don't cooperate with him, the 50 shades of Han, and... omg, i dont think I'd want to see the one where you jump out of the window in one of jumins bad ends T_T though i know they do kind of do that by having a 'one year later' thing but that's the normal end?

lmao why must you hurt me so anon :(

Jumin: (50 shades end)

  • live in enforced luxury all day, you’re never hungry but always bored
  • R18 scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • actually just a series of mini games where u feed the cat and brush her and send regular pictures of her on your phone to him at work lmao
  • devolves into a nekoatsume knockoff where u have 2 feed the cats 3 kinds of cat food or they don’t attend your backyard party
  • side quests where u have exactly 90 seconds between taking off your GPS shoes and the appearance of security
  • there’s no punishment, you just get restarted in the living room every time and have to figure out how to leave the penthouse within those 90 seconds
  • the moment you figure it out and can finally leave, he gets back from work just as you’re leaving through the door and asks you where you are going
  • too bad you’re an absolute masochist and will walk back inside with him just to do it all over again the next day
  • it never ends, but you’re less bored because of it

Yoosung: (yandere end)

  • you are forced to dye your hair blond and grow it out
  • your name is rika now
  • the whole game is you trying to find ways to get away with murdering him
  • you kill him but he keeps coming back
  • he kills you but you keep coming back
  • turns out you were his main LOLOL character all along!
  • life is an illusion time is a construct


  • gets in your business with everyone you meet
  • pesters you about every love interest and how he’s definitely better
  • oh wait THAT’S CANON


  • collapses after working too hard
  • you’re actually the nurse in the ward
  • she starts recovering after you visit her every day and listen to her trash jumin every waking moment
  • no pets allowed in hospital she is bLESSED
  • oopse it became a good end my bad


  • you’re caught by Saeran and used to blackmail Seven into complying with the orders he gives him
  • you realize Rika is in charge but you lived in her apartment long enough to know her weaknesses
  • maybe she takes sleeping pills that knock her out and nobody else knows but you’ve seen the bottles in the bathroom cabinet
  • you KNOW
  • because you look innocent and let yourself be used nobody expects it when you mURDER THAT HO IN HER SLEEP


  • you both go into a mental hospital and get help because let’s be honest something is off and you shouldn’t do it alone
  • I mean did you eat?
  • do you ever eat?
  • the whole route is you playing mini games with him that alleviate anxiety and try to keep up with your medication on time
  • no stress or drama
  • you’ve already had your bad end, saeran, let’s work our way up to a good end
  • gentle soft words and lots of hugs
  • you can cry and throw things if it makes you feel better but you don’t have to
  • it’s ok now ♥


  • the house is a mess
  • leopard print is consistently slammed in fashion magazines
  • this house is in an unaCCEPTABLE CONDITION!
  • jk rowling: all was well
  • fans: thats so fucking unrealistic what are you doing with that bullshit
  • jk rowling: albus must struggle with the weight of family legacy. sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places
  • fans: you said all was fucking well why dont u shut the fuck up already. also albus is now clearly a helldemon i despise his very existence

@teamedwardjace Hey!  Here’s one of your requests!  I’ll do the other ones too!  I love your ideas for one shots so, I love writing them!!

Natsu’s high on mushrooms again…  And he’s extra affectionate!

“Lucy, Lucy!” Lucy heard Happy’s panicked cry and turned as the blue cat flung himself into her arms, and nuzzled his face into her chest.

“What’s wrong, Happy?” Lucy asked concernedly.  They were out on a mission, Team Natsu, compiled of Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla, and Juvia decided to tag along.  Lucy was worried that someone got seriously hurt without her knowing; as of that moment, they had decided to camp for the night.  Since Natsu absolutely refused to travel by train, they had all agreed to make the trek by foot, but it would take an extra day and a half. 

“It’s Natsu!  He clearly didn’t learn his lesson the first time and is being really weird!” Happy explained, but Lucy found herself even more confused.

“What did he do?  What do you mean he ‘didn’t learn his lesson the first time’?”

“Remember when we came back from our training and I told you how Natsu ate all those mushrooms and started acting really funny?  Well, he did it again!  he ate them when we were looking for fire wood and he’s being all weird!”  Happy’s eyes were wide as he told Lucy the predicament.  Lucy’s emotions went from concern to exhaustion in the matter of seconds.

“Oh, lovely.  I’ll go get him, Happy, wait here.” Lucy sighed and walked off in the direction that Happy and Natsu had set off.  Sure enough, as she went deeper into the trees, she heard Natsu’s voice.

“Happy~, come back!  I miss you…” Natsu sounded forlorn and Lucy rolled her eyes just watching him for a few moments.  Mushroom ends were strewn all around his feet, his head lolled back and forth as he attempted to stay steady on the stump he was seated on.   “Buddy…?”  Lucy finally walked out into the small clearing, with her arms folded across her chest, and confronted the stupefied dragon slayer.

“Natsu, what the hell-” Lucy was cut off as Natsu shot up happily and scooped her up into a hug.

“Luce! You came!”  She struggled against his muscular arms that were ensnaring her, and finally managed to slither out of his grasp.

“Yeah, to come get you you idiot.  You’re scaring Happy half to death!  Why are you eating those mushrooms?  You don’t even know if they’re poisonous of not!”

“I was hungry.” Natsu replied matter-of-factly and Lucy sighed and shook her head.

“C’mon, we need to go back to the camp.  You’re lucky Gray brought some fire wood back to camp with him otherwise Erza would have your head.  But I can’t make any promises that she won’t after she sees you like this.” Lucy informed him and his eyes went wide.

“Lucy, protect me from that monster!”  He wailed loudly and Lucy hushed him.

“Be quiet, sheesh!” Lucy guided him through the path she took and, while doing so, she felt Natsu grasp her hand.  “What the hell, Natsu?”  Lucy felt her face heating up as she saw his fingers entwined with her own.

“It’s scary out here!  You make me feel safe.” Natsu told her with utter sincerity.

“For the love of-  ugh, okay, let’s go.”  Lucy tried to hide the blush that she was stupidly getting, and finally made it back to their campsite.

“What took so long?” Erza demanded and Lucy gestured to Natsu, who was clinging to her hand even harder.

“Ask the brilliant Natsu.  He decided to have a late night snack.”

“What did the idiot eat this time?” Gray scoffed, eyeing him over.

“He ate those mushrooms again!  It makes him weird, he tore down a whole mountain last time!” Happy cried  from his seat next to Carla.

“Pfft, what a freaking idiot!” Gray cackled.

“Gray, your hair is so nice, how do you get it so shiny?” Natsu broke his grasp on Lucy and walked up to the ice make wizard, inspecting his hair as if it were the most intriguing thing on the planet.

“What the fu-” Gray squinted his eyes incredulously at Natsu.

“Yes, Gray-sama is so lovely!” Juvia agreed, clearly misreading the situation once again.

“U-um…  Natsu, why don’t you come sit down.” Erza guided and Natsu turned his gaze on her.

“Erza!  How do you carry all that armor?  You must be really strong!  But you’re not very big, so…”  Natsu pondered the thoughts that were formulating in his mind while Erza scowled at him.

“Do you want me to try and heal him?” Wendy offered after staring at Natsu with a judgmental face.

“Don’t be silly, child, you can’t cure stupidity.” Carla pointed out, snuffing her nose at Natsu.

“Pfft,” Natsu giggled, “Carla, you’re a cat.”  This seemed to set Natsu over the edge into a fit of laughter.  “Happy, y-you are too!  And Wendy, you’re so nice and sweet and adorable.  I hope I have a daughter like you…” Natsu squashed Wendy’s cheeks together gently and Wendy’s eyes filled with concern and embarrassment.

“Ah… Thank you, Natsu, that’s very…  Sweet.”  Wendy chuckled uncomfortably and Lucy quickly got up and grabbed hold of him.

“Come on, Natsu, it’s time for bed.” Lucy guided him towards his pack that had a sleeping bag in it.

“Bed with you?  Wah!” Natsu looked at her excitedly and Lucy blanched.

“When the hell did I say that?”

“Lucy, you’re so~ pretty!” Natsu cooed at her; Lucy’s skin felt warm under his gaze and couldn’t find the strength to look him in the eyes.

“Er, thanks, Natsu…”

“He’s flirting with Lucy!” Juvia gasped and Lucy scowled at her over her shoulder.

“You’re so soft…” Natsu suddenly wrapped his arms around Lucy and stroked her bare arm.

“Uhh…” Lucy squirmed, unsure of what to do.

“Natsu, why are you being so strange?” Happy questioned him worriedly.

“I am not!  Lucy is just so great…  Mm…” Natsu rested his head in the crook of Lucy’s neck.

“N-natsu, maybe you should lay down…” Erza suggested and Lucy looked up to see a blush on her face as well.

“Natsu, you’re being a freaking idiot, get off Lucy!” Gray demanded.

“Why, so you can have her?  I don’t think so!” Natsu snapped, glaring at Gray.

“Why is Gray-sama never so forward…”  Juvia cried, eyeing Natsu and Lucy jealously.

“Ugh…” Lucy groaned.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to help Natsu-san…?” Wendy asked sounding worried but Lucy shook her head.

“Thanks Wendy, but he just needs to sleep this one off.” Lucy answered.

“Your voice sounds so pretty.” Natsu observed looking at her with a ridiculous face.

“I’ll bring him to the tent.” Lucy stated bluntly and turned, basically dragging Natsu’s body with her.  “Okay, Natsu, it’s time for bed now.  You need to get a lot of rest, you certainly put a dent in those mushrooms…”  She set up his sleeping bag in one of the large tents they had brought, and sat him down on it. Natsu decided to strip off his vest and scarf revealing his well toned abdomen.  Lucy had to fight the urge of her wandering eyes, and folded vest, placing Igneel’s scarf on top of it.

“O-okay, are you ready to sleep now?”  Lucy asked hoping he’d fall asleep quickly.

“Can’t you stay?” Natsu pressed and Lucy sighed, dragging out her sleeping bag and setting it next to his.  She decided that she would stay until he fell asleep and then join the others by the fire afterwards.

“Fine, but you need to go to sleep.”

“Oka-ay…” Nastu pouted and Lucy sighed, leaning back into her pillow and closing her eyes.  Before she had time to react, she felt lips on hers, jolting upright.

“Natsu, what the actual hell?” She was sure her face was red as a tomato as she turned to see a cheeky looking Natsu, grinning at her.

“Sorry, Luce, but the last time you thought you were so clever using Happy as a shield.  You know that’s mean, you scarred us both!  I’d much rather kiss you.” Natsu explained but all Lucy could do was drag a hand up to her lips.  With that, Natsu seemingly passed out, snoring loudly as Lucy sat there in shock.  Eventually, she quietly got up and exited the tent, rejoining their group.

“How’d everything go?” Wendy asked from next to Carla.

“Lucy, you look awfully pale, are you alright?” Erza questioned, giving her a glance over.

“Did that dumbass do something to you?” Gray grunted, scowling at the tent.

“I-I’m fine.” Lucy managed to stammer out and sit down.  “E-everything’s just fine.”

Natsu woke up with a splitting headache, a bad taste in his mouth, and…  No shirt on?

“What the….  What the hell?” Natsu croaked out, his throat was dry and his eyes were blurry.  Glancing around, he realized he was in the tent they had brought, but he didn’t really remember getting in it.  To his left, Lucy slept silently in her sleeping bag.  It was then that he had flashes of the night before; Happy being worried and flying off, him eating a ton of mushrooms…  Again.  Everyone was staring at him weirdly, Lucy…  Lucy…  What about her?  She helped him, of course it was her that helped him.  Gray was being a dick, Erza was glaring at him.  Natsu knew he messed up, but he couldn’t remember. 

“Natsu?  Are you feeling alright?” Lucy asked sleepily, rolling over to face him as he sat there sweating more than usual.

“U-uh, um, I don’t know?” Natsu stammered out and Lucy’s face seemed slightly pink.  “What happened last night?”

“W-well,” Lucy began in a small voice and Natsu gulped, “You ate mushrooms.  Again.  You scared Happy by doing that and, I don’t know, you were just very… Affectionate, I guess?  You even complimented Gray.”

“Oh, shit…  That’s bad.  I’m never doing that again.  What else?” Natsu groaned at the thought of actually complimenting Gray.

“Y-you told Wendy you wanted a daughter like her-” Lucy stopped to giggle slightly at the dumfounded expression Natsu must have been sporting, and then continued.  “And you laughed at Carla and Happy for being cats.”

“Why do I feel like I did something…  Not too good…?”  Natsu’s palms were sweaty and he felt guilty.

 Uhh…  No idea!  I don’t know why you feel like that!” Lucy let out a slightly hysterical giggle and then clamped her mouth shut.  Natsu stared at her in confusion, she seemed to be uncomfortable, but he didn’t know why.  Natsu laid back down, ready to close his eyes to get some more rest when, suddenly, it hit him.

“OH SHIT.” Natsu bolted upright, screaming loudly, scaring Lucy fully awake.

“What?!” Lucy gasped and the others in the tent stirred awake.

“Natsu, shut the F up, will you?” Gray grumbled from the other side of the tent.  Natsu ignored everyone else and placed a shaky gaze on Lucy who looked terrified.

“Lucy, Lucy…  Lucy…  I-I’m sorry…  Oh my fu-”

“Natsu, Wendy is in here, watch your mouth!” Erza snapped but seemed interested in what Natsu had to say to Lucy.

“So, did you actually do something to Lucy you fire freak?  Because she wouldn’t tell us.”  Gray huffed and looked pointedly at Natsu.  Natsu felt as though he would actually combust into flames, flames that would burn him.

“N-no, no!  Everything’s fine, go back to sleep!”  Lucy stammered, waving her hands in front of her.  Natsu ignored everyone else and just stared at Lucy.  Lucy, his best friend; he had defiled her in his stupor.

“Lucy, I am so sorry.” He whispered and Lucy’s cheeks flushed.

“I-it’s okay…”

“What did you do?” Gray growled and Erza seemed to be leaning in as if it were a suspenseful movie.

“I can’t believe I did that…” Natsu gasped out, disregarding everyone else in the tent.  It was just him and Lucy.  “I can’t believe I kissed you without your permission, I’m so sorry…”

“YOU KISSED HER?!” Gray yelped and Lucy’s face burned.

“NATSU!” Was all Erza could gasp out.  Wendy and Carla looked uncomfortable and were pretending not to be interested in the conversation.

“Oh my god…” Lucy groaned.

“I’M SORRY!” Natsu practically wailed and Lucy looked at him horrified.

“It’s okay, geez!  It wasn’t that bad…” Lucy whispered the last part to him, but he still felt awful.  He scooped  her into a tight embrace, frantically patting her head as if she were hurt.

“I will never harm you again, I will never eat those mushrooms again, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Natsu practically began a mantra of saying the same things over and over again and patting Lucy’s hair.

“It’s fine, Natsu, at least it was you…”


Q: You found squealing kitty. What are u going to do?
Fina: Mushroom, maybe we must get away?
Mushroom: Wait, I want to try something…



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how do you think jumin would react to the mc going all out for elizabeth 3rd's birthday and making her (cat friendly and cat shaped lol) pancakes and a cute little birthday party for her?


okay okay okay so

• he would be??? so touched???
• “are those…cat pancakes?” “yes” “oh… yes…those are nice”
•he takes a bunch of pictures
•makes Elizabeth wear a party hat
• posts it all over media
• “Jaehee, I cannot come to work today” “why n-” “ELIZABETH IS HAVING A PARTY I MUST ATTEND”
• invites the RFA
• He offers to marry MC bc of it
• he adds little cat party games to it