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Hades kids are collectors

Let’s be real with ourselves: Hades is a huge nerd. I bet he has a coin collection from the first coin ever made. He has an entire grand room for his collection of the skulls of conquerors through out history that he keeps in glass cases which are in chronological order. He has a library dedicated to poetry from the Romantic Era ordered by author and genre. He is a nerd I tell ya, and his kids are no different

Lets start off with Nico

  • We all know he was a huge dork as a kid; he was obsessed with Mythomagic, he even memorized the cards attack points. Bianca even said that there was only one figurine that he didn’t have
  •  Given how the card game must have been (and still is) and how many gods and monsters there are, I bet that would be a lot of figurines (where would he have kept all of them?)
  • Nico was the kind of kid who would wait outside a comic book store in a long line at midnight just to try and get a limited edition gold card set. I bet he still would as a teenager
    • “Nico, can you tell me again why we are standing in this long ass line? it’s dark and cold…”
      “Because, Will, mythomagic came out with a new art style for the nine muses cards and if we don’t get them tonight there won’t be anymore”
  • He eventually gets back in to mythomagic after he hears Will say he’s never really played before. He teaches him everything he knows, which is a lot
  • He attends small tournaments between the camps. It’s very popular, he tells Will
  • He’s won first place three years winning and shows no plan on stopping
    • the prize is a handbook with exclusive chapters
  • He builds his card collection up, and he is so proud of it
  • He has a big card holder (those books with sleeves you put your cards in, I don’t really know what they’re called) and it has every card
  • He treats it like its his baby
  • When he’s older and lives in an apartment (with Will) he’ll try and show off his collection to his friends anytime they come over. Hazel thinks it’s cute and will politely sit on the couch and listen to her big brother while Will brings her sweet iced tea
  • He buys all the premium figurines, too. He lines them up on the book case and once a week he will dust them. Will complains that it’s the only cleaning he ever does which Nico replies by tickling his boyfriends nose with the duster. All good fun

Now Hazel, this sweet, sweet girl:

  • She has a rock collection to the surprise of no one
  • After her curse is lifted, and all the gems she pulls out of the earth won’t cause any misfortune to those who take them, she becomes really fascinated by them
  • She learns about how they are formed and what minerals components they are made out of. She especially likes learning about the effects of impurities and off coloring they can get from it. She says those are the most valuable ones 
  • Her collection starts when Percy and Frank got her a small schist rock for her birthday as a gag gift
    • the running jokes legacy lives on, and it makes everyone laugh
  • She keeps it on the living room coffee table for all to see its glory
  • Annabeth, Piper, and Reyna take her out to the city to window shop. They pass a store that has geodes on display. They all go in, and Hazel comes out with seven different geodes in each color of the rainbow
  • They are also displayed on the coffee table along with her schist
  • The eight rocks on her table look so lonely and out of place; they would look much better if they had their own special display
  • So she asks Leo if he can help her
  • He makes her a cabinet/shelf that mounts to her living room wall 
  • It looks so lovely, but a little empty… 
  • Hazel continues to add on to her collection over the years
  • She travels to the places where certain gems and rocks are most common and begins sorting through them to find the right ones
  • She never takes too much from the earth, she makes sure of that
  • She has them in color order– for the aesthetic
  • It grows so big that she can’t fit them all in her apartment and it’s becoming a hazard
  • But the lovely Reyna has a solution
  • Hazel Levesque’s Crystal Emporium!
  • A very spacious building in downtown New Rome where Hazel can store her rock collection and allow any curious soul to admire it all
  • Hazel cries during the grand opening
  • She’s so happy to see how many people want to see her rock babies
  • There’s even a little gift shop that Leo and Nico set up
    • There are geode key change
    • customization bracelets that you can pick what rocks to use for different meanings 
    • and a fact book about rocks!
  • It’s so popular that demigods around the world visit it
  • There is a wall of celebrity demigods and in the center is Hazel and all her friends

Hades’ children are nerds and love to collect just like their dad, and that’s pretty much it

au where everything is the same except zarkon only wears crocs and his love for them is bigger than his empire


haggar: yes! the paladins of voltron are there so we can easily destroy them and capture voltron once and for all >:-)

zarkon: who said anything about voltron

haggar: well isn’t that why you wanted to go??

zarkon: bitch please, I don’t have time for your plans I have limited edition black lion jibbitz to find that are only available for one more day

haggar: …but capturing voltron matters more than jibbitz

zarkon: you’re trying to tell me that capturing voltron is more important than a black lion jibbitz for my crocs??? not to mention they are bedazzled??? haggar you are so fucking dumb sometimes

haggar: jfc

I have something to say.  I do not like parking enforcement officers.  I think the emotion of receiving a parking ticket because you failed to put a quarter in a box is so terrible that it outweighs the economic benefit of our society having the office at all.  Parking cops are day-ruiners.  They drive around, mercilessly selecting their victims, handing out devastating punishments to normal people like you and me. I understand that there needs to be some sort of penalty for people who do not pay the meter.  I understand that space is limited and parking meters are an economic necessity.  What I do not understand is why the tickets must be so extreme; parking violations should not be a source of income for our municipalities.  Raise the cigarette taxes some more; I get spotify ads telling me not to smoke all the time.  I remember seeing a report on inside edition about people who follow the parking officers around and put money in the meters right before they can issue a ticket.  Those people are heroes.  They are doing the most true good that one can do for a stranger.  I would join an organization like that in a second.  We as a society don’t need to support this cruel attack on our citizens–an attack over nickels, pennies, and dimes.  Rise up!  Demand change!  Stop the parking cops before they ruin someone else’s day. Together we can end tyranny.  This is America.  This is the land that destroyed tyranny in a heroic war more than 200 years ago.  Let us not once again fall into its cruel grasp.  Rise up, citizens!  Let our voices be heard on the streets, let our voices be heard in the parking lots, let our voices be heard on the rooftops!

Langston Hughes (shown as a waiter in a Washington, D.C. hotel in 1925) wrote these words in September 1966: “Since most Negro writers from Chesnutt to Leroi Jones have found it hard to make a literary living, or to derive from other labor sufficient funds to sustain creative leisure, their individual output has of necessity often been limited in quantity, and sometimes in depth and quality as well - since Negroes seldom have time to loaf and invite their souls. When a man or woman must teach all day in a crowded school, or type in an office, or write news stories, read proofs and help edit a newspaper, creative prose does not always flow brilliantly or freely at night, or during that early morning hour torn from sleep before leaving for work. Yet some people ask, “Why aren’t there more Negro writers?” Or, “Why doesn’t Owen Dodson produce more books?” Or “how come So-and-So takes so long to complete his second novel”? I can tell you why. So-and-So hasn’t got the money. Unlike most promising white writers, he has never sold a single word to motion pictures, television or radio. He has never been asked to write a single well-playing soap commercial. He is not in touch with the peripheral sources of literary income that enable others more fortunate to take a year off and go somewhere and write.”


“So, that’s everything. I believe it’s what you would call a tragedy from the human perspective. But maybe the human perspective is limited. I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking you, Father. One last time. Am I doing the right thing? Am I on the right path? You have to tell me. You have to give me a sign. Give me a sign. Because if you don’t I’m gonna just - I’m gonna do whatever I can. Whatever I must.”

Empaths, and taking care of ourselves during political warfare.

I do not post about politics/the news often, not because I don’t care about current events, but because most of my followers are empaths..

I know about the psychological implications of baring world suffering, and fear consciousness, why would I be selfish and spread that..

I get angry when people try to pass me a newspaper, don’t you know that can ruin my whole day/week/month? Honestly..
Hypersensitives have SUCH a hard time grounding themselves. This is why we typically use relationships, addictions, and food to do so.
If we find it hard to feel safe on a casual day and deal w/ our own internal storms, imagine the impact of feeling the storm of every suffering individual.

Yes we know that people around the world are suffering, and it near enough breaks us. Once we let it in. we really can’t get it out. I had to work so hard to be Afrocentric, without absorbing the painful history of African colonisation.

I feel everything, everywhere, all the time, from everyone. Please take one moment to consider what a war zone my mind must be.. Just please.

Sometimes I wonder how I live , people who think that I’m crazy couldn’t last an hour in my body..

Hypersensitives are strong. Pardon the paradox. Feeling everything on a magnified level, yet having to try to fit in to ordinary society.

You want to know the secret to inner peace as an empath? Realise that non-empaths can not tell you a damn thing about a thing.

So much of our unhappiness, confusion, and displacement comes from not understanding why we are not, and can not be like others.

We are not meant to be like others. There is nothing wrong with that, and you are not faulty. Just limited edition.

We are not meant to be like others. There is nothing wrong with that, and you are not faulty. Just limited edition.


Cinderella Anneh-bu

We absolutely MUST protect ourselves right now. Everywhere on the news, negative and toxic energy is being spread consciously and subliminally to us. Suddenly, we are made to be more aware than ever of the suffering all around the world, and the lower aspects of the human nature. This is all happening right now because they know that light workers, and healers are spreading an unbelievable amount of light.. Underneath it all you must still remember that human nature and man kind IS inherently good. Do not let the bad seeds make you lose faith.

Frequently asked questions about my videos:

“Why are you making crossover videos?”

  • I’m a film student who’s trying to improve my editing, digital composting, effects and storytelling skills. I find crossovers to be an ideal way for me to practice all those things when on a 0€ budget.

“Why don’t you use your own material?”

  • I wish I could, I really do. But I’m not an animator, nor am I interested in becoming one. I am interested in writing, directing and editing, so in order for me to be able to do that I must borrow others’ material. I use animated movies because they are most dear to me, the amount of material to choose from isn’t too overwhelming and it is the medium that I want to work in later in life. So just wait till I have animators working with me on my original visions for my stories. No limitations and 100% original visuals. I can’t wait!

“What is the song/program/movie/plot?”

  • Read the description or end credits! I always add this information in very obvious places. 

“How long does it take to make a video?”

  • It all depends on the videos length, my level of inspiration and how ambitious the project is (amount of masks and such). I can make a MEP part (25-30sec) in a full day, while some videos have taken me months to finish. But I would say 2-4 weeks is the general amount of time I need for a 4 minute video. 

“Why won’t you add subtitles/dialog to your videos?”

  • I live by “Show, don’t tell” religiously and believe that a person is more emotionally open to take in the story if they are forced to really see what is happening, instead of being told all the time. If  something I make is unclear, then I explain it, if it still makes no sense, then I have failed. That is why I’m always open for constructive criticism, so that I can improve with every video I make. PS: To Belong includes subtitles, and this is because it would have been near impossible to visually show all the important exposition. 

“Why do you make so many tragedies?”

  • I love stories that can make me emotional and that is what I want my audience to experience that too. If I can chock or make somebody cry because a character in the story for example dies then I have succeed in creating that important bond between the character’s feelings and the viewer’s.   

“Why did you use X as Y’s lover? X is already married!”

  • I don’t work with canon characters, so these kind of comments are invalid information for me. And considering that I have seen the movies I work with over a dozen times, there is most likely nothing that you can tell me about the movie that I don’t know. But I cannot emphasise this point enough: I don’t work with canon stories! I create NEW worlds, NEW AUs, NEW characters, NEW tales, so what happened in the original movies of the characters that I use holds no meaning to me whatsoever when I make a crossover.

“Do you ship X&Y?”

  • There is only one crossover pairing that I truly “ship”: Jane Porter and Captain Amelia. There are other pairings that I like/think are cute/love to work with/think look good together, but I do not “ship” them. 

“But if you don’t ship X&Y, why did you make a video with them?”

  • Because they met the requirements for what I needed in order to create the story I had in mind. I don’t ship, I cast!  Think of me as a casting director! ;D EX: Looking for a character to play the Queen’s love interest in “I have to try” —> Needs to be CGI male, looks good beside Elsa, have clothes that match the setting, seems to be the same as Elsa, has tons of screen time, has varied emotional facial expressions and animation (preferable actions that match Jack’s) and is not from Frozen. Result: Flynn Rider!  

“Can you make a video with X&Y / Do you take requests?”

  • Sorry, but no. I have too many of my own ideas so there is no time over for me to make special requests. There are other editors out there that would love to make your dream videos come true, but I myself am too busy getting all my own ideas out of my head. Will I never ever do requests from you or my subbies? I can assure you that when/if I do something like that then you WILL know.  
20 Days. 20 Moments.
SPN Fandom Positivity Challenge.

The SPN Fandom is the midst of hard times right now, and we are being reminded of the importance of family and having hope for ourselves and faith in one another. The essence of Supernatural is the unending struggle to survive, to live - to see the dawn of each new day, to defy all odds, because the bond of family and love inspires the faith and strength it takes to carry on.

As we welcome in the new year, as we leave old struggles behind us, we wish to invoke the essence of the show that brought us all together in this fandom. The SPN Positivity 20 Day Challenge was created to remind us of the beauty of the show, the beauty of life, and the beauty we find in ourselves. Each day has a theme that represents moments in the show that are significant to us, that have impacted us in very real ways.

The Challenge works like this:

  • Each day has a different theme. For each theme, you choose a moment in the show - any episode, any season - that embodies that theme.
  • Once you choose your moment - create an edit, create a gif, or take a still shot, and write us an anecdote telling us all why that moment is significant to you. Tell us how these moments have changed your life.
  • Make sure to include the name of the Challenge and the Theme for your moment in each entry.
  • Post it to the tag: #SPNPositivityChallenge
  • Remember that in order for your contribution to appear in the tag, you must include #SPNPositivityChallenge within the first 5 tags of the post.
  • Don’t feel limited to just one contribution. If there are multiple moments that embody the theme of the day to you, share them! Even if it’s just an anecdote explaining how these moments affect you, we all want to hear about it.
  • The Challenge begins January 1st, 2015.

The purpose of this Challenge is to bring us all closer to together - to get know one another better and make our bond as family stronger. Supernatural is something that we all hold close to our hearts, and this Challenge was intended to remind us that we are all together in that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the hosts of this Challenge:

We really hope to see you all getting involved with this Challenge. This is just an opportunity to rediscover our love for Supernatural and to have fun creating something that speaks our hearts. There is absolutely no pressure to participate every day of the Challenge or to follow the order of themes exactly. Just have fun with it.

We absolutely cannot wait to see your contributions and to get to know all of our SPN family members a little better.

An Open Letter To NBC’s Olympics Division

Followers, if you agree with this, please post it to NBC’s Facebook pages, tweet it to @NBCSportsPR, etc. I am sending it directly to them as well, but I want to make sure they receive it enough times to actually pay attention. (Use #NBCFail and #FireTrautwig, if you like.)

Dear NBC Olympics producers, content writers, commentators and executives,

During the last Summer Olympic broadcast, a bevy of complaints were raised on social media under the tag #NBCFail. NBC responded by stating that ratings were high as ever, and there was clearly no problem. This grossly misrepresents the situation. Due to the exclusive nature of NBC’s rights arrangement with the IOC, anyone in the US wishing to watch Olympic coverage is essentially forced to use NBC’s services, regardless of their quality. NBC could produce absolutely deplorable Olympic content and still receive high ratings for it because people enjoy the Olympics and want to catch as much of the action as they can. With that in mind, NBC really has no excuse not to provide a positive viewer experience for the millions it reaches during this period. Please consider my concerns regarding long-standing problems with the quality of NBC Olympic coverage, and try to avoid them during this year’s broadcast.

Absolutely first on the list must be the behavior of the commentators. It is sadly far too common to hear creepy or sexually suggestive comments about the athletes, even those who are legally underage or decades younger than the sportscasters making the comments. I should not even have to explain why this is unacceptable, but I will anyways: in many sports, there is already an ongoing problem with objectification and exploitation of the athletes. Comments such as these, from a respected commentator on a respected network, only serve to legitimize such behaviors and normalize them in the public eye. This cannot be allowed to continue.

I must point out that one of the worst, perennial offenders in this category is Al Trautwig. A list of every such comment he has made regarding (female, often underage) gymnasts would take up too much space to place here, and it only continues to grow- just this past Sunday, at the national championships in women’s gymnastics, he made inappropriate remarks about (underage gymnast) Laurie Hernandez after her performance on the floor. He also has a history of unprofessional interactions with spectators on social media. Please, either formally reprimand him or terminate his contract.

It is also far past time for NBC to move away from narratives that are disrespectful to the athletes. Whether it is infantilizing teenagers simply because they are young; focusing a black athlete’s “backstory” on negative stereotypes about her race rather than her accomplishments; or characterizing an athlete who was very friendly towards fellow competitors and fans as a “diva” because of a hand wave and dramatic eye makeup, this is an old standby of NBC’s and it must end now. These athletes, no matter where they come from, are some of the hardest working, most driven and dedicated people in the world, and their accomplishments deserve to be celebrated, not ridiculed, qualified or overdramatized.

Speaking of which, the increasing movement of NBC coverage away from actually presenting the athletic events as they occurred, and towards crafting a “dramatic narrative” – often at the expense of factual accuracy - is absurd. The Olympics are a sports broadcast, and people tune in expecting to see sports, not reality television. NBC focuses the broadcast so closely on the US and their direct competition that others in medal contention are often left out entirely – in 2012, the gymnastics broadcast barely showed routines from even the bronze medal team in the finals, and the highest scoring bar routine in the qualifying round (and, as it turned out, the entire Games) - Beth Tweddle’s 16.133 set - was left on the cutting room floor as well. This causes the amazing quality of sport present at the Games to be underrepresented to the audience. Viewers are also shortchanged by commentators’ tendency to falsely inflate US athletes’ medal chances, resulting in disappointment and confusion when they fail to meet the mark.

Returning to Beth Tweddle’s bars, this omission is also reflective of a major, constant problem in certain sports’ primetime coverage: namely, that almost no sport is actually shown. The primetime slots are limited, and producers must endeavour to use them as efficiently as possible. Why, then, rather than editing the content to show as many athletic performances as possible, are we so often left with shot after shot of athletes walking around, waiting on scores, or talking with their coaches, often while other performances go on in the background that we could be watching? If it is so necessary to show these interstitial moments, split-screening technology has existed at least for the majority of my lifetime. Please consider adopting a format similar to the one ESPN now uses for major NCAA gymnastics championships, so that the actual sporting performances viewers tune in to watch can be shown as well. (This complaint also applies to excessive studio content that takes up time in the broadcast and accomplishes nothing. I do not need Ryan Seacrest to explain what I just watched to me, and neither does anyone else.)

Continuing in this vein, please stop insulting your viewers’ intelligence. Yes, there are many people out there who only tune in during the Olympic year and need a helping hand to understand the finer points of the less common sports. However, there are also many people who are dedicated followers simply wishing to see the pinnacle of their favorite sport in action, and having to put up with dumbed-down and often incorrect commentary makes the Olympic year feel more like a chore than a fun, unique event. It is possible to provide analysis that is both accessible to casual viewers and useful for fanatics; simply being unwilling to try is no excuse (especially for tape-delayed broadcasts where the commentary is not recorded live as the event happens, allowing the team more time to think about what they will say).

There is another area in which NBC is not even trying, and that is the web content. As a broadcast channel, NBC is available to anyone who lives within range of a signal and owns the proper equipment. It’s time to do the same thing with the web streams. Requiring a cable provider login to access coverage is absolutely absurd: the population is moving more and more towards streaming services like Netflix, and some people simply do not want to provide their cable info to a third party. If some perceived loss of revenue opportunities is causing the hold-up, NBC could simply institute a small fee (eg. $1 pay-per-view or $10 for unlimited streaming access) that non-subscribers would pay to access coverage. It is really that simple. As things currently stand, non-subscribers are only encouraged to commit piracy of other countries’ streams via VPN services.

By the way, it’s unfair and frankly quite rude to claim that the existence of web streaming negates the need for comprehensive, intelligent prime-time coverage. As I just discussed, many people currently cannot access the streaming thanks to an incredibly arbitrary rule. Additionally, many people work, attend school, or are otherwise occupied during the day when the streams are live, and turn to the primetime content as a way to catch up on what they simply cannot watch as it happens.

Thank you for your consideration of my concerns. I hope these suggestions help NBC shape future Olympic coverage into something that will be enjoyable and interesting to watch for every viewer.


D. Pecht

Time After Time- AmeCan time travel

“We were meant to meet and fall in love huh?” Alfred asks in the quiet of the motel room. He looks into the eyes of the person sitting across from him.

“From what Matt tells me,” Matthew responds. “It was a fairytale romance. It sounds quite nice.”

Alfred studies Matthew for a moment- with his big soulful blue eyes, his curling blond hair, his soft face. He could see, in other circumstances, how he could fall in love with Matthew. Slow and sweet and full of quiet words whispered late at night but no less loud and joyful and playful in the morning. The thought of what could be—what was meant to be—makes him ache.

“Can’t be helped I guess,” Matthew says, and after a moment’s hesitation he reaches out to gently take hold of Alfred’s hand. “Maybe fate has it that we should fall in love a different way.”

They look into each other’s eyes, imagining a future that could be, and Matthew leans his head back against the dingy old comforter of the motel bed. Alfred mirrors him and leans against the bed behind him. He squeezes Matthew’s hand, staying connected with the man who is, supposedly, his soul mate.

It is a quiet moment full of longing and warmth.

The sound of gunshots shatter the scene, and Alfred leaps to his feet instantly. Matthew is close at his heels as they grab their things. They had an exit procedure, an escape route that they’d been drilled in more times than they could count.

The door slams open before they make it far, and they both freeze in place. They wonder if this is the moment when they will die, the time they couldn’t escape fast enough to save their own skin…

But all is well. Matt and Al- looking exhausted and a bit bloody- burst into the room.

“We gotta go!” Al shouts, hurrying them out. “The car’s out back. They caught up.”

Al’s face is the same as Alfred’s own if he were older, and for a moment he has to fight back vertigo. Al is his future self, apparently, and although Alfred has spent rather a lot of time around him, Al’s presence always makes him uneasy.

How could he become such a different person in only 15 years?

But that’s a question for another time… Now it’s time to flee from the people who want to destroy Al and Matt- and their work in the future- by taking out their past.

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A Crash Course in Submitting Your Work

6 Ways to Ensure Rejection

1) Submit what you want, wherever you want. If an editor says no erotica, he surely can’t mean it. This also goes for reading periods. They surely don’t really mean they only read during certain months. Send your stuff whenever you want. 

2) Don’t pay any attention to whom you are addressing. Seriously. They don’t even read the email half the time so call them whatever you want. Don’t bother reading those pesky guidelines or perusing the masthead to see who to address. Just call everyone “Sweet Cheeks” Seriously, we editors love that.

3) Send everything you ever wrote. Why limit yourself to a small selection when you can send everything you’ve ever written?

4) Editing is for schmucks. Don’t bother. Besides, aren’t they editors? Isn’t that what they do?

5) Ignore the submission guidelines. Completely. They’re not really rules, they’re more like…suggestions.

6) When they reject you, feel free to email them and give them a piece of your mind. It couldn’t possibly be anything you did that earned you a rejection. They must have bad taste. Let them have it.

Part II: 5 Ways to Avoid Rejection

1) Polish your work. It should be neat and pretty and error free. Times New Roman 12pt is a safe bet but always read the guidelines to be sure. If they don’t specify, Times New Roman 12pt, trust me.

2) Read the guidelines. Read them. Twice. Three times. More if you have to. Read them until you know them, then read them again.

3) Follow the Guidelines. Pay attention to when they’re open for submissions. Pay attention to their preferred font and format. Don’t send more than they ask for. Read the guidelines. They can tell if you didn’t. Some of them throw a curve ball to make sure people read the guidelines thoroughly. If they ask you to state your favorite type of candy bar in your cover letter, DO IT! This will earn you points. It will show the editor, that you did in fact put forth the effort to fully read the guidelines.

4) NEVER respond to a rejection. If it was a very personal rejection, a simple thank you is sufficient if you feel you MUST respond. Other than that, don’t. Go rant and rave somewhere else. Responding to a rejection with a nasty email ensures that magazine will never, ever, ever, pick up anything you submit. Ever.

5) Keep writing! Don’t stop writing. While your submitting stuff, write more stuff. Submit that stuff and write MORE stuff. Never stop writing, if you do, you’ll eventually end up without stuff to submit and then where will you be? 

That is all. It’s that simple. Submitting is like baking a cake. Read the directions and you’ll do just fine.