why must they be so good looking

me??? doing bad art??? its more likely than you think

I gotta say the first time an internet friend told me Thomas had taken part in heathers, I sat there for a full minute and legitimately thought “ah yes, he must’ve played the red heather” then spent the next 4 minutes crying as I realized my mistake, so have some Thomas Sanders featuring some rlly good leggys bc high heels make everyones legs look bomb

@thatsthat24 i apologize for this lmaaoooo

@taylorswift I just wanted to say a special thank you for openly sharing your vulnerability and heartache though your music, your speeches, and your life. I think its absolutely beautiful and graceful how despite the amount of hard times you’ve been through, you’ve remained grounded and true to yourself. You are extremely inspiring and I hope you truly realize how much you positively impact our lives. I have had a difficult year of heart break, and despite the pain and sadness I’ve experienced, I must say I look up to you so much. On the days I feel like I’m not good enough, or question why such terrible things happen to me, I remember that you’ve experienced very similar rainstorms, and kept walking. Your music and advice has been my escape and guide throughout the last little while and I just wanted to say thank you, thank you so much. 

You know what i love about part 2

Everyone is used to josephs bullshit except for stro, stro is the only one who actually takes him completely seriously, which makes sense the last time stro saw joseph was the fight with santana. And stro keeps this mentality up until kars becoming the perfect life form, WERE FUCKED, WERE DOOMED, b..but then, whats that?..


and look at that! Stroheims all ears! He trusts joseph, JOJO HAS TO HAVE A WAY TO DEFEAT THIS NOW GOD!!


Look at stro, hes so eager to hear what this plan is!


look at that chuckle, HIS PLAN MUST BE BRILLIANT IF HES ACTING SO CONFIDENT!!!……And then it happens…

this is the face of a man who just realized the person he put soo much faith in has the mentality of a child, and now might die because of it.

Altean Hunk is a Good Hunk So!!! I’m starting a Altean Hunk network!!

Rules To Apply:

-Follow a mod mb?

-Must reblog this post (likes don’t count)

-Must fill out this form

-No sh@ladin, shend@k, or l@ncelot shippers may apply

Why Join?:
-You get to meet others that like/create Altean Hunk content!
-A place on the members page!
-A place to share Altean Hunk art, headcanons, and more!
-A Discord group that’s probably full of memes!

Additional Details:

-We are looking for 10 members, but we may ask for more in the future, so don’t worry if you’re not chosen this time!

-Sign ups close March 30th or April 1st

-Chosen members will be announced March 15th

-Track the tags #alteanhunk network or #altean hunk network

-Have questions? Ask me here!

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Justin's tweet makes so much sense now I understand why Niall always puts Harry first when asked about 1D

interviewer: so how are 1d

niall: im great im doing this album and then touring harry he’s got his movie out he just finished filming he’s in a christopher nolan movie ill tell u what if christopher nolan takes u on u must be a good actor i actually met this guy on the tube that is doing special effects for the movie and yeah apparently harrys a good actor im looking forward to seeing it its going to be an unbelievable movie when one of your mates is in it its even better i cant wait i think he is going to do well…liam is doing his own thing louis is doing his own thing

It’s Overwatch history headcanon day on my dash apparently and I want to do one. :D

I am 100% into Gabriel getting a more complex and grounded narrative than turning bad over professional jealousy.  So what if his falling out with Jack was because they had wildly, fundamentally different ideas of what Overwatch should be?

Like, Jack had this vision of turning this ‘peacekeeping’ force into something that went beyond a UN military presence.  He spent years blowing it up into something else, expanding into science and medicine and going into countries to tackle the inequalities and injustices that led to conflicts arising, and giving people not just soldiers (even though they were soldiers) but heroes who could inspire people to try for something better.  He was so devoted to this idea, to doing something that would really make the world better in the long run, that he gave almost everything in his life for it.  And that kind of sacrifice and passion fed into things and made him and Overwatch just seem more admirable, but it also made him impossible to argue with.

Because Gabriel thought that was utterly the wrong approach, because it made Overwatch bloated as hell, and stepped all over their original mandate, and maybe he even had a problem with military guys making civil problems their problems, and yeah it’s lovely to want to fix peoples’ lives for them and all but where exactly do they get the right to rearrange societies that way?  “From the people,” Jack would say and he’d point to how people asked for Overwatch and cheered for them. But that left a sour taste in Gabriel’s mouth because all that adoration came from a PR campaign that basically made them out to be the freaking Justice League.  And as the guy who ran the part of it that continued to perform actual military operations, he saw that as a lie.  He thought the pie-in-your-eyes fairytale sales pitch Jack was giving the world was inevitably going to collapse and backfire on them, because he knew that sometimes preserving world peace comes down to needing to shoot a guy in cold blood.  And as the dude in charge of that, he expected to be the first one burned down on the day it all came down.

And as time went on and they both kept being right, all either of them could see was their former best friend methodically setting up the ruin of everything they’d worked for.

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klance - "Hey, look at me. I'm right here. I won't-- I'll never leave." And/or Adrinette - "Marinette, I'm not going to lie. I really hate this movie."

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One sad thing, one happy thing - seems good to me!

Side note why must I always torture Lance

           “Hey, look at me. I’m right here. I won’t— I’ll never leave.” Keith cradled Lance’s face in his hands so gently he might have been holding the most precious and delicate glass sculpture in the world, terrified of the slightest pressure cracking it or shattering it all together. His palms cupped his jaw, thumbs brushing lightly against his cheekbones. “I’m going to stay with you, you hear?” His voice cracked on a sob, and he swallowed, desperate to sound calm. “I am going to stay with you until we’re both old and gray and the Galra Empire hasn’t existed for years and years and years and we’ve retired peacefully back on Earth. I am going to stay by your side so long you’ll get utterly sick of me. I am going to stay by your side until I have memorized every single line and curve of your face and I could draw it in my sleep.” Lance watched him, tears streaking down his face.

           “Why, though?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper. “You don’t need me. No one needs me.” He glanced sideways, to where the wormhole glowed, a gaping hole in space, beckoning him. “I’m the best one to do this and you know it. Now that we got Shiro back, you can go back to piloting Red, and Allura should stay with Blue. There’s no place for me in Voltron anymore.” Lance breathed in sharply, looking up, tilting his head as if trying to force the tears back in. “This is the best way to take out Lotor. Let me be useful just this once.”

           “Would you shut up about being useful?” Keith shouted, his hands tightening on Lance’s face. Lance knocked his hands away, suddenly angry.

           “Why? That’s what I’ve heard all my life. Useless, useless, useless. Useless as a pilot, useless as a teammate, I’m even useless at being a big brother since I disappeared off the face of the Earth without a word to my family. I’m use—” His words were cut off as Keith grabbed his shoulders, pulled him close, and pressed his lips to Lance’s in a kiss. Lance jumped back, staring, breathing hard.

           “I don’t give a fuck,” Keith said. “Lance, you’re the first person who’s made me want to stay anywhere. So please, please— Can you please stay for me?” Lance stared at him, wide-eyed, and slowly came back closer, took Keith’s hand, and kissed him, long, soft, and gently. Keith melted under the kiss, the feel of Lance’s lips on his undoing knots of tension in his chest that had been there for years. His eyes slipped closed, his hand caught Lance’s hip, trying to pull him closer – but instead, Lance whispered, “I’m sorry,” and slipped away. When Keith’s eyes flew open, he was already gone.

           “Marinette, I’m not going to lie. I really hate this movie.” Marinette groaned and buried her face in her hands, bent all the way down to her knees.

           “I know, it’s awful,” she groaned. “I’m so sorry, Adrien, this was a choirrible hoice— I mean, a chorrice hibble— I mean a horrible choice,” she stuttered, getting redder with every flubbed word. Adrien reached out and patted her awkwardly on the shoulder.

           “Hey, everyone was raving about it, you couldn’t have known,” he whispered. He laughed under his breath. “I’m just relieved you hate it too,” he said. Someone in the row behind them shushed him. He glanced around, and then leaned down closer to whisper, “Do you want to just… walk out?” he asked. Marinette gave a tiny nod. He grabbed her elbow and pulled her gently to her feet. The two of them shuffled out of their seats and hurried up the dark aisle of the cinema and out into the atrium, past a bored-looking ticket vendor, and out into the sunlight, where they both squinted and gasped in relief.

           “Oh my God, what does everyone see in that film?” Adrien asked. “We spent like four scenes watching her complain about her boyfriend only to immediately dismiss all of her concerns because he texted her a heart. That was so dumb, what does everyone see in it?”

           “I know!” Marinette exclaimed. “And the guy – what on Earth was he wearing? That looked like the 80s ate a renaissance jacket, spat it back out, and paired it with jeans and shoes that haven’t been popular since 2002.”

           “Père would probably have me killed before letting me be seen in an outfit like that,” Adrien laughed.

           “Oh, oh, and the friend whose name I can’t remember, who said the same three lines of dialogue every time she came on screen?”

           “Yes that actress looked like she was saying her lines in her sleep!” Adrien agreed. “I mean, she could have – her friend always came to her with the same exact problem every time. Their conversations were so predictable she should have just set up a robot to give preprogrammed responses. So maybe it was an accurate characterization by the actress.” Marinette laughed loudly, covering her mouth with her hand, and grinned up at Adrien.

           “At least we get to mock it with each other,” she said shyly. Adrien’s fingers hesitantly found and caught Marinette’s.

           “Hey,” he said. “You know, the nice thing about this is, the Gorilla isn’t expecting to pick me up for another hour. As long as we’re back here by then, would you like to just take a bit of a walk together?” Marinette went red to her ears.

           “Y-y-yes!” she said. “I’d love that, Adrien!” Adrien smiled.

           “Thanks for inviting me to a terrible movie, Mari,” he said.

           Had he just given her a nickname? Marinette thought the world had fallen away from underneath her feet, leaving her to soar out into the sky.

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Why aren’t more people talking about this

Keith honestly looks so shocked and happy at this realization!

This just in boy who has no family realizes he has been surrounded by it this entire time and now probably vows to die for it.

He is so excited by this prospect he even includes the Galra cause hey if everything he just listed was good and we are all related then their must be some good in some Galra.

Just come on man let Keith have a big space family

C: I sometimes look at white bitches and can’t help but think it must be good to be so carefree. I recently saw the movie “Why Him.” That was like my dream world – being into coding and technology it was so amazing looking. A reality so carefree, free, innovative, organic, surrounded by people whose intentions are pure, hearts of gold without the constricting societal rules. Race wasn’t a issue. Never thought James Franco was cute but damn. He was the perfectly imperfect guy in that movie. That was one lucky bitch.

“better?” jungkook smut.

“Why must it be so bright?” she groan though her eyes were still closed as jungkooks arm tightens around her before she feel his lips on her bare shoulder.

“I think the light is just right…it makes your skin look beautiful.” he breathes in her ear, kissing it and making her smile. “It is a good morning.” he adds once she opens her eyes to look back at him.

“Why do you say that?” she asks rolling over so she was on her back as he looks down at her propped up on his side.

“Because i got to make love to you last night, and its my day off.” he states, shuffling around so he is now on top of her, still naked under the covers from last night.

“I doubt the sex was all that good…you were really tired last night.” she muses making him fake hurt.

“y/n…are you challenging me?” he asks with a raised eyebrow, he teeth biting on his lower lip in the way that has always made her weak.

“Maybe.” she muses sliding her arms around his shoulders to pull him down onto her more.

He chuckles before he pushes his lips down to her and sliding one of his hands down to separate her legs so he can slide between them, breaking the kiss to move down to her neck.

“Mmmmm, your skin is so soft.” he hums as his hand slides back down her leg to the bed so he can get a grip on the sheets before he thrusts himself into her making her gasp.

He lowers himself onto his elbows to attach his lips to hers, waiting a minute to start moving so he doesnt climax too soon, letting go of her lips before he starts moving so he can hide his face in her neck.

He doesnt go fast, wanting to make this as long as possible, taking long deep thrusts over short fast ones, making her moans strangled as she tries to keep her voice down, gripping onto his biceps for comfort as his pants in her ear make her feel even hotter.

“y/n” he whimpers, thinking he is going to rip the sheets with how hard hes gripping them.

He doesnt stop his deep thrusts, making it all the more passionate as his skin rubs against hers under the white covers, his body starting to twitch as e gets closer to release.

“kookie, faster.” she moans his cute nickname and he lifts himself from her neck to get a better angle on things quickly doing what she had asked, still going deep, but the faster rythem made him roll his head back, his thin lips open in a scilent moan as she could barely look up at him.

Her moans get louder and more needy the closer she gets, reaching up to his face to pull his lips down to hers making him look at her for a second, the slivers of sunlight hitting her body just right so it made her look like an irresistible goddess beneath him before he lowers his head enough to kiss her lips, moaning into them.

“Fuck.” he curses when he has to break to breath, going faster, making the bed hit the wall with each thrust, making the whole scene more errotic for him, before she cant take it anymore and grips onto his skin so hard he knows he will have bruises and releases around him, her walls bringing him to release shortly after.

She lets him pull out and lay his head on her chest, traping her with his body against the bed as he pants and tries to calm down from their work out. “Better?” he asks and she nodds quickly making him laugh as she runs her fingers through his hair, and wipes the sweat from his forehead. “Now we have to take a shower…and change the sheets…again.” he says between sighs and she laughs at him before he looks up at her. “Unless you want to do that again?” he muses and she shakes her head, shes ready to go back to sleep after that. “Shower it is.” he muses before getting up with a wink and heading to the bathroom with a wink in her direction.

Exo Meeting An International Fan At A Fansign in Korea

Xiumin: *notice how different you looked and bombards you with questions like a 5 year old.*

“Your a foreigner, right? Wow. You came here all the way from America! Just to see us! How much did the flight cost? It must’ve costed a lot, right?”

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Luhan: *you tell him you came all the way from Europe*

“Thats cool.”    just like him

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Kris: *Draws Japanese flag*

“Its pretty good, right? How about this crocodile?”

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Suho: *You tell him you came from China*

“Did you hear about the party in the Chinese zoo?” … “It was Panda-monium” 

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Lay: * He would love meeting you and interacting with you at a fan sign and would thank you for supporting him and all of Exo.”

“Thank you for coming.”

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Baekhyun: *cute little cinnamon bun*

“Was the plane ride fun? How have the people been treating you? Come back again, yeah? I would love to show you around.”

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Chen: *tease*

“You should come to Korea again. I hope I get to see your pretty little face again.” 

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Chanyeol: *smiley as always*

“Thank you for coming from such a faraway place. It must’ve been a lot of money. Just for that I’ll give you a smile.” 

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Kyungsoo: *lowers head to look at the table. Grateful you came*

“Thank you.”

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Tao: *excited af*

“omg! Thankyou so much” *chokes on air from excitement*

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Kai: *Shy smol bean*

“Oh, really?”

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Sehun: *smug af*

“Thank you for coming all the way to Korea. It must’ve been expensive but we’re worth every penny.” 

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It’s time for Armand’s party!
Morgan: “- Armand, this is my mom, Moira, and my big sister Siobhan.”
Armand: “- Enchanté! Now I see why Morgan is so beautiful!”
Siobhan: “- Oh, left corner, on the couch. Who is that?”
Morgan: “- That’s Jean Barnes, some kind of rich adventurer… he sometimes helps Armand with travel arrangements…”
Siobhan: “ - Interesting…”
Armand: “- Welcome to my little soirée! There will be fantastique food. music and lots of champagne to celebrate my new store in the fashion district of San Myshuno”
Paolo: “- Psssst ….you wanna go out for some air?”
Paolo: “- You look amazing! but it’s cold, you must be freezing”
Morgan: “ - It’s ok… you look good too.”
Paolo: “ - Gaah, I wish I could just kiss you right here! I can’t wait till Serena goes back home… come, let’s move away from the window”

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Ouma-kun!! Teach me how to be a good liar!

Eh? why would Akamatsu-chan want to lie?

Unless……you have seen how boring this world truly is and want to have fun by deceiving others.

Then i’ll gladly help since you’ve been so nice to me lately~ Nishishi

However there are a lot of factors that can make up a good lie but here are 3 points that are a absolute must: confidencefacial expressions and quick thinking.

You need confidence - when you lie, you have to believe in it so much that it becomes the truth for others, the only person that should know about the lie is you, when people question you, you should never waver or change up your story as you are more likely going to make mistakes that’ll ruin your lie.

Facial expressions are important - people who lie tend to easily give it away by their face, when you lie stick to how you would normally act, take myself for example since I don’t have a permanent personality no matter how I tell a lie nobody tends to think otherwise, I lie with a smile, I lie with a frown, as long as I act like myself people tend to forget their own doubts.

Being a quick thinker - you need a good lie at any given moment you can’t plan a lie beforehand, you will have to make it up on the spot or as you go along, this can be tricky since you need to memorise your own lie and make it as believable as possible without making any slip ups, nishishi~ If your lie gets broken down then you’ll have to pick up the remaining pieces and continue, never go down without a fight~

Wow, I really did get carried away there nishishi~ still I hope that helps Akamatsu-chan, if there is any bits you need help with i’m sure I can assist you.

why i am pro-choice...

Take a good hard look at countries that keep abortion illegal… Because of the Church, Chile keeps abortion illegal, and there are 0 women’s health clinics. So what do women do when accidents happen? You call a special number, someone brings you pills that you must insert into your vagina and hold there without moving for 5 hours while you undergo excruciating pain that my friend described as “pure hell, the worst pain of my life” without the supervision of a doctor. But here’s the worst part: those pills are quit toxic and not that cheap, going for about $50 for 4 pills that may or may not work. Even worse? If you happen to almost die like my friend, and you go to the hospital, you can BE ARRESTED for trying to abort. Many women prefer to almost die than go to a hospital and get arrested and sent to prison for 3-5 YEARS. Most women that want to abort can’t afford the pills and live in the poorest parts of the city and end up giving birth without a choice. So what does that do? Creates a cycle of poverty. The family can hardly afford to take care of their family, let alone a new baby. What happens? Desperation. They go and steal from the stores to survive, deal crack, anything to help keep their family alive with food and running water/electricity. And so the people can’t get well paid jobs, they steal from the stores. The stores then jack up the prices for all the people to deal with loss. This is how the church has ruined this country as well as the economy. However, if you are rich, you can pay to get an abortion done in secret at a private clinic, but that is almost impossible for most people here. The horror stories I have heard of girls trying to do at home procedures is sickening. You won’t hear about girls dying from at home abortions because they are illegal/not reported, so the country never really understands the damage they are doing by keeping abortion illegal. If you aren’t pro-choice, you believe a woman should be forced not to have a choice in a major decision in her life.