why must she be so perfect


“Islam talks about balance. No one can be perfect. Your relationship with God is something between just you and God. Islam can be interpreted in many different ways, and I am a very big fan of my mother’s interpretation. She is my role model. She tries to use examples from the Qur’aan in a modern sense. Instead of going back to the time of the Prophet [Muhammad (peace be upon him)], we must place the Qur’aan in a contemporary context.”

I Paused @thehillywoodshow’s Sherlock Parody Behind the scenes and @hillyhindi looks so adorable as she talks of her pizza. Like OMG - I’m gonna draw this it’s so perfect and beautiful

Let’s take a couple of minutes to think of how much Mei changed during these 24 chapters. We know that her parents divorced when she was little, her mother went away and that’s all we know of her. Her father valued the school before his happiness and his family. Mei admired him so much that she wants to became like him, but then he left to travel the world. And took away her smile. She must thought it was her fault, that she wasn’t good enough, that’s why they left her behind. She must thought she didn’t deserve to be loved, thus she worked hard, studied hard to be the perfect daughter and to fill the void. Who cuddled this child when she was sad? Who gave her the goodnight kiss? Who made for her a homemade bento? Grandfather? No he’s not that kind of person, I think he do love her but he’s not affectionate. Of course that she’s clueless when it comes to love. She have never seen it or felt it, she thinks she is twisted because she’s looking for a little affection. I am convinced that the warmth she’s looking for is not strictly sex-related like Yuzu and Matsuri think. Yes, sure, she sexually harassed Yuzu but it’s a repeating pattern, she acted the same way as the teacher acted towards her. Offering herself to Yuzu at Christmas and trying to follow the date plan written on the notebook are clumsy attempts to show her love to Yuzu. Yuzu also made clumsy attempts to show her love to Mei. Matching rings, maybe it’s silly idea. It worked, however. I bet she felt the warmth that she craves. The ring on her finger is the proof that Yuzu loves her very much, a proof that she could see and touch. She cried tears of joy, she doesn’t understand why she was crying, but Yuzu’s reaction was PERFECT. I want a Yuzu all to myself XD

dude i get that maven’s attractive in that dark tortured soul must be saved way but he is so irredeemable in king’s cage i don’t understand why people still ship him with mare in canon.  like marecal and cal obviously aren’t perfect but at least they’re not downright toxic?  i

“Honeysuckle… is that even a color?” Dean’s face scrunched up as he eyed over the short list written in almost perfect free-hand. “Do you offer cake in ‘honeysuckle’?”
The woman behind the counter smiled softly, understanding littering her aged dimples. “You must be Castiel’s fiancé.”
Flushing a little, he nodded and slipped the note into his leather jacket pocket. Meeting her eyes, Dean prayed he was on the right track to making this wedding perfect. “He said he had called in a few days ago asking about it. Saw it on TV but can’t seem to find it anywhere.”
“I remember telling him we don’t offer it.” The woman didn’t stop smiling, though, she simply looked down and started to flip their pages of a binder. “So, I am wondering why you are here.”
“Right. Well-uh-see I’ve been kinda going to some classes at the-uh community college for y'know baking and I just wanted to know if I could maybe bake the cake and just have-um someone here y'know decorate it-”
Holding up a hand to calm Dean’s nervous rant, the woman seemed almost awestruck. “Are you serious?”
“It’s stupid.” Dean rubbed his hands over his face and let out a defeated sigh. “I just can’t fucking icing anything worth shit and I know I’ll fuck it up and coming here was stupid-”
“It’s not stupid.” Stepping from around the counter, the woman took Dean’s hands from his face so she could meet his eyes. “It’s the most wonderful thing anyone has done since I’ve owned this place. We’d be honored to decorate the cake for you.”
“Oh.” Dean’s face melted into a humble smile. “Thank you.”
On his drive home, Dean’s mind ran rampant with images of their perfect wedding day and the smile he’d get from Cas when he bit into his honeysuckle cake.


Walking into the lab, you smile as you look around. “This is amazing!” You squeal. “This lab space is spectacular.”

Your new coworker, Caitlyn, smiles. “I know! And, there’s only four of us now to use it.”

“I thought it was only us and one other person.”

“A friend practices here a lot. His name is Barry.”

You nod. “So, if it was only the three of you, why did you hire me?”

She hesitated before answering. “After the particle accelerator went off and Doctor Wells’ unfortunate death, we figured it was time to add a new person to the team. And, you’re qualifications were perfect, so here’s your job!”

“But, at the moment, it doesn’t pay much. At all.” A voice (definitely male) says behind you. “Hi, you must be the newbie.”

You turn around to smile and introduce yourself when you see who you’re talking to. Jaw dropping, you splutter, “Cisco?”

“(Y/n)? You’re our new coworker?” Cisco asks, shocked as he looks at you. Then he smiles and laughs, pulling you into a hug. “I haven’t seen you since college!”

“I know! Too long.” You say, smiling at your old friend once again.

While the two of you continue to catch up, Caitlyn watches confused as Barry walks in. He frowns. “Who’s that?”

“Our new employee, (y/n).” She replies. “One of Cisco’s old classmates, apparently.”

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Maui meeting Grandma Tala('s spirit) like "oh ma'am ive heard much about you-" and she like grabs his ear and starts bitching him out for stealing the heart and bonking him on he head and such and Moana just stands there snickering.


“Oh, you must be Moana’s grandmother, right? I-” 

and then Tala just slaps him in the face without so much as a GLARE to warn him 

and Moana’s just standing there LOSING IT

@atomicmangos For those of the uninitiated, Atomic Mangos, (or mango mom) hit 10k followers. She must still be trying to rack that in, and understandably so. But why would anyone doubt she’d pull this off? I mean, look at the picture here ^^. This is my favorite piece she’s done. It’s a Starco picture (obviously). It is Star and Marco, happily dancing in elegant attire. I love the expressions and look of it all. It just seems like one of those perfect Starco pics, let alone fan-arts. Something so simple as an OTP sharing a dance with loving smiles on their faces works so well here, and that’s exactly why it speaks to me so much: it’s so simple, but effective. And that’s not the only instance of this kind of thing: she has done this multiple times, all of which are just as effective. If you haven’t followed her yet, I suggest you get on that. She’s a great artist, as well as a great person. Here’s to you, Mango Ma. Congrats.

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How hot is... CFVY? :D

OMG ok ok o k YES


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

….What’s the difference between Cute/Adorable/Pretty/Gorgeous again?? XD




(i’m just celebrating this bc not many fandoms have this benefit ok so please don’t take it for granted and love all the characters ok thanks)

If when TVD eventually goes off the air, they don't end Caroline's storyline with her seeing klaus one last time, (whether he surprises her or she finally goes to him), and have them make eye contact from a short distance, and a second after their eyes connect a brilliantly wide and gloriously genuine smile stretches across both of their faces. To which Klaus then says "hello love" breaking the mini trance they're in, which triggers Caroline into "whooshing" across the short distance into his arms for a big hug and a kiss, and after they break apart she responds with "However long it takes, huh?" To which Klaus responds with that adorable little chuckle and A shake of his head smiling the whole time, then resting their foreheads together while gazing into each other's eyes still smiling, as the screen fades to black and the words "the end" curl across the screen (like how the title sequence has the words 'the vampire diaries' appear) .... I will seriously scream.

Just saying

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So... if a Jasper Gem is circular, why Jasper's one (the one we know) has the shape of a diamond? Isn't suppoused all gems of the same especies, must to have the same Gem Shape?

Because she’s got perfectly chiseled abs, I mean, she’s perfect.

I will be late! Oh no!

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My eyes was closes, my hand on my jaw, listening to these noble talking about the next month and what will need to happen and all these more boring stuff, I was in dress, my hair all done, I could nearly look like a perfect noble, more that usual. But this was for a special occasion, tonight there was a wedding, oh no don’t worry it’s not mine, it’s the wedding of a friend in my company… I have a gift to offer her, I hope she will like….

The problem is… that this meeting is so long! I will be late, I knew it… But it’s was an important one, that’s why I must be here.

Time run as my father give me a letter. I will need to talk to Mister Elstine about this… When the time will be there.

It’s was over, I need to run… Someone… is already waiting for me… Oh no stop! Not that blushing again! Why do I reacted like that! 

And here run a little mage in direction of a wedding where she would probably be late.


Peridot is a certified kindergartener. She has studied and worked tirelessly, both for her Diamond and for her cause. Kindergarteners oversee the creation of new gems. That’s why she marvels at Amethyst’s kindergarten; because it’s so well-executed. Because she knows all the gems that came out of it must have been powerful and perfect.

Because she knows that none of them had to end up like her. An Era 2 Peridot with no powers.

This was the very second that her admiration and respect for Yellow Diamond shattered.

She realized that Yellow Diamond wasn’t going to make use of the Earth to refill their resources. She was just going to make more era 2 Peridots. More era 2 gems that wouldn’t be able to live up to their full potential.

Her loyalty to her fellow gems proved more powerful than her loyalty to Yellow Diamond ever could be.

Top 2015 Couples

Zen x Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair)

any relationship always start off as friends first like Zen said Red is the color of fate so it must of been fate that these 2 meet hes a prince and shes a herbalist, she moves to his kingdom and her even becoming a royal herbalist so she can legal enter the castle without just entering cause shes Zen’s friend.

and eventually Zen fell in love with her but hes such a gentleman to when he kissed her realize what he was doing he backed off and said next time he touches her he’ll let her know first hehe Zen is a gentlemen thats why hes the perfect prince charming.

Yuu x Nao - Charlotte

I knew it since episode 1 that they are gonna end up together, besides its natural to fall in love with someone who saved your life Yu confessed in ep 12 before he went on his trip around the world for saving other people by snatching their abilities but it cost him his memory he returned safely with no memory and can’t remember Nao but he did not forget the promise to return home.

Yato x Hiyori - Noragami Aragoto (season 2)

season 2 made me ship them even more,

Hiyori was abducted and Yato and Yukine went all the way and Yato even fought Bishamon only to get Hiyori back cause Kugaha knows the person Yato cherish’s the most he’ll come after her, after hearing on why Yato wants a shrine she decides to make him one a mini shrine so he can be a proper god which made him cry, Yato decided after that he’ll make Hiyori the happiest girl in the world which is a confession/proposal in my book, but he was abducted by Nora thinking he was gonna betray and reverted back to the god of calamity, realizing how long hes been away for he determination to get back to her even fist fighting phantom dogs who attacked him before cause he needed to get back to her before she forgets him, Hiyori while Yato is away she slowly forgetting Yato and shes trying so hard to remember didn’t really help when that bastard Fujisaki kissed her (who is later revealed as Yato’s father) and when Yukine appeared in front of her she remembers everything and her and Yukine are off to find Yato.

Found out hes in the underworld with Nora, meanwhile down there Yato’s mission is to save the conjurer Ebisu who is a god of fortune and later on meet Izanami who is the god of the underworld and took Hiyori’s appearance but manga confirmed she takes on appearances on who a god is comfortable with in Yato’s case Hiyori she was seducing him he wasn’t resisting cause it was Hiyori’s face but Nora splashed water on him to get him away from her.

Hiyori and Yukine along with, Bishamon, Kazuma, her regalias, Kofuku and Daikoku found Ebisu on the surface with a hole to the underworld Ebisu asked Bishamon to rescue Yato and she went down and Ebisu explained only way to bring the gods back is someone from the near shore calls out the gods true name to summon them out with that Hiyori shouted Bishamon’s name and she came out and failed with Yato’s but remembering back to the shrine she made him he had another name Yaboku and with that called it and he came out, he stopped the gods punishment first when he saved Ebisu but second time he failed so Ebisu died but was reincarnated but Yato’s underworld experience changed him and he decides to finally release Nora after and becoming the god of fortune with Yukine’s help and Hiyori’s support he will.

Chris Brown deserves to have his story told. Her fans need to have a damn seat with all their hate. Wanting her to hate that man so bad. Guess what ? she NEVER will. The comments about his doc that I read are disgusting. Rihanna will never hate him and has forgiven him. ( Nobody knows the true details of that night but them )They must have forgot she said she will care about him until she dies. Made an album about him etc. Chris is not perfect but he does NOT deserve their hateful bs and I don’t agree with all he does but he does not deserve all they do. Wishing death on him etc. The purpose of his doc is not to play the victim but to have his story heard. She’s had hers told ! Why can’t he? The whole doc isn’t even about her ass. They are so quick to say he’s using Rih for attention but are so far up the cornball from Toronto’s ass who name drops her and pretends to be supportive for pub and to gain her fans. They live in delusion that she will marry that man 😂( never gonna happen) and that he’s some Prince Charming. Of course Chris is going to speak on Rih! She was a major part in his life ! And the incident changed his route of his career .Anyway I am looking forward to his documentary👏🏽 Nobody is damn perfect and I am sure her fans have tons of skeletons in their closets.

Assassin’s Creed: Bonds #13

Here it is! I crammed so much knowledge I learned from Humanities 101 and put a music joke in because I simply could not resist. The Shakespeare thing…I also do not regret.

Chapter Thirteen: A Lady in the Sea of Red

If there ever was a perfect morning, this would be it.

Locked in a temple of warm covers and fortunate enough to find the perfect sleep position that she was sure she wanted to stay in forever, Lucy was home. The sun had yet to fully rise and invade her windows like harsh minions of sunny terror. This bliss was eternal, and Lucy loathed waking up too early. While her pillow was fluffed just right and every part of her bed was cloud heaven, Lucy tried to fall back asleep. How she would enjoy the honey-heavy dew of slumber.

There was a song that described this moment perfectly, an overture that her opera director, William Tell, had told her about.  What a chilly morning, with mist drifting the silent hills, not even the roosters have woken yet.

-and then her door burst open with the force of a cannon shot.

Startled out of that blissful state, Lucy tensed and watched with wide and awake eyes while every available handmaiden filed into the room with swift movements, tackling the chores with scary accuracy and hurry.

The woman barely had time to adjust before her warm covers were pulled back and two maids urged her to rise with insisting tugs at her arms. The urgency in their eyes kept Lucy in a suspended worry as she sat up from the mattress. Brown eyes were alert now, scanning each maid with critical surveillance and noting any oddities in the behavior.

So far, everything was odd. Margret looked gaunt, as if she had been woken during a cycle of restful sleep to be told that her favorite pet had been killed. Janelle also looked disturbed, but mostly worried and…fearful.

“What is happening?” the blonde slurred, her mouth and tongue not quite awake enough. Every maid but Margret ignored her, surprisingly, keeping to the daily tasks of dragging out clothes and accessories for whatever was planned. However, this usually occurred after the sun had risen and the day started.

The cow farmers outside of the city had not even woken!

“Lady Lucy, your father has requested you be fetched and dressed for…something. He would not specify beyond having you dressed and urgently. Now, please rise so we can dress you. Master Jude is in a very irritable mood with us this morning.” The older woman murmured with a strange tone of concern and acceptance. If Margret was anything, she was always collected.

This stranger could not have been the beloved maid that helped raise Lucy after Layla’s passing.

The moment the heiress stood, a mass of maids in pink pastel sleepwear moved to tug her to the dressing wall, stripping her shift as they moved. The handmaidens had been woken out of their quarters and given no time to dress themselves.

Everything was inverted, Lucy thought with a panic, this had to be a nightmare.

None made light conversation as they pulled and pushed her into a corset, the corset they knew she loathed the most. The horrible thing was cream colored and fitted by the finest seamstress from Bosco, only worn during the important balls and gatherings.

That fact alone hinted the darker side of this occurrence.

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