why must my mother be so nice to me

coming home

okay this is literally the longest scenario on earth so don’t hate me for it please.
i’ve had this idea in my head for literally ever and i finally decided to do something with it.
it’s also my first scenario as well, so please go easy on me you guys ;-;

NCT Jaehyun Scenario
you’re going home to visit you parents after moving to Seoul, and your #nasty boyfriend Jung Jaehyun tags along~
a lil fluffy and a lil #nasty bc well jaehyun is #nasty af
adult content at the end; intended for mature audiences only
word count: 2,884 (again, i’m sorry i legit wrote a book lmao)

“Continue on the following road for 47 miles, then take EXIT 38C onto…”

“Oh, Babe, can you turn off the navigation on my phone please? I know how to get home from here,” you interrupted the annoyingly talkative navigation app.

“Are you sure jagi? It wouldn’t be the first time you said you ‘knew’ how to get us somewhere only to get the both of us lost and…”

Oh my god Jaehyun, that was literally like one time. Can you let me live? It’s not my fault the stupid navigation app didn’t want to cooperate with me. Anyway, driving in America isn’t like driving in Seoul; it’s way easier to drive here.”

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Honestly? I’m struggling to see why Sam reacted the way that he did to Connie attempting to sneak Grace her meds.

Like she actually needed them? She didn’t take them, and then literally had a fit? And he doesn’t see a problem with her not taking them…like, sorry but she did exactly what any mother would do. That’s how my mum used to trick me into taking meds when I was a kid.

Though it’s wrong & it’s going to backfire on her SO BADLY, I can totally see why she’s being gr9 with Hugo – like she is maternal, and it must be nice for a change to have someone who actually wants her.

~The Past is Coming Back~ Luke  Hemmings Imagine (Part 1)

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Part 3

Part 4!

Pairing: Reader x Luke

Summary: Y/N Hood is the younger half sister of Calum Hood. She was sent away to a boarding school for always getting into fights and sneaking out. Finally after three years and missing out on family gatherings Y/N is invited back too be around family. How will everyone feel when she shows up out of the blue? How will Calum react? Especially since he knows that his sister and Luke had a thing before she left.

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 2,500

‘Why must I only be the half-sister in this household? Why can’t I just be full blooded siblings with Mali and Calum? It would make it much easier being in this house. But no, my mother had to sleep with my half siblings father and than proceed to drop me off on the doorstep when I was only six months old. Now sure I have a good relationship with them but Mali and Calum had this bond that I think I never will have with them. There mom Joy is so nice, maybe that’s why her name is Joy she brings Joy everywhere she goes.’ I wrote in the journal, sitting on my bed chewing on the end of the pen that I was writing with. A knock was heard on my door, “Come in.” It took a second for the person to walk in even though I knew who it was already; David walked in a plate of cookies in his hand. A sad smile came to my face, he sat down on the end of my bed holding out a cookie. “Thanks,” I said taking it and started to nibble around the edges, nodding his head in a ‘You’re Welcome’ gesture.

“I was wondering if you would like to come downstairs and see everyone? We are starting to eat right about now.” He spoke with a gentle tone, raising his eyebrow a little at the end. Sitting there for a little before shaking my head ‘no’, “It’s fine I was thinking about going to sleep anyways.” With a sigh he stood up, walking out of the room without another word spoken. After 20 minutes another knock was heard on the door, this time I was standing by it fully clothed no pajamas on just jeans and a t-shirt. I was getting ready for a party that I heard was a block away from where I lived; grabbing the robe that was hanging on the back of the door before mumbling through a yawn, “Come in.”
I was shocked for who came through the door, Calum and his friends. Usually it was just Ashton or Michael over never the other guy. It was kind of amusing that he never really brought over the blonde guy. “What brings you to the other sibling room?” I questioned raising an eyebrow when the blonde guy took a seat on my desk, before jumping down from it when he saw the look I gave him. “We were wondering why you didn’t come downstairs and socialize.” Ashton spoke in his high pitch happy voice, sure it was kind of a cute voice but in other ways it was kind of annoying.  

“I wasn’t hungry.”

“Bullshit. This is about how if you sneak out again or get into another fight you’ll get sent away to that boarding school for girls,” Calum confirmed the full reason why I didn’t want to go down there and see family along with Joy who had suggested the school for if I get in trouble again. Honestly I was kind of nervous even scared that this time they were serious, but then again here I am about to sneak out too another party. “You need to stop doing this. They are serious about it this time.”

“I don’t care just leave Calum.”

With an annoying grunt he left my room, along with Ashton who had a sad expression on his face and Michael with the same look. “Luke.. Are you going to be there tonight?” I whispered catching him by the hand. I may have lied, I knew who exactly who the blonde guy was; we were the same age (15), in the same grade level and had some of the same classes. With a look over his shoulder, “Maybe I don’t know yet honestly.” Before walking out of my room, closing the door behind him before throwing off the robe and tying on my shoes. Grabbing my phone, walking over to the window; slowly opening it making sure that it didn’t make that annoying sound it makes when you open it too fast. My light was off and the sign on my door was up since I knew that David wouldn’t walk in if he actually knew that I was asleep. Joy on the other hand might just want to check in on me.
Stretching out my hand to grab the thick round branch, wrapping my legs around it before slowly shimming down the trunk. Than I was off and jumping over the wall that separates our yard from the ally that was a clear shot to the party I was going to.

I made it in less than five minutes the music was loud and there were older even younger people everywhere. You could smell the alcohol from the fence, the older people being in their late teens early twenties jugging beer after beer. “Y/N! You made it. Wait of course you made it!” The host of the party shouted over the music, bringing me in for a hug and a pat on the back. “Where is your lover boy?” He wiggled his eyebrows, everyone besides my brother and his friends knew that there was something between Luke and I. Even if he did have an on and off again girlfriend though right now they are on.

“He may be showing up. Not sure yet.” With saying that we parted ways. That’s when I found the drinks and Luke standing awkwardly around others. “Luke.. You made it.” His face went from puzzled and confused, too a smirk and relax look on his face. “Come on.” Taking his hand in mine downing a shot or two on the way up the stairs. “Why can’t we just stay down here?”

“Because I like privacy LuLu. Don’t you when we make-out and other things.”

“Yeah.” We were almost to the guest room when something hit the back of my head. It felt smooth and hard hurt like hell. Turning around quickly I saw two people throwing punches and cursing at one another at the top of the stairs. Anger took over and I reached for the nearest thing, it being a vase and throwing it at one of there heads. The both of them still didn’t stop but one of their boyfriends came out of nowhere punching me in the face saying something about how no one hits there boy. “Than why you letting him fight?!”

The next thing I knew it was a fight between me and one of their boyfriends. I kind of blacked out from being in the fight, I didn’t hear anybody shouting about how the cops showed up or how my parents were at the party looking for me. Luke did try to get me out of there but in the midst of the fighting with everyone running around trying not to get caught he left. “Y/N! Get off of him now!” A voice screamed right in my ear, jumping back off of the guy noticing that it was David who had yelled at me. His face was twisted in anger and disappointment, it was something that hurt me on the inside. He has never looked at me like that before, reaching out his hand he took my arm roughly and practically dragging me out of the house.
“I can’t even register why you did this! You know that this is the last straw you are going to that school in England. God you’re such a burden from the start!” David kept ranting on and on, telling me how much of a disappointment I was. Not even realizing that it hurt me down to the core, the more he talked the more I didn’t care one ounce about going overseas.

The next three days were the worst. I had to pack up all my things, or at least some of the clothing in my closet and drawers. Calum and Mali weren’t allowed to talk to me at all since if they did start to talk to me everyone knew that I would get them on my side, turn this all around. “Hey are you almost ready?” David walked in without knocking since there was no door on the hinges. A grunt was the only response he got, zipping up the suitcase setting it down by the door. “Let’s go then,” With that he picked up one of the larger suitcases, leaving me to get the two backpacks and another suitcase.
Everyone was waiting downstairs. Luke and his family minus Celeste since she had work, Ashton and his mom, Michael with his mom and then my family. One by one they all gave me hugs telling me how I should write to them and to keep them updated. “Don’t stop with those covers boys.. I can’t believe I am saying this but you’ll be big one day.”

With that I hugged Luke last, which is really awkward since everyone was watching us. Shrugging my shoulders I grabbed Luke by his face and yanked his face down to mine, our lips meeting and it felt like fireworks when it happened. But we were cut short when David made that ‘clearing the throat’ sound, “Let’s go.” He ordered pushing me towards the car, waving a goodbye to everyone though I didn’t get many waves back since they were still in a state of shock. “In three years or even two you’ll be able to come back from England and come back home. Or you can stay out there, I have some friends out there that will be housing you for the schooling. If you mess up with one of them you will be going to the all girl school.”

“Wait I thought I was going to the all girl school now?”

“No, I am giving you one more chance. If you mess this one up you’ll be going to that school.” After he said that it was a silent and kind of peaceful car ride to the airport. Finally after two hours we got to the airport, though David kept saying it was only a good 30 minutes it took. “Just be good and don’t fuck this up.” Was his last words to me before turning and leaving.

~1 year later~

I was still living with the family friend, mostly David friend. No parties, or sneaking out well there was some sneaking out but not enough for them to notice. David and Joy would call once in awhile, Calum and Mali really wouldn’t it was kind of mostly Luke or even Liz. Sure I would get the nice little text from my half-siblings but it never really bugged me since I knew that we were never really close. “Luke, Hey how are you?” I answered the phone, still trying to figure out this one math problem. “Nothing much, I’m actually in England well London right now.” He laughed when he heard a squeal come from me, “Really? Why?!” Than he went into explaining to me how him and the guys were up here recording something called an EP. How even Liz had came with them along with Joy, to make sure that they were on a somewhat good behavior.

“This is so cool! I could show you around, even the others.”
We set up a time and day to meet up just him and I. It was the next day when we met, right after school for me, Eric already knowing that there was someone I was meeting up with after school. Him telling me just to be back before dark; I saw Luke before he saw me. It took me a while to make sure that it was really him. He was taller wearing more black more than usual, his hair was still kind of fringe but you could tell that he was trying to start to style it.  When he turned around I saw the lip ring, “Oh my fucking god you have your lip pierced! You got taller, wearing more black. Look at those shoulders boy.” I rambled on touching his lip ring and poking before grabbing his shoulders. He laughed, pulling me into a hug with no fair warning, “ Thanks. Look at you though. Short, I would say barely any black or dark clothing but you literally wearing all black.”

After much talking and wondering around London, showing him different places. I started to slowly realize that he was kind of slowly being me. Hoping deep down that he wouldn’t really become me, since look what happened with me. Plus he would be in the media more, everyone judging his every move, “Just promise me that you won’t change you little shit. Same goes for the others; when I go back to Aussie I still want to hear about how you’re still humble and annoying telling horrible yet corny jokes.” He laughed at the end of my little speech, holding out my pinky towards him, growing serious between him and I, “I mean it Luke. I have always liked you more than anyone, and hope that you still are the same in two plus years. Pinky promise.. Or just maybe just be kind of the same.” He stood there for a moment before opening his mouth, “I promise I will still tell those badass jokes, and whenever you come back. When you are around me only you.. I will be fully the same no matter what.” He wrapped his pinky around mine, pulling me in for a quick kiss on the lips.

Luke and I still hung out just about everyday, till a couple months later he had to leave. And then I never really heard from Luke every again. Maybe four times every year, his mom would tell me that he was always busy and never even had time to call her. But I knew that was a lie, Calum and I had started talking more after he left England that year. Telling me that Luke really wasn’t the same, how there were days the fame and spotlight would go to his head. “Well I’ll be there too visit in a month!” I giggled telling Calum, “For my birthday?”

“Of course you only turn 20 once you dweeb.”

“Sweet, I’ll let the boys know. Have you ever seen us play live?”

Chewing on my bottom lip, “No I have never even listened to any of the songs too be honest.”


“Yes really. But I need to go, I have a ton of homework and packing to do.” A yawn slipping through the phone from his end, “You need to get to bed.”

“Luke is already excited and scared to see you.. Just wanted to let you know.”  

“I bet he is.. Bet he is.” I whispered before saying goodbye and hanging up after he said bye as well. Luke and I were the same age nineteen, we haven’t spoken to one another in almost two years. Sure there were those fun little conversations but nothing major that use to last for five hours. I have heard from little birds that he was talking to some girl that was a fan but none of the boys liked her. “This is going to be so much fun.” I mumbled under my breath when googling Luke name and articles came up of him and this other girl. “Tumblr time.”

Imagine Dean Meeting Your Mother Accidentally For the First Time

Ding Dong!

“Who are you?”

“You must be Y/N’s mother. Good Evening. I‘m Dean.”

“What’s good about the evening, young man?”

You came beside your mom.

*whisper* “Mom, please. Be nice.”


“Don’t answer that.” *looking at you* “Honey, I’ll be in my room. Please entertain your guest in a decent and silent way.” *goes upstairs*

“I’m sorry about that. She’s just way too harsh for being blunt.”

“No, no, it’s okay. Maybe I– I mean we– Me–.” *clears throat* “I should go.”

“What? Why? You’re not afraid of my mother, are you?”

“Me? No! I are– I mean I am–” *inhales* “I think so.”

“Haha, don’t be, baby. Come on, let’s go outside instead.”

Me, when I was a young pagan/witch: 

“I’m gonna follow every single pagan and witch blog and learn everything I can!”

Me, now, a bitter old crone of a polytheist who dabbles in magic: 

“That blog is bullshit. 

racial slurs are fucking everywhere

‘You MUST have a God and Goddess pair’ really wow nice heterocentricism. 

Ugh, those gods are Egyptian, why is this picture so pale? 

‘X is basically the [celtic/greek/roman/norse/etc] version of Y’ -gagging sound- goodbye, felicia. 

-awkward shoving of three unrelated gods into maiden/mother/crone trope- WHY. 

-awkward association of all female-presenting gods with fertility- oh my fukCING

‘Witches all follow the threefold law, and we don’t curse’ I can’t hear you over this curse bottle I’m shaking

‘[god of death/disease/etc] appears to me like a loving mother/father figure’ …are you fucking kidding me*

-references to a single ubiquitous Goddess- have u considered that there are literally thousands of female gods, WHO DO YOU MEAN

-complete fluffing-down of violent and vicious gods into Happy Loving Beams of Light- AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

‘I started my path [with X god] 6 months ago, but now I’m a High Priest/spokesperson/Complete Expert on [X god]’ i’m gonna thrOW MYSELF INTO THE SUN”

Missed You

I need Dimon in my life so in a desperate effort (cue the violins) I wrote this and I dont know, you tell me how this worked out.

Oh and it’s RATED and it’s messy and kind of what I wish would happen in real life 

Simon’s pov

I see her through the glass window.

She’s trying to play the drums unsuccessfully, as she keeps throwing the sticks up in the air by accident.

I haven’t seen her in months. After the way the finale of the xfacor went, there was no way for us to be in contact anymore. She acted like such a spoiled, ungrateful little kid.. throwing a tantrum because the producers and I backed out of letting her perform. We couldn’t, there was no time. She was so hurt and angry at me, and I at her. She told me she thought she meant more to me than that. And she did, she meant alot to me, and that made me want  to cut all ties with her.

I had to come see her show, my groups are her opening acts. I told myself that was the only reason why I “had” to come. But as I stand here, watching her through the glass, I know that’s not the reason.

She moves her head to the sound of the drums, her pink hair all disheveled and messy. She tries, she really does, to last more than 4 seconds but then her hand loses it’s grip on the stick and it drops on the floor, again.

“Fuck!” She yells, laughing. She looks around her band as they laugh with her, but soon enough she sees me through the window. Her eyes widen in shock and her lips turn into a little smile, but as she catches my eyes her expression hardens. Her cheeks turn red and she turns away from me.

“Wha- Demi!” I shout at her and the whole band turns to see me.I motion for her to come outside and she does. She stops far enough away from me.

“Demi… Come on…” I whisper. I can see her mind going back and forth and finally she crashes her body into my chest and I wrap my arms around her for a hug.

“You are such a dick do you know that?!” She shouts and pushes me with her arms still around me.

“I know brat, I know. I’m sorry” I rub circles around her back. She lifts her head up to look at me. Her brown eyes burying into mine. She pulls away from me as her expression hardens again and she looks around the room at the people around us, she looks uncomfortable.

“Hello everyone..” I let out in my most polite manner. They all nod their head as I whisper  "lets go somewhere private". She leads me into her dressing room and I shut the door behind us.


“So ummm congratulations”


“How is he?” she asks looking fearfully to his eyes.

“He’s.. he… he’s perfect. Absolutely perfect” she smiles big to him, genuinely happy for him as her eyes glisten. 

“Wow that’s amazing Simon, you deserve it” she said quietly.

“Here” he reaches to his pocket to grab his phone, to show her photos of the new baby. Demi’s face lights up as she sees them, and she smiles even more at the sight of him smiling wide at the photos.

“He’s gorgeous, oh my god… He looks like you!” her whole face lit up as she took in the sight of my newborn son.

“Why thank you my darling. And he is quite dashing”

"Dashing? Oh i’ve missed you and your out of this century British words..” she hugs me again and I chuckle at her.

“I’ve missed you too actually.. Too quiet without you talking my ear off”  he says rolling his eyes

“I dont talk your ear off, you annoy me” she rolls her eyes as he chuckles.

“How’s Lauren..?” she says breaking the awkward silence.

“Good, good. She’s enjoying staying at home with Eric”

Those two never really hit it off, and honestly there was no chance of that happening. Demi is as blunt and carefree as they come, while Lauren’s reserved, polite cold. Like him.

“That’s good.. So  you came here to watch the girls?” she asks as she fixes her hair in the mirror.

“Not really. I wanted to see how you were and watch you perform. Is that okay?” he moves closer, wanting to see her reaction.

“It’s okay, yeah. It’s more than okay”

“You know, you were such a mean little brat that last day we saw each other. I seriously though I wouldnt want to see you again”

“I wasn’t mean, I was fucking hurt!” and there she explodes, in less than a second. He hit a nerve.

“Come on Demi, you knew we were stressed for time on the finale, there was no way we could squeeze in a performance from you”

“Oh and that drink video? That was so disgusting of you!" 

"It wasn’t me! And it was a little joke. You make jokes about your issues all the time but the second the table’s turned you get offended. You cant always be the one with the upper hand”

“You know what i’m like, it felt like you did it on purpose to get back at me”

“Get back at you? for what?”

“For leaving!”

“No, I knew you were leaving and I was perfectly fine with it. Your big announcement did rub me the wrong way but I would never purposelessly offend you! I hated my video as well, but I didnt curse on national television because of it." 

"It wasnt just that! You pushed me out! Out of everything.”

“I know. I didnt mean to, i’m sorry”


“How’s the boyfriend?”

“The boyfriend’s fine”

“How’s touring?”




He plumps down on the couch, exhausted and frustrated with her.

“Touring’s great. I love it. I miss my family. The boyfriend’s fine, he comes to visit when he can”

“He really loves you”


“He really loves you, I can tell.”

“Yeah, I guess he does.”

“Must  be nice, to be loved that way”

“You dont feel loved?”

“I do, by Eric. The day he was born is the happiest of my life.”

“And by Lauren?”

“I do hope she doesnt love me that way. It would be unfortunate”


“She’s the mother of my child, I love her, she’s amazing, but not as my girlfriend or my lover. She’s just.. there. A friend, a companion of some sort.”

"Well that’s kind of awful to say. ”

“Well i’m kind of awful”

“You think you know so much about yourself and what people think of you”

“Well do enlighten me darling” she stares at him and then looks at their reflection in the mirror.

“Never mind. I have to get ready”

“The show doesn’t start until 7.. you always get ready 4 hours ahead?”

“What do you want?” she throws her hands up in the air and he stands up, irritated by her attitude.

“God you are the most frustrating person I’ve ever come across” he mutters.

“At least I’m not a fake! I don’t fake relationships. If I love someone I show  them, if I don’t, I end it. You are such a coward, you always were”

“If being a coward means not wanting to hurt the other’s feelings, if being a coward means keeping the family whole for my son, I’ll take it.”

“Even if it makes you miserable”

“I’m not miserable”

“Look at you, you look like you’ve aged 10 years since I last saw you. You look drained”

“Stop acting like you know everything”

“I know what I see. You’re full of shit" 

"Fuck you Demetria”

“No, fuck you, you lair!” tears stream down her face as she turns away from him to not let him see her cry. 

“Let me look at you” He tries to turn her around and he does but she covers her face in her hands. “Get the fuck out” she mumbles.

“Stop hiding, I want to look at you.” he raises his voice and pushes her hands away from her face, taking his thumbs and gently wipes her tears away from her eyes, her cheeks, her nose.

She takes his hand and lets it fall to the side of his body. She grabs his face harshly and crashes her lips into his hard, no tongue, just her lips getting to know his. His reaction is fast, he presses his lips even harder against hers and she licks his lips begging for entrance. Their tongues intertwine in his mouth. “hmmmm” she moans against his lips as he holds her head tightly, not wanting to break apart. He lowers his lips to her neck and chest and she moans in response,gasping for air with her body curving and melting into him like butter.

“Uhhh Simon..” She tries to break apart for a second but he kneels down and  has his arms around her waist, lifting her shirt up and kissing her stomach.

“Oh fuck Simon we have to stop”

He looks  up at her, both breathing heavily now. “Why?”

She looks at him, and hell she cant find one good reason for this to stop. She pushes him to the couch and kisses him roughly, almost desperate. It’s like two years of an emotional roller coaster has brought them here, to this moment, and it should’ve felt wrong, it shouldve, but it didnt. It felt so right, the way their bodies reacted to one another, the way her face aligned with his, just at the curve of his neck, as if they were two pieces of a puzzle that finally found their way to connect.

“Demi..” he groaned against her mouth as her body pushed into his, straddling him. Their crotches touching through their clothes. She placed her hands at the bottom of his shirt and pushed it upwards, trying to take it off and he helped her. He pushed her top up revealing her bra and unclasped the hook skillfully and it fell to the floor. He took in the sight of her, her small breasts and milky baby skin.. he immediately cupped them, massaging them and kissing them at the same time as she moaned in pleasure.

“Oh god..” she moaned and unbuttoned his pants, lifting herself up to pull the pants down. He continued to suck and kiss her breasts as she unzipped her own pants and took them down. She kissed him rough on the lips as she started grinding herself against him, she couldnt really help it, moving back and forth slowly as her breathing hitched and she moaned heavily against his lips. 

“Ah ah ah ahhhh” she rocked back and forth faster and faster and it drove him insane- her moaning, the feel of her crotch on his. 

He wanted to be in her, now. He lifted her up to rest her hands on his shoulders as he grabbed her panties and pushed them down to the floor and took his boxers and started pushing them harshly down his body, grunting as their sweat got in the way. “Shhh shhh baby relax i’ll get it” she whispered and pulled his boxers to the ground, taking in what was in front of her. She always knew he was big, she could occasionally see him through his pants, but fuck he was big alright, and thick. And honestly she just couldnt see him go in her. “Oh fuck you are so big” she moaned against his ear and he breathed in her words, loving the fact that she’s impressed.

He groaned as she humped him hard and fast and then he grabbed his dick to align it with her pussy, his member brushing against her hole. He looked into her eyes to see her reaction and she bit her lip, breathing in and out, waiting for him.

“Ohhhhhhh oh god… oh fuck!” she started screaming as he entered her slowly, barely inside her. “Oh fuck go slow, go slow…” she muttered in pain and pleasure as his big member smashes her insides.

“Okay, it’s okay babygirl” he moaned as he stopped moving inside her. “Uhhh babygirl….you feel so good” he moaned loudly, inside her and kissed her  passionately as she boldly started pushing herself against his stomach, causing his dick to go deeper and deeper inside her. “Ahhh oh fuck” she screamed and he covered her mouth with his hand. 

He got the signal and pulled out slowly, then back in, her breathing getting louder and louder.It all felt familiar, like their bodies had known each other for years, from examining one another from across the judges table or at interviews. There was this rush of adrenaline every time he pounded into her, like euphoria, like nothing could ever feel this good and no other body could know her they his did. Minutes ago they were an old man and an annoying little brat and next the’re fucking hard on the couch calling each other’s names.

“Ahhh that’s it baby, oh shiiit” he groaned with his hands on her waist, helping her move back and forth, as they reached a crazy speed. 

“Ahhh - yes - Simon - harder - ohhhh” she screamed as his dick went in and out of her and she heard his breathing get faster and faster. 

“Demi i’m gonna..”

“Ahhhh yesss” she screamed out as she felt him release inside her, causing her to find her release too. He moves her by her waist, back and forth, basking in the pleasure until they stop.

She fell onto his chest, his hands still around her waist, rubbing her back in little circles to calm her down as he took deep breaths against her  body.

They sat there holding onto each other as they came down from the high. 

“Oh my god” she breathed into his chest. He held her tight to his chest, caressing her hair.

“Oh my god….” She repeated after finally calming down.

“Dont regret it”

“What?” she looked up at him. He moved his head away from her eyes.

“Dont regret this”

She took in his words. After all of this, he’s the one feeling self conscious. She’s straddling him naked, her belly exposed to him, her arms that she hates so much are sweating against his masculine ones, and he’s the one who’s looking so fragile. She took his face in her hands and turned him to her, closing her eyes to give him a warm, sweet kiss on the lips.

“I dont. I wont”