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Free Fall - 14 (Barry Reader)

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“Mmm…” You groaned as you opened your eyes slowly when you heard clicking noises. The smell of must reached your nose as your eyes focused on scattered papers and books. You jerked your arms hissing as the pain it caused.

“Try not to struggle too much, you’ll leave bruises.” You looked over at the Turtle sitting at a type writer. He glanced over at you, “I would hate to have you damaged.”

“What do you want?” You whispered to him as you started to shake.

“The Flash.” He looked at you.

“Why?” You flexed your cold hands.

He stood up waving an index card around in the air, “He’s getting in the way. Meddling in things that he shouldn’t care about, saving people, wasting his time. He obviously cares about you. So I’m going to take you away from him.”

“Wh…but I…I don’t know the Flash.” You told him the best you could.

“Don’t lie, I saw the way he saved you.” He walked toward you.

“That’s…he’s a hero…that’s what he does.” You looked at him twisting your arms against the restraints.

“You’re just like my ex-wife…taking everything for granted.” He told you turning from you.

“Is that what this is about…someone hurt you…she hurt and now you have to hurt everyone else?” You tried to keep calm, but you were only getting more scared by the second, “Because she left you.”

“Oh…I didn’t let that happen…” He turned back to your reaching up for a curtain pulling it down, “I made her mine forever.”

“Oh god…” You started to cry looking away from his ex-wife dead in a cabinet, “Please just let me go…”

“No…you’re much too pretty to let go…I would like to add you to my collection.” He was next to you again rubbing the back of his hand against your cheek, “So soft…”

“Please…” You jerked away from as he moved around you grabbing chemicals in a jar and long tubes. You’d seen enough movies to recognize formaldehyde, “No…no no please! Please don’t!”

“Just hold still…” He grabbed your arm. As he was about to insert the needle he stopped looking over toward the entrance.

You looked over your eyes getting wide as you saw blurs rushing around. A yellow one rushed out and your heart sank, “…Bar…ry…”

“Apparently I was wrong about his level of care for you.” He turned around coming back for you, “Where were we…”

You kicked at the ground trying to push the chair away from him shaking your head, “No…no please! Don’t!”

Again he stopped looking back as you shut your eyes. The sounds were weird almost like someone was plugging them up. Your eyes snapped open when you heard someone colliding with the wall. You looked at a beaten Barry breathing heavily in front of you, “Barry…”

“Are you…okay?” He asked as he undid the ties on the chair. You grabbed his face with your hands gently looking at him before you leaned in kissing him. His hands fell on your legs as he kissed you back. When you finally pulled away he smiled at you, “I…take that as an almost… based off on the situation we’re in.”

You laughed a little as he helped you up. He rushed you to the lab leaving you in Caitlin’s care before going back to collecting Turtle.

You sat in the cortex as everything settled down. You sat there with your eyes shut thinking back to Dr. Wells words, ‘You’re making him vulnerable.”

Barry said you weren’t, but after this…

“Hello?” Your eyes opened hearing Barry on the speakers, “Is anyone there?”

“Barry?” You made a face a turning to the computer seeing his face on the screen, “Are you done already? You just left…I thought for sure you and everyone would be waiting for Turtle to wake up. Is everything alright?”

“Y/N…” He stared at you in awe.

“Yes? Did you need…” You stopped staring at the screen, “Oh my god…”

“It’s you…you’re alive.” He smiled reaching out touching the screen, “You’re really alive.”

“Barry…” You put a hand to your mouth, “How…we just sent that message earlier today. How did you work it out so quickly?”

“I have some good friends.” He moved to the side showing Dr. Wells and Dr. Morgan, “They knew exactly what to do, but we don’t know how long the link will last if it will…”

“Yes the rift seems to fluctuate at different frequencies. I’m working on a way- ow!” You could hear Dr. Wells behind Barry.

“She doesn’t care dear.” You laughed a little at the intimate transaction. The Dr. Wells you met was nothing like that.

Barry looked at you, “You…look amazing. What are you doing?”

“I…was at a gala tonight…it’s a long story. This is all a long long story…” You stared at him.

“I bet. I want to hear all about it, but I’m sure you have questions.” He looked at you.

“My students.” You leaned forward.

“All safe. As soon as you…disappeared, they were escorted out.” He told you.

“My parents…you have to tell them that I’m okay. If I can I’d like to speak with them.” You watched his eyes look away from you. Something was wrong, “Barry…”

“I’m sorry…Y/N.” He looked back at you, “It’s…it’s your dad.”

You shook your head, “No…no…”

“They said it was the stress…He had a heart attack…” He frowned touching the screen again, “I’m so sorry…I didn’t want to tell you like this…but…”

“Oh god…” You started to cry, “Mom?”

“She’s alright…as alright as she can be.” Barry looked back at Dr. Wells, “Look the feed is going to cut out soon, I’m not sure when we’ll get it back. Is there something that I can tell her so that she’ll believe you’re alive?”

You sat there trying to collect yourself, “‘Don’t blend in, blend out.’ My father would say that to me all the time before I would go out to school. So much so that I would finish it as I walked away from him.”

“I’ll tell her…” His image started to break up, “I…tr…ol..oon. I…ov…u”

“Barry…” You tapped on the keyboard, “Barry…can you hear me?”

The screen was black. You sighed leaning against the desk putting your face in your hands. You started to cry. Your father had been such a pillar in your life and now he was gone.

“Y/N?” You sat up looking over at Barry walking into the room. His eyes were full of concern as he walked over to your quickly. You stood up burying your face into his chest. He held you tightly, “What happened?”

“My dad…” You whispered.

He didn’t understand. He glanced over at everyone walking in. He gave you a squeeze before pulling away, “What happened?”

You sat down and pointed at the computer, “Cisco’s…frequencies…whatever…it worked…I talked to Barry from home…”

“What? It worked? They got it to work?” Cisco started over but stopped when Barry gave him a look.

“Something happened to your dad?” Barry kneeled down in front of you taking your hands.

Tears welled up in your eyes again as you nodded. Then he realized what happened, “Y/N…I’m so sorry.”

“Barry…I don’t know what to do.” You looked at him.

He nodded, “Well first…I’m going to take you home. Then I’m going to take care of you. Cisco…”

“Barry.” He stepped up.

“I need you to try and make the connection more permanent if you can.” Barry looked up at him still holding onto your hands.

“Barry I can’t ask you to do that…” You sniffed, “You all have too much to do.”

“I know you’re not asking.” He looked at you smiling a little, “It’s what we do. This is important. You need to be able to talk to them right now.”

Barry had everyone helping you, even Dr. Wells offered his help to Cisco for a brief moment. Probably out of sympathy. Barry on the other hand had taken you back to his place just as he had told you he would.

You came out wearing a tshirt and a pair of sweat pants of his. You smiled at him a little, “Thank you for the clothes.”

He smiled sitting on his bed staring at you, “Of course. They look better on you anyways.”

“It’s no evening no gown.” You told him sitting across from him.

“You looked great in the dress.” He reached over taking your hand, “You look irresistible in my clothes.”

You blushed looking away from him. He was good at getting your mind off of things. Then everything came rushing back like a tidal wave as your eyes shut.

He watched a tear roll down your cheek. He frowned moving closer to you putting his arm around you, “I’m sorry…”

“I just…never got say goodbye…or anything.” You looked at him, “He died thinking I was dead.”

“We’re going to get them back on the line.” He looked at you rubbing you’re back, “And once everything calms down we’ll…we’ll figure out how to get you home.”

You looked at him surprised as he stared at you, “Barry…I…”

“Don’t worry.” He reached up touching your face wiping a tear away from your face.

“I’m not.” You whispered, “I’m afraid…”

“Afraid?” His face lit up with confusion.

“That you’ll find a way for me to go home…and I’ll lose you.” You told him leaning toward him.

It was his turn to be surprised. He swallowed staring into your eyes, “I see…how much pain you’re in Y/N. I know the loss of a parent, and I know how much distance and obstacles hurt too.”

“I’ve been distant for years…” You told him your breath against his lips, “But losing the opportunity to see you every day I think would hurt more than anything else.”

You saw him visibly shiver before you kissed him. Bittersweet. You could feel your grief being pushed aside for a moment and swell back. The shift in emotions was overwhelming, but as Barry’s hands found your face you, you became grounded. You felt safe.

He pulled away a little looking at your face smiling, “We’ll figure it out…then you can decide.”


So first of all, why did Jack listen to Gwen so fast about the glove? Or can we assume she badgered him some more? Because Owen has this lovely line about how it ruined Suzie, and the next thing you know Jack is pulling it out. What the hell, Jack? Was he that hung up on Gwen that he’d do whatever she says? Oh, right. He was and he did. Bugger.

Jack tells Gwen they all had a go at the Glove and it only responded to Suzie. He says it works on some sort of empathy or compassion. So two questions here: why did it work with Suzie? She freaking killed people to bring that back to life! That’s not compassion! And why didn’t it work with Jack or Ianto? Because while I could see Tosh and Owen struggling with it, I can see both Jack and Ianto with the qualities of empathy and compassion. Yes, Jack has a hard edge, but he does what he has to do. We all know he feels it deeply! And it’s practically fanon canon that Ianto must have a strong sense of empathy to do what he does so well, anticipating the team’s needs and such. I think it should have worked with both those characters and not Suzie if that was the case. I wonder if the script writer thought it through? Or maybe it was still early on in establishing character and it’s only looking back that it seems odd.

Also, Gwen is naive, irresponsible, inconsiderate, and wrong in this story. This is one of those episodes that fans who don’t like Gwen cite as a reason. She might have died, but she should have been held accountable for her words and her actions. She once again called bullshit on things she knew nothing about, took Jack down a few pegs for no good reason, and disobeyed orders by taking Suzie to see her father. Gah. Why is any of that a good thing in a character?? Because she was continuously held up as good for these things. I’ll say again the problem wasn’t her flaws, as amply demonstrated in this episode; the problem was that her flaws were glossed over and ignored, and never addressed in the context of plot or character, thus not giving her character a true chance to learn and grow from them. She could have been so much better as a fictional character if the writers had just treated her like everyone else instead of putting her on a pedestal. 

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The Branwell-Lightwood story line is exactly what the Malec romance needs. Without this obstacle the viewers would be disappointed. They would feel cheated, and rightly so. It is why the writers crafted it in the first place. This rancor is perfect. Let viewers be MAD! The writing encourages it. That's what good storytelling is all about. It's the struggle Malec must go through to find happiness that makes their romance all the sweeter. So, be ANGRY at the situation. We're supposed to be. ;)

I like your attitude.