why must i live in the middle of nowhere


Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: SURPRISE! I thought that, as a late Christmas gift to you all, I’d release the new chapter of CB a few days earlier. Don’t worry, there still will be another chapter on Friday! Here’s some angst and fluff, enjoy!

Warning: None (Ben curses, what’s new?)

Word Count: 5.1K+

It had been over a whole day, almost thirty hours to be exact, since you had last spoken to Ben. The entire day of Sunday was spent busying yourself with things you really didn’t need to do–spending hours cleaning your room, going over your homework twice, going for a morning and afternoon jog, and many other things your mom couldn’t seem to understand. You just had no desire to think about Ben whatsoever, even if small things had reminded you of him.

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Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 6)

Ok so it has come to my attention that the name of this fic doesn’t really fit with the contents anymore. I wasn’t planning on continuing it past part 2! So apologies for that, I figure i’ll leave it. It’s a tad late to change it now lol. So here is the next part, enjoy! xox

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Alternate Ending

“Me?” You cry. “Why?!”

“I can’t tell you yet.” Nat says slowly, in a calming voice.

“LIKE HELL YOU CAN’T.” You shout jumping out of your chair.

“Sit DOWN.” Nat says firmly, her eyes flicking between you and the mirror. You take a breath and sit down, glaring at Nat silently, your arms crossed in defiance.

“I want to leave.” You mutter grumpily.

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Two Halves and One Magic - Part 1

Summary: In a world where magic is exceedingly rare, the prince of a kingdom, Daniel, wields the magic power of the gods…but only half. In order to release his full power, he must find the person that holds the other half of the extraordinary magic. The only problem? Dan is not allowed past the castle walls. Will he find the other half?

Genre: Magic AU, Medieval Times, prince!dan, mage!phil

Warnings: none

A/N: Hey guys! So this is a story idea I’ve been working on. It would mean the world to me if you’d take the time to read it, as I’m proud of how this is progressing! Please read and let me know what you think! Thank you!

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Fallen Angels, ch. 3

Title: Fallen Angels
Chapter 3: After – “Like gold to airy thinness beat”
This chapter returns to the “present,” picking up the conversation that was interrupted by the flashback of chapter 2.
Rating: M for language and cartoon violence (as they say at the movies); there may or may not be salaciousness later, depending on how the story develops.

Characters: Loki and Sigyn
Description: a post-apocalyptic, MCU-Norse mythos mash-up; science fiction/fantasy
External validation and constructive criticism actively and shamelessly encouraged. I have tried to tag everyone that asked, but not all of them are working :( I will keep trying.
Thank you again and again (and again), @icybluepenguin​​, for your help and encouragement and editing. This story is vastly better for your help.

Ch. 1: Walking with unblest feet;
Ch. 2: “I struck the board and cry’d, No more.”

Ch. 4 here

She got an odd smile on her face that opened up the ache in his chest once more. “I will tell you my story, if you tell me who I remind you of.”

A long pause had ensued after he told her of his wife. They sat in silence while he recovered his composure once more. But he knew progress could only be made if he possessed as much information as possible — when had she re-appeared after the blast? Where had she re-materialized? Why had he not felt it — or seen it?

He took a deep breath as he opened up the discussion, “Your turn. How did you end up in Wy?”

“Hum, yes. I did promise an explanation, didn’t I?”

Loki poured her another cup of tea, while Stella thought how to begin.

“The old lady Alric mentioned is Elsbeth, a wise woman who lives in Wy.”

Loki nodded. “I know her. Well, I know of her.”

“Last fall she was returning from the coast — on the same errand I was on just now, in fact — and she found me.”

“Found you?”

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