why must fate be oh so cruel

We Have a Routine

Summary: Phichit goes to *study* at the Student Union Building, or as their uni likes to call it, The Nest, every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:35 pm sharp. That may or may not have to do with the cute guy that sometimes wears his glasses on his head and always has his head in a book, but who knows, it’s not like they’ve ever talked.

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He was there again. He was sitting where he always sat; 2 seats down from Phichit, on the other side of the table, on one of the longer tables in the Student Nest - their mascots were parrots, so the Student Union Building was of course, the Nest. He always had an open book in front of him and either the tip of a highlighter or a pen in his mouth. He would also occasionally have his prescription glasses resting on his head instead of on his face where they were supposed to be.

Phichit liked to spend his free period in the nest watching him *cough* uh, studying. They never talked but they had a routine, you see, mystery glasses boy would be on that exact table, on that exact seat and Phichit would meet him there - not that they ever acknowledged each other - at exactly 2:35 pm every Tuesday and Thursday. Phichit didn’t know his name or whether he knew Phichit existed, for that matter. He didn’t know what his voice sounded like nor had he actually really seen his face properly. THe guy'd never looked up from his book to meet Phichit’s curious (and most likely lovestruck) gaze but Phichit felt like he was aware of his presence.

Phichit sat down quickly, realizing he’d been standing near the table, just staring at the guy. He mentally shook his head at himself. If the guy had noticed him there before, it would’ve been because of his stalkerness. Oh god, Phichit hoped that the guy didn’t think he was weird and desperate and a creep.

He got his book out of his bag because he actually did have to study, with midterms and essays coming up. He had to hand in a twelve-page essay for his sociology course in a week and he hadn’t even started. Then there was the Political Science paper on American political systems, he didn’t even know why he ever thought he’d like that course. Oh, there was also an anthropology research assignment due in two weeks. He was absolutely, positively, going to die.


Phichit was running late. It was 2:35 on a thursday, but he wasn’t anywhere near the nest. He’d stopped to get a sandwich which had taken abnormally long, so now he was late. Not that he had to be there at exactly 2:35, he just… had to.

Would cool glasses guy realize he was late? Would he be worried? Relieved? Curious? Happy? Would he even notice his absence? There really wouldn’t be a reason to, the guy barely looked up from his book the whole time he was there so it was likely that Phichit was the only one that noticed the other.

He went into the nest and to their table. He liked calling the table theirs, it felt domestic somehow. Phichit knew he was being stupid, but he really couldn’t help it. He was always quick to have crushes, and the glasses guy was no exception to that.

Phichit kept his eyes on glasses guy as he sat down at his seat. He could’ve sworn that he saw glasses guy give a small nod of his head at Phichit’s arrival, though it might’ve just been his imagination, as that’d never happened before and glasses guy had, once again, not looked up at Phichit.

He was stripped from his thoughts by a girl’s voice. “Seung gil!”

Phichit looked at cute glasses guy to see if he was the one the girl was addressing. If he was, he sure didn’t make it easy for Phichit to know. He still had his head lowered facing the open book in front of him and he had made no indication that he heard or acknowledged the name.

Phichit let out a sigh. And here he thought he was finally going to have a name for that beautiful face, oh fate why must you -

“Seung gil!” The girl said again, closer this time. She was right behind cute guy and was looking at him, so maybe fate wasn’t so cruel.

“What, Crispino?” ‘Seung gil’ snapped.

Seung gil, Phichit thought, it suits him. And the tone in his voice really lowers the possibility of her being his girlfriend.

“Wanna come have lunch with us?” The girl asked, smiling sweetly.

“No.” He said. Huh, guess he really isn’t that much of a talker.

“Oh, come on, Seung gil! We’re friends!”

“Did I make the mistake of doing something that mislead you about the nature of our relationship?” He still hadn’t looked up from his book and was now writing something in it.

“O-oh, sorry, I’ll just leave then.” The girl said before turning around and leaving. Phichit felt somewhat sad for her but not really.

Oh well, at least he had a name now!


“Yuuri!” Phichit yelled as soon as he opened the door to his dorm room.

Yuuri looked up from his phone at Phichit. “Phichit, we’re literally living in a thirteen square meter dorm room, you don’t need to yell, ever.”

“But I’m excited!” Phichit chirped, plopping next to Yuuri on his bed. “I found out my cute guy’s name!”

“Oh, did you stop being a creep and went up to him finally?”

“Uh, not necessarily?” Phichit said sheepishly. “I heard someone say his name. But Yuuri his voice is so nice and deep and sexy, aaaa, he’s so perfect.”

“Oh, Phichit.” Yuuri sighed.


Phichit was getting absolutely nowhere with Seung gil. Nothing else had happened since he learned his name and it was almost Christmas break. He had a completely different schedule second term, so this wouldn’t be able to continue. And Phichit was almost fine with that.

This was getting ridiculous, he knew absolutely nothing about the guy other than his name and that he had a free period tuesdays and thursdays from sometime to 3:30 when he left. He hadn’t talked to him once, and that was kind of Phichit’s fault, but he couldn’t go up to him and start talking now, it’d be too awkward. What would he say, “Hey, Seung gil, I’m Phichit, I’ve been watching you every tuesday and thursday.”? Talk about creepy.

Yeah, he’d have to get over whatever he had for Seung gil. It was unhealthy and this would -

His seat was taken. He walked closer to the table. Correction: His seat was taken, by Seung gil. Dumbfounded and eyes blown wide, Phichit walked over to Seung gil’s usual seat and sat down.

“So,” Seung gil said. “My timetable is different next term so we’ll have to figure something else out about our little, ah, arrangement.” Seung gil’s face was stoic so Phichit couldn’t tell whether Seung gil was making fun of him or not.

“Are you mocking me?” Phichit asked.

“No, I’m asking you out.”

Bonus scene:

“Yuuuri!!!” Phichit yelled, practically breaking down the door.

“Phichit, you don’t have to - ”

“Yell, I know, but listen.” Phichit said, walking over to Yuuri and putting his hands on Yuuri’s shoulders. “Seung gil talked to me!”

“Did he tell you to stop being creepy and give you a restraining order?”

“Yuuri, you’re supposed to be my friend,” Phichit pouted. “No, he asked me out!”

“Phichit, you little shit, good job. I don’t know how your creeping worked but you must’ve done something right.”

“Hey, maybe it’ll work on your cute TA, Viktor, was it?”


The Dexholders’ Reaction to 1000 Days a Stone

[Disclaimer: These are my own headcanons and I suck at writing. If you have any complaints, write it in double spaced-Times-12 format and include at least 6 sources from scholarly articles which must be referenced using Harvard referencing style (ps: avoid footnotes)]

Red: …Wow. Being a stone for over three years… I wonder if he’s okay in there.

Green: I can’t stand being petrified for three years. He had it much heavier. I’ll see if he will still be fit as a Dexholder when he gets out.

Blue: Oh… Oh my. It gives me flashbacks… I don’t want to remember…

Yellow: W-why… I don’t want anyone else to suffer like us. Not our juniors… Is this nature’s cruel fate?

Gold: Yo what the shit??? Man that’s terrible. Poor chap. I’ll fight whoever sealed him. What a wanker

Silver: … So it’s Ghetsis.

Crystal: Oh my… 1000 days? He’s gone through worse than me. I need to be stronger than him.

Ruby: ONE THOUSAND DAYS? God, no. I’m gonna lay down. This is too absurd to comprehend.

Sapphire: One… One thousand days. That’s… That’s a lot. A shit lot. H… How? Will he still be sane? What does it feel like in there?

Emerald: heh… I’m not sure if he’s getting out there in one piece. Hope he’s okay tho.

Diamond: What a dreadful experience. I’m going to help him cope when he gets out. No one should deserve this.

Pearl: W-what? No. No! Why is life so cruel? No! Dia… he’s going to need our support. I’ll make sure of it.

Platinum: I’ve been though some bizarre experiences in my life but… being on a limbo for over three years…


White: Dear Black. I’ve been contributing a lot on Pokestar lately, and my clients are very happy with the agency as of current. If only… If only you’re here right now. I… I can’t accomplish this without y-your help. I should’ve not… I sh…. I was powerless on that day. It’s all my fault… No. I did what I could. I’m sorry. Black…. I miss you. Please… Please come home.

Lack-Two: It was indeed devastating news. We need our witness here ASAP, and the people I know missed him. When he returns, we can continue my team’s investigation on the Pokemon League incident. On behalf of the International Police and the Dexholder union, we’re sorry.

Whi-Two: Mama said nature can be cruel to us and Pokemon. If this had happened to Whi-Two’s senior, I hope it does not happen to Whi-Two. He might be against Lord N once, but Whi-Two still think it’s too much for him…

X: Sensationalism. Ugh. I hate it. True figures please. There’s no way someone can be trapped in a small rock for over three years. You can’t fool me; you all are just doing it for the money.

Y: Three… years. As if current events wasn’t bad already…

Sun: W-Wha? Three years? Imagine how much money you can obtain for working for three whole full years? Man, I would. I would break down.

Moon: Gosh. One thousand days… Is this the right desicion? Should I go through weird shit like this as well if I become a dexholder? Anyway, once I get him patched up - if he gets out in the end, of course - I’ll make sure no one experiences similar things anymore.

[I want to get off mr kuska’s wild ride…]

My roommate and I are 100% convinced that Tikki and Plagg know EXACTLY what’s up with each other’s charges and are basically just trolling Adrien and Marinette at this point. Why else would Tikki say “oh, this bit about the MASK must just be a METAPHOR” and Plagg purposefully dig through the entire pile of love letters and just so happens to choose THE SPECIFIC ONE FROM MARINETTE. “Maybe Ladybug wrote it,” he says. LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW.

The 10 Struggles Every K-Drama Fangirl Must Face


The K-Drama fangirl struggle is real, y'all!


1) When a K-Drama is obviously trolling you. Oh,did you think just because they dated in real life and their historical characters actually got married that they would end up together?  JK. #sorrynotsorry

XOXO –K-Drama


2) When you are “rewarded” with an “ad-free” episode seemingly from the K-Drama gods…But why? Did I watch so many K-Dramas that I broke system? Is this a reward for addiction? An accident? We may never know, but let us not question our good fortune. 


3) When your ship explodes around episode 10, and yet you must watch on… Your heart explodes in sad/rage feels, you promise never to watch again–yet you have to know how it all ends. Fate is a cruel mistress. 


4) When you question whether a K-Drama is a valid reason to tell your friends that you’re busy on a Friday night. “Oh, I think I’m just going to stay home and relax with a warm shower.” Nobody has to know it’s fictional. 


5) When your video inexplicably stops at the worst moment.  They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but buffering makes the feels grow angrier. askdjfhaksds!


6) When you crush so hard that you research more about your idol than your homework. 


Which can only lead to “studying” their entire K-Drama canon….


And, it finally ends in a K-Drama binge watch. You also might find yourself eating massive amounts of Korean food. Hello, K-Drama 15. Goodbye, chocolate abs. 


7) When a drama ends and you tell yourself, “No, I will not light my laptop on fire." Oh, really K-Drama, you’re saying that’s the end? 


8) When you try to rationalize starting (and most likely finishing) a 16-episode K-Drama…at 8 PM. If I skip the boring parts, use premium, and take no breaks, I can definitely finish this tonight. I CAN DO THIS. 


9) It’s over…all the episodes are done…why do I feel so empty. We’ve all been there. The show ends and on the horizon it looks like no good K-Dramas are out there. 


10) But the truth is… While some K-Dramas will always hold a place in your heart, there are more K-Dramas in the sea. In the future, there will be more back hugs, wrist grabs, and whatever is going on here. Fear not.