why more people haven't watched this

Moneybags if you hate speaking in haiku, then why are you here??
Tbh he probably knew there was a door here (which is completely skippable if you look hard enough btw) and he could just scam people to pay toll.
ALSO later on he does state that he should go back to Spooky Swamp and become a haiku poet. Why would he do that if he hated it??? I bet he actual does like talking and writing haikus and he’s just lying

People keep bugging @moosoppart​ asking why he colors Spock green, like…

Most Vulcans had straight, glossy dark brown or, more commonly, black hair and pale skin with a very subtle greenish tinge, much as the skin of Humans of European descent had a very subtle reddish or pinkish tinge.
-Memory Alpha

…caucasian-equivalent Vulcans have not only green blood, they have green skin. (In a caucasian, most of the skin colouration is from the blood…)

Vulcans have been portrayed as various races. Most caucasoid-like Vulcans (most of those shown throughout the series’ runs) typically appear with a subtle greenish hue to their skin, due to Vulcans’ copper-based blood, which is green in color.

So stop flipping out about green Spock because he’s actually supposed to be green. Maybe not AS green as that, but still. Yes, you will encounter arguments about the science behind it, but let me remind you: Alien. Green. Science Fiction. Spock in the original Star Trek had a yellow-green tint, but they decided not to do it in the new films. Doesn’t mean green Spock is any less real.

Google is your friend. Use it.