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Eurovision 2017: Celebrate Diversity

Most European Countries: Let’s sing in English

Favorite Character
  • Friend A: Who is your favorite character in POTC5?
  • Friend B: And don't say Jack Sparrow, 'cause you've already told us you like him.
  • Me(Internal, really struggled): Don't say Salazar, don't you dare say Salazar...
  • Me: Captain Salazar.
  • Me: (Internal) Fuck.

screen couples: Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell: Broadway Melody of 1940

“She ‘put ‘em down like a man’ no ricky-ticky-sissy stuff with Ellie. She really knocked out a tap dance in a class by herself. […] I had 29 dance partners… I could hold my own with 28 of them..I met my match with Ellie. No male dancer can keep up with her and it was apparent to me she should be featured in solos.”

Fred Astaire

Yep, that’s right friends. In the original pilot script, rather than All Through the Night, Josie and the Pussycats sung the meme that is Mad World by Tears and Fears

original pilot script (3/?)


Has this been done before?

[request] [scenario] our song

((wat is this ?? i hope its ok HAHAh im so tired)) 

overview: seungcheol thinks the girl next to jihoon’s music room is super cute & he doesn’t know how to read name tags

10: “Teach me how to play?” 
35: “You heard me. Take. It. Off.” 

Title: our song

Member: seungcheol ft. jihoon

Genre: performing arts school au! // first-meeting // fluff // suggestive humor

Word count: 1564

“Hey, Ji?” Seungcheol asks after minutes of silence. The younger, artistic male’s hands hover above the piano keys, eyes leaving the handwritten music sheets leaning against the piano.

“What? I was about to play you the finished version.” Jihoon looks slightly annoyed, but nevertheless leans back and lets his hands fall into his lap. Seungcheol returns the expression with a cheeky smile, eyes wandering about the room.

“Are you ever gonna tell me who that girl is? You know, the girl in the music room next door?” Jihoon lets out an exasperated groan, throwing his head back as Seungcheol bats his eyes at him.

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More witch au stuff,, I don’t know where Im going with this

Nathaniel Headcanons

Some of these are canon?? I’ll list the canon ones for y’all.

  • Uses bing as his homepage to see the news,,
  • Subconsciously pets White while reading
  • Usually likes to read murder-mystery
  • Investigation Discovery is his favorite TV channel
  • He can binge watch documentaries
  • CRAVES conspiracy theories stories
  • Actually pretty good at video games, tries to act innocent when he wins
  • The king of petty (this is probably canon though)
  • Very light sleeper for…reasons.
  • Is magically a doctor when Candy is hurt
  • Probably likes dark chocolate because it’s ‘healthy’
  • Never had a single cavity in his life
  • Could and WOULD carry a grudge to his grave
  • Would honestly DIE during spring
  • Wonders why Melody won’t take hints?
  • Really good at word puzzles
  • Can box! (this is canon, by the way)
  • Is very good at manipulating, but won’t use it for bad
  • Likes to roll around in office chairs
  • Has a thing for Candy petting his hair/pulling it
  • The cleanest of all of the boys everyone.
  • Likes to be babied by Candy and Candy only