why meee:(

he’s asking the right questions.
part 20 of my draw-all-sans-au-challenge~!

melon!sans © @missladytale

TWELVE FOREVER IS AWEEEESOMEEE. /my lines suck i’m sorry imma tired potato/


Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

— Gérard de Nerval 

i just wanted to draw them in suits and holding flowers lol forgive meeehh

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you seem like a really fun person i love reading your tags

AHHHH'ASL;KDS girl who is you come off anon i’ll be at your house 3am with a bouquet of roses and chocos and a got7 cardboard cutout will you be my valentine, my sweet honey pie??

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Lovesick the Series
phunnoh: favorite scenes [4/?]

“If we ignore all those reasons, and we stop thinking about who we’re supposed to be, then what is it that you want to do?”