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Why BTS’s decision to publicize their support is important.

I have seen various fandoms downplay BTS’s newest campaign with UNICEF as nothing but image building and media play. 

I teared up when I saw the campaign that BTS has launched with UNICEF. As a person working for a similarly situated organization where I manage artists who use their influence to spread the advocacy, I want to tell you about how much this means in the work of helping children.

Organizations that work for advocacies have very little to no budget to gather funds and push forward the advocacy for more people to pay attention. The End Violence Against Children campaign is a unified effort across a number of inernational organizations, including the one I work for, pushing for children’s rights across all nations.

Violence Against Children come in different forms, from child abuse, to slavery, prostitution, discrimination, and bullying, all these are very serious issues that deserve attention and yet are being fought behind the scenes. Why? Media pays attention only when big issues occur, for persistent issues such as these, how often do you hear them in the news?

But right now many people are talking about it on social media. Why? Because BTS are making people pay attention. We call for the help of people with a wide range of influence for this reason.


He has always known of the massive influence they can have on making people care about these matters. And he said this today, “During a past interview, I’ve thought that one of the many things I want to surely try doing is a charitable or a good campaign or project and I’m very honored that I am able to fulfill that. Also as big as our influence has become, I thought we should be a better influence so I am very very thankful that we can show many people a good through this great opportunity.”

This goes beyond media play and image building. This is not about kpop, not about fandoms, not about fanwars. This message is for the children of the world. Those who need our help. And I hope we focus on this message.

Heathers 2018

AKA now I can’t wear my Heathers the Musical shirt without people thinking I like 2018 Heathers.


Park Jimin, nation’s sweetheart, does not like rapper and producer, Min Yoongi. Considering their terrible history, it probably doesn’t help that they work at the same company. Featuring some side vkook and namjin. 19/?

Explaining why lighthearted media is secretly grimdark: 3/10

Explaining why grimdark media is secretly optimistic: 5/10

Devising diegetic justifications for obvious genre conceits: 7/10

Extremely complicated explanations for things nobody was wondering about in the first place: 10/10

We are supposed to be the most progressive and transformative community in pop-culture.

We who…

  • Hyper-focus on white, male characters
  • Contort these male characters into heteronormativity 
  • Marginalize and erase characters of color
  • Write out women and replace them with men, especially in shipping
  • Attack women for “getting in the way” of our preferred ships
  • Hold female characters to higher standards than male characters
  • Hold characters of color to higher standards than white characters
  • Latch onto any single excuse to marginalize female characters
  • Utilize any single excuse to demonize characters of color
  • Put women on pedestals and act as if we’re doing them a favor
  • Justify white and male abuses or dismiss them as “mistakes”
  • Use actual mistakes to denigrate female and non-white characters
  • Romanticize white, male pain and mental illness
  • Expect female characters to perform all the emotional labor
  • Expect characters of color to be perfectly mentally healthy forever
  • Expect everyone to subsume their own mental health for the white males’
  • Dismiss the traumas and experiences of characters of color
  • Minimize the achievements of female characters

And then we wonder why mainstream media is so regressive, especially compared to us. We all talk as if mainstream media creators are behind the times.

They’re not.

Fandom likes to imagine itself as being progressive because of all the slash - a mechanism of progress which conveniently boils down to extra attention on overwhelmingly male (and overwhelmingly white) characters. This form of progress is one which takes a minor deviation from the social norm (homosexuality), only to end up ultimately supporting or even amplifying the status quo, by virtue of over-focusing on male characters (and over-representing white ones in the process).

Strip back that gay window dressing, though, and you’ll see that at best, fandom is just as socially stagnant as mainstream media and mainstream culture - or even worse, by virtue of engaging in media that overwhelmingly sidelines several other marginalized groups in order to prop up one.

Professional women have long known the old adage, “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought of half as good.” What no one seems to realize is that fandom is still doing exactly the same thing.

We expect female characters to be twice as good for half the acclaim, we expect characters of color to be three times as good for a third of the acclaim, and we let white, male characters be only a quarter as good for four times the acclaim.

Mainstream media is keeping up with the times and with social progress just fine, it’s us who’ve deluded ourselves into believing that we, as a community, are more progressive than we actually are.

me trying to explain to people in my life that i’m freaking out because taylor deleted everything she’s ever done on social media, and why this is an incredibly positive thing and probably indicates that an album is coming despite the fact that she has done literally nothing to suggest that


In which solo artist Park Jimin is head over heels for rapper Min Yoongi, Taehyung is the friend we all need, Jungkook’s straight ass is confused, Namjin think they subtle but they aren’t and Hoseok is just done with them all 5/?


This is why Taylor isn’t giving media attention. She wants to give love to the people who deserve it. Us!!!! These are the headlines she wants to have up about her, ones showing her true heart and purpose, not ones about her love life and bull crap drama



something that i’ve been commonly told when i make characters black is that i’m “blackwashing” them and i should keep in mind “what if it were the other way around and they were whitewashed?” a lot of people that call me, a black person, racist compare whitewashing and blackwashing as if they work together hand in hand

whitewashing is the act of making a canon character of color white, which removes poc representation. “blackwashing”, a term created by white people, is the act of doing the opposite of whitewashing, which adds black representation. for decades, black people have been forced to identify with poorly written and often black characters built off of sterotypes. thats why fans of media like myself have had to make representation of our own by making our favorite characters mixed with their canon race and our own cultures. people should not be off threatened or offended by “blackwashing”, especially when a lot of casts have white or pale poc characters and the token black character looks like a stereotype, ends up dying, or both.

“why don’t you make black original characters?” tons of artists on here have made black characters but you don’t see them cross your dashboard  because it doesn’t have the same effect as making a canon character black.

“why don’t you focus more on canon poc?” a) there  isn’t even any canon poc in some series or b) the small amount of canon poc are poorly represented because authors don’t often do research on black culture

“blackwashing” doesn’t exist. just like reverse racism, it’s a term coined by white people so they can feel special by being oppressed. people who believe in “blackwashing” are not educated on how black people are treated in media now and how they’ve been treated in the past. our skin color and facial features were used as clown makeup by white people in minstrel shows but people don’t even think about it because “oooOoOO what if it was the other way around and it was whitewashing” >:((”. instead of going after the people that make canon dark skinned characters WHITE, spineless dogs go after people about something that doesn’t exist. when poc make a canon character’s skin dark and say they’re black/latino/etc., they’re doing it out of love for their culture and people. when white people “blackwashing”, they do it in support of poc. nothing but love and care goes into “blackwashing”.

and if you still believe in “blackwashing” after reading this, i’m going to personally make your favorite characters black and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it

real talk though

i think the thing with harry potter - why it’s so loved, why it’s so derided, all by people who grew up reading the books - is just that. a lot of the people on sites like this who are reading it and critiquing it and analysing it are people who were kids reading these books, and grew up reading them. (mostly because we’re a large age demographic on these sorts of social media) i know i was four or five when i read them for the first time; i think they might have been the first novels i read independently like that. and i loved them! of course i did, i was four or five, and already an up-and-coming urban fantasy fan. they were full of magic, and kids who were sort of like me, and i loved them.

of course, i’m not four or five now. and neither are any of the people who grew up with the books when they were released. we’re all in our late teens and twenties, and when we look back, we’re looking back with an adult’s critical eye.

because when you’re nine years old, as i was when half-blood prince came out, or eleven, as i was when deathly hallows was released, the idea of harry going into the cave with dumbledore, or snape’s past with lily, don’t seem all that bad. after all, harry’s sixteen, and that’s way old - and snape’s past totally absolves him of any wrongdoing, right? it’s so romantic

and then we got older, and we read that series we’d loved when we’re kids, but we’re older and more critical. we look at it as adults, and see where it’s lacking. how there’s maybe five people of colour in harry’s year, how the only lgbt+ character was revealed to be so outside the books and it was never mentioned inside them, how messed up it is that harry did all this stuff and lived through so much when he was just a kid. even silly stuff - holes in the worldbuilding, little details that make no sense when you look at them twice.

now i’m twenty one and wondering why dumbledore couldn’t have put more adult wizards on harry’s case to help and protect him; why jk rowling imagines a world that seems to be white and straight and cis in its makeup. because i’m older, i understand these things a little more. and i can critique them, because why not? all media is flawed, in some way or other. 

but at the same time, i’m still that four or five year old reading these books for the first time and imagining myself with harry, ron, and hermione. having magical adventures in a land far more interesting than mine.

and i think that’s what i, personally, got from harry potter. it inspired me to write my own stories, the kind of stories i want to see. and on its flaws and failings, i want to build my own worlds, building on the things that annoyed me about the worldbuilding to make my own thing.

and it’s gonna be flawed, too. in different ways. but if i can make one person feel the way i felt, sitting up past my bedtime devouring philosopher’s stone like a starving person at a banquet, it’ll all be worth it.


jikook social media AU:


“I know you bake when you are stressed out but lately you’ve been giving me cookies everyday. Not that I’m complaining, but are you okay?” 24/?