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I like to just look at the skeletons for my redraws before I start coloring them. See the original raws and then compare them to the finished product to see what all changed.

I’ll be streaming one or both tomorrow on my instagram! \(^u^)/

(Do not repost/remove caption.)

Why is every social media app becoming the same thing? Why do we need to update our story on 700 apps? I think it’s creating this need to be noticed on social media that leaves us feeling unnoticed in real life because we spend so much time creating our “story” that we forget to actually live our story.

Aqours First Live Leaks PSA

Some of you may have seen footage of Aqours’ First Live circulating social media recently.

This footage is illegal.

More specifically, it’s a satrip - illegally leaked footage from the satellite feed used to stream the Live Viewings. It shouldn’t belong in the hands of fans.

In fact, there is usually no officially released video footage until the Blu-ray preview and Blu-ray come out. Before then, any videos of First Live on the internet are likely illegal footage.

We understand that many of you are dying to to watch First Live, but for the love of Aqours…

DO NOT upload and spread First Live leaks around on social media.

By doing so, you are also publicly acknowledging that you are in possession of illegally leaked videos.

If you see any First Live leaks on social media, please report them.

These leaks have the potential to hurt future chances for Live Viewings. Live Viewings are a privilege, not a right. The satellite footage only exists because Live Viewings do, and if it keeps getting leaked and spread around every year, then Love Live! might decide that it’d be better to not have Live Viewings at all.

You may think that you are doing other fans a favor by spreading satrip clips, but you are also actively hurting the Love Live! franchise.

If you would like to support Love Live! Sunshine!! live performances, then please buy the First Live Blu-ray.

Gay vs Straight Relationships in Media

Gay: Takes years to build up, have strong emotional bonds, spend years as friends first, subtle flirting that het audiences dismiss as “bromance”, are ridiculously compatible, so. much. sexual. tension. rely on each other for everything, are each other’s entire worlds, the most pure and true love and most don’t even get to kiss for like 5 seasons/ never.

Straight: sees another straight person. they fuck. now they’re dating.

EDIT: sadly this post was taken in a way I didn’t mean for it to be, As a queer woman myself I would never want to stereotype any group of people but especially queer couples. The main point of this post was about queerbaiting and the unfortunate amount of work it takes to get queer couples accepted in popular films, shows, and books compared to straight couples who can just be thrown together and accepted automatically. If you read the tags you would have seen that I was mostly referring to queerbaiting in pop culture media and also that I was high on anxiety meds when I wrote it. I apologise if anyone got the impression that I was assuming things about queer couple in real life. I was not. 

I would also like to mention that I am well aware that there are many shows, movies, and books that have well represented queer characters and I am so happy that they exist and will love them forever and am not purposefully ignoring those, I was just attempting to point out that it is really stupid that in 2017 popular media still has trouble representing queer characters and refuse to let them be in the front and center. Of course there are some that are exceptions such as the OSCAR winning movie The Imitation Game, and Carol, and DC’s Legends of tomorrow, and OITNB. But it’s still not well represented and thats all I was trying to say. I’m sorry to anyone I offended