why mats why

Consider this


When you date Damien and afterwards and you guys become a thing, you’re at Damien’s manor and you start going through his closet and you’re like, “Ooooo, look at all theese” and while he’s out of the room your Dadsona starts trying on some of Damien’s clothes (ones that fit him properly at least) and then you’re fooling around with one of his cloaks and then Damien comes in and catches you in the middle of your fashion show and Dadsona just freaks out and starts panicking a bit like, “I’m not wearing your clothes, pffttt.” But Damien just smiles and says, “You paired the wrong kinds of black clothing… don’t let the other Goths know about this.” And helps you out with your own Victorian outfit


Damien inviting you to ballroom dancing and he kisses your hand before you two start to dance

Okay bye