why make this


listen,,,i was just going to put the song in the birthday video but then it turned serious™  

also i was getting too sad with all the goodbye posts

  • media: *makes a bunch of shit about single moms*
  • tumblr: *barely anyone fetishizes it or blinks an eye*
  • two youtubers: *make a single dad dating sim which seemingly just looks like a dating sim but with single dads trying to get by*
  • Tumblr: CaLlmEDadDEHKinkXshameRGrindSin69xxxx

Let’s talk for a second how in ‘The Final Problem’ when Mycroft was about to face off with a clown, how not only does his umbrella turn into a sword, but he saluted said Clown as if it were a proper match. 


i know i know ill stop uploading art but also. i love haruki elisia and marzipan, and their cool big bro kata who ive already uploaded a picture of so instead. u get an old quick sketch of them


i just figured i’m 2 types of rpers in 1. like… when i’m on here, writing for the elf just feels natural & like i never did anything else in my life, i’ve grown confident with a portrayal i’m developing since nearly 2 years ago. then i switch to the other muse who is very different character-wise + modern setting, speech pattern & profession & i get freaking nervous over every single post i type. i have fun, am excited to walk that new path, but i’m also lowkey afraid to fail? then i come back here & it’s like coming home. i like this challenge & how every rper can become all nervous when entering a new field. it shows that we never stop growing as writers :)