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13 Reasons Why

Don’t watch it. Do not watch this fucked up mess of a show. Listen, I’ve been working in suicide prevention for almost six years, and I grew up in an area that had epidemics of teen suicides. The area is actually so well known that the show-writers and producers met with leading experts in the area on the ways that the media contributes to youth suicides - and then did almost everything they were warned not to do, even going so far as to actually show the suicide on-screen. Many of the experts that they’ve spoken with are expressing grave disappointment with how the show proceeded despite their advice.

If you’re suicidal, if you’re depressed, if you self-harm, and/or if you have any trauma associated with that, please do not watch this show. It was incredibly irresponsibly handled and puts people in very real danger.

suicide is not beautiful
suicide is not poetic
suicide is not romantic
suicide is not powerful

suicide is the worst thing that a person can to to themself so stop romanticising it

the scene where hannah baker slits her wrists is not poetic or beautiful. it’s uncomfortable, it’s upsetting, it’s a little bit disgusting.

stop treating suicide as a poetic device
it’s an actual thing that people actually do
and it’s horrible
and it’s uncomfortable
and it’s upsetting

stop pretending that it isn’t.

i need poc wizards and witches getting sick of the hogwarts food after so long. there’s only a certain amount of eggs, bacon, and toast they can have for breakfast, and roast beef and potatoes for lunch and dinner for their 7 years of schooling. after about a month of school, they’re all just where’s the goddamn rice??

i need korean witches begging the house elves for some kimchi, and indian wizards craving biryani, and mexican wizards just dreaming for some pozole.

because who can really live without their culture’s food for 7 fucking years?

Will: *colors in a spaceship in rainbow*

Will: *calls the spaceship rainbowship*

Will: *heart eyes @ mike*

Will: *extreme gay panic when a girl asked him to dance*

Will: *has had his sexuality questioned by someone at points*

You nonbelievers: he’s not gay my dudes, there’s no way. Nope

Billy: *beats the ever living hell out of steve, nearly killing him*

Also you: yeah he’s gay and in love with steve

Now this just hurts me physically >.<


If the boys’ volleyball uniform is like the girls’ volleyball uniform

*edited noya’s*


I don’t have an excuse for uploading this. I just want your eyes to hurt.

*edited noya’s*

(recolored anime screencap)





“the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.”