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Exo React To When You’re Crying In The Dressing Room

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Xiumin: *draws your attention away* “Personally, I think this would look amazing with your dress.”

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Luhan“Why would you think you look fat? You look as perfect as you always do.”

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Kris: “Y/N? Why are you crying? Did something happen?” *repeating repeating*

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Suho“No, no, no…. you look and are amazing. Trust me. There’s not a single time where I have looked at you and though you weren’t.”

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Lay“Are you crying? Are you hurt? Can I do anything for you?”

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Baekhyun“Let’s forget this and get ice cream together.”

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Chen“It’s not like you got bigger overnight jagiya! The dress doesn’t change your weight or beauty!”

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Chanyeol: “I don’t think your feet look big or your hands look too small. Does any of that even matter?”

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Kyungsoo: “Should we go to the aisle again and look for another dress? There were some others that you liked, right?”

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Kai“It isn’t like you to cry in public. What happened, Y/N?”

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Sehun: “Of course you don’t look like an idol. And that’s fine, I like you how you are now.

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