why lip why


you know Jughead would eventually give in to Betty anyways….xD those intense eye contact tho…. 


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The Vampire Diaries

Stefan Salvatore

Fairy Tale ( coming soon )

Damon Salvatore

Drunk In Love    ( requested )

The Vile ( requested )

Kai Parker

Stuck In The 90s


Flirting With The Enemy ( requested )

The Originals

Kol Mikaelson

Unrequited ( requested ) part two

Meeting In Secret  part two  part three  ( requested )

Stood Up ( coming soon )

Klaus Mikaelson

Different  ( requested )


Jerome Valeska

Lost Series : part one  part two  part three  part four  part five  part six  part seven  part eight ( coming soon )

Always  ( requested )

King & Queen of Gotham  ( requested )

Teen Wolf

Stiles Stilinski

Not Human ( coming soon )

Derek Hale

Friends ? ( requested )

American Horror Story

Kyle Spencer

Mommy Issues ( coming soon )

13 Reasons Why

Jeff Atkins

Strip Tutoring ( requested )

Pregnant ( coming soon )

Zach Dempsey

New Girl ( coming soon )

Alex Standall

none yet :(

In the dim light of the lamp I saw him sitting there, an old briar pipe between his lips, his eyes fixed vacantly upon the corner of the ceiling, the blue smoke curling up from him, silent, motionless, with the light shining upon his strong-set aquiline features. —The Man with the Twisted Lip

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can we talk about shawn’s lips

first of all - their size. look how full they are. I bet his lips would engulf yours during sloppy kisses exchanged in heated moments. 

and imagine everything they could do to you. all of you. is there anything they couldn’t do??

and that pout?!? I just wanna kiss that lil pout and make him smile but it’s also the most beautiful pout that has ever existed??

the colour. you know what they say about the colour of a person’s lips.

the softest shade of pink. look how it runs so perfectly along that beautiful, beautiful cupid’s bow and those soft corners at the ends of his lips

on the topic of soft corners…look at these beautiful corners

these smooth corners are actually called oral commissures

in conclusion, Shawn’s lips are wonderful and deserve to be kissed with love and tenderness, but also with heat and teeth when required

and finally, a special one to end this post: