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I'm disappointed Yousef wasn't in the finale but it also wouldn't have made sense if he cut his two month holiday short just for an eid party so I kind of get that. Why he had to go away in the first place is more riddling tbh But then there was never going to be a kiss (Iman said she wouldn't) so maybe they thought having them talk about their future not face to face was easier for them? Like, the hearts in their messages to eachother are statements they wouldn't openly say this early?

legend says,,,,,,,,,,,you catch a deadly illness if you write about sexless relationships

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once my private instructor actually said to me “don’t let poor students play oboe or bassoon. They’ll never be any good because they won’t be able to afford reeds, lessons, or good instruments, and you’ll be wasting your time even if they can pay you for lessons.”

so I’ve made a point to give my students handmade reeds for free and I loan them books that I buy and I will never call a poor student a waste of my time because they are not.