why kyu


I thought it was a party for the artificial heart implant. Of course I should be here. We are the heroes and heroines of this surgery.

reconnedkyu  asked:

"That's not true! My flirting game is strong! I'd bet I could get more numbers than you could, easily!"

        “What does flirting and getting phone numbers
         have to do with you being a moron? Sounds like
         you’re just tryin’ to change the subject.”

I was informed that it was Haikyuu!! Day today by yu-el! (8/19) Have some precious Yachi to celebrate the day. ♡ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

150702 KRY Concert in Nagoya Day 3 - D&E:

* EunHae wear their tour T-shirt with KRY towel and KRY lightstick haha

* Yesung slinging his arms over eunhae

* KRY: what do you think of D&E concert?

  Hae fake female voice: Great, very handsome

* Donghae said that he almost cried during VCR and yesung replied “but you didn’t cry in the end right?” Then hae replied “…yeah…”

* Hyuk: Did everyone sleep well? jongwoon hyung sings so well I fell asleep

* Kyu: why did eunhae come for kry’s concert? Faster introduce yourselves we don’t have time. Faster.

Hyuk: I thought it was D&E concert today. Our schedule wrote “D&E concert”. 

* Kyu kept saying “hurry hurry it’s time to say goodbye to DnE!” lol he really wants to kick out DnE from the stage XDDD  

 * during dance battle kyuhyun was doing awkward bonamana dance lol then Yesung tried to do handstand but failed haha   

* Wook: because of D&E, everyone is awake now 

 Kyu: D&E came??

* Kyu: all bc of eunhae our mood for the concert is now wrong!!!! (c)(c)(c)