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#TeamKimSabu slayed it at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards. Congratulations to my beautiful family on the seven wins!

170520 Kyuhyun Fanmeeting

kyu said 110k for his fm is too expensive he wanted to do 29k…😂

kyu said there is not much on the stage… bc the price is 33k HAHAHAH

kyu says his army enlistment takes up most of his mind now (theres a photo of his brain) then he read out his packing list (eg: skin lotion)

2nd place in his mind is ‘ELF (wearing) rubber shoes’

kyu said he sent his friend to army b4 and that friend broke up with his gf so he is worried about his own enlistment too

3rd: plans for two years! kyu wants to learn piano and singing

kyu also wants to learn languages and cooking 😂

4th: drink healthily.
5th: afreeca TV kyu says he watches it alot

kyu said he did alot of things these days, some things(activities/shows) we dk abt but he cant say.

kyu said after like 12 years he finally sleeps in the dorm’s masterbed room! *victory pose* he says SD doesnt come back often so he’s happy

kyu said sj’s 8jib is coming but to not let everyone be bored, he might or might not have participation in it 👀

kyu is asking questions like “will i master piano?” then he open the book of answers

kyu is doing song req section! but not from fans. its songs that kyu wants kyu to sing

song req: #5 Still

there is only piano and acoustic guitar and not background vocals 😭 his voice is soooo clear

song req #4: ATG

song req 3: 혜성

혜성 = comet, kyu’s jap song

song req 2: love in time!

song req first place: 좋은사람 from his 1jib

kyu said the composer of this song wrote this thinking kyu was enlisting cos gura kept saying on RS in 2014

kyu: i see some empty seats? isit bc the premium sellers failed? ;)

vcr of kyu’s history came out and dont don came out so kyu started dancing😂

next segment is song request from fans!

first song: i dont sing this much ‘the day we felt the distance’

2nd song: u always pick the song i dont sing much! 조연히 안녕!

after singing: i dont like singing this its so hard

3rd song: kyu: Ahhhh!! 🙈 he whispered the song title to the band

i forgot the song title but 😍😍😍 he doesnt ever sing this

kyu saays aside from the recordingg studio, this is the first time he sang this song

its 'smile’!!

next segment: fans msgs to kyu

fan: why dont u make insta?
kyu: when everyone started using it i had this feeling “why must i do everything that every1 does?”

fan: whats ur shoe size
kyu: 265

fan: whats ur foundation no?
kyu: 23 sometimes 21
fans dont believe
kyu went to ask his coordi LMAO its about 21

fan: whys is your expression the same in all album cover?
kyu: thats cos my training period is short

fan: wich member u miss the most?
kyu: …donghae since i missed him out just now

next segment: fans song req of other singers

1st song: its a song i listen to so its a relief “너의 모든 순간 - 성시경

kyu talked about not being able to guest at SSK’s concert next week

2nd song: 만아줘 kyu says its a song he knows but not familiar so he search it on his phone

3rd song: globin ost: Beautiful!!!!!!

messages from RS mcs, NJTTW, SJ members were llayed in a vcr!

new song: 이젠 안녕

kyu believes fans didnt secretly record he doesnt want it to be leaked before the new song is released!!

kyu ask if he should sing another song and we chose Dorothy!!!

he’s imitating ryeoowook and yesung lmao

kyu said its interesting he shall do one more! 雪花! he cant rmb the chinese lyrics so he switch to jpn!

kyu did a photo time with us 😘

new song: 다시 만나는 날

pls dont leak any video or audio of the new songs!

kyu said after he enlist he will greet everyone thru sns once a month on saturday, maybe he will sing….


  • Good ELFs:
  • - Shipping WonKyu
  • - Shipping EunHae
  • - Supporting SaMin
  • - OT15
  • Bad ELFs:
  • - Shipping WonKyu and attacking Liu Wen whenever she's with Siwon because apparently she's not allowed to be near him
  • - Shipping EunHae and hating EunSiHae because Siwon apparently isn't allowed to be with them
  • - Not supporing SaMin. This doesn't even need an explanation. Like, just... Stop.
  • - OT13/OT11
Who’s Wanna be Kyuhyun’s girlfriend ? he will take you to the amusement park, to eat  glutinous Donuts,Pizza Bread & Red Bean Bread together with warm milk & have a walk together


Kyu: I don’t have much chances to meet girls other than my fans, therefore I was thinkin’ it might be good if i can find one among my fans, I know this sound delusional dream (laugh)
Kyu: I like donuts and pizza and eat it together with warm milk

Why kyu..why doing this to us




but the answer still

Hanako’ Magazine
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