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The sex version of Visitation Of The Ghost is what I’m here for. THE SECOND VERSE THO

oh look, it’s that time of year again when I get pointlessly angry about “WINTER HOLIDAY!!” everything and want to punch a snowflake.

the northern internet: hot chocolate and marshmallows! jumpers! cosy twinkly lights! 

me: for how short a period can I turn my on my oven in order to bake these biscuits without dying of heatstroke. why am I out of white wine again. WHY AM I SINGING ALONG TO A SONG ABOUT SLEIGH BELLS AND SNOW.

don’t get me wrong, I love december about as much as a cheerful atheist can, it’s my birthday and it’s parties and food and presents and carols and writing for yuletide and obnoxious decorations, it’s just also…summer! so much summer.

Thoughts during PMS
  • Me: I'm SO hot
  • Me: I'm FREEZING
  • Me: My boobs hurt so bad right
  • Me: I just want to cuddle right now
  • Me: I want something sweet
  • Me: *cries uncontrollably for hours*
  • Me: Oh wow I feel so skinny today!!
  • Me: Well, looks like I need to hit the gym
  • Me: What's with that random pain in my leg
  • Me: Why does my back hurt so much
  • Me: Everyone is telling me I'm acting crazy like I don't see what's different
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *checks period tracker*
  • Me: Oh right it's just my period
the signs about their bias
  • aries: they must be protected i will beat anyone's ass that dare say shit about them i swear rn
  • taurus: EVERYONE!!! LOOK AT MY CHILD!!! i love them they are my baby omg
  • gemini: OMG I HATE THEMMM THEY ARE THE UGLIESTTTT send me more pics i love them kms
  • cancer: I AM SCREAMINGGGGGG i love them so much i am shedding tears agjhcjobjkhbj
  • leo: how cute would we look together tho like... we'd be so cute i need them in my life asap
  • virgo: why yes ik their birthday their real name their hometown their blood type their debut date and time their friends from high school their home address their mothers maiden name
  • libra: *bias does something* AHHHHHHHHHHH *posts on social media* *calls up every person they know* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • scorpio: why are they so HOT why are they so PERFECT they make me wanna SIIIINNNNN
  • aquarius: *has hella merch and always wants more. probably writes or reads lots of fanfic too*
Obvious Signs, at Times Unnecessary

Summary: The Inquisitors Inner Circle has known for far too long that the Commander and Inquisitor belong together.  Why is it taking so long for the two to figure it out themselves?  Several instances of them second guessing each other (with Dorian and Varric rolling their eyes in the background) occur before a random nightly walk find the two together.   Sometimes obvious signs aren’t needed, just time.

Cullen x Mage Inquisitor, Varric, Dorian, Josephine (most likely much to their dismay)

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Dorian sat beside the Inquisitor, shoving her over a bit as she perched by the campfire.  “It’s frigid out here, love.  Why do you take us to such inhospitable places?  Could we take a mission to a hot bath next time perhaps?”

She chuckled and dug her spoon into the steaming bowl clasped in her hand.  “I’ll do my best.  Commander Cullen asked us to look into some disturbances that might be the result of Red Templars moving into the area.”

“Your Dear Commander Cullen…”  Dorian drawled, rolling his eyes and shoving the spoon into his own bowl.

A snicker precluded Varrics presence beside her.  “Her dear Commander Cullen indeed.”  There was a rather cat-like grin spreading across his face.

The Inquisitor paused, spoon held halfway between her lips and the bowl and glanced over her two companions.  “What are you two on about?”

Dorian dropped his spoon back into his bowl with a clattering noise and a little splash of soup.  An indigent scoff left him.  “Inquisitor, forgive me but the two of you are the most blind creatures I’ve ever beheld.”

She blinked at him, surprised by his sudden outburst.  “What?”

“You and that tall, handsome dolt you named Commander of your armies.”


“The two of you moon over each other like love starved adolescents and refuse to acknowledge it!”

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why are you so fond of pubic hair?

Its not that I am fond of it hahaha its just normal? Why not embrace it. Its beautiful and we need to normalise it.. because… its normal. The fact that the idea of having no pubes is considered the “ideal” is fucked up - how actually is that sexy? Why is that what is mostly expected? Surely, its so much more hot to be natural and embrace it and to make love with people who accept the absolute truth of you. And just in general it looks beautiful! Its disgusting that “hairy” has become a niche thing in the porn industry. There is so much expectations surrounding our bodies and sexuality. I want to encourage people to be happy with their bodies! (Of course if you want to shave then that is fine and you are beautiful too!!)


So, you know that scene in OOTP when Harry dreams about Voldemort in a fucking tux on at the train station? Did anyone ever address that? Like why was he lookin like a gentleman as fuck boss ass bitch in Harry’s dream just there to stare (Admire) Harry until he jolted awake? I know there is a comic or something like that but I need so much more. 

Harry why ya dreamin about a handsome af voldie? Because lets face it, he looks way nicer in that tux rather than his blacker than hot topic bed sheet robes. 

Kinda Obvious (Requested)

Request:  Minho imagine where Chuck sees the way Minho looks at you, his friend, and Chuck drops hints at you about how Minho likes you while you’re with the two of them, then Minho fluff at the end? xx hope this makes sense!

A/N: Sure it does honey! I hope you like it! I´m sorry this is kind of trashy but it was my first day of school today and I´m kinda down…

Warnings: None

“Why not?”, Minho pouted for the fourth time today, and it was damn early in the morning. 

“Because I say so shuckface! I can´t just secretly give you more food than the other runners! That´s mean. Also we don´t have that much food this year, crop was disappointing.”, I explained before I kissed his cheek and made my way toward the kitchen. It was gonna be hot today, I knew that. That´s why I felt remorse when I had to send the runnners away with half of the food ration they normally got. But since they left early, other thoughts quickly occupied my mind. 

After I helped Frypan with making lunch, I had a few hours off because we won´t start making dinner until it´s 3 p. m. I decided to help Zart in the gardens, I enjoyed spending time with him. 

I hated cooking. Okay, I didn´t hate cooking, I loved cooking, but at this temperature it was unbearable. I was very grateful when Fry told me that someone else would finish dinner. I gave him a little smile and turned to the exit. Maybe the runners were back already. 

“Hey Y/N what´s for dinner?”, Thomas asked with a boyish grin as he jogged towards me. 

“It´s a surprise Tommy.”, I laughed and slapped his shoulder. I knew this came over the wrong way, but that´s just what Thomas and I did. When he first arrived in the glade, I was one of the few who actually talked to him, so the rumour that we´d be dating came up not long after it. We found the idea so ridiculous that whenever we met we´d make sure to flirt in the most exaggerated of ways.

“Well I want to know.”, he said in a deep, threatening voice and hovered over me. I couldn´t help but laugh at his try to be intimidating. 

“Thomas I hate to tell you but you smell pretty bad.”, I giggled. I shrieked when he simply picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. 

“Hey! Let me go! Thomas, seriously this isn´t funny!”, I yelled but was interrupted by our laughter. 

“Hey!”, someone calle from behind us. I couldn´t see who it was but the person came closer anyway. 

“What´s the matter?”

“Let her down. Now.”, the voice replied sternly. Once Thomas put me down again I recognised Minho. He hadn´t his usual face of sarcastic bitchiness, more the face of slight annoyance and aggravation. 

“It´s okay Mini we were just fooling around.”, I reassured him, and gave Thomas the subtle sign to leave. Minho had this habit of keeping me away from all the guys, and he sure did a good job. 

“Anyway how was your day?”, he asked once Thomas was out of sight. 

“I still don´t get it. You´re running next to shuckin´ Grievers in a maze and you ask me, the cook, how my day was?”, I shook my head at the dark-haired boy. 

“You´re crazy.”, I grinned up at him. 

“You might even say… wicked.”, Minho responded and wriggled his eyebrows at me. 

“Did you just… Oh my God I´m gonna leave. Seriously you´re horrible! Don´t ever talk to me again.”, I yelled and made my way to the homestead. 

“Hey Y/N!”

“Hey Chuck!”, I smiled. “Don´t go talk to Minho he´s a shuck-face.”, I half-yelled, making sure Minho heard.

“You know you love me!”, he shouted back and winked as he drank some water, 


-a few days later-

“That doesn´t make any sense, like at all.”, I said with raised eyebrows. 

“Yes it does! Think about it, Gally and Newt have always had this connection haven´t they? Am I right  or am I right shuckface?”

Chuck glanced in between us with raised eyebrows. He smiled into his soup before he replied.

“I don´t think they´re the only one with a connection in here.”

“You.”, Minho said and pointed at the young boy with a spoon. “You are more evil than you look like.”

“What? What are you guys even talking about?”, I asked. Minho seemed to silently threaten Chuck, who seemed pretty satisfied with himself.

“He…thinks uh… that I fancy Thomas.”

I spit my soup back into the bowl with such a force it actually sprayed back. I couldn´t contain my laughter and certainly didn´t care that most of the gladers were watching us by now. The idea was just too ridiculous. Through my chokes and laughter I didn´t even notice Minho´s fond smile and Chuck´s grin. 


This evening was a rather fun one, which was rare in our situation. Most of the Gladers were drunk, I was one of them, and I really was enjoying myself. 

“How much have you had?”,Chuck asked with a grin as I began dancing back and forth in a weird way.

“Don´t know, don´t care. DANCE WITH ME MINHO!”, I laughed and pulled Minho close to me. 

“You´re wasted.”, he said.

I simply ignored him and continued with my spastic movements. I couldn´t dance for shit, but drunk me didn´t really care. After a while he began twirling me around and it wasn´t too long after that until I got reallly tired. My movements were even clumsier than before and in the end I only leaned myself against Minho and hid my face in the crook of his neck. I let out something like a groan  when he picked me up and carried me towards the homestead. Chuck passed us with a frown that turned into a smile when he realised I wasn´t injured. 

“Don´t stay up too long.”, he called after us.

I began fondling Minho´s cheeks, who couldn´t stop me while he carried me. I giggled at his serious and annoyed expression. He was just too adorable. He gently laid me into my bed and wanted to put the blanket over me but I stopped him. 

“What is it?”

“Stay with me.”

“Y/N… you don´t know what you´re saying.”, he sighed and turned to leave.

“Pretty please? I need someone to cuddle.”, I pouted and pulled him down next to me, barely leaving him time to react before I cuddled into his chest. I was already half asleep when I felt someone kissing the top of my head and pulling me closer. 

-the next morning-

I groaned at the vibrant pain in my head, clearly the aftermath of alcohol. I groaned again and shifted in the bed. For some reason there was a lot less space than usually. I realised why when I turned around. Minho layed next to me with slightly opened mouth and his arms spread all over the bed. I couldn´t help but laugh at the adorableness in front of me. I started laughing so hard my side hurt and the headache in my head got even worse but I couldn´t stop. 

“What the…?”, Minho sleepily asked as my laughter woke him up, His confused expression made me laugh even harder and I could barely breath. I squeaked when he started tickling me. I let out a strangled laugh but his hands were all over me.

“Minho…please!”, I begged between laughs.

“What are you doing?”

Minho and I turned to the door where a wide-eyed Chuck watched us. This probably looked very wrong, Minho lying over me, and me making strange noises with closed eyes. 

“It´s not what you think!”, Minho quickly said and moved from above me. 

“What am I thinking?”, Chuck quizzed and looked at the floor. I was seriously starting to worry when he looked back up at us with a wide smile. 

“I knew you guys would end up here. With lovesick glances like his.”, he grinned and left the room quickly before the pillow Minho threw after him could hit him. He muttered something under his breath as he got up and stretched. It was his free day today, so he had no reason to rush himself. I sat up and bit my lip as I glanced up at him.

“What did he mean?”, I asked and our eyes locked. He tried to think of a reply that didn´t make him look like an idiot. 

“He…I, uh…Oh shuck it.”, he growled and captured my lips with his. I froze a few seconds, but just when I was about to kiss him back, he pulled back, apparently thinking I didn´t liked him the way he liked me.

“I-”, I didn´t even think about it before I stood high on my tip toes and kissed him again. I felt my stomach fluttering at the realization that hit me. Minho, the guy I liked ever since I arrived, kissed me. It felt incredible and I cursed the human body for needing air to breathe.

“Y/N, I like you. I´ve always liked you and that little slinthead found out somehow an-”

“I know.”

“You know?”

“It was kinda obvious.”, I grinned and he inhaled deeply before looking up. It was completely different seeing him this way, all shy and embarrased.

“It really was wasn´t it?”

“But the point is, I like you too.”

He smirked down at me and I shook my head at his dorkiness.


“I knew you liked me.”, he said cheekily and turned to leave. I opened my mouth and closed it again. 

“You absolute, asshole! God, you´re such an idiot!”, I laughed and left the room. 

“Nooooooooooooooooo Y/N forgive me please!”, he whined dramatically and kneeled in front of me. He didn´t care that the whole glade was watching us. I blushed at all the attention that was focused on me. 

“You´re cute when you´re blushing.”

“Shut up Mean-Hoe.”

“Never slinthead.”

“You´re a pain in the ass!”, I exclaimed with a smile.

“Ah, but I´m your pain in the ass.”, he grinned cheesily before he smashed his lip into mine once more.

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I notice the when it comes to battle Keith is very hot headed, and mostly runs on instinct but when it comes to people he's very logical. Where when it comes to battle Lance is very logical but when it comes to people he is very passionate and ruled by emotion. I think maybe thats why they tend to butt heads like they do.


I do not engage much in klance conversation so I’m not sure if this has been pointed out by the fandom before (I assume it has), but just in case, please allow me to talk about why these two mofos complement each other so well and why it’s pretty damn amazing that they portray diverging personalities when they’re in battle and outside of it.

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How would the 2Ps react to finding out that the hot chocolate that they're drinking with Reader has hot sauce and it turns out that she always drinks her hot chocolate like that?

2p America: *can never look at hot chocolate the same way again*

2p Canada: *puts down hot chocolate*

2p England & 2p Prussia: *face gets red* This is.. Very, um.. *coughs* creative and nice of you! *takes another sip to show how appreciative he is* (They can’t handle spicy things at all so imagine what happened when the hot sauce really started kicking in)

2p China: Ew, kitten, why? This is just fuckin’ nasty!

2p Russia: *writes a book called “How To Lose My Trust 101”*

2p France: Shit like this is why I drink coffee

2p Italy: *pretty much 2p England except he spits it back out into the mug when you aren’t looking*

2p Germany: Is this a prank?? I’m totally gonna get back at you dude!

2p Japan: *judging you* This is a very weird habit of yours..

2p Romano: Why in the hot chocolate?! You should’ve put some whipped cream on top and drizzled it with hot sauce!

2p Austria: ..Not spicy enough. What kind of hot sauce do you use? That shitty brand?! It’s barely even hot! Oh well, I guess it’ll do *pours most of the bottle in his hot chocolate* I am glad we have another thing in common~

Have you ever tried to walk away from someone you love? It’s hard, right? You know that staying is just going to hurt you. You know that if you stay again and don’t walk away you will cry yourself to sleep. But you love him, so much. You love him because every time you talk to him, you get this feeling, it’s like a hot flash mixed with a roller coaster, and you love the feeling. Or every time you see him laughing or smiling you can’t help but smile too, because it makes you happy that he’s happy. That’s why you can’t walk away, that’s why you can’t move on.
—  How I feel about him, but will never say
why the signs should smile

aries - you’re always in control and you know it

taurus - spices exist! sauces exist! so many flavors in the world and you can try them all!

gemini - no one hates you as much as you think they do, probably not at all

cancer - you can cry all you want and people can just blame it on your sign

leo - you’re so hot it’s unreal

virgo - the human race is relying on you to stay organized and in line and you’re dang proud of it aren’t you

libra - there’s no limit to the people you can kiss

scorpio - your secrets are safe, don’t worry

sagittarius - there literally is no limit to the places you can go people have been on the mOON

capricorn - as stress builds up it can dissipate just as easily and all you need is the power of your mind to do that

aquarius - it’s okay, we all know you have feelings too, we’re just teasing

pisces - you’re just as human as everyone else and if you ever feel pushed away remember that there are billions of people in the world

Formal events and INFP
  • INFP: Ah, lets just find that one dress/suit that I wear even to semi-formal related events because i'm getting multiple uses out of it.
  • INFP: Blazers? wtf are blazers? why do they need shoulder pads? emphasise the 1950's workforce days, i guess I can just wear this one I somehow have that my mum got me. lol 420 blaze it.
  • INFP: wtf why are there so many forks and knifes per person on this table, this is blasphemy!
  • INFP: damn why is it so hot
  • INFP: damn why is it so cold
  • INFP: must activate formal stance to show that I know how to be formal as fuck! *awkward smiling and power posing* this is too much effort i'm just gonna be me *engages in lone sloth mode*
  • INFP: *accidentally spills food onto table* rest in piece nice table cloth, you were once gorgeous but now have been tainted by this food.
  • INFP: I don't know how I even got out on the dance floor honestly, i'm just going to pull the best mum dancing ever *mum dancing engaged*
  • INFP: I want to go home, this is too much socialisation.
  • INFP: why is it all just pop music? why can't they just blast out some Bach up in here to turn up to?
  • INFP: ah, my favourite part of the night, dessert!
  • INFP: do people ever get tired of dancing? at least i'm still wearing my shoes so that's a plus.
  • INFP: that was actually an ok night, I socialised, I danced, I ate food. Would I do this again? maybe not lol take me home pls.

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it is 3am and i am so ready to do this

Rules: Pick ten fandoms and your favourite character from each one.

i. naruto: i would die for kakashi hatake

ii. boku no hero academia: todoroki shouto (50% hot, 50% cold, 120% fab)

iii. haikyuu!!: i hate kuroo tetsurou so much like why am i listing him as my favorite

iv. dragon ball: gine is my wife, we love each other very much and we have 2 amazing sons named raditz and kakarot, i’m sorry bardock who

(all joking aside i actually ship bard/ine a lot and will love you forever if you talk to me about them)

v. pokemon special: gold. i don’t know why, i just really love gold right now. he will kick your ass, he will kick my ass, he will kick his own ass, he w i-


vii. one piece: i’m not too far into the series atm but i think we can all agree that ace is the true one piece b/c he is a treasure

(that’s why he got buried) 

viii. bleach: byakuya kuchiki is so beautiful that- i shit you not- my eyes teared up when i first saw him

ix. osomatsu san: the true reason ichimatsu, despite being the fourth brother, has ‘ichi’ in his name is b/c he is the #1 bro

x. hetalia: also not too far into this series but i love aph america and he deserves so much better than this country

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YAS! (it’s ot9 because krislutao dont have any - my first ot9 reaction :()


*He came into the living room to see you looking at something on your phone and wondered why you seemed to be so excited about it*

K: “Y/N what are you looking at?”

Y/N: “Nothing much just staring at how hot you look in this picture, honestly Jongin blonde hair AND a lip piercing. Dead”


*Once he saw you getting happy over the teaser he acted high and mighty around the house*

SH: “Yes thats me I am Oh Sehun and yes that was me running in that teaser #UsainBoltnumber2 in the house”


*You kept replaying the part where he turned around in the teaser and he wanted to know why you liked it so much”

Y/N: “Because in case you didn’t notice you look hot af, what is that smell,oh it’s the smoke from the fire because boy you are burnin hot”


*He is sitting in your room wondering why you keep ignoring him and screaming at your phone, you find him and explain*

Y/N: “Um I’m looking at you, your teaser video, YOUR teaser pictures. I’m looking at you so why you moaning”

CY: “You do realise you have the physical version right in front of you?”

Y/N: “Okay fine Ronald Mcdonald just give me another five minutes and I’ll be with you”



BH: “Woah what why are you shouting, more importantly why are you shouting that?”

Y/N: “Go and stare at your monster teaser pictures and then get back to me”


*You can be heard from the kitchen wailing about something or other and he walks to see what all the commotion is about*

Y/N: “Seriously Kyungsoo you get beaten up in cart, you got beaten up in the Wolf drama, and now here you are lying on this bed clearly with no hope. Pull yourself together, I know you called the doctor before but now they are here you better kick their ass”

D.O: “I don’t really know what to say to that..glad you’re enjoying it jagi”


*He comes in to you shouting about him being beaten in the monster teaser and tries to make it work for him*

C: “Yeah I got hurt pretty bad maybe if I lay with you it will make me feel  better, do you know what else would make me feel better?”

Y/N: “Sure do but not gonna happen”


Y/N: “I’m actually going to sue you, like forreal I’ll get you for every penny you have”

L: “Um..okay did something happen that I’m unaware of here?”

Y/N: “Yes YOU’RE SO HOT LIKE GOD sake Yixing, can you have a day off just for once”

L: “So you want to sue me for being too hot?”

Y/N: “Damn straight”


*You question him on what you saw in the teaser, and since he wouldn’t spoil what was actually going to happen in the music videos you had been left to the internet Sherlocks to figure out what was going on*

Y/N: “So are you the brains of it, you know mixing up the drugs and all that?”

XM: “Idk I can’t remember”

Y/N: You are’t going to tell me are you.. well at least you actually have your shirt on for once so I won’t explode today”

*Comes back in*

XM: “You thought”

*None of these GIFS are mine credit to the owners*

mettapants headcanon

ok so u know how in the end of the true pacifist ending you see burgerpants in the bush during mtt’s performance? well what if when he was trapped in the underground he never told mettaton he wanted to be actor because lets face it hes 99% anxiety 1% hot gas hed never go up to the biggest star in the underground and ask him about stuff but when the barrier broke he thought why not tell him just to see what would happen because if it went bad hed never have to see mettaton ever again and mtt’s reaction was basically “why didnt you tell me SOONER, darling??” and bp tells him that he never actually performed for a crowd and so mett says that before he can even judge his talent he needs to get accustomed to being on front of a crowd because he can be the greatest actor ever but itll all be rendered moot if he gets stage fright (which he WILL- 99% anxiety and all) so he thinks up putting a random-ass bush in his shows and having burgerpants hide in it so he can get accustomed to being in front of crowds and on the side he actually helps bp with his acting he turns out to be pretty expressive though a bit overdramatic