why it's okay to be fat

Dealing With Ship Hate

“I ship (not something you ship).”
Ah, ok.
“So I really don’t ship (your ship).”
Um…sure. Ship and let ship, I guess.
“Like, I dont know why people even ship it!”
…no need to be rude, friend.
“*openly blasting their ship out*”
Yeah, I do that too so it’s okay–
“*openly comparing their ship to your ship and concluding yours is worse*”
Hey, hold on now–
“*writing essays on why their ship is better*”
Okay, you dont need to be that rude–
“*writing essays on why your ship is bad*”
Wow, okay you’re an asshole. Block. Ignore.
“I really hate that ship its my NOTP no one should ship it!!!”

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being obese is medically a risk? idk i understand why people want to end fat shaming but if it's okay to tell someone "oh it's fine that you're extremely unhealthy" isn't that toxic???? jw

idk is it okay for you to walk up to someone in a wheelchair and tell them they’re extremely unhealthy? is it okay to walk up to an elderly person and assume that they must be extremely unhealthy because they’re old? is it okay to trample your entitled ass into an infusion room and tell all the chemo patients that they’re all unhealthy?

why does your respect end at ‘unhealthy’? it doesn’t. it ends at fat. you’d never ever in a million years tell some other person you assumed was unhealthy that it isn’t okay to be unhealthy. you’re only telling me because you hate fat people.

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Hi. I love your work. Maybe is asking to much, but can you imagine the reactions of Mephisto, Amaimon and Rin to their pregnat s/o (like 7/8 months) like baby kiks, they huge belly, mood swings and that kind of fluff? Thanks so much <3

(sorry for the long wait, stuff near the bottom tends to be unintentionally neglected) 


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  • Is not good with it himself
  • But will try his best to do everything he can to support you
  • Hired the best nanny/assistant money can buy to help you when he has to attend work meetings
  • Your both huge foodies so your cravings are no problem to him
  • Feeling like spaghetti? Guess who poofs you to Italy for the authenticity of it?
  • He finds your mood swings amusing and kind of adorable
  • As soon as you feel the baby kicking your certain you see his tail shoot straight up in the air
  • He rushes to your side and pulls of his gloves, before gently placing a hand on your stomach
  • He traces pattens on your stomach whilst talking to his unborn child
  • Blasts anime music through headphones so his child shall come out prepared for otaku life
  • Insomnia can be developed during the 7/8 months, so since Mepphy only sleeps an hour, he’d stay up all night with you if he had too, and just sleep in his office on his huge ass couch
  • If you had heartburn he’d have the safest medicine for you and the baby 


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  • Doesn’t mind your cravings
  • He actually shares them
  • You may be eating for you and baby(or babies) but he eats as if he’s feeding his entire kingdom
  • Doesn’t mind your mood swings either
  • He’s just confused by them
  • Doesn’t like the baby for causing you pain
  • He wants to kill it
  • You tell him once its here he won't feel that way
  • “Amaimon, do you want to feel your child kick?”
  • “Hmm…can I kill it?”
  • “NO,Amaimon, you cannot kill our child!”
  • “Then it’s okay.”
  • “Come lay your fucking hand on my stomach right now you fat ass, candy eating, dinosaur!” 
  • He doesn’t understand why you want him too
  • But he agrees
  • Of course shows no emotion
  • Mutters a ‘huh’
  • Despite the negative feelings, he’s fiercely protective of you and his child, and won’t let anyone he doesn’t know and trust near you


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  • This boy cannot take the excitement 
  • He is thrilled to feel his baby kick
  • His hands are actually glued to your stomach
  • He won’t stop kissing it
  • He gently lays his head-on it and speaks to his baby
  • Rin sleeps with his tail softly wrapped over your stomach
  • Your cravings are the perfect opportunity to try out different dishes and he really enjoys cooking for you
  • Even if some of your requests may appear to be odd
  • He practically cries when you feel bad in anyway
  • He doesn’t know how to make you feel better
  • So he does the only logical thing and ask Ryuji
  • “Baka, she’s fine, it’s normal for the pregnancy to feel like that in the seven month mark”
  • He feels reassured but doesn’t stop his frantic worrying
  • Overthinks everything and is 50% super excited about everything, an d the rest overly anxious about everything 

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I hate people who say "steven is thinner because of training/character development!!" because it's like... okay cool so you think steven's fatness was a sign of a deficiency. you think it was symptomatic of him being untrained/weak instead of just being part of who he was. being fat is not a sign of being undisciplined. steven has gem strength — it's not at all correlated to his physical appearance. he should be able to be fat & powerful.

Yeah!! Have these people not seen weightlifters? A lot of those guys are fat and incredibly powerful!

Also where in the show has it explicitly said that’s why he’s thinner?? It’s just bad art and there’s no excuse.

Why is fat shaming wrong

Being fat isn’t okay

Being overweight isn’t “beautiful”

Having 20+ pounds of extra weight in your stomach, ass, legs, wherever doesn’t make you “thick”

The only excuse to being overweight is if someone has a medical issue. Other than that, leave the drive-thru and go buy some real chicken and fruit.

  • Mark: Hi, do I look fat today?
  • Livvy: No. Why?
  • Mark: Okay. Well, Cristina said, "Hi, do I look fat today?" And I, I looked at her...
  • Julian: Whoa, woah, woah! You looked at her? You never look! You just answer! It's just a reflex: Do I look fat? No! Is she prettier than I am? No!
“Watership Down” is so fucking good

I know what you’re thinking. “A book about fucking bunnies? Not just a book, but a novel? 476 goddamn pages? No fucking way can that be anything but torture. That’s, like, what Luna Lovegood reads on the shitter.” Okay, but no. Here’s the thing. This book is actually fucking amazing. Seriously, this is some next-level shit. Hear me out.

First of all, this dude Richard Adams knew his shit. He didn’t just pull some stories out of his ass and figure that would be good enough: before he wrote about rabbits, he studied those little fuckers. He didn’t just read the best reference book about them, he, like, called its author up and made him into a best bro. They’d, like, go walking over the downs talking about bunnies and shit for hours and hours and hours.

Point is, when these bunnies start doing some un-bunny-like shit, dude knows it and just puts it out there. He’s like, yo, these special bunnies I’m telling you about who, like, made special plans and fucked with humans and made friends with birds? Yeah, that ain’t natural. It happened to these bunnies, because they were in some exceptional circumstances, and that’s why they got a fat novel written about them.

So you’re like, “Okay, cool, consider my disbelief 100% suspended. You know your shit and I don’t, so I’m gonna just take it from you when it comes to saying what the hell rabbits do and what they don’t do. You tell me bunnies fuck in the winter and chill in the summer? Alright, I’m down. But these bunnies were fucking in the summer? Goddamn, that is some perverse shit going on right there. Tell me more!” See, this book works like that.

See, the reason this book works is that this guy gets in in the heads of those little British bunnies. Rabbits look cute and shit when you’re in a zoo, but this guy gets you to think about just how fucking bleak it is to be a bunny. First thing, you just live, like, what? Three, four years? No wonder you want to fuck all the time—but you only can in the winter! Ouch.

Then, you always have to be afraid of, like, basically everything. You can maybe dominate, like, a mouse—but that’s it. It’s not just the foxes and the humans you have to be afraid of, it’s shit like weasels and stoats. You know what a stoat is? Well, you would if you were a rabbit, because those nasty little fuckers can take you straight down—even if you’re ten times their size! I shit you not—you can see it on YouTube.

Okay, so you’re starting to get the idea about why this book is actually baller. It’s this hard-ass story about these desperate little mofos who need to vacate their warren because a bunch of humans are about to come fuck it up with poison gas or something. That is some real shit right there.

So these rabbits go on this epic journey across England to find a new place to just live their fucking lives without being gassed or stoated, and on the way they run into other warrens that are just into some twisted shit. Some of them are all fascist and shit—like, they can only use certain holes at certain times, otherwise they get their ears chewed off by the rabbit police or whatever—and some of them are seemingly peaceful, because they’re in a larger fucked-up situation.

I don’t want to spoil this for you or whatever, but I’m just gonna say that it’s an indication of how good this fucker is at telling this goddamn rabbit story that when you get to that part and these other rabbits are all advanced with, like, cave paintings and shit, you’re like, “Daaaaaaaamn! What the fuck is up with that?! That is some fucked-up shit that rabbits would never do, and something is really wrong with these little bunny bastards, so these other rabbits had better get the fuck out of there and listen to the little clairvoyant fucker they brought along with them.” (I told you, this book gets you to totally suspend your disbelief.)

Dude even makes up, like, this whole other language for these rabbits, and that sounds dumb as shit, I know, but it totally works. Read a few hundred pages of this, and when your roommate comes home and asks you how many brews are left in the fridge, you’re like, “Yo, get off my back, bro! There are, like, hrair Bud Lights in there. You want more, get in your goddamn hrududu and buy some. Jesus, it’s not even ni-frith, you fucking alcoholic.”

Seriously, start reading this shit and you won’t be able to put it down. It’s totally suspenseful, because you genuinely don’t know what’s going to happen to these little fuckers. You know this guy is down on some National Geographic shit, and you know he’s not going to blink at having some random elil take your favorite little rabbit out because that shit happens out there on the down. This is real, and life is fucking cold for a bunny rabbit.

Four words, then I’m through: Read this goddamn book. It’s so fucking good, when you finish, the next time you see a rabbit in a cage you’re going to give that fat fucker a fist-bump and be all, “Yo. I got you.”

- Jay Gabler

In Which Archie, Having Been Rejected Again by Betty, Decides to Rat Out Juggie as a Gang Leader's Son to Hal Cooper
  • Archie: <storms into the Cooper home, foaming at the mouth> Mr. Cooper!!! You have a right to know!! Jughead is the son of a Southside Serpent!!
  • Hal Cooper: Young man, is this true?
  • Juggie: I can explain, sir....
  • Hal: Oh no need for that my boy! I just don't know why you didn't tell me. Or really, why I didn't notice how very like your father, you are....
  • Archie: <interrupting> How are you not furious, Mr. Cooper? His father is a criminal!
  • Hal: You do know we live in Riverdale, right? Where everyone's shady? But you know what else, you fatuous ginger turd?
  • Archie: I'm NOT fat!!! I got ripped after working for my dad this summer!! I play football!!
  • Hal: okay....you stupid, hypocritical ginger turd?
  • Archie: still don't really know those words, but at least you didn't call me fat
  • Juggie: It's okay sir, I'll explain it to him later...
  • Hal: Not sir, my boy, call me "Hal" or "Dad 2.0" as you young people would say, if you like!!! Anyway, AS I WAS SAYING....I knew your dad in high school, my future son-in-law....when I was a Southside Serpent, myself. Nothing to judge, there. Please stay for dinner, Jughead. Please leave and never return, Archie.
lucifer ( season 1 ) starters
  • ( ep 7-13 )
  • You're not busy, are you?
  • Actually, shocker, I am busy.
  • Now, I'm one not to get into the feels, usually, but... you seem genuinely distressed. You okay?
  • Do you want to--I don't know--chat about it or something?
  • Sex is always on the table.
  • You sure you don't want to chase after her?
  • We brought you a birthday gift.
  • You're supposed to be on my side, you know.
  • What's bothering you right now?
  • Well... right now I'm experiencing a very odd feeling. It's--it's like a fat man sitting on my chest. But not in a fun way.
  • You're really in therapy?
  • Why is that so surprising?
  • You're the least reflective person I know.
  • I have layers. I'm like an onion. An irresistible one.
  • You don't save a marriage by sleeping with other people
  • It can't hurt to try.
  • Have you ever considered that all of this excessive partying may be your attempt to fill a void?
  • The most evil of people have the most normal names, I've experienced. Beware anyone named Keith
  • We all have demons inside.
  • It's okay. I'm not afraid of dying.
  • We might not always understand it, but God has a plan.
  • You get to eat chocolate cake in bed tonight.
  • You don't care who you piss off, do you?
  • I made a friend today.
  • I can't believe that I would let myself care for him again
  • You're a kind person who puts the needs of others before your own
  • You can't be mad at me forever.
  • Oh, God, what have I done?
  • Don't worry, my father's the forgiving sort
  • Only you could turn a tragic death into an excuse to talk about you.
  • Where have you been?
  • Deviant foreplay is so time-consuming.
  • Come on, you can't say this isn't the best sex you've ever had
  • If that's supposed to be an offering to me, I decline on grounds of salmonella.
  • Step one, travel back in time and not make such a mess of things.
  • You know, I'm suddenly reminded of why I wanted you dead in the first place.
  • Look, I know you think I'm a bad guy
  • I need a favor
On the Popularity of Books with Fat Protagonists

So I love Taika and we mostly share similar taste in books, but there’s been several times recently where I’ve been OH MY GOD THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD I LOVE IT and she’s been eh, it’s okay, and I didn’t realize until recently why this was happening. All the books I’ve been so excited about (Eleanor and Park, Dumplin’, Six of Crows, The Upside of Unrequited)(also Mary Lambert’s new EP) have fat protagonists (and yet aren’t about being fat).

But while I loved them, especially the last one, Taika really found nothing special about them.

She’s typically a size 6. I’m a size 18.

These books mean so much to me, that people like me are allowed to exist and fall in love and they eat and PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM TOO. And they make me laugh and cry and I recognize myself in them, every time. When the kids on her bus mock Eleanor, that’s me. I’ve been there. When Molly can’t imagine herself ever having sex or a relationship because that’s not what happens to fat girls, that’s me. When Willowdean’s new boyfriend makes her question why anyone would want her, that’s me. And someday, when Nina Zenik delights in eating and her friends worry about her when she doesn’t eat, I hope that can be me.

And Taika will never understand that.

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Okay, I got this idea at like 5AM and it's kept me awake so it needs to be down so my mind can calm it. Was Jack one of those chubby kids that didn't get hot until after high school and that's why he's still awkward? Because he's trying to figure out how to be hot!Jack and not awkward shy fat!Jack and it's not really working. (Soz Jack. I love you.)

Jack Zimmermann was one of those chubby kids but then puberty hit him like a brick wall and then EVERYONE GOT REALLY CONFUSED. 

Jack’s dad was a professional hockey player and Jack’s mom was an actress/model. (More on this later!)  So when Jack came out of the womb and looked…well…

…awkward people were genuinely worried.

But then he got his dad’s ass and his mother’s cheekbones and the entire nation of Canada breathed a sigh of relief.

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Hope it's okay for a skinny person to say this but my doctor never made me lose weight for my joint problems even though I'm significantly heavier than most people my age. Know why? I'm tall and I work out frequently. Muscle is heavier than fat but my doctor never asks me to stop working out and lose that muscle (even though losing muscle mass is far easier than losing weight!) Because he doesn't want to put me through that pain. But he's fine putting fat people through it.

^^^^ This!

-Mod Bella

Misconceptions of Aphrodite

So first off, I want to give everyone a huge apology who have been waiting for this post! I am very sorry it took so long, but before we get to the post itself I want to explain why it took me so long to write this. I feel like out of all the posts I have written and probably ever will write, this one is the most important. Why? Well, in my own personal experience I almost let some of these misconceptions stop me from pursuing a relationship with Aphrodite. Thankfully I did my own research and was able to get past what I had previously thought to be true and invited Aphrodite into my life, but I can’t help but think about those who continue to believe these misconceptions.  I know how much Aphrodite has helped me and how much she has given me and I can’t bare the thought that some people are missing out on a possible life changing relationship just because of these ridiculous misconceptions. So thats why it took me so long. I really wanted this post to not only do my Goddess justice, but to also do our community justice. I really hope you all enjoy it and I hope it’s eye opening to some of you.

I may add more to this if I feel like its necessary. I’m always up for some suggestions if anyone feels like I left one out. 

Quick note: Please let me know if something isn’t worded right or if you find something to be inaccurate. I do not want to offend or make anyone uncomfortable, so please let me know if anything I wrote comes off that way!

Aphrodite only accepts certain “types” as her followers/devotees

False. Wait, let me say it louder for to make sure everyone heard it…FALSE!!! You don’t need to love makeup, you don’t need to love the color pink, you don’t need to like fashion…Honestly you can hate all those things and still worship Aphrodite. I know from looking at a lot of blogs (mine included) it seems like those things are a requirement when working with Aphrodite, but the truth is most of us already liked those things before even introducing ourselves to Aphrodite. Like for me, pink has always been my favorite color, so that’s why my worship is very pink oriented. But as we will discuss later in this post there is a lot more to Aphrodite than pink, fashion, and makeup, so don’t think Aphrodite won’t accept you just because you don’t like those few aspects of her.

Asexuals/Aromantics can’t worship Aphrodite

Well i’m going to give that a big fat NO, NOPE, NUH UH, NO WAY, NOT TRUE! And now I’m going to tell you why its not true, actually there’s 2 reasons why this is just plain WRONG!. First being the same as above, there’s more to Aphrodite than love and sex, WAY MORE! Those are just a few aspects of her, so asexuals and aromantics can choose to focus their worship on another part of her. The other reason probably falls more into the UPG realm, but I don’t think anyone will mind that, lol. Okay so yes Aphrodite likes to fuck, she likes to fuck a lot, we know this, she knows this, the other gods know this, she WANTS everyone to know this because shes not ashamed. And that my friends is the key! Not being ashamed of who YOU are. Aphrodite doesn’t care how you personally feel about sex or even love, what she cares about is how you feel about yourself. Just like how she isn’t ashamed, she wants you to not be ashamed of who you are even when the world is telling you you should be.

Aphrodite only accepts women as her followers

ALL GENDERS WELCOME. That’s all that needs to be said lol.

You have to like everything Aphrodite likes

As stated in 1 and 2, that’s not the case at all. Remember, there’s a lot to Aphrodite that goes beyond the image society has given her. I truly believe there’s something for everyone inside her. You just have to look!

Aphrodite is ONLY about love, sex and beauty

So I bet some of you are reading this going “wait, what? Huh!? How!?” I know that’s how I was when I realized that Aphrodite in some cases is seen as more than just a Goddess of Love and Beauty. Doing some research, you can find that Aphrodite can also be linked to war and death. Actually just taking a small stroll through her list of epithets on Theoi.com can give you an idea on how varied her aspects are. It’s like I said before, I believe there’s something within Aphrodite for everyone! You just have to look! I won’t go into too much detail on this because it deserves its own post, but I just wanted to put the idea out there that Aphrodite is not just love, sex, and beauty. You should dig around and see what you can find! :D

Aphrodite is one dimensional

Yes we have all read the myths. We ALL know how Aphrodite can be. But that doesn’t mean that’s ALL she is. Its also important to put in perspective that she is a Goddess, which means she’s not held to the same standards and whatever that we as humans are. Yes, Aphrodite can be arrogant (pretty sure I would be to if I was the Goddess of Beauty, and I got to fuck Ares, Hermes, and Dionysus all the time, just saying), she can seem shallow and she can seem vain (again she’s the Goddess of Beauty, you can’t come into her house and try to say anyone is better looking than her and expect not to get a divine beat down! Just not happening!). But even putting aside that she’s a Goddess, aren’t we all guilty of experiencing these at some point in our lives? Does that mean that’s all we are then? No, of course not. Same for Aphrodite. These myths are like snapshots of her, just as stories about our lives are just small aspects of the bigger picture. Yes Aphrodite can be arrogant, vain, and shallow, but she can also be warm, loving, and protective. The mixture of all these, and more, make our Goddess what she is, divinely magnificent!

Aphrodite helps perpetuate the beauty standards of today.

WRONG! Remember Aphrodite is the Goddess of ALL beauty and the idea that beauty exists in everything and everyone.

Aphrodite and her followers are just a bunch of sluts

First off, slut shaming is for losers and squares. Second off, Aphrodite followers are as diverse as she herself is, that includes how we all view and participate in sex. Which is something I love about our community.

Aphrodite only cares about romantic love

Okay so this a personal annoyance to me, and not even just relating to Aphrodite. I really dislike how our society puts romantic love on such a high pedestal as if it’s the only form of love that matters. As a single person, I get a lot of people asking me constantly why I am single or when I am going to get a significant other, which really makes me eye roll HARD. Love comes in different forms and the importance of our relationships are personal and unique to us. Like for me, currently in my life my love for my close friends and for my parents and brother are what is important to me. I am fulfilled having their love in my life. I don’t feel dissatisfied with my life because I don’t have a romantic partner. Seriously, that shit is just grossly inaccurate. Don’t let anyone tell you what you need to make your life fulfilling! Okay let me climb off my soap box to get back to what we were actually talking about, lol. Aphrodite does not just represent romantic love. All the different forms of love (and there are a lot i promise you!) exist under her. So whether you have a romantic partner or not, or even if you want one or not, all are welcome to worship Aphrodite.

okay but i forgot to add a note to my HotS fic.

What did Diablo ever do to deserve Genji and D.Va ganging up on him/her (depending on the skin you use??). Leave Diablo alone its fucking hard being a Prime Evil okay like jesus cyborg ninja and gremlin meme what is this who taught you why are you like this let Diablo be evil in peace

Old Scars

Request Prompt: Could you do a Carl x reader where he comforts her after finding her old self harm scars and panicking because he thinks you did them recently? Thank you xx -littlemisscaptainfandom

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Self harm mentions, Fluff

The world is trying to die. And were suppose to just let it.

Enid’s words echoed in the back of my head while I searched for diapers and formula. Carl searched the pantry while I ransacked the kitchen. I stood still for a second looking out the window before my eyes flickered to the scars on my arm. I pushed back the memories that tried to pry their way out as a bright packet caught my eye. I noticed a bright pack and reached for it letting the cardboard box graze my fingers.

“No way.”, I muttered with a smile causing Carl to halt his actions.

“What?”, he asked and I jumped up and down.

“Gushers!! A whole box of em”, I shrieked quietly and he shook his head.

“All that for some fruit snacks?”, he asked and I hadn’t noticed my sleeve push up.

“Uh yeah. They’re Gushers.”, I stated.

I could feel his stare burning holes in the back of my head as I pushed the fruity treats in my backpack. I turned my head with an annoyed sigh.

“What?”, I asked before following his gaze to my arm.

“What’s that?”, he asked pointing at my arm.

My eyes scanned the old scared cuts before quickly placing a hand over them.

“Its nothing. Just forget you saw them. Did you find anything?”, I said trying to change the subject and he shook his head.

“Y/N. Who did that?”, he asked again walking closer and I backed into the counter.

“Let it go Carl please.”, I pleaded.

I quickly covered my arm before a walker stalked into the house with fresh blood dripping down its chin. Carl reluctantly grabbed my hand and we both ran back to the community. He banged on the gate before it was pushed open by Eugene.

“Find anything?”, Rick asked walking towards us.

“Yeah. But probably won’t last long.”, Carl stated.

“I um- I’m gonna go back to my room.”, I said quietly walking away from Carl.

I didn’t want him to see them. I never wanted him to see them. Now he’s going to see me as some depressed, lonely chick. Or worse, that someone did hurt me. He’s gonna raise hell. I grabbed the box of gushers I found and climbed out of my back room window onto the roof facing away from the community. I opened a single packet got a whiff of the fruity goodness I use to love as a child. I enjoyed the silence for about an hour before I heard the roof creak behind me and I locked eyes with Carl.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”, he questioned and I shrugged.

“It doesn’t matter.”, I stated.

“Doesn’t matter? Y/N if someone hurt you, you need to tell me.”, he shouted.

“No one hurt me Carl. I did it to myself.”, I sighed and his angry expression softened.

“Y/N you could kill yourself by accident do you know that. I wish you would’ve come talk to me before even thinking about hurting yourself.”, he said confusing me.

We didn’t even know each other when I did these. Something clicked in my mind and I giggled.

“This isn’t funny.”, he said sternly.

“It kinda is. Look Carl I know you are worried. But these are really old. Like back when I was in high school old.”, I told him and his muscles relaxed.

“I would come to you if I had those thoughts again. I mean I had them earlier but I wasn’t thinking about hurting myself again. I’ve moved past that I hope.”, I continued.

“Why would you hurt yourself to begin with?”, he asked as he sat next to me.

“I was bullied a lot in school. People called me ugly, fat, bitch, slut, anything you can think of I’ve heard it. One day I just couldn’t take it and I slid the razor over my arm. I never cut anywhere near my wrists though.”, I said holding in the tears.

“I just wanted the pain to go away.”, I cried and he wrapped an arm around me.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that Y/N.”, he whispered kissing my temple.

“Its okay.”

“But what did you mean you thought of it earlier?”, he asked and I looked over the wall as the wind blew my hair.

“Some one thing Enid said to me this morning. I keep replaying it in my head and it makes me worry.”, I said.

“What did she say?”. He asked me.

“Y/N, she didn’t threaten you did she?”, he asked getting worked up.

“No. Of course not. If she did shed be dead or hurt somewhere.”, I joked and he chuckled.

“She said the worlds trying to die. And that we should let it.”, I mumbled.

“But by doing that, we die too. I just thought at that second that maybe she’s right. But then I saw how you freaked over my scars and thought otherwise.”, I said and he pulled me into his lap.

“If we let it die then were giving up. I won’t give up if it means I’m keeping you and Judith safe.”, he muttered and I wrapped my arms around him.

“Promise me if you ever think of thoughts like that you’ll come to me. Then we can get rid of them together.”, he said and I nodded before he kissed me softly.

“I promise.”

Imagine Juice finds you crying in the bathroom all bruised because of your abusive boyfriend & he takes care of you & the reason for you pain.

this request took awhile to write, but i hope you all like it. <3 sending extra love to the sweetheart that requested this, love you darlin. oxo

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You have been friends with Juice for some time now, but when you started having problems with your overly jealous boyfriend you started to stray from Juice. You started to ignore his texts, his calls and you hardly went to the club house anymore, Juice didn’t like it and one day no one has heard from you all day. It was becoming late, and usually you talk to Lyla or Tara but no one seem to get a hold of you and this worried Juice.
So he hopped on his bike and headed to your house, it was dark but Juice still walked up to the door. He was prepared to run into your boyfriend that didn’t like him one bit, but he didn’t care he wanted to talk and see you.
He knocked on the door and nothing, he twisted the door knob and it was unlocked. He thought that was strange, you had always kept your doors locked. Juice walked in slowly, he was on alert and he spoke softly;

“ Y/N .. Y/N ? “ Nothing, the house was silent. Juice walked in, he noticed broken dishes on the floor, furniture was tossed and he reached for his gun that was hidden beneath his cut. He walked around, noticing droplets of blood and walked down the hallway, and he heard whimpering coming from the bathroom. His heart was racing, but he approached the door and listened.
It was you, Juice opened the door but it was locked then he said;

“ Y/N .. it’s me Juiice “ Once you heard his voice, you felt this sense of safety come over you and you said through your sniffling;

“ Juice ? is that really you ? “ Juice answered you quickly;

“ yes Y/N it’s me, open the door “ You took a while to get to your feet, before you got to the door you seen your reflection and you didn’t recognize this person you saw. You thought to yourself that you could handle him, that you could avoid this. You face was swollen, it was battered and bruised. Your left eye was blood shot, he hit you with such force he broke blood vessels in your eye. Your wrists and arms were bruised from being held to tight.

Juice was getting impatient, he said again while jingly the door knob;

“ Y/N if you don’t open this door i am going to knock it down “ You reached for the door knob and unlocked it, you quickly turned away once Juice swung the door open. You walked to the toilet bowl, where you were sitting and Juice said;

“ oh my god. .. Y/N. .. was this him? “ Juice was shocked, and sick to his stomach when he seen your face, you could see the hurt, anger in his face. You couldn’t even look at him, you kept you head down. Juice didn’t know what to do right away but he knew it was your boyfriend that did this to you, and he swallowed his anger at that moment and slowly reached for a face cloth, ran cold water on it and walked over to you slowly. He bend over, you flinched and Juice said;

“ its okay.. here “ Juice slowly touched your face as soft and as gentle as he could, the cold cloth against your face hurt but it felt nice against the swollen and tender surface of your face. You said softly, because your jaw was killing you;

“ i .. i thought i could prevent this “ Juice looked at you with his big brown eyes, they were watery and he said in a shakey voice;

“ why didn’t you tell me it was this bad, i could have protected you “ You licked your fat lip and said;

“ i didn’t want to get you involved, this was my mess. .. not yours “ Juice looked at you and said in a defensive tone;

“ Y/N .. i care about you. this shouldn’t have happened. …” You looked at Juice, and he continued to try and patch you up.

Then after a few minutes Juice said;

“ where is he ? “ You answered quietly;

“ i don’t know .. “ Juice walked you over to the couch, he cleaned up and you watched him. Juice then said;

“ Y/N come with me “ You looked at him and said;

“ where ? “ Juice walked over to the couch and sat beside you and said;

“ to the clubhouse “ You shook your head in disagreement and said;

“ no Juice, i can’t let them see me like this. “ Juice nodded in agreement and then he said;

“ i’m not leaving you here alone, unprotected if that psycho ex boyfriend comes back. i’m calling Chibs, and happy okay ? “ You knew there was no arguing with Juice so you agreed. Juice pulled out his cell and called Chibs.

“ Hey brotha, i need your help. can you come to Y/N’s right away ? “ Chibs answering;

“ yeah course, everything ok ? “ Juice let’s out a sigh and says;

“ i’ll tell you when you get here, just bring Hap and the medical kit. “ Chibs knew this visit wasn’t going to be good. They hung up and soon enough they pulled into your driveway and walked through the door. Juice stood in front of you, protecting you just out of instinct. Chibs and Happy stood in the door way and walked slowly and Chibs said;

“ aye, i’m here Juicy.. what’s going on ? “ Juice moved over, and reviled you to the guys. There mouths dropped open and Chibs’ face said it all, he said as he rushed over to you with the medical kit;

“ aye, love .. “ He knelt down beside you and touched you gently, he started examining your face, and Happy walked up to where Juice was he said;

“ was this that prick ? “ Juice nodded and said;

“ i need your help brotha “ Happy knew exactly what that meant and said;

“ no worries brotha, he’s gonna die. .. like a lot “ Juice was fuming with rage, and asked you once more where he was;

“ do you have any idea where this asshole might be ? “ You took a few seconds and you gave him some ideas;

“ he could be at the one of the bars in oakland, or at the jellybean “ Juice nodded and said;

“ okay, i’ll be back. Chibs you’ll watch her ? “ Chibs still stitching up your face said;

“ aye brother, no worries i’ll watch her “ Before Juice could leave you said;

“ what you going to do if you find him ? “ Happy all ready to go and Juice turned around and said;

“ don’t worry Y/N, hes not going to hurt you ever again “ They walked out and you sat there with Chibs.

Happy and Juice drove everywhere looking for this piece of shit, finally they found him getting a lap dance by some hooker at the Jellybean. They took him out back, and kicked the shit out him. He knew exactly why this was happening and as they were beating the crap out of him he still managed to say;

“ so your here to protect your little whore!? “ Hearing that Juice saw even more red and he held him by the throat and said;

“ don’t you ever fucking call her that, or as a matter of fact Y/N is with me now! and if you come anywhere near her, or even look in her direction, or call or text hell or even think about her .. i will kill you “ Juice punched him and he fell face down in the dirt. He backed up, turned around and this guy got up and pulled out a knife from his sock and said

“ you son of a bitch “ He lunged at Juice and caught him in the shoulder. Happy acted and pulled the knife from his hand and they dropped him. Juice looked at his wound, it was bleeding pretty bad, then he said;

“ really ? “ This asshole looked at Juice while kneeling in front of him and said while spitting out blood;

“ you think you won ? i know everything about Y/N .. “ Juice knew what he had to do, so Happy and Juice exchanged looks and Juice looked at this man that was in front of him. He pulled out his glock and shot in in the head, the man dropped to the ground. Both men staring at this piece of shit corpse and before Juice knew it Happy pulled out his gun and shot him like 6 times. Juice said;

“ did you get’em ? “ They got rid of the body, and they both headed back to your place. You were asleep in the bedroom and Chibs was watching over you, he went and checked up on you every now and than. Chibs was in the kitchen when he heard the bikes pull in, Juice and Happy walked in.

Chibs said while pointing at Juice’s shoulder;

“ aye, you okay brotha “  Juice looked at his bleeding shoulder, didn’t really care about it and asked Chibs;

“ how is she ? “ Chibs said as he grabbed his bag;

“ ayy shes good, shes resting in the room. now lets patch you up “ Juice sat down and removed his cut, his sweater and shirt. Chibs cleaned and stitched Juice’s shoulder and once he patched him up, Juice said;

“ thanks brotha, for everything.. “ Chibs carefully hugged Juice and said;

“ ayee no problem.. go see your lass now will yaa, we will see you tomorrow “

The men left the house, Juice locked up and made his way to the bedroom where you were resting. You heard Juice walking towards the bedroom, and you sat up. Juice said as he reached the room;

“ shit, sorry for waking you “ You said in a lazy tone;

“ no no .. its okay “ Juice walked over to the side of your bed and sat down beside you. You both didn’t say anything and you said quietly;

“ uhm, so what did you do to him ? “ Juice didn’t answer right away, he just looked down then he looked up at you and said;

“ don’t worry, its done. he wont hurt you ever again. “ You just looked at him, and you didn’t want to think about what had happened and you said;

“ i’m sorry. .. i’m sorry that i avoiding you for awhile. i didn’t want too “ Juice gave you a little smirk and said;

“ i’m sorry too that i didn’t come here sooner, i should have been here to protect you. “ You interrupted him and said;

“ Juice, you did protect me. “ You smiled at him and then you noticed Juice leaning towards you, you didn’t move back you continued to smile and you kissed him. 
“ i should have did a long time ago “ You both giggled and you pulled Juice up onto the bed, he laid down and you laid your head on his chest, he wrapped his arms around you. You could hear his heartbeat, it was like music to your ears and in the darkness he said;
“ Y/N as long as i’m in your life, i promise you i’ll never hurt you and i will not let anyone hurt you “ You looked up at him and gave him a kiss and said;

“ i promise i’ll never hurt you, Juice “ He squeezed you a little tighter and you both laid in bed together till you both fell asleep in each others arms.

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Everyday situations with BTS
  • Jungkook you need to be stopped.
  • These are getting longer.
  • I take requests.
  • *
  • Jungkook crashes into a clueless Hobi who was obscured by a corner that JK was taking at high speeds back stage.
  • Hobi: ?!?! *manages to stop both himself and Kookie landing on the floor* Kook-ah! Why are you running around back here?! It's dangerous!
  • Kook: Omg hyung you scared me. I'm running from noona.
  • Hobi: okay which noona? we have quite a few scary noona's backstage.
  • Kook: *laughs despite himself* y/n.
  • Hobi: oh? What did you do?
  • Kook: Nothing!! I just walked in to show her the trophy. And she gave me that look. You know the one. The one she gave Namjoon hyung when he dropped her iPad and that one she gave Yoongi hyung when he asked her to diet with him for support and thought he was implying she was fat!
  • Hobi: *understanding* ohhhhh. Yeah even Yoongi went paler.
  • Kook: so I ran.
  • Hobi: clever.
  • ....
  • Where's the trophy then?
  • Kook: .... shit. I don't know?
  • *
  • Hobi: Noona! Noona-noona~~~ *throws himself on the sofa next to him* play with my hair, noona? *puts head in lap*
  • You: *laughs* your stylist noona's hate me doing that.
  • Hobi: *pouts* I'm at home though!
  • You give in and it doesn't take long before Hoseok goes from humming contentedly to sleeping. You're happy for now so leave him. Yoongi comes in and is high key jealous Hoseok got there first which amuses you greatly.
  • You: Get here faster next time.
  • Yoongi: I don't care *shrug* *liar*
  • Kookie walks in.
  • You give him a Hobi worthy bitch face.
  • Yoongi laughs mostly in shock, waking Hobi.
  • Yoongi: What the hell? You've been scaring Kook for the last few days?
  • You: *grumbles* Jimin teaches him too much.
  • Hobi: We almost lost the trophy because he was running from you noona. Luckily Jin found it.
  • You: The kid needs to stop ok he is barely 18-
  • Yoongi: 20
  • You: in international age ok!! He's so young!!
  • Hobi: .. What's your point?? He's the maknae?
  • You: I just... he just... Have you guys not watched him on stage?
  • Yoongi: ... Sometimes??
  • Yoongi & Hobi: *confused face at you*
  • You: Don't you think he's a little too... sexy?
  • *brief pause*
  • Hobi: OH MY GOD *flies out of your lap laughing hysterically* Kookie Kookie noona thinks you're hot-
  • You grab Hobi by the shirt and give him a menacing look.
  • You: *chilling voice* Don't spread misconceptions, Hobi-ah...
  • Namjoon: Could you unhand Hoseok before you break him please noona?
  • Jimin: What's happening?
  • Kookie: ... Can I come in?
  • You: Oh god this is actually embarrassing.
  • Kookie: Noona, I'm sorry for whatever I did?
  • You: Oh jeez *feeling guilty* please don't apologise it's not your fault Kookie... kind of...
  • Yoongi: Tell him it's because you find him sexy.
  • You: MIN YOONGI! I swear-
  • Namjoon: wait what noona you like Kookie that way?
  • You: No! He's a child!
  • Kookie: *paralysed with awkwardness*
  • Jimin: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! *mischievous grin*
  • Hobi: *cackling*
  • You: Look okay, I just don't appreciate it that when I go to support you guys Kookie - and you too as well Jimin - feel the need to be such extra noona killers. You guys are babies to me and it is not okay. I am very angry about the fact foetuses like you make me feel some way I am 100% not okay with it and you need to stop. This isn't a confession either so pipe down Hoseok.
  • Yoongi: Right so. You're mad that you find them attractive?
  • You: In summary, yes.
  • Yoongi: Do you find me attractive?
  • You: Yes?
  • Yoongi: But you're not angry.
  • You: No. Of course not. You're my age.
  • Yoongi: So?
  • You: It's not okay, okay?
  • Jimin: ... Noona you're not making sense...
  • You: *frustrated sound* I am!!!
  • Kook: *cocky af all of a sudden* Oh, noona~ I am so sorry~ *sexy smirk*
  • You: Don't you fUCKING EVEN- I am leaving.
  • You leave with a dramatic slam of the door.
  • Namjoon: *a little stunned* Um. Er?
  • Yoongi: *shrugs* Don't ask me.
  • Namjoon: ... She'll forgive.. you guys soon??
  • Jimin: Hyung how can she we'll always be this hot though. *smirk* *high fives Kookie*
  • Hobi: Ah... you know... I think I just saw her point.

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Do you know any good calf exercises? Thigh exercises, too, if you can! Thank you💕

I mainly focus on core (which is why my core is the only part of my body I’m half okay with) but for thighs I like squats and for calfs I like calf raises and mainly going a lot of yoga type exercising, try yoga tutorials on you tube that focus on toning and strength building. Don’t worry about gaining muscle and bulking up as its almost impossible to when you are loosing weight and will just eliminate fat x

Why you dont shoot merchants.
  • Background: Borin, Tooki, Garrus , and our friend had joined us, were going to call him idiot who should never have been allowed to have a gun(trigger for short). Trigger has been trying to buy a pair of gloves from a merchant, and the merchant is getting annoyed and raising the price. Trigger left then came back the following day.
  • DM: "wait what are you doing"
  • Trigger: "Im walking to the shop keeper that didnt sell me the gloves."
  • DM: "okay, as you walk there you notice theres alot more guards around than usual."
  • Trigger: "I walk into the store and walk up to the merchant" "Hi, how much for those gloves?"
  • DM: "Ah they are only....oh... its you. For you they are 8000"
  • Trigger: "can i try them on before i buy them?"
  • DM: "I guess... as long as you will buy them"
  • Trigger: "I shoot him in the face"
  • DM: "..what?"
  • Trigger : "I shoot him in the face"
  • DM: ".......Why are you doing this. Okay roll for it."
  • Trigger: "WOOO NATURAL 20!! and 18. Reroll for confirm crit is a 17"
  • DM: "You hit the unarmed, unarmored fat merchant."
  • Trigger"Awesome" *rolling alot of dies* "I do 86 damage"
  • DM: "his head blows up and goes everywhere."
  • Trigger: "awesome, i Put my gun away and start to walk out"
  • DM: "before you reach the door, 6 guards come bursting in"
  • Trigger: "I jump out the display window"
  • DM: "roll a strength check"
  • Trigger: "8"
  • DM: "you run across the room and jump at the window, you hit it face first and bounce off, the 6 guards jump on you and start beating the crap out of you, you go unconscious. When you wake up youre in a cell by yourself. A human walks in and punches you in the face. "Where were you last night!!" (this continues on like this with trigger crying and whimpering not really saying anything, in game and out of game, until he blacks out again)