why isnt this on anymore

Person: who’s your bias in knk?
Me: *starts sweating*

-slides in- you know what i would like to see?

Id like to see all the boys getting a day of pampering from every one else. Not just sexually, but like, just in general. 

Noiz gets spoiled with a whole room being filled up with ball pits, foods he’s never tried before, and animals. Mostly dogs, cats, and bunnies, occiassional hamsters too. He’s given praises and pats on the head and maybe the butt too hue and he gets all the cuddles for that day. Hugs and cuddles. Physical things that makes him feel like he’s there.

Aoba would get the day off. From literally everything. They’d let him sleep in, bring him breakfast in bed, have him watch his favorite shows, etc. And despite his pleas/huffing around, none of the bfs let him do anything around the house (only coz they want to show that they really appreciate him)

Koujaku gets the spa treatment. He isn’t all that certain with other people touching his hair/body, but since he’s been with the bfs, he’s learned to be able to relax as everyone uses their all to make him feel comfortable. He never knew how good it felt to have his hair washed until Mink started massaging his scalp with some shampoo he made, or how relaxing it was to have multiple people give your body a good massaging. It’s never felt that good to be comforable in his own skin.

Ren is more physical. Touching his hair, more hugs than usual, light kissing/pecks on his lips, etc. Just like Aoba, he gets to laze around with someone’s arm around his shoulders/body, securing him in a comfortable hold. Sometimes just holding hands and going out for walks is enough for him, especially when everyone he loves goes with him.

Mink gets to teach everyone, well, to do anything, really. Sometimes everyone would sit down and cuddle around Mink, listening to him speak about his past, his family, or even just his day. Mink gets to be able to let loose on his days of pampering, with everyone just. Listening to Mink talk about himself in any way possible. Mink doesn’t say it out loud, but he likes it when everyone is around, trying to understand and learn from/about him more.

Clear gets the kitchen. Sometimes he’s given opportunities to learn new recipes without being disturbed, but most of the time, he gets all the bfs to be in there with him, to cook and bake together. He loves it especially when they all make a huge mess, and then clean up afterwards, because that only means that they can stay together more during his time.

Noiz isn’t allowed in the kitchen anymore though.

Undertale... Why your reasons to hate isnt valid anymore

Fontcest- brothers
Selfcest-…… Get a mirror
Frisk and Sans- frisk is a kid!
Toriel and Sans- Toriel is so old/married
Chara and Frisk- again kids!
Papyrus and Mettaton- how do a machine get it on?
Alpyhs and Undyne- but like. This and… Well. That.
Frisk and Toriel - age gap?
Asriel and Frisk - Kids and… He was just a flower
Flowey and Temmie- LOL WHAT?
Sans and Asgore -same as Toriel and Sans

The list goes on with more reasons. I didnt write this to piss you off. But to show each ship (in ANY fandom) has it’s “cons” (of reason of dislike) and it’s “pros” (reasons to like).

Do not bash ships thinking /your/ ship is the right ship. Because it’s not. There is no perfect right nor wrong ship. Idc if its canon or not or crazy that it makes. No sense. Get over yourself- people won’t suddenly love your ship after you bombarding them with random crap or hate a ship with cruel comments.

I breaks my heart when i see people ganging up on my ship with such a hate.

Those charts to show what ships you hate and like? That is perfectly okay to do! I know everyone will not like the same nor hate the same. I respect your opinion. But I want the same to mine as well.

So next time you full on rant angrily about a ship. Think before you type.

chilosas  asked:

Why isnt manager oppa with f(x) anymore? How long ago did he leave? :O

He works for NCT now, I think he left a couple months ago. Probably no reason in specific, I assume SM rotates managers around every few years. He was with f(x) for a long time, but maybe SM saw how caring he is (he’s seriously such a sweetheart) and saw a good fit for him in NCT, who are rookies and need a lot of guidance and support, whereas f(x) are veteran idols who can probably get by with a less involved manager. Just my thoughts.

That’s it. You can all go home now. This is literally my favorite thing ever. I’m gonna print this out and frame it on a wall and admire it anytime I need a good chuckle.

Ahhhh… I don’t think I ever laughed so fucking hard before.


The Ultimate Teen Wolf Sticker Collection:

my brain: she fell asleep on you

me: yeah maybe she was trying her hardest to keep talking to me even tho she was sleepy so thats a good thing isnt it? why would she talk to me until she couldnt stay awake anymore, she must’ve been enjoying our conversation to try that hard not to end it

my brain: or maybe she hates you and you’re making her bored

me: i want to die