why isnt it out yet

Something weird about watching ‘13 Reasons Why’ is that by the end you’re rooting for Hannah and wanting her to make it and be okay that you almost forget she’s dead and the ending is already sealed. Clay won’t wake up to it all being a dream, she won’t be all “surprise bitch”, she’s dead, and it feels weirdly surprising when the suicide scene happens but you knew the whole time it was coming…

So a man came in for his order, it wasnt in yet. Well he went off about how it was in transit yesterday (somebody else rand the supplier for him to find out the deal) and why isnt it in yet! So I say it could even be in later today (it was like 11am) and he really didnt like that. “dont bullshit me, why do i even come here its fucking shit.”  

So I ring up his current purchase ignoring this, because its usually not aimed at me.

Then i say hopefully it will be here tomorrow, or even later today. He again told me to not lie and what will be the excuse tomorrow. It started making me tear up because he was starting to sound really personal and aimed at me. 

So I hold it in hoping to just cry after he leaves. 

Instead, i manage to say “have a nice day” and start crying then and there, straight away turning to go out the back.

He laughed at me as soon as i started and turned.

Took me like half an hour to stop and then i was just pissed off the rest of the day.

His order DID come in later the same day. I decided not to even call him to tell him. Because fuck him, im not serving him.  

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omg i know you know everything about sufjan and I always just nodded along when you talked about him cause he didn't seem like my type of artist but I heard him in call me by your name, his song mystery of love and I am S U F F E R I N G! I NEED THIS SONG IN MY LIFE BUT I CAN ONLY FIND IT IN THIS STUPID WHAT SEEMS LIKE PEDO MOVIE AND IT IS THE FUCKING WORST

its an awesome song! it was written specifically for the movie which is why you cant find it anywhere else; the movie isnt out yet. id be careful calling it a “pedo movie” tho


oh brother…

why isnt there a “things traditionalists say / laughable traditionalist memes” compilation out there yet