why isnt god


mea maxima culpa

“i call upon the power of the pentagram. azazel, i summon thee. from within our realm, into this mystical confinement, i summon thee. you seek the mortal cup, we seek the return of our friend. for this exchange, i summon thee.”

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good


GRAVITY || [listen]

“A force that no one knows why exists. Only that if it didn’t exist.. If there wasn’t this mysterious attraction… This pull between objects… then none of this would exist either.”

“Thank God for gravity.”


me: *watched spider-man homecoming 2 trailer*
me: *sigh*
me: *checked calendar*
me: *sigh*
me: why isnt July yet im so bored


the wolf among us + colours:  episode 3  →  a crooked mile

you think i like being the old woman in these stories? the men are heroes, the ladies are whores…and the old hags like me get to watch everyone they love die.


Based on @kanarenee‘s Modern AU with Nobuyuki as a lawyer. - Not exactly with the topic of the fic, just the hc!!-

So, @kata-ru / @kanarenee, I finished, lol (?)

Moder Kojuro based in his awful sweater from LS is here


I have alot to say about this right here but there’s not enough time or words in the world so ill just say


is everyone gonna sleep on the fact that 입버릇 is so wonderfully sung and written and produced.. it’s so raw and emotional?? like jihoon did that?? wrote this song by himself?? seungkwan and seokmin’s harmonisation in the chorus and jeonghan and joshua’s soft beautiful vocals like always??? noah fence but habit is probably one of vocal unit’s best songs that’s all bye!

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


Listen I get really pissed about this whole hiding in your room to eat as quickly as possible when you’re on your period during Ramadan, in your own home so that the men in your family don’t see like????

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Isn't MadMoon abusive?

why would you ask us, a narnia blog, this

i’m…. honestly not sure why you’re asking me of all people in the universe? i’m legitimately confused because i have maybe posted like. three madmoon things? so it’s not like i’ve been super hardcore about them and getting asks about this surprises me

but to answer your question… no? i personally do not? think so? why would it be? because they fought…? is that all it takes for something to be abusive? i’m. confused..? how many question marks? i mean if madmoon were actually canon i don’t see it being abusive tbh shadow moon is a very loving partner and i truly do believe temper aside mad sweeney is just a bit of a stupid who’s trying to get by and doesn’t really know how to human properly but he’s far from bad