why isn't your brother like you

VLD staff: We’re keeping Keith’s ethnicity to ourselves until later

Some People: Omfg remember when Keith told Shiro “you're like a brother to me” they're gonna be brothers! They’re both Japanese clearly!


  • *Molly's flat*
  • Molly: *opens the door* Sorry about the mess. Double shifts *giggles nervously* I'm sure I don't need to tell you.
  • Molly's Date: *chuckles* You should see my place.
  • Molly: *spots the Belstaff on her sofa; panics* Erm...can I?
  • Molly's Date: *confused* Huh?
  • Molly: *trying to shove him through the door* Let's go to your place.
  • Molly's Date: *resisting* Why? What's-
  • Sherlock: *leaves the bedroom wearing a sheet; irritated* I've had it with your cat, Molly. That was the last straw *sits on the sofa*
  • Molly's Date: ...
  • Molly's Date: Please tell me he's your brother.
  • Sherlock: *obnoxiously flipping through a magazine* Husband.
  • Molly: *hisses* Shut it!
  • Molly's Date: *looking between them*
  • Molly's Date: *awkward* Uh, look, Molls I know I said 'up for a good time' on my profile but...
  • Molly: *mortified* No! No, no! It's not like that. He *points at Sherlock* HE married me. I had no part of it.
  • Sherlock: *very smug; mutters* Had no trouble consummating it.
  • Molly: *frowns* Why are you here?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* My wife was about to commit adultery; I thought it best to step in.
  • Molly: *annoyed* Don't call me that. This isn't a marriage.
  • Sherlock: Well, you won't move in with me.
  • Molly: *incredulous* because you haven't asked *quickly* and moving all of my belongings into your flat isn't asking.
  • Sherlock: *thoughtful* Hmm. Anything else?
  • Molly: *thoughtful* I hyphenate my surname.
  • Sherlock: *nods* Fair enough.
  • Molly: *raises an eyebrow* I get the left side of the bed.
  • Sherlock: *folds his arms* Yes, fine.
  • Molly: And I get your other dressing gown.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* I don't want you thinking you wear the trousers, Mrs. Hooper-Holmes.
  • Molly: *smiles* I always have *pauses* well?
  • Sherlock: *looks up* Oh, right *clears his throat* will you move in with me?
  • Molly: *giggles* Yeah, why not? *pulls him to his feet; kisses him*
  • Molly's Date: *perplexed* Err...should I- *gestures at the door*
  • Sherlock: About ten minutes ago but better late than never *winks* isn't that right?
  • Molly: *playfully swats him*

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Can I have Ushijima, Oikawa, and Kuroo going to S/O's house for the first time and found out that S/O has 4 brothers all live by "Protect the only girl of the house"? (In short, sister complex) S/O's carefree persona isn't helping in their case.

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • He can respect and understand why your brothers act like this towards him. Hell, if he had any siblings he’d want to protect them too.
  • Your brothers are stubborn and hate the fact that you’re dating. They constantly lecture you on the ‘type’ of guy he is, and how you should stay away. Of course you don’t listen.
  • Ushijima eventually earns their respect after proving that he is a loyal man who will only love you. Your brothers back off a little bit, but you can tell that they trust him more than in the beginning.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Oh god, Oikawa looks like a womanizing pretty boy from the start so your brothers immediately take action against him whenever he’s around. They will not leave you two alone for a second. You need sibling supervision.
  • No matter what Oikawa says or does, your brothers always think he’s lying. They know his type too well, and it doesn’t help how they’ve witnessed his fangirls/fanboys on a daily basis. If that many people desire him who’s to say he won’t leave you for someone else?
  • Oikawa jumps through rings of fire to prove that he’s not that kind of guy. It isn’t until you take initiative to vouch for him that your brothers finally ease up. Although they always have an eye open, ready to beat him into the ground if he so much as makes you cry.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Not even this sly cat is able to charm his way to get your brothers’ trust. All men are bad in their eyes when it comes to you so it’s not really his fault.
  • He doesn’t have any siblings of his own, but he understands that you should be protected at all costs. In essence, he is grateful to have someone looking out for you since you can be a bit too careless at times.
  • It’s not until he lets down his guard and reveals his true dorky personality that your brothers see what a down-to-earth guy he really is. They aren’t too wary about him knowing that if the time comes he’ll look out for you.

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Hi, glad that you're joining this lil community here! How about UT/US/UF/SF Skelebros with a S/O who always puts themselves down in a joking way and is okay with other people doing so. But the moment someone puts one of the boys down, their S/O immediately jumps in and tells that person why that isn't true. Doesn't matter who's saying it, their brother, a friend. (They'll stand up against UF!Paps if that means that their skeletal bf feels good about themselves) (Unless that's too many people)

Since my limit is 7 characters, I’ll do the Undertale and Underfell skelebros for ya! ^_^


He’s kind of worried at first, about your self esteem, I mean. When he realises it doesn’t bother you much, he’ll just shrug it off, like he usually does. When he’s put down, he attempts to brush it off, but then you come in. Needless to say, he’s kind of surprised. And kinda grateful. Heh. Thanks, partner in crime.


Like Sans, he shares his concerns with you and immediately tries to turn the sentiment around. He’ll go on with this until he’s unexpectedly put down in return. And before he can even say anything, his partner jumps in and defends him. He’s surprised, to say the least. When the person leaves, he’ll immediately laugh and declare them ‘INCREDIBLY DEVOTED AND LOYAL TO THE PAPYRUS CAUSE!’ Don’t worry about him. His self esteem hasn’t been damaged one bit.


He’ll try to fight them, if they even dare speak a word about his beloved partner. You gotta bone to pick with em, eh, buddy? When he realises you’re not bothered by it, he’ll let it slide, though he’s certainly keeping an eye on those jerks who even so much as dare put you down for this. He doesn’t even have the chance to throw a bone at the person who puts him down as well before you quickly defend his honour. He’s speechless, and just kind of stares and watches with a surprised as hell look on his face. Then he just starts snickering, a smug as hell expression twisted on him as he tells them to beat it, fist-bumping you all the way.


He’s not sure how to handle it, honestly. He can relate to having low self worth, and tries to remind you of how important you are to him. Needless to say, it’s a one way ticket in seeing his softer side to him. When he’s put down, he goes to agree with it- only for his S/O to jump in, defending him. He’s shocked and confused, and only when the person leaves does he refuse to believe what you say. He’s .. a bad person! Why on earth do you not see that?! He’s grumpy about it at first, but then he realises something: if someone as good as you sees so much in him, then surely he can’t be that bad. The least he does is give you a pat on the head before he rushes off begrudgingly. 

Kasperi Kapanen imagine

I feel so so dirty after writing this, this might be he worst thing i’ve ever written. For the sake of this imagine we’re going to imagine Kappy, Willy, and the reader (Willy’s sister) are sharing an apartment.

requested: no

warnings: lot’s of making out

words: 900 words

Originally posted by bjorkqvist

You shut the door behind you and pressed Kasperi against it. Your lips attached themselves to his neck and you sucked hart.

“You got your first NHL goal baby. Fuck, I’m so proud of you.”

His hand found the back of your head and pulled you up to meet his lips again. He slowly walked you backwards, his lips never leaving yours. You could feel him opening a door and walk you into another room but you didn’t look which one too lost in his lips and your thoughts. His hands disappeared under your dress and you were just about to pull away to tell him to hurry up and just take it off when the back of your legs hit the edge of a bed and you fell backwards. Kasperi leaned over you, his lips swollen red and you wanted nothing more than just pull him back down when you heard the front door to your apartment slam shut.

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I can't stop thinking about Tim talking to his brothers and casually bringing up something like, "Yeah my dad used to take my stuff when he got mad at me. He'd keep it until he left for another trip and then forget about it so I would just take it back." like it was no big deal or whatever. But his brothers just give him a Look like "WTF Tim that's really messed up." And Tim would be confused because isn't that how punishment works? "Ofc my dad wasn't abusive, he never hit me."

thanks im crying?
but can u imagine tho like. Bruce and Tim having a fight and Tim just wordlessly handing Bruce his phone or the Robin mask or whatever, and Bruce is like?? “i wasnt going to ground you?” and Tim is shocked like “but you’re mad at me why wouldn’t you take my stuff when youre mad?” and then Tim kinda. gets this panicked look and “oh. you’re just gonna send me away instead, right? to boarding school or smthn?” and Bruce just. deflates and wishes he could undo everything wrong that Jack did bc it HURTS that Tim expects this kinda stuff of HIM like he would never????

Mental Gymnastics: Anti-Gency Edition

Genji calls Mercy “Angela”, an intimate gesture in Japan.

Gency haters: Meh. That doesn’t prove anything. Just that he doesn’t hate her.

Michael Chu, who likes Gency, adds in Mercy saying, “Genji, I was too late”

Gency haters: This isn’t romantic. This is just friends caring about each other.

In a very sentimental comic, Genji sends letters only to his brother and to Mercy. Mercy is shown to be very happy reading his letter.


Mercy gives Genji chocolates

Gency haters: How is this romantic? It’s just friends giving friends chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Duh.

Genji gives Mercy chocolates:


Mercy marries Genji and they have kids

Gency haters: Like… I still don’t see how this is romantic. They are married. So what?

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In terms of a relationship, what does Chuuya offer Dazai that Oda doesn't? (Aside from being alive, that is.) I just wanted to know your thoughts. Oda is great example of someone Dazai wants to be like- so is Chuuya, really, but Chuuya is his partner and steeped in that world in a way Oda kind of isn't (what with refusing to kill- and I think Dazai admires that conviction.) So, anyway, why Chuuya? (Not that he's not wonderful- I just wanted your opinion about it.)

well first off i don’t like odazai (18 and 23 is a weird balance in ages + oda clearly sees dazai as a younger brother figure of sorts) so that’s why i never consider a relationship between in the first place

chuuya is someone i feel dazai has complicated feelings about, bc as you said he’s steeped in that world of violence, but at the same time he’s shown caring (for dazai, for his subordinates, for kouyou), helping people out in additional material (akutagawa, an old lady he doesn’t know)… the difference i think is hat chuuya was raised into this just like dazai was, from a very young age, but he somehow found a way to balance his trauma and thrive in the mafia while still being the best person he can, considering. he never fell off the deep end like dazai that we know of.

so dazai who grew up w this guy and probably argued with him all the time nevertheless trusts him with his life bc 1) he knows the sort of person chuuya is 2) chuuya is exceedingly strong mentally and physically 3) chuuya actually cares about him. i think that third point only recently became apparent to him (lovecraft fight) & i think that’s why dazai now is so fond of chuuya in his own way. chuuya is someone he can relax around & be both parts of himself at the same time: the one who doesn’t have to hide what he used to do in the mafia, but also the one who grew out of that and is trying to be a better person. chuuya might call him a coward but

they just know each other and trust each other a lot, i guess is what i’m trying to say? and they definitely don’t have the right environment for a stable relationship in canon right now, but it’s very easy to see how they could fall in love, at least for me. what chuuya gives to dazai that oda doesn’t is a strict equal rather than someone he feels inferior to (no matter how much dazai loves oda, he still thinks of himself as beneath oda, even now) + someone who seems to have a very strong sense of self and of where he stands, which can only be helpful for someone like dazai who struggles so much with his identity and regrets. 


theyre just cute together 

Band Of Brothers ask meme (pt.2)
  • [5 months later there is a part 2, where Roe makes some even weirder questions for y'all]
  • Again, the only rule is: that you should send something to someone else if you reblog this!
  • 1. It's winter in Bastogne, and you are all supposed to get a foxhole buddy and dig a foxhole together. You are only allowed one buddy at this time, and it can't be your favourite character. Who would you pick and why?
  • 2. Sobel is yelling at Easy again, while giving them weird nicknames. What sort of nickname do you think he would give you?
  • 3. What position do you think you would have/want to have if you were a part of Easy Company (medic, rifleman, sniper, etc.)?
  • 4. If you had to wear one of the outfits Easy wears in the show for the rest of your life, which one would you pick and why? (combat uniform, dress greens, PT gear, etc.)
  • 5. Luz comes to give you an early Christmas present, and offers you a choice of half a Hershey bar, half a packet of Lucky Strikes or a scarf to keep you warm. What would you choose, and why?
  • 6. What are your top 3 episodes of the show?
  • 7. What are your top 3 characters from the show?
  • 8. What is your favourite scene from the show, and why?
  • 9. If you had to pick, what would you rather do; Jump into combat from an airplane, or go on patrol in still-hostile Germany?
  • 10. You're in charge of new rations, and your friends are asking you for some Hershey bars. Would you give them what they ask for, or do you stick to the rules (and only sneak your returning friend one, because he was wounded, dammit)?
  • 11. If you had to be part of one of the episodes showing actual combat (aka not Currahee or Points or any episodes like those), which one would you pick and why?
  • 12. Returning to the zombie apocalypse team from the last part; You have your three members (if you haven't answered that question, just pick three that would be on your team!), and you get stuck in a building that is going to get overrun by zombies. You decide to split up into two teams to easier escape. Which out of the three original guys would you want to keep on your team and why?
  • 13. Have you read any of the BoB books? If so, which one(s), and do you have a favourite (if you've read more than one)?
  • 14. If you read BoB fanfics; What is your favourite fic that you've read, and why?
  • 15. If you're into BoB AUs; What is your favourite AU and/or what is an AU you'd want to see?
  • 16. You are arranging a dinner party where you are allowed to invite 5 of the BoB boys. Who would you invite and what would you want to talk to them about?
  • 17. Speirs is offering you a smoke; do you accept it? Why/why not?
  • 18. Doc Roe is out looking for more scissors (goddamn, what does that boy DO to his freaking scissors??!! A medic pack contains like 12), and he asks for yours, despite that you do have a use for them. Would you give them to him? Why/why not?
  • 19. Skip offers you German cheese in a tube, pretending it's the best thing he has ever tasted (it really isn't. It tastes like feet, but you don't know that). Do you trust his judgement? Why/why not?
  • 20. If you had to go on a date (either 40s set or modern, it's your choice!) with one of the BoB boys, who would you pick and why? Optional; What would you do, and would you go on a second date if he asked you out again?
'At least I can still look at you from afar.' Imagine being close to Elrond and getting badly wounded attacking the orcs hunting the Company. He attends to you personally because he fears losing you like Celebrain.

Notes: Some fluff and heartache

Character including: Arwen, Elladan and Elrohir, Elrond.

Pairing: Elrond x Reader (unspoken feelings though)

Riding fast riding fierce you shoot one orc and warg after another. Buying the dwarves and the wizard some time to reach the safe tunnel. Your comrades and Lord Elrond are with you. Or better your behind them. Elrond told you before they left Rivendell to stay by his side all along but that was easier said than done.

Since you had come to the last homely house Lord Elrond and his children admire you deeply. Well one more than the other but you did not now that. 

You hadn’t attend on purpose to ride to Rivendell in the first place. You met the Lords twins when they were attacked by some orcs near the misty mountains and you came to the rescue. All the way you rode back to their home. Elladan were hurt. Not too badly but still painfully so that you used your sacred healing skills on him.

Becoming close with Arwen and her brothers you would stay. Using your skill in battle and healing to serve in Imladris. You developed feelings for the Lord but knew they will remain unanswered. So you hid them, not knowing that Elrond is doing the same.

You were some hundred foot away from the others to chase an orc down, you suddenly feel a sharp stinging in your left thigh. 

Damn I’m shot!

A poisoned arrow is stuck in your upper thigh. A morgul blade. Immensely pain runs through your body, you let go of the reins. Falling off your horse, striking the ground hard and gasping in pain. Swearing you take the arrow out and muffle the screams biting down on your other hand. You didn’t even notice the orc who had shot you down, is coming dangerously close on his warg. 

Hearing loud neighing you look up in shock to see your horse, your loyal companion, trying to fight off the orc. Kicking and running around to distract the warg from you.

The orc had unmounted his riding animal and makes his way to you, he whips out his black dagger holding it above his head. You try to crawl backwards pressing your hand on the flesh wound which is overflowing with blood. 

Did he hit the artery?! it cross your mind.

He laughs darkly and steps with full strength on your wound.

A scream reaches Elronds ear. A female yell loaded with such immense pain he turned around. His eyes widening, ’(Y/N)!’ ,he turns his horse and runs it to full speed.

Not knowing your savior is on his way, already bending his bow, you bring the warg rider down by driving your dagger into his right knee. Shrill shrieking he falls upon you, in his rage driving his dagger into your shoulder. That was the moment when an elvish arrow finds its target. Directly through the orcs head.

The dark haired elf jumps off his horse and runs to your side. Falls to his knees and lift you in his arms. Your coughing and panting, the poison takes its effect on you. Your shoulder is bleeding and your tight burns like fire still leaking.

’(Y/N)! No no no no please!’

‘My Lord…’ you say smiling up at him.

He touches your wounds softly and flinches.

'My Lord Elrond.. I was too slow. I’m sorry.’

'Don’t apologize! I’ll take care of you. Your gonna be fine!’


'Don’t speak!’

'My wounds aren’t that bad, my Lord. I do not feel pain anymore. Your healing is as greatly as they say.’ you chuckle softly and close your eyes. Darkness serounding you. Only the distant voice of Elrond screaming your name is reaching you.

'I am so sorry I’m not her.’


Elrond stopped in his movements. He was checking on your wounds everyday. No on else is allowed to go near you. Only to assist him if at all possible. He and his hunters rushed home and started immediately healing you until he fell unconscious. Arwen was there and the twins to help. Worried sick until you finally woke up.

She is talking in her sleep again Elrond thinks and continues his checking. You wake up.

'Hello.’ you smile tiredly.

’(Y/N)…’ he whispers softly and smiles back.

His daughter enters the room and hugs you gently. Arwen is happy to see you recovering greatly and blinks away a tear. Elladan and Elrohir arrive, surrounding your bed. With blushed cheeks Elladan speaks to you:

'I’m so glad your recovering.. Eh I mean we are!’

'Thank you. Your too kind.’ a bright smile graces your face and Elrond feels his heart warming up. 

'Eeeh brother why you blushing?’ ,Elrohir bumps his elbow in his twins side, 'It’s because of (Y/N) isn’t it. Forget it! She is not in your league.’

'What?! Elrohir you-!’ his twin starting to get angry.

'He’s like that since you healed him (Y/N). Always dreaming about you.’

'Shut your mouth brother! Your one to talk. Remember the time when you tried to-..’

'Noooo don’t say it!’

'Ah again fighting over (Y/N) you two?' 

Glorfindel asks, who stands in the room al of a sudden, facing you: 

'Don’t worry they doing this all the time. It’s fun to watch. It’s your choice who you will marry.’ the Balrog slayer winks with a huge grin.

You blushed immediately and lower your head, facing your hands which cling to the blanket. It’s not like you didn’t considered. For your feelings to the Lord will be rejected you rejoiced by the thought the twins have apparently fell for you.


'You go for it (Y/N)!’ the dark haired elven lady, sitting on your beds side, laughs


Arwen is laughing and the twins are arguing with a still grinning Glorfindel. Elronds heart grows heavy. He did all he could to save you and it succeed. But he was loosing you in some other way. His sons deserved to be happy, could he really gave up on you?

No. I won’t be able to. But at least she can be with me though her heart is with someone else. I can look at you from afar (Y/N).

'My Lord Elrond how are your feelings for (Y/N)?'  Glorfindel asks smirking.

'She is dear to my heart.’ the elf Lord answers still in his thoughts.


Silence. Shocked and surprised faces turning to him.

Glorfindel coughs slightly: 'Haaumph I just wanted to know who you think is the better match for (Y/N)?’

Realizing what he just had said in front of his family, friend and love he couldn’t say another word. He makes his way to left the room. Stopping in the doorway he replies with a deep and strong voice: 

'No one. No one will be ever good enough. Not even my own kin.’

I hope you like it. I have some free time these days so I can try myself to write some drabbles. Sorry for all grammatical mistakes :)

NCIS | 'Housekeeping' 09x12 | DVD Audio Commentary with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo | Marriage and children for Tiva?
  • MICHAEL: Here's the deal. What do you think about a Tony/Ziva wedding?
  • COTE: Oh, I don't know, but you know what I'm looking at? The picture of the dog in your computer!
  • MICHAEL: Oh really?
  • COTE: The DiNozzo dog!
  • MICHAEL: You think maybe the characters will get married? Tony and Ziva?
  • COTE: I don't know; what do you think?
  • MICHAEL: I don't know.
  • COTE: I think if anything, she'll get pregnant.
  • MICHAEL: She could get pregnant and then Tony proposes and she says 'you don't have to do this' and then they argue about it.
  • COTE: And that would be the end of the show.
  • MICHAEL: No, no I think that then there would just be childcare. It would be one of the sets. Our little assassin-baby would be down on the childcare set.
  • COTE: (Laughs) Oh my god.
  • MICHAEL: Come on! Lets rip it open. How about this? You don't know who it is—
  • COTE: Rip it open?
  • MICHAEL: Yeah lets rip it open. What if you had a one-night-stand with Gibbs? And you don't know if it's Tony's baby or Gibbs's baby?
  • COTE: That would be very weird because Gibbs is a father . . . and you're a brother . . .
  • MICHAEL: (Deep voice) In more ways than one.
  • COTE: Oh stop it.
  • MICHAEL: Who's your daddy? (Chuckles) Baby Daddy? That's a um—
  • COTE: (Playing with the word) Baby Dad-dy. Dad-dy.
  • MICHAEL: And then McGee would go down to Abby and complain that you didn't sleep with him, and so why isn't he involved in like the 'who's the daddy?' I think it's a whole season ten plot-line I'm coming up with right now. So, do you think we could continue doing the show with shared custody?
  • COTE: (Laughs) Michael, I mean, look at the things you're bringing up. Children? Actually I brought it up. (Laughs)
  • MICHAEL: I like the idea. I think you could handle it.
  • COTE: Oh yeah for sure I could handle it.

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You are gross. Your whole fandom is gross. How can you promote westallen when they are practically brother and sister. That isn't healthy, that is sick. You are all sick.

Yawn. Who are you and why do you even waste people’s time? It has been said repeatedly, Barry and Iris share no DNA, they have very different parents, they share no relation whatsoever. So why do you people continue to try? 

Breakdown for your simple mind: 

  • Barry went to live with Iris and Joe when he was like 10/11 that’s like grades 5/6
  • Barry left for college at around 17/18 | same for Iris; giving him 7/8 years that he lived with the Wests.
  • Barry then lived on his own during and after college, only moving back in with Joe once Iris moved out; let’s remember Iris continues to not live in Joe’s house. 

So when it’s all said and done Barry has lived the majority of his life by himself/ with his parents. He stayed with the Wests, at most, 8 years of his life. What about this is gross? A father taking in his daughter’s best friend after a traumatic situation. Barry didn’t fall in love with Iris during his living there, sure it might have grown exponentially because of how much closer they became but he has said that he loved her before he moved in with her and her father. 

If I am ever lucky to fall in love with my best friend then hell, call me gross. WestAllen will be my inspiration. 

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Prompt: Ronan confides in Gansey about his crush on Kavinsky, and even though he isn't sure how Gansey would react, he couldn't handle it anymore. Adam ends up hearing this in the other room, and when he confronts them about it, being all sad and upset, that's when you must figure out what happens c: I like love triangles.

“Why do you care what happened to him? He doesn’t matter! You’re just wasting yourself away over some kid who kidnapped your brother!”

Adam stood outside the door to Monmouth, unwilling to announce his presence just yet.  The voices inside were angry, and he just wasn’t willing to deal with an argument at that moment.

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I saw your tags for the zerrie scooter post you reblogged (the post that talks about perrie's brother), and you mentioned something that I've always wondered about, why was liam there that day? That's always seemed odd to me, like isn't zayn suppose to be out and about with his gf having a good time?

I think Zaynie was hanging out with his boys (Liam and a Riach brother were there). Then Perrie came and brought her brother (who we can SEE there, but they lied to us and said Zaynie was afraid to meet her brother…ODD since he’d ALREADY MET HIM ON THAT DAY). Then they each did their own things, waiting for the paps to come to Zaynie’s apartment compound (since someone has said in the past that Zaynie’s house was a gated community and I’d believe that Zaynie would live in such a place for privacy purposes). I don’t know if you’ve seen that post about how Perrie actually changes her clothes in preparation for the picture, like she knew it was coming, but it’s out there. 
As to why Liam was there…probably for moral support. Maybe also Zaynie trying to make Liam jealous (cause Liam had yet to figure it out)?  :p

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"You don't look like an art kind of guy. So tell me, why have you stopped by my shop? It certainly isn't for a commision piece." (From @taylxrbrxwn hope me doing this is okay ahhh)

“Yeah, I’m not really. My brother Sam is but me not so much. Anyway I’m here because we’ve noticed some weird things happening in your town…do you by any chance know anything? Maybe saw something weird or smelled something weird?”

My thoughts on Overwatch Heroes
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Mercy:</b> My sweet medic birb mom. To beautiful and sweet..My main for Support.<p/><b>Mei:</b> Panda mom (I think of pandas when I see her). Cinnamon roll to good and pure for this world.<p/><b>D.Va:</b> Me. Just me. Or at least who I want to be. My main for Tank. Careful! She gonna blow you up!<p/><b>Pharah:</b> I salute to you girl! Stay strong and powerful. You look good in that armor!<p/><b>Symmetra:</b> Slayyy! You are a queen! Legs for days!!!!<p/><b>Tracer:</b> So you are the problemed booty. Your voice is cute though! I wanna cosplay as you someday. Gotta go fast!<p/><b>Widowmaker:</b> The Baddest Bitch! Queen Sniper. You slay from every angle you stand!<p/><b>Zarya:</b> I love your whole concept! Pink hurr don't curr. Big Mama.<p/><b>Lucio:</b> Cinna-Mon (spoken with Jamaican accent). Fire mixtape! You've got life handled pretty well.<p/><b>Junkrat:</b> Are you okay? Like you are struggling it seems. And stop rolling tires everywhere!<p/><b>Torbjorn:</b> Look at this Mr. Krabs looking man. Uhm, I don't know. I don't see you a lot.<p/><b>Bastion:</b> Everyone hates you. I mean I see why but I want you to be a happy robot. Just don't be a turret. Your voice selection is so cute!<p/><b>Roadhog:</b> "You can be a big pig too!" Nice... stomach? Hook shot!<p/><b>Winston:</b> Happy Gorilla! Oh sorry! Scientist! And you have glasses too! OMG! You are adorable!<p/><b>Reinhardt:</b> You look so scary but once the helmet comes off you are an adorable old man. Good when on my team but hate on the opponents team. Protect me!<p/><b>Zenyatta:</b> Stay peaceful my friend. Robot Aladdin, only nicer. Don't let anyone hurt you.<p/><b>McCree:</b> If I have to hear "High Noon" one more time! Nice outfit though. A fem! version would be pretty cool!<p/><b>Hanzo:</b> Get your dragons out of here. Your brother can stay. But really though, nice hair. Weeb King.<p/><b>Genji:</b> I hate you and love you. I like your face. Glowing ninja is best ninja. I mean sneaking behind me isn't fun in game.<p/><b>Reaper:</b> Don't judge me but... Daddy #1. Fucking fight me I love this angry grandpa. But why so many guns. Don't just throw them on the ground!<p/><b>Soldier 76:</b> Yet again don't judge me but Daddy #2. Weird obsession. "Foxy grandpa." Leave him alone. Let him live happy. We're all soldiers now!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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Why are you estonians claiming all Finnish things to yourself. You're like a Finlands annoying little brother who really tries to be like them. And your national anthem is just the same!? Wtf. Rye bread and sauna. Both are most common things in finnish person's life. Like isn't there anything your own?

How about your jobs? :)

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Princess, Equestria seems to be a fairly open society, at least according to your newsletters. Despite this, have you or your brother ever run across any seemingly arbitrary social expectations? Things like "This isn't for mares," or "Colt's don't do that."

I find most social expectations to be quite arbitrary. For example, why would you say “you’re welcome” when somepony thanks you? Thanking somepony is the same thing as arriving or being invited in. And why do ponies ask “How are you?” when they aren’t actually interested in knowing how you feel?

There are so many aspects of social interaction which are not intuitive or based on some sort of logic, so one just has to learn through observation. Though you also learn it’s not socially acceptable to take notes during social interactions, which can complicate matters.

I can’t speak for my brother, but if you’re asking about things which are specifically acceptable or unacceptable for mares, well, I haven’t noticed much of that. There are some things which are more common for mares, and some which are less common. I suppose social expectations could have a hoof in that.

Still, it’s been extremely rare that I’ve felt I was being judged for doing something just because I am a mare. Then again, I’m not the best at reading ponies, so for all I know ponies might have been objecting in subtle ways and I wouldn’t even have noticed.

I do recall that as filly I was at times made fun of due to my shampoo of choice, Star Swirl Mane and Beard Wash, which some thought was not for fillies because it was for beards. But clearly it was also for manes, and I had a mane, so I didn’t see that there was an issue.

Ponies should do what makes them happy, and what lets them contribute in a meaningful way to society, no matter who they are. While we’re not all the same and we can’t all do everything, at least we shouldn’t keep ourselves from doing what we can do because of silly arbitrary divisions.