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tl;dr Hey look it’s (Hard)Case finally, as a cousin to the main 7 bros, and Dogma’s older brother.

RIGHT okay I meant to put my thinking cap on for Hardcase ages ago, but kept forgetting. Shoutout to @nevawaveharp for accidentally reminding me! When I first assembled the main Fett family, I was only vaguely aware of canon regiments and companies and whatnot. I just threw clones in semi-randomly based on things I recalled offhand from my first watchthrough of the first season or two. Actually, it was the “research” that I then did for this AU that made me better at being able to tell apart and keep track of clones in the show, so eventually I noticed that I missed Hardcase. I mean, I’ve missed a lot, but Hardcase routinely interacted with many of the clones I grabbed for bros.

I was stuck for a while on where to stick him. Stupidly, it was mostly because of his name. I’ve let weird things like “Dogma” slip by, but “Hardcase” is just… it doesn’t sound like a reasonable legal name at all to me. But I don’t want to overuse the “they just go by a weird nickname” thing, so I thought maybe he should be a pet? (Tangent: While Fives is stubborn to the point of possibly legally changing his name, Echo actually mostly just uses ‘Echo’ with family and older friends. When he’s an adult, colleagues and newer friends use his legal name.) But then my brain finally switched on and I was like “Wait… I have a dude friend named Casey. I bet just Case is a name, too.” And it is. But still, where to stick him?

I toyed with retconning myself and making him a bro between Echo and Tup, but I just like the dynamic I have set up for the 7 too much. I poked around Wookiepedia for inspiration, and his helmet designs made me think of freckles. Freckles! I gave Dogma freckles! BAM, bros. Especially once I started imagining how hilarious it would be watching them interact. So yeah. Case and Dogma, the freckle-y cousins.

On an unrelated note, teen Kix tho *^*

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Hi, I'm tumblr user whatthefoucault and you don't know me but WHY ISN'T THERE MORE SAMNAT IN THE WORLD, it is so Pure and I was 5 minutes into the tag and saw one of my own posts from like bloody August COME ON PEOPLE IT IS SO PURE

I wanna say you know why but that just feels mean, so have a sketch instead

pure purity and goodness

Ring Pops and Dandelion Bouquets

Summary: Five-year-old Dan and Phil are dragged along to go wedding dress shopping with Dan’s aunt. After finding out what weddings are all about, Phil comes up with a cute little idea in that head of his. Why don’t he and Dan get married?

Warnings: None! This is pure fluff! 

Word count: 4, 353

A/N: I wrote this a while ago and posted it on some other sites and I thought I should post it here as well. Hope you like it!

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Gorilla Chase
The Blasting Company
Gorilla Chase

Gorilla Chase, Ep. 3 Schooltown Follies (x)

So last night I had a dream that tumblr announced it was SHUTTING DOWN and never coming back and I was freaking out and crying and everyone was messaging each other last good byes and then I woke up breathing really heavily and my heart was beating really fast guys I think I have just experienced what true terror feels like


So tumblr totally showed me my own post for their new ‘search’ feature. I really dislike this change a lot, btw.

I went to watch HTTYD2 today and I’m devastated it was so fucking good

So i made a little painty thing 

I wish it was better, but I start work tomorrow and i needed to post something. So. Well.

Also, listening to that on repeat; it’s spoiler-ish though! (and so prettyyyy)


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I feel the same way you do. There's a very inclusive group of TH fans, and that's awesome, but a lot of their conversations don't feel like I should be reading them. They don't make me uncomfortable, it's just kind of private for such a big fandom. I feel the same way you do, where scrolling through my dash isn't as fun anymore. Just letting you know you aren't alone in the weird/awkward Tumblr feeling.

I love that friendships form and I’m all for that. Truly. That being said, this new group feels very inclusive and I see post after post after post tagged with the same people and then the fandom feels not so universal. i think that’s why tumblr doesn’t feel so all encompassing and welcoming anymore. Does that make sense?

It’s very difficult to get involved with a conversation if you’re not invited, right? I’m not alone in feeling that way? I feel intrusive if I try…  and not all together welcome. That’s what I liked about tumblr before, that it was free for everyone to talk.