why isn't this reality

bc of BPD I have this awful fear of abandonment whether real or perceived and so a lot of times when I tell people to leave me alone and they do for an extended period of time I go into Panic Mode and think that they’re abandoning me and I just Split More and 1) lash out bc they’re leaving me or 2) put up a protective barrier or 3) both! at the same time!

choose your Coran

“like a second father to everyone”


“technically an adult, but still can’t get himself together”


“the lady’s man”




“just BLAST your way out, duh!”




“i was born with mustache”


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New Addition

Pairing: You & Luke 


Warning: sfw 

So a wonderful anon sent me a blurb about me n Luke first finding Princeton and so this is just me going into more detail about it - i hope you don’t mind anon!!

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Dipper and Mabel Pines || Sibling Hug Parallel

“Awkward sibling hug?”

…Sincere sibling hug.”

outrageousfancy  asked:

Aidan Turner, Matt Smith, and Lee Pace :)

husband, best friend, brother -

h - lee probably because he’s so charming and adorable, and who wouldn’t want to be married to lee pace?

bf - aidan most definitely, i have a feeling he’d be a great friend and a good shoulder to cry on and he’s also not too hard on the eyes

b - matt because he’s precious and adorable and i’d make fun of him a lot for looking like a giraffe/rectangle with hair

I had the best dream last night...

I dreamt I was at The Snakehole Lounge(I knew watching 3 episodes of P&R before bed was a good idea) and I was getting drunk with Aziz Ansari and Kristen Wiig while Craig Ferguson danced on top of the bar to Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-Alot. And then all of a sudden I was in a tattoo shop and I got ‘I love Batman’ tattooed on my ass and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the tattoo artist but for some reason he talked like Tony the Tiger. After that I think dream me fell asleep, how very Inception I know, and when I woke up I was sleep next to a naked Chris Evans in a hammock in Central Park. And that’s all I remember. BEST. DREAM. EVER

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