why isn't this endgame


I don’t want to wreck that. I couldn’t take it.

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People go with "they're in love" as if that absolved all bad story telling. The thing is wayhaught will always be fine in that both will probably live and they'll likely end up together. But, that doesn't mean the lying and cheating and all the secrets didn't happen or that they're necessary plot points. Endgame isn't always enough if you end up wondering why they're together

Endgame isn’t always enough if you end up wondering why they’re together

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do you think obiyuki has a chance in being endgame and why? (like isn't it always the main ship??)

Oh anon, it is mostly the main ship. I haven’t read much shoujo manga, but from what I know the side ship is almost always thrown to the side as a weak ship, or the relationship between the characters wasn’t that strong and the main ship would end up getting married. but I think obiyuki has a higher chance of becoming canon and since I’m in a good mood, I’ll start ranting.

There are many reasons why Obiyuki could in up endgame like, Akizuki Sorata seems to be taking good care of the story and its characters and not just neglect everything and throw Zen and Shirayuki over each other for unnecessary romance and create random problems for unnecessary angst. I think the main point is that the characters are well developed and have a great part in the manga even if they aren’t the main.

And those two are quite close together, and Sorata wouldn’t have sent Obi to spend years by Shirayuki’s side if she didn’t want them getting even closer, or to show the readers that they are barely friends and aren’t a good match. and even though Shirayuki’s feelings of romantic love for Obi are not confirmed in canon she is shown to trust him very much. Like I’m sure Shirayuki has a hard time giving her full trust to just anyone as I’m sure many people tried getting closer to her in the past with bad intentions, yet she seems to trust him with her heart and everything (and I bet she would trust him with her life without a problem)

Aside from those two also having a pretty healthy relationship, and a romance that if developed would be built on a strong friendship base that’ll most likely stay there. There are many theories going around on tumblr about the future of the manga and the one that I thought was the strongest is the play (ch 27/ep 12) when Shirayuki is playing the role of a princess and the prince tries to take off her veil saying that she was his wife and then her knight (which is officially Obi in canon) steps in and saves her saying that it’s his place in protecting her, meaning to protect her from everything and everyone even the prince. (I can’t find the link to it, so like add it if you have it)

Also, I’m sure Akizuki Sorata isn’t about to throw away all the work she did in developing Obi and Shirayuki’s relationship just for the cliche that first love always win and as I said in a post before why I Obi and Shirayuki are a good match and why I ship them. 

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Omg Ben savage liked an article on Twitter sayin why GMW should get another season and it said that rucas isn't endgame and that lucaya is like he def knows what the writers are planning since he directs episodes and has known them for his whole life