why isn't this all he wears anyway

Reasons why Near and L are definitely not alike

L - dislikes socks

Near - will wear multiple pairs of socks on his feet if he could. He would actually. He likes socks that much. He thinks L is a monster. Who roams around in their stinky bare feet anyway? NOT NEAR. because he likes socks. He wears them all the time. Will wear them for as long as he lives. Actually, will specially instruct Roger and SPK to make sure he’s wearing socks even when he’s dead and being buried. Near really likes socks. They keep him warm.

lucenthia  asked:

First of all, this isn't meant to be hate or aggression. Just wanted to start off with that, because internet messages can easily be misinterpreted. Anyways, I wanted to ask why Nico was only able to wear fashionable clothing if he was Aphrodite's kid. Like, can't he wear that stuff if he's Hades' kid? It seems a little disjoint, and I don't understand why we're changing canon so NIco can wear different clothes.


Like I stated in a past ask, I like to take the Aphrodite!Nico thing to a ridiculous extreme completely for fun. Of course its okay for Nico to wear whatever he wants, no matter what God’s kid he is like?? I think we’re allowed to draw him or any other character wearing whatever we want TBH LOL ((especially Jason Grace in lace, k))

But lets be real here, would our classic Hades!Kid nico ever wear crop tops and short shorts, prOBABLY not publicly at least so it’s just fun to explore a different aspect of the same character if they were to come from a different parent or background.

Jeez, guys! Free reign! You wanna draw Hades!Kid Nico in crop tops and short shorts, I’m all for it! That’s what’s so great about art. Like trust me, if I could publicly display everything that went on in my head, I’m sure I’d have my fair share of Hades!Kid Nico in pretty clothes to show you guys. But we all know that art doesn’t magically appear and I’d much rather spend time drawing an Aphrodite!Kid Nico for kicks to be able to exaggerate all those features. I just think it would be really OOC for classic Nico, but whatever you guys wanna do or think, I’m all for it!!

That’s the cool thing about fandoms: to be able to create and share all these different ideas we have. We can bounce ideas off one another and keep building these ideas and usually make some really cool friends in the process.   I just think it’s really cool.

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to the anon who asked why everyone draws fem!dean like a "slut": so you're saying that if a woman wears (barely) revealing clothes and is holding a gun, she's a slut? think about what you just said. because it literally makes zero sense. (also, isn't dean kind of a "slut" anyway? but of course, no one is really gonna say that because he's a man and men can have all the sex they want, but women get called sluts) just sayin

^ preach

(especially the part in brackets)