why isn't this all anyone wears

  • Jeremy Corbyn: poverty isn't inevitable! we all deserve equal rights! racism is still an issue!
  • Opposition: omg this is way too left we are like MIDDLE LEFT at best
  • Jeremy Corbyn: look i wasn't even going to run i'm just doing what i think is best
  • Opposition: if he gets in i'm LEAVING!!!
  • Jeremy Corbyn: *doesn't dodge questions and talks in plain English not political jargon*
  • Opposition: OMG like he doesn't EVEN WEAR SUITS!!!
  • Opposition: why is anyone voting for him? look these must all be TORY INFILTRATORS!! THE ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION!!!!
  • Opposition: look guys if he gets in it'll be the death of this party because he's TOO LEFT!!! i mean... people said the same thing about margret thatcher and she was in for 12 years, but.... that's irrelevant!
  • Jeremy Corbyn: *wins by democratic vote largely supported by ordinary people who only paid £3*
  • Opposition: THAT'S IT!!! I'M LEAVING!!
  • Jeremy Corbyn: I'm going to invite everyone in the labour party including "middle left" people to work with me! :)

I want to like P&P&Z, but every time I see its staggeringly beautiful Elizabeth Bennet against yet another weird-looking Darcy, I’m pissed off all over again.