why isn't it a movie

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: why is Treasure Planet so underrated. Does nobody appreciate the concept of pirates in space. All the steampunk is beautiful and the animation is amazing and the storyline is wonderful and it has a relatable loveable rogue character and doesn't rely on romance to be a good movie why isn't anyone talking about this movie.

i stared at the netflix header for tgd part 2 for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what it reminded me of and then. i realized

lance: psshh i’m not in love with keith. i hate keith. we’re rivals

hunk: *gives him this and solemnly pats his hand*

you know how the central relationship in all action movies seems to be two tough dudes bro-ing it out? well that’s boring. here are some alternatives:

  • two tough chicks bro-ing it out
  • younger woman and older woman who develop a mother-daughter relationship. also kill people
  • triplets.
  • triplet HACKERS
  • a girl, her father, and her father’s scandalously young gay lover. (all of whom are assassins)
  • younger woman and older woman who totally get it on bow chicka bow wow. also kill people
  • sisters, one on a suicidal rescue mission for the other
  • two lady-spies who try to honeypot each other
  • a teenage girl with mysterious powers, and her two boyfriends
  • a middle-aged ex secret service couple suddenly called upon to SERVE THEIR COUNTRY
  • platonic male-female friends who kick ass together and love and depend each other. but no hetero
  • lesbian mercenaries
  • asexual husband-wife duo. they kill their enemies without mercy and cuddle in pools of their blood
  • all-women gang of international thieves. based in hong-kong
write some Moonlight fanfic you fucking cowards

you could all literally claim every single, literally EVERY single other amazon on the whole damn island is a lesbian and nobody could actually refute you at all but y’all have to go for Diana, the canon bisexual.