why isn't everyone watching this yet!!

baccano! has canonically trans characters and canonically bi characters and canonically gender fluid characters and canonically asexual characters

it has narratives on abuse and neglect

it has characters who are survivors and characters who are broken and characters who have become warped due to their abuse or neglect, yet they are never portrayed as lesser people for how they cope

it has a character who turns his life around after a pretty serious drug problem

it has characters of different cultures who embrace their heritage

it has characters who rely on their faith and characters who think religion is shit, and neither is presented as better than the other

it has disabled characters that are never perceived as weak: a mute girl and a man with a prosthetic arm who can instill fear in people’s hearts due to their power/skill alone

it has an overall theme of how your biological family does not necessarily have to be your real family, that if your family is shitty and neglectful and abusive, you can leave them behind and still be happy and loved

and it presents these themes and these different lifestyles as normal or healthy or acceptable, because the characters understand that everyone is broken in some way, that everyone has demons from their pasts, and all that matters is trying to take a step forward in the best way you can