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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language, sexual suggestiveness. (no actual smut scene yet)

word count: 2,489

 “I don’t think I have ever been so graphically threatened a day in my life,” Hoseok says clutching his heart.                                   

Part 2: Eating out, and eating out. Because apparently there’s a difference.

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Garcia’s Helper (SR)


Hi! I was wondering if it’s not to much trouble if I could get a imagine involving SpencerXReader. Idea: she works with Garcia and has a friendship like morgan and her but with Reid and they have nicknames and they are very very close and live together. And everyone hopes they’ll get together because they are so close and are the babies of the group. You can decide to keep it a friendship or make it more(: Thank You💗

Warnings: None (Not edited)

your pov:

“Hey doll face.” I heard Spencer say from across the room. I smiled and walked towards him giving him a small hug. “Why did you leave without me this morning?” He asked looking slightly offended. “Spence I’ve been here all night. I didn’t leave without you.” I said giggling. “What? Why not, I could’ve sworn you came in.” He said walking with me to the coffee machine. I smiled and shook my head. “Penelope needed help last night, I stayed.” I told him pouring some half and half in my coffee. “I need to talk to that women, she keeps you here too much.” He told me strutting off to her office. “Garcia, you have been keeping her here too late.” He said complaining to his co-worker. “Sorry sugar plum, she offered.” She said tapping Reid on the nose with her feathery pen. He turned around and stared at me with his hand over his heart. “I’m hurt, you didn’t want to come home and see me.” He said fake wiping away tears. I giggled and opened the door, “Spence you have work to be doing and so do I, I’ll come home tonight and see you.” I told him escorting him out. 

“You guys are so cute. I hope you guys get together.” The one and only miss Garcia stated, twirling a piece of hair around. “Come on Pen, you know we are just friends.” I told her pulling a chair up to my desk. “I know what just friends looks like. Just friends doesn’t look like that.” She said wiggling her eyebrows. “Then what do you call yours and Derek’s relationship then? Married?” I said snorting. “Ha-ha very funny.” She said whipping back to her monitor. “Our relationship is different.” She stated pursing her lips. “How so?” I asked back. “We don’t live together.” She said giving me a wicked smile. I rolled my eyes turing back to my screen to get the mountain of paper work done. 

By the end of the day I was tired and almost done with the paper work. My body ached and my mind was shut down completely. I laid my head on my desk closing my eyes. I sighed and yawned feeling my body relax. “Hey Garcia.” I heard Spencer say as he entered the room. “Hey lover boy.” Garcia answered back. “Lover boy?” He asked, “Yeah, you and Y/N love each other it’s obvious.” She told him. “What no we don’t.” He said in a high hushed voice. “Yeah okay lover boy.” She said laughing. “How long has she been asleep?” He asked. I felt him come closer to my side. He placed a hand on my back, rubbing his thumb in circles over the fabric. “Only a few minutes.” She answered him. I felt him poke my side and lift up my hand dropping it back down on the desk. “Y/N wake up.” He said shaking my shoulder. I groaned and pushed him away from my body. “I’m too lazy to move.” I said resting my head on my hand making me stay up. “Come on, I’ll drive us home. You can get your car tomorrow.” He told me, taking my upper arm and pushing me up on my feet. “Okay, okay. Let me grab my purse.” He held it up in his hands placing a hand on my back. “I already got it.” He said quietly in my ear. I shivered feeling the warm breath on my neck. 

I climbed into the passenger seat buckling myself in. I closed my eyes trying to get some sleep. The feelings swirling in my head gave me a headache. Do I love him? Do I want to be with him? I mean we live together but we’ve never talked about getting romantically involved with each other. I curled my hands around myself making myself feel secure. 

“Hey Y/N, we’re home.” I heard Spencer say. I groaned and stretched out my arms and yawned. “Will you carry me. I’m too tired.” I said pouting looking over at him. His tired eyes softened. “Alright angel face.” He said getting out of the car coming around to my side. He opened my door and held my waist as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled into his neck breathing in his scent. “You’re such a baby.” He said laughing. I shrugged my shoulders, “Eh. I’m not complaining. You’re carrying me.” I said smiling into his neck. His chest vibrated as he laughed. “I guess that’s true.” He unlocked the front door and placed me on the floor. “I didn’t want to be put down.” I said whining. He playfully rolled his eyes and set his keys and shoulder bag down. “Come on sleepy head.” He said lifting my knees up in one arm holding onto my back with the other. I hooked my arms around his neck. “Spencer I like you.” I said snuggling into his neck. He laughed, “I’d hope so, we’re living together.” I laughed and shook my head as he sat me down on my bed. “No Spencer, I mean I like like you.” I told him fiddling with my hands. The blush flushed over my cheeks making me hot. He pushed me back on the bed and kissed my lips gently, but passionately. “God I’ve been waiting to do that.” 

A while back, someone told me that reading on a tablet or phone wasn’t the same as reading a book. The distinct smell of a fifty year old book can never drift from a screen. You never feel a strain on your eyes from reading in a dimly lit cafe. The texture of a screen doesn’t make you smile like a book page. Holding a phone in one hand could never match the weight of opening a book with two. They listed a million reasons before concluding with reading with technology just isn’t good, it’s not real reading.

Back then, I agreed. Reading on a tablet wasn’t reading from a book.

I had a professor ask who among us enjoyed reading. After our hands lowered, he followed up by asking who prefers reading actual books. Everyone who raised their hands at the first question, raised them again. I started to raise mine, but the movement faltered.

In that moment, I realised I don’t prefer reading from an actual book. 

I love the feeling of turning a page. I love the look of a well-read book that’s spent too many days in my backpack. I honestly enjoy the feeling of handing my favourite book to a friend while softly saying ‘please take care of it’. It’s a relief to not have to charge a book right when I get to the climax of a story. I’ve read the science. I know the reasons. I love reading a book and it’s different than reading from a tablet. 

But I can’t, for the life of me, say I prefer reading an actual book. 

I don’t write on books, won’t fold the corners, will cry when the cover rips.  I can write in the margins and highlight the text of an eBook. The corners never fold and the cover never rips. I don’t lose my place and I can get lost for hours at night because the light never goes out. eBooks are less expensive, I can borrow them instantly from libraries without leaving my home, and they have a built in dictionary. I can take a million books on vacation without them leaving my hand and if I  don’t like the text I can change it.

I enjoy reading with technology just as much as I do reading a book. 

Because eBooks may be different than physical books but that doesn’t make them lesser. I don’t look down on someone who is reading on a tablet. I don’t think higher of someone who is reading a physical book. I appreciate someone is reading and respect them. The same way I don’t think the book is always better than the movie. 

At some point, I learned that I don’t love how I read, I love to read. 

I love skipping to the end because I can’t read three hundred pages to know what happens. I love skimming long descriptions and rereading dialog. I love being pissed at the author and crying when the book takes an unexpected turn. I enjoy complaining about lack of character development and I appreciate story arc. 

Because I love reading, whether that’s a book, an essay, or an article. I simply love reading.

—  KJS // Why Reading Should be Loved Because it’s Reading.

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"You want me to do what?" For Gilmore and Vax please?

“You want me to do what?” Vax says incredulously, staring at the fuchsia fabric in the other man’s hands with wide eyes.

“Let me dress you up,” Gilmore repeats, dark eyes glimmering brightly. “I’ll put you in something lovely.”

Vax’s eyes drop down onto Gilmore’s own clothes, much lighter and more colorful than the dark feathers and leathers he wears. “Something like yours?”

“Like I said, it will be lovely.”

After a moment, Vax’s face slowly shifts into a small smile as he says, “But will it be glorious?”

Gilmore laughs, loud and booming and full of affection. “Why, my dear Vax’ildan! What a preposterous question! Of course it will be glorious; who do you take me for?”

With a ridiculous and melodramatic sigh, Vax takes a step forward with his arms open as if for an embrace. “Well, in that case, how can I say no? I’m at your mercy, Shaun.”

Gilmore laughs again, dropping the fabric off on the table at his side before closing the distance between them in two large steps, taking Vax’s face in his hands and pressing a kiss to his left cheek, his right cheek, then right on the tip of his nose. Vax snakes his hands up between them and hooks his fingers into the deep V of his lover’s shirt, pulling him down to kiss him full on the lips.

After a moment, Gilmore pulls away and detangles himself from Vax’s grasp (much to the rogue’s displeasure) before walking back over to the fabric he set down, looking it over with squinted gaze. He snaps his fingers and murmurs a few arcane words beneath his breath and the color shifts from fuchsia to more of an indigo.

When he turns back to look at Vax, the other man has one elegant eyebrow arched at him. Gilmore shrugs. “What? This is more your color.”

Them Not Being Able to Find any Background on Her: B.A.P


Lucky are those who wield the ultimate power of strong connections of easy to manipulate people. YongGuk definitely knew how to perform his role as the leader well, using all of his resources to find out your real name and occupation.


Eyebrows high on top of his forehead he would sigh tiredly and rub his face, sending a small and worried glance at his gun resting on top of his night-shelf. He sincerely hoped that there would be no need to use that gun against you.


He would take everything like a game, coming home later that evening with a cocky smile on his lips as he sat down to the dinner table with you on the other side. “So would you mind to enlighten me as to why you have two names?”


Alerts were going off in his head, though his heart did not agree with his mind that was going on an overdrive. He knew better than to trust you, but his love with you was so strong that he was forced to wait for a better moment to question you about it.


JongUp was not about the games and fluffy things- instead, he scurried home with rage, instantly cornering you and demanding for answers with the most gentlest of tones you had ever heard, sending a scared shiver down your spine.


His head would be filled with scenarios and end conclusions as to why you haven’t told him that you lived under an alias, but the most saddening scenario that came up in his had was the fact that you didn’t trust him enough.

"Keep It Undercover." Mark Undercover Spy!AU

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“Are you saying what I think you’re saying Minhyung?”

“Yes, and stop calling me that. Call me Mark, it sounds cooler!”

As the 17-year-old boy in front of you whined at the name you chose to call him by, you heard footsteps, forcing you to cover his mouth tightly with one hand until they were no longer in earshot.

“This is why we whisper ‘Mark’ Lee,” you hissed, not wanting to get caught or better yet lose your job.

The blonde smiled sheepishly once the hand was removed as a way of apologizing. Who would guess that someone like him was a genius when it came to any type of computer science?

“So you’re telling me that the only entrance into that document room is through the air-ducts? Like, the ones up high?”

“Precisely correct,” he said with an apologetic stare before shifting it back to the watch on his wrist.

The feeling in your gut that only seemed to show up when someone mentioned heights, small spaces or eating strange foods made you groan quietly. No matter how many things this “spy” job made you both do, you still couldn’t get over those few fears. And even your partner in “crime” knew that as well. 

Here’s a bit of background, though. You and Mark worked under a secret service agency named NCT, along with an unmentioned amount of people. Both barely being over the age of 17, you worked on projects that most likely helped save the human race every day. Jaehyun was one of the many seniors in the agency and happened to be both of your closest friends outside it as well. Tonight, the mission was to attend a high-profile banquet that was located in a newly opened art museum. Someone had misplaced a flashdrive with data that could possibly leak government secrets and send the public on a rampage, while another person who knew exactly what information it held was going to reveal everything tonight. It was both your job to erase everything. The tight grips of Mark’s hand around your waist everytime someone got a little too close to him, and standing around old creeps that just might have been possible threats wasn’t your ideal school night, but you’d take it. Everything beats homework and studying for literature tests. Maybe not at the moment though.

 “Mark,” you started, twisting the end of your shirt around one finger with growing anxiousness and lessoning professionalism. 

“I know, I know. I tried to look for alternate routes, but nothing good showed up. Everything else is either too hard for me to get unlocked or Jaehyun told me it’d be too noticeable that we entered.” Mark adjusted his thick, black framed glasses and pushed them back up the bridge of his nose. 

 You appreciated him looking out for you ahead of time, even if there was no way out of the predicament in the end. He placed a firm hand on your shoulder and smiled softly.

You got this Y/N, you’re the bravest person I know in this agency. If I could, you know I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat. But, you need to act fast. We need to be out before 12 AM.”

He pulled his sleeve down to reveal the watch he had been looking at moments before, the time reading 11:30. A half an hour. You guys only had a half an hour to retrieve the flashdrive, erase all the information and leave as if nothing happened.

“Alright, thank you. I’ll be quick, okay? Anyone gets too close to here, blend back in downstairs and send a short frequency to my Neo anklet. Make up an excuse for me if you have to.”

“Got it,” he nodded his head quickly before scrambing to his feet, him having to give you a boost because you were too short to reach it by yourself.

Once his hands were securely wrapped around your waist, he gave you a moment to take a few breaths before lifting you up into the already open vent. You crawled inside and shifted yourself into a comfortable crawling position. 

“Mark Lee, you sooooo owe me those chemistry notes.”

“You’re lucky you’re cute, and that I’m willing to hand them over.”

His brown orbs locked with yours, the ends up of his lips twitching up into a goofy smile as your cheeks looked as if someone messilly colored them in with a crayon.

“You’re blushing.”

“Shut up. I hate you.”


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Angry Erbluhen. Reader never seen angry Mochi, then reader doing everything to upset him. You can choose: reader upset him or no.

Compared to his other self, Arme, you found that Mochi was generally much more calm and forgiving of your actions.

You could take advantage of this, forging a proper friendship with him and have a loyal, human loving celestial by your side. Or, you could fuck shit up. Sure, he has a good first impression of you, but why not? Destroying and terrorizing people’s lives was something you liked to do as a hobby.

He was chill at first. You broke a cup he liked, pulled his ahoge, pulled a few insulting teases at him. He kept a smile and chuckled.

Then he started to lose his patience once things became progressively worse. insults were now a norm between you and him, and he started giving you unnerving looks here and there.

The last straw was when you insulted his goddess, Ishmael. After that, he no longer even bothered to keep a playful relationship in public. It was pure resentment.

“What’s wrong?” you ask curiously, making an innocent smile.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Mochi finally declared, turning away and giving the silent treatment to you.

Mochi was always generous and patient with humans, but when angered, rarely gives anyone another chance to repair their relationship. He muttered to himself that while humans are not all bad… Arme wasn’t exactly wrong in humanity’s misdeeds.

My love for you doesn’t know any bounds. Some days it flows calmly, other days it’s a flood. You’ve never questioned it, just loved me back with as much if not more intensity. It’s a beautiful thing that we’ve found here, so I can’t understand why your parents are fighting it. You look at me like I make the sun rise. You smile when you say my name like it’s a privilege to be able to say it out loud. There’s just something about this connection that seems stronger than anything else I’ll ever feel. I wish they’d see me like you seem to - like I’m something worth taking risks for. I just want them to accept me. I just want to be with you for real.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: Two young people in love but they cannot be together yet due to one’s parents being un-accepting, but they still want to be in each other’s lives and still love one another and know they’re each other’s soulmate.

Why is no one talking about the scene in batb where it goes

Dude: *smiling at lady* bonjour, good day, how is your family?
Lady: bonjour, good day, how is your wife? *smiles and looks down and to the side*
*Dude #2 pops up from where lady was looking*
What is this
Why is no one talking about this
What does this mean

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I'm sorry if this is really random, but oh my God, I need to talk about how much I'm loving the realm jumpers storyline in the reboot right now, especially now that we have all three together. I'm not quite sure why the silver slippers being Dorothy's totem delights me so much, it's only logical within the rules you've set up, but still it makes me smile so much. Do we find out more about how the portal jumpers came to be, just as a general history sort of thing? Thanks for your time Drew! :D

I. Love. The. Realm. Jumpers. I love them. Like… we’re seriously considering writing an Actual Thing unrelated to OUAT about the jumpers. I’ll just say this… although this was definitely the main season of the jumpers, we have certainly not seen the last of the jumping!

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SO I HEARD YOU WERE ADDING HAIZAKI.,Whale, can we get a soulmate AU where you have a tattoo of the first words your soulmate says to you, and when they meet she's completely disappointed that it's someone like him. At least they are at first?

yay!! first haizaki request!! 

warning: some swearing

‘Yo, you’re hot.’

It’s like some kind of twisted motivational poster, tattooed onto your arm to forever make you smile and hold your head up high- walking positively from place to place.

Except, it’s not.

All those three words can ever do is make you scowl. You didn’t need a soulmate in the first place; you never believed in the fairy tales so why would it have to happen to you? And, of all the people it could have been, it had to be a fuck boy.

A fuck boy.

Well, sucks to be you.

He approached you as soon he realised, and by then you were already groaning with irritation about the mark just above your wrist.

“Hey, can we talk?”

He held up his arm; you struggled not to punch him in the face for existing - let alone being the reason you were in this mess.

“No. Fuck off.”

A low whistle answered you and you regretted everything. Apparently, the stronger the hate the stronger his “I think I’m seductive but I’m actually not” moves were to become.

“But babe,” his mouth was situated far too close to your ear for your liking, “we’re destined to be together.”

“Anyone with that attitude is destined to be alone.”

Shutting his mouth, he walked away with a swagger - a form of mischievousness, a tiny promise that he will be back.

You hoped desperately that that wouldn’t be the case.


“I don’t want anything to do with you.” The words are vicious, icy- hateful with no hint of more caring emotions. And this, this sentence of venom, is your best friend. Or, perhaps it is more accurate to state ex-best friend.

She walks away and you break down.

It’s a cruel world, and you have experienced the worst.

But then, amongst your tears and cries of the toxic friendship that you needed home but could never have wanted to lose, two strong arms wrap themselves around you. You are pulled into a powerful embrace, wet eyes hidden against a muscular chest and the steady rising soothes your shaking form.

He is what you have been missing.

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Really tho, Hinata had to be in a death battle against a terrorist cult leader to get Hiashi to reconsider her life long status as least favorite Hyuga. I'm guessing his father of the bride speech went like, "I know I called you worthless your whole life and made the whole clan hate you 'cause when you were like four you couldn't beat the snot out of your toddler sister. Now that you're marrying ramen Jesus I'll risk cracking my leather ass face and smile at you for the first time in your life."

I agree with every single thing you said. Like damn I don’t care how they frame the scene they’re never going to convince me he isn’t a menace. Saying one nice thing to your daughter after years of abuse does not a good dad make. 

Also I’m making a rule that any Neji memorabilia must be kept at least 200 yards away from Hiashi Hyuga at all times. 


Title: our fairy-tale dreamland

Written by: Timelessniall

Word count: 740

Characters: Harry Styles / Sue Evans

Warnings: none

A/N: So this is something small, sorry, but I felt like writing today. I’m still new to this and I thought why not practice more. Let me know how this turned out, your opinions really do matter to me, thanks lovelies, happy reading! x

One day, I met a boy. He had long hair, and wore it down like an angel. I’ve never seen one of course but I’m sure Harry came close to looking like one.

“My name is Harry Styles,” he said with a charming smile.

“My name is Sue Evans,” I answered and then we smiled at one another.

Harry became my best friend. We talked about our idols, music and coffee with just enough sugar and cream. What I thought we had was a fairy-tale dreamland with perfect moments where we never ran out of things to say or do.

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You can totally tell me to get lost but omg, this for Frank Castle!!!! "This horrible umbrella won’t extend! Oh shit I just hit you in the stomach/crotch! I’m so sorry!”

a/n: it’s kinda cheesy but i like it so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@madelyne-pryor @alexsunmners @kurtwxgners

Frank doesn’t understand for a second why you need an umbrella, you’re wearing a jacket with a hood, there’s really no need for one but he doesn’t say a thing. He watches you struggle to extend it, a small smile playing at his lips as you curse under your breath and look at him with a scowl.

“Don’t be rude, Frank.” You say, knowing that look all too well. He was not about to laugh at you. 

The metal and plastic pinch your fingers, irritating you further as you continue to try and extend it. Maybe, you needed a new one and just toss this one out. Just as the clip pinches your finger again, the umbrella extends, practically flying at Frank who doesn’t expect it. He’d really been focused on you rather than the umbrella.

You hear the pained ‘oof’ that comes from Frank and you try to hold back your laughter.

“Oh, Frank!” You giggle out, covering your mouth and shaking your head. “I’m so sorry.”

He gives you a look of doubt as he stands up straighter, the pain subsiding. “Oh, I’m sure you are, sweetheart, considering you’re laughin’ up a storm.”

“I am, it’s just really funny. Big, tough Frank getting taken down by an umbrella.”

Frank rolls his eyes and picks up your umbrella that you seem to have forgotten. “You better be using this.”

You push yourself up, kissing his cheek and smile at him. “Wouldn’t want you going through pain for nothing, baby.”

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tulip, windflower, dandelion :)

tulip: what is your most favorite make-up product? do you like it more natural, dark, or etc?

I love lipstick! I either wear super natural/ nude shades or a “classic” bright red

windflower: list 5 of your favorite blogs and explain why i like them…

At the moment…

  • @commvnderdamerons… because Bri is really sweet? Seriously though she’s really wonderful and her blog is full SW and MCU (two of my loves)
  • @zannatinuviel… Zanna is really sweet and posts A++++ content and writes excellent fiction
  • @bruceedickinson… whenever I see a notification from her blog I smile, her blog has everything from hard rock/ metal to puppies and I love that! Also, Suzi is a really wonderful person and I’m glad that we’re friends.
  • @islandoflostdreams… Rachel’s blog is fabulous; the theme, the posts, the aesthetic…everything. Rachel herself, is a wonderful person; I’m glad that we’re mutuals!
  • @egonic…. Eve is always sending me beautiful pictures of Jai Courtney and I all can say is “thank you.” I can assure you that it 1000% brightens my day. Everytime I see your posts on my dash, I smile because your content is ah-maz-ing! :)
  • and @ohkylorens because you’re a wonderful person who’s blog brightens my dashboard. I hope that we can become good friends because you seem really chill and fabulous!

dandelion: any special talent that you have?

I can cut an onion without crying

Thanks, girl!

@dinkelbeerrgg tagged me in a stop, drop, and selfie. Why would you do this to me, I don’t know, but here’s my ugly mug for all of you guys to look at. I’m snuggled into my blanket like a hobo and look like I haven’t slept in a week. I’ve also forgotten to smile. That’s what you get, guys. That’s right, all 5 of you. Um I tag all my mutuals - that’s right, all 4 of you. :P

Okay but guys we all thought that both Victor and Yuuri started behaving like two embarrasing parents since episode 8, but the truth is they’ve been treating Yurio like their own son since the series started.

Dad trying to give some advice.





And this… they look like a family on vacations.







Always be sure to teach your kids manners.


Always wants their attention.

PROUD PARENTS. “He’s grown so much…”

“Yeah, that’s our son!”

“We did a good job!”


“I swear I don’t know them.“






V: I’m gonna post this to the group chat! 

Guess who both suck at taking selfies now