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It is obvious something went wrong because this season contradicted everything we knew and everything they had originally planned. The real question imo, is WHY. Whatever happened even with the BBC, why don’t you want your series to end with dignity and instead you deliberately write this atrocity that ridicules the plot and characters? And to add to that, why would you deliberately make the episode so hurtful to your loyal audience when it is not its fault whatever happened? Why did we need to have excusing abuse, blatant homophobia and misogyny shoved in our faces? Even if your contract didn’t allow it after all or something, why would you destroy and torment characters you supposedly love since childhood?
Why did we have to get dragged into their own pettiness?

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Don’t we all want to tackle-hug Flowey? At least once?

• He’s PISSED. He grabs you with his vines, throws you in the floor, and asks what the sam-hill (what, you thought Flowey swears?) do you think you’re doing, attacking him out of the blue.
• You explain that you’re just hugging him. He grows flustered and angry. Why would you be hugging HIM of all people? Go hug a tree if you like plants so much! Besides, how do you even hug a flower?
• He gets a bit sad after that. You try to hug him when he’s in a better mood. He allows this for a little longer that before, but he still shoves you away. You walk off with a smile on your face, knowing you had this tiny triumph.


Hi friends!

As we all know, the English language has a very important word when dealing with non-binary people and transgender people in general. The pronoun ‘they’.

‘They’ helps us talk about someone with gender disconformity and it’s another option for people to choose pronouns from. In Spanish we don’t have that option.

Many Spanish-speaking gender non binary people face a lot of invisibility problems because they don’t even know what to call themselves. That’s why we’ve created this petition. By signing here you will allow thousands of gender non conforming people to finally have a word to express themselves with.

The petition is sent to the Real Academia Española (RAE- Spanish Royal Academy) which is in charge of making all of the new spanish words, rules, dictionary, etc. 

Your signature could help thousands of gender non conforming people around the globe!

Bravely Second: End Layer sentence starters (prologue)
  • `"I remember everything now."
  • `"I suppose it's time to return what I borrowed."
  • `"I will not allow anyone to stand in our way!"
  • `"Perhaps you don't even know who you're facing?"
  • `"Let us end this charade..."
  • `"For seven days we tried to rouse you, but to no avail. We feared you lost to us forever."
  • `"If we we're to lose you, why... Oh, how I prayed and prayed you would open your eyes again!"
  • `"I... I failed (him/her/them/you)!"
  • `"Everyone's gone... This can't be!"
  • `"Well, look who's back from the dead!"
  • `"Right! You're off to the-- Wait, are you mad?!"
  • `"And as long as I'm alive, I still have a chance to set things right!"
  • `"I... No. I... All right, you got me! I am scared!"
  • `"When was the last time you bested me in single combat, huh?"
  • `"Hey, don't give me that look! This is a terrible inconvenience!"
  • `"Am I writing a diary or a ghost story?!"
  • `"It's as if... (He's, She's, they've) given up the ghost."
  • `"On a happier note... Look! Isn't it pretty?"
  • `"A-are you crying? Wh-what's wrong?"
  • `"Pray forgive! Your... Unworthy servant..."
  • `"You really do admire (NAME), don't you?"

it’s gotten to a point where i don’t even longingly admire dan’s beauty anymore now i just get so angry when i look at dan’s face like why are you so pretty who allowed this to happen i am going to sue biology for your combination of genes this is a hazard to mankind i need to sleep pls think of the c h i l d r e n

2p!Allies with s/o insecure about their weight!:

(You‘re all gorgeous and never think otherwise, but if you don‘t believe me, just let these guys tell you.)
2p!America/Allen Jones-
“Doll face, If anyone says anything about your weight I‘ll shove my bat down their throat and twist the handle, you got that? You‘re damn sexy and I love having that extra to grab on to. Speaking of…” (This could easily get rated R)
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
“What?” He is literally confused as to why it’s even an issue. He truly thinks it’s what on the inside that counts. And as long as animals like you, that’s all that matters.
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
“Allow me to show you just how sexy I think you are…” He purrs this every time you even suggest insecurity. He’s beginning to suspect you say it just to get a quickie. Not that he’s gonna call you out on it.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
“Oh poppet, don‘t think such things, you‘re fluffy and I adore it.” He gives you a sweet kiss every time he catches you sulking on the matter. And he makes you a cupcake.  
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
“I‘d still sleep with you.” He means to be reassuring, but I mean, it’s France. It’s not coming out right. He’s trying to say looks don’t matter.
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
“So? A little weight keeps you warm in winter. It‘s insulation.” He’s trying. It’s the thought that counts, right? And it did make you smile, so that’s an A+  for effort.

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My tropical ass sleep with my window wide open. it literally has to be snowing for me to close it and even then the heating in my room is OFF!! there is no better feeling than being cold as hell and then getting under the duvet and your body heating up and putting me straight to sleep and feeling grateful for the warmth. my house is insulated, why does my room need to be warm? the front room?? fine but no heat is allowed in my bedroom

honestly!!! I fundamentally refuse to sleep without my face being cold

Jupiter Ascending is glorious. Watched it again last night and I am still so in love with the beauty and the fun of it. The sheer detail. And simultaneously with rage at those who derided it. Why (as much as I love them) are Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter and Bilbo Baggins allowed to be wide-eyed backworld newbies thrust into adventures beyond their wildest imagining and skill level, but my girl Jupe is not?? WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED MY POWER/IMPORTANCE FANTASY WHILE GENERATIONS OF FANBOYS ARE??!

In many ways, her story is even more compelling. She’s not given magic powers or even a wise and trusted magical mentor to guide her - just the equivalent of a love-interest Chewbacca/Hedwig/Bombur (Toto!) to guide her as best he can. She’s a girl thrust into this madness with nothing but her own grit, internal compass, and love of her family to see her through. Her super power is not magical powers/items, but economic leverage - how much more interesting and nuanced that is! She does her best and faces temptation like none of them did in their first installment (YOUR FAMILY VS THE FATE OF THE WORLD anyone??), and fights the big bad without any super powers or training. MY GIRL AND I AND THE WACHOWSKIS DESERVED A SEQUEL, A SERIES, AND SOME GODDAMNED RESPECT DAMNIT.

Ford closed his latest Journal calmly. He swiveled his chair on its base to face the triangle, and raised a single eyebrow at the demon, face a careful blank. “WE, Cipher? I don’t recall agreeing to this concept.” Even if he could use a few stiff drinks. “Why on Earth would I allow myself to get inebriated anywhere near you? It’s just a shot hop from there to abductions, chains and electrocutions and frankly Bill, I’m not in the mood.”

He grinned a bitter grin at his former ‘muse’, snarky and salty.


“Who said you had a choice?! I know this really great place.” He snagged up Ford’s hand. “They make some delicious cocktails, since I figure that’d be your jive. Come on Ford! Drink with me! Drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism!” He pulled him out of the chair. “Hup to! Places to go, things to do!” 

Bill didn’t even react to Fords bitchy and salty attitude, no reaction, no power! 


female reader x Legolas imagine

a/n: Hi! this is my first imagine so please bare/bear(?) with me and please send in any requests!

summary: Y/N joins the Fellowship much to Legolas’s dismay

meleth nin: my love (I hope I spelled it right!)

“Why would you do that?” you heard a frustrated voice coming from behind you say, “do you have any idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?” You whip around to see the face of your husband, Legolas.

“I know exactly what I’ve gotten myself into meleth nin” you replied looking at your husbands frustrated face.

“I don’t think you do Y/N-”

“Do not assume Legolas. I may be your wife, but I was one of the guards long before your father even considered allowing you to join. I know what dangers we face.” Your ice blue eyes flashed in defiance. You could see Legolas’s expression change from one of anger and frustration to one of anguish.

“I just don’t want to lose you,” he whispered softly as he raised his right hand to caress your face and he put his left on your waist. “I don’t want you in harms way.”


“Y/N, you are my wife, my life, my everything. I would die of grief if you were to be lost.”

“My love, I cannot promise you anything except that I will do everything in my power to stay alive, but this is for a higher purpose. At least we will not be separated unlike Aragorn and Arwen.”

“You are right,” Legolas said as he drew you in close to him. “I know you can take care of yourself Y/N, but please allow me to look after you. It will give me a piece of mind.”

“Of course meleth nin, I would not want it any other way” you replied as you captured his lips in a kiss.

#3. Goodnight, my angel (Cas, Reader)

summary: Castiel was no stranger to nightmares, but those he had suffered over the years were never his own. Until now.

words: 833

Castiel was no stranger to nightmares, but those he had suffered over the years were never his own. He despised the nights when Sam groaned in anguish against his pillow, paced carpets bare while watching Dean turn fitfully under his sheets, those he cared for most facing terrors he was helpless to prevent.

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That autism feel when your stepmother is allowed to get upset over literally anything, but if you show even the slightest indication of being upset, especially if she’s getting in your face about something, she says “Don’t get upset.”

Bonus: Everytime you have a meltdown, she says, “You’re impossible to talk to. Why do you always do this when I talk to you?”

ezra’s such a cunt i’m so mad if he’s not A bc he’s a terrible person and i can’t allow him to go throughout the series and gain a happily ever after instead of a ride to the local prison to rot in a cell for the rest of his life and/or a slow death.

either he’s uber A or he’s working with A i can’t deal with anything at all if the clues that have been there since day 1, IN YOUR FACE during s3 (ezra has so! many! s3 clues!,) and continue even past his ‘redemption arc’ into s5 are all for not. riddle me why there are still ezra clues if mr. fitz is only an ally who ‘fucked up,’ (and by fucked up i mean is disgusting full stop but marlene lives inside of his asshole, so.)

i am grasping at STRAWS here, when the bloody cartoon popped up from the highway camera on caleb’s computer my first thought was malcolm watching bugs bunny in ezra’s apartment. like i am BIAS and i KNOW IT but the asshole is so transparent. he’s like, ‘one frame of A, that’s all we need,’ meanwhile he’s mentally shitting himself and you can hear it in the tone of his voice like i am just so irritated. it’s not in a ‘i want my choice A to be A or i’m pissed,’ it’s ‘ezra is a shitty person and i am so mad if the show continues to paint him in a positive light, and continue to brush what he did under the rug.’

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Exo's reaction to his mom not approving of his gf and always putting her down (making her feel like she's not good enough) bc she's a foreigner even though his gf is really nice and respects her? PS: I LOVE YOUR BLOG THANK YOU

Sure thing! And thank you so much! I’m sorry this took so long! Please don’t be mad!

Xiumin: Do you really have to be like that? What did she do to deserve this?

Luhan: *complains to Xiumin about it* Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, but I’m getting tired of hearing them say such awful things right to her face. I don’t know what to do. 

Kris: Why are you being so rude? I mean, everyone is allowed their own opinions, but you really aren’t being fair to her. 

Suho: *wants to say something to them but knows if he does they’ll just hate her more*

Lay: Jagiya … don’t listen to anything they say. I know it’s hard, but you don’t need their approval - you’re already perfect in my eyes. 

Baekhyun: Is that really necessary, mom? I know you don’t approve, but this is just beyond ridiculous, bringing her down like this. 

Chen: I really don’t think I can put up with this anymore. I’m going to explode if I hear them say one more bad thing about you. 

Chanyeol: I know that deep down your intentions are good, but all these accusations you’re making about her are completely ridiculous and unfounded. Can’t you stop?

Kyungsoo: Stop it. Stop it right now. You’re my parents and I love you, but I won’t put up with you disrespecting her like this, especially when she’s been nothing but nice to you. Your prejudice shouldn’t be effecting our relationship like this, and you’re going to have to accept sooner or later that y/n and I are together. 

Tao: Jagi, why are you so nice to them? Especially after all they’ve done to you! It’s not fair to you!

Kai: Y/n … I’m so sorry they’re like this. You don’t deserve to be talked down to like that. Never you. 

Sehun: Why are you all like this? Why? Why why why! You know that I love her, and none of your disrespectful attitude is going to change that! 

Hope you liked this! Feel free to send in reaction/scenario requests, as well as any questions/thoughts you have! My box is always open!



racethewind10 was like three you should make cards and I just think if that responsibility was given to me you’d end up with shitly made, derpy looking faced cards.

Case in point. I shouldn’t be allowed this responsibility. I mean really:

Emma has -no- issues
  • Regina: Maybe you have some issues you need to sortout.
  • Emma: Me?! What the- No! It's not like everyone I love romantically dies. [sarcastic laugh]
  • Graham, Walsh, Neal, Hook: ...
  • [In Storybrooke, August gives a sigh of relief]
  • Regina: Need I remind you you're literally dating a ghost.
  • Emma: Yeah, well... You can't kill a ghost! How's that for a loophole. But *you* Regina /could/ die and that's something I will never allow. What are you even doing here? Why did I bring *our* son to this place? God, what have I done? You're to live for eternity and I vow to protect you from any harm, give you your happy ending and insure you'll go back home safe and never face life alone if I can prevent it- I'll pay the price, always! Because you deserve the world and more, Regina, but I love you too much to dare voice it out loud because then I might lose you forever!
  • Regina [astonished]: Emma...
  • Snow: Oh, Emma. [cups face in hands] You're finally out. [kisses her forehead lovingly]
  • Hook: Wait. Wasn't this about me? How dare I'm not the center of the world. *scoffs*
  • Emma: Regina. You're someone I wouldn't ever risk losing. I'd rather see you happy with someone else than not have you in my life at all. *You* are /my/ issue.
  • Regina: You're my issue too.
Steve Rogers- Kitten

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Steve had been on a mission for a week and whilst he was out of the house, he thought it’d be for the best that you stayed with your sister, never enjoying the idea of leaving you on your own. You didn’t quite understand why he didn’t want to leave you on your own as you were a fully grown woman and were only maybe 30% likely to accidentally set the house on fire, but he suggested that number was too high.

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