why is you so handsome

You see that poster beside Yuuri’s bed? Imagine Yuuri talking to that every night before he goes to sleep.

Yuuri: Viktor, why are you so handsome?
Viktor, why are you so perfect?
I really wish you were here, Viktor.
I love you.
I know that it’s still early there, but… Good night, Viktor.

  • Kali: So you're Blake's boyfriend?
  • Blake: Just a friend.
  • Sun: D:
  • Kali: Oh, come now, Blake, he seems wonderful.
  • Sun: I do?
  • Blake: He does?
  • Kali: Oh, he's so sweet and funny, though.
  • Sun: Oh. Why thank you.
  • Kali: And he's so handsome.
  • Blake: MOM.
  • Kali: And that six pack. Mmmmmmmmmm... Yeah he's a good one.
  • Blake: ........
  • Sun: ........
  • Ghira: .........
  • Sun: Hey, Blake, would it ruin my chances with you if me and your mom-
  • Blake: Yes. Yes it would.

…I should punch with this arm more often.