why is twisted scenes always so dark

Important Question
“He twisted us, pulling out long enough to lie on his back and haul me over him. There was a glimmer in the darkness–a flash of lingering pain, a scar. And I understood why he wanted me like this, wanted to end it like this, with me astride him. It broke my heart. I leaned forward to kiss him, softly, tenderly.”

So I just reread acomaf for like the 3rd time and I always notice a couple of new things that I never noticed while reading it the first few times and I just read the sex scene between Rhys and Feyre in the cabin. I’ve always been curious as to why Rhys wants Feyre “astride” him when they finish…why does he want her in this position? 

Deleted Scene - BBC Merlin : The Dark Tower

Okay so I really, really wish they’d left this deleted scene in The Dark Tower.  I think it’s the only time both Merlin and Arthur directly acknowledge their guilt and responsibility in what Morgana had become. 

The scene is set at night during their journey through the forest to the tower, where Gwen is imprisoned by Morgana.

Arthur:  "Why Guinevere?  She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. Morgana knows that.“
Merlin: "She also knows how much you love her.”
Arthur:  "They were friends.“
Merlin: "That was a long time ago.”
Arthur: “Morgana was always kind and just. What happened to make her so twisted?*  I could have saved her.”
Merlin: “That’s not on you, Arthur.  There were others better placed to help Morgana.”  (long pause)  “It’s not your fault. Better get some sleep. We’ve a long journey tomorrow.”
Arthur: (instead of sleeping just stares sadly into distance)
Merlin: (instead of sleeping just stares sadly into distance)

– end gut punch scene –

* the subtitles don’t say this sentence but I think this is the actual line