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Sliding Down the Hill

Emma Swan’s phone rings and she makes a quick, split second decision. She keeps doing that. She makes choice after choice and change after change and, suddenly, she’s crying on ESPN. That’s probably the last thing she expects.

Or: A not-quite a Little League World Series AU.

Rating: G, with lots of sports emotions
Word Count: 10K’ish because I have no control

Also on Ao3 if that’s how you roll. 

AN: This was an exercise in brevity that didn’t really work and probably should be two chapters, but here we are. The Google Doc name of this story was actually “WHY ARE YOU WRITING THIS?!?!” but this got in my head and wouldn’t leave me alone and it’s not really about the Little League World Series, but also is kind of about the Little League World Series and parents on TV. 

It all happens quickly.

One day Emma Swan is barely making ends meet on a tiny apartment in SoHo, constantly worried Henry will notice and, suddenly, two weeks later she’s on the phone with an overly-enthusiastic Mary Margaret screaming about he just retired, Em. just packed up his desk and said he was going to go live by the ocean or something and, whatever, it doesn’t matter, there’s a job!

A job.

In Storybrooke.

In Maine.

Probably with David.

Working with David in a tiny, little town in Maine with the one friend Emma has managed to keep and a cast of characters that belong on some sort of Hallmark Channel mini-series and, she’s fairly positive, only one stop sign. She’s not convinced Storybrooke has a traffic light.

It does, however, have a meticulously cared for Welcome to Storybrooke sign at the town line and Emma bites her lip when she drives by it, the ancient, bright yellow bug she used one of her last paychecks to buy rumbling slightly when she and Henry barrel down Main Street.

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does ADHD give you 'brain fog'? like having your head just filled with static or white noise, or feeling like it's "heavy" and being held underwater? because I regularly have a lot of pressure in my head, accompanied with this 'foggy' feeling in it that makes it impossible to concentrate on anything and a friend told me it's a symptom of ADHD. I have no idea why or where it comes from, because it seems to happen regardless of how much sleep I get or whether I eat/drink or not...

The static thing is a yes. And brain fog is definitely a thing with ADHD. It’s one of those things, however, that it’s hard to find reputable advice about. I would personally go through a bunch of these articles over at ADDitude Magazine.


short thing written at breaks during work for @reecekinqs who is an absolute angel and waited patiently for w e e k s for me to get my head in the game. troy bolton would be disappointed in me, but it just can’t be helped. original prompt was “jace thinking simon has a partner and then jace trying to get over him by getting a partner + jealousy?” didn’t completely follow it, but here it is, me shouting into the jimon void. 

fakeout (us, take two) || jace/simon, 2k+ || ao3 link soon

It’s late when Simon gets back, and Jace looks up from his research just in time to see Simon trip over the rug as he walks into Jace’s room in the Institute. He hides his tired grin behind his coffee, taking a sip and frowning when he realizes it’s gone cold and acidic.

“Thought you were going to be back for dinner.” Jace says, leaning back and crossing his arms. Simon shrugs, casting a critical eye over the books spread out across the tiny table Jace commandeered for his room, and a slow smile spreads over his face.

“You - “

Don’t.” Jace warns.

“ - read? I didn’t know you could read.”

“God damn it, Lewis.” Jace crosses his arms and does his best to glare at Simon, which is difficult when Simon’s eyes crinkle like that as he ducks his head and tries to hide how pleased he is with himself. “That joke got old a year ago.”

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Nickname: Ali 

Name: Alina

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: 169 cm

Time: 11:54 

Birthday: 23th January

Favorite Band: EXO

Favorite Solo Artist: Yixing

Song Stuck In My Head: The Eve

Last Movie I Watched: Batman(I’m rewatching all the great movies again,lat week I watched LOTR and this week gonna watch Matrix again)

Last Show I Watched: GOT (asdfghjk this season killed me)

When Did I Create My Blog: 5 months ago

What Do I Post: EXO, a lot of Kyungsoo

Last Thing I Googled: Chrysanthemum

Do You Have Other Blogs: I have another one but I’m not online often and I reblog tv shows and other stuff more

Do You Get Asks?: Sometimes

Why Did You Choose This Blog Name: because D.O is squishy

Blogs You Are Following: 800

Followers: less than 1k(I want to have 1k so that I can make my first follow forever but It’ll take a while)

Favorite Colors: Blue,Green 

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 hours

Lucky Number: 23

Instruments: I don’t play any

What Am I Wearing: tshirt and shorts

Dream Job: idk just something that makes a lot of money lol but I would like to work with animals or something, I love animals. Can there be a job to pet and play and love animals bc I’m up for it

Dream Trip: a lot of places, Tokyo, Italy, Hawaii…

Favorite Food: sushi, icecream 

Nationality: Romanian

Favorite Song Now: Kokobop

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Devil in Disguise

For @asparklethatisblue whose old background made me think of the song… also my first Nwalin work, woo!

The Art:

“We’re doing Halloween this year!” Nori exclaimed as soon as Dwalin walked through the door of their small apartment.

“…Why?” Dwalin asked, feeling more than a little ambushed as Nori wrapped a tape measure around his head.

“Because Ori wants to make costumes for a project in design school – honestly, does the reason matter?” Nori frowned at this less than enthusiastic response. “It’s Halloween, Dwalin, Halloween!” To Nori’s mind, the best holiday of the year… filled with spooky things, ghosts, witches, spiders and assorted tricks and treats. Eyeing Dwalin’s bulging biceps appreciatively, Nori licked his lips.

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Whats WRONG with u Fangirls?! Why you keep making Pitches VNeck so damn LONG?! No want to see that!?!?!?!?!?!?!?11 That is indeccent! You should feel ashamed!

*Strokes chin* Hmmmmm…so by THAT logic, I should just go a head and draw Pitch naked?

But seriously tho, if you’re so upset over a fictional characters V-Neck that doesn’t even reveal anything inappropriate (cause believe me, I could have done just that.) then maybe I dunno, don’t look? (Psst, there is a thing I learned maybe a few months ago, it’s called blacklisting, really works *thumbs up* )

I’m a NSFW/18+ blog and I’m going to be turning 30 years old very soon,
I’m a grown woman and I’m at that point of time in my life where I will draw what I please, however I please and I really just don’t give a damn what other people think.
Like what I draw? Cool.
Don’t like what I draw? Cool.
I don’t expect everyone to like my stuff and you know what?
THAT is okay.
But I”m not going to stop what I enjoy.

-And being ashamed of myself for what I enjoy? Pffft, that’s adorable.
Well, it’s lunch time here for me and I’ve got some lovely green tea steeping that has my name on it.

833. I have began war with my own body part of me wants to get better part of me wants to be able to eat without feeling like I failed at the only thing I'm decent at starving myself is so easy I can just forget about the pain forget about the problems I have it's so easy because it's just drink water don't eat drink water don't eat I'm so focused on not eating that I don't have to think about why my only friends are in my head or why I let this disorder take control all I feel I can just feel numb
lil update

hi! this road trip has been A BLAST!! i’ve gotten to see and do so many amazing things but i am definitely ready to head back home and start my routine there. my running has taken a bit of a back seat and here is why…

i’m going through female athlete triad syndrome (which i have been diagnosed with in the past). it started a few months ago but finally confirmed a few days ago. this is due to increased exercise with not enough calories. so input is not equaling output. as a result, periods stop/become irregular, bone loss continues, weight loss happens, disordered eating habits ensue, fatigue occurs, muscles aches and pains start to take over, and walls are hit with exercise. it’s especially frustrating for me because i have gotten my period at a lower weight and while doing waaaaaaay more exercise but that was then and this is now. the body catches up eventually. so yea, i’m going to be having to take care of this asap before it continues and gets worse. it sucks. i’m frustrated and nervous to make changes etc BUT they need to happen. my body is clearly trying to tell me things and i need to listen and tend to that. so i apologize if i don’t post as much of my personal running posts but when i do run, i’ll be sure to keep y'all updated! it’s not going to be easy by any means but this is all just temporary and i’m excited to come back as an even stronger and healthier runner!!

I had a weird dream and I thought I’d share it here (because why not lol)

So, in it, I was a successful author, but I was also really mad at the way the government currently runs things, and so I entered politics and got elected to a municipal riding, and then just worked my way up until I was competing to be the head of the liberal party (against Trudeau) to be able to run for Prime Minister, and, like… the thing I was worried about the most was my author platform intersecting with my political one… Which is a silly thing to worry about if I’m trying to become PM of Canada, but a very real concern for a lot of ‘everyday’ authors.

If you aren’t sure why, it’s because as an author we’re presenting ourselves in such a way as to appeal to our target audience. Yes, of course, we need to write stories that our audience wants to read, but if we come out and say “I’m super against abortions” or “I am 100% pro-choice” then you’re going to alienate some of your audience.

Sure there will be readers who disagree with your political/personal beliefs and still read your stuff, but there will also be readers who feel they cannot support an author who believes/supports X topic.

And I mean, in some cases, an author makes a conscious decision to alienate those readers (for example, I’m openly in favour of good representation for lgtbq, people of color, and just all around true diversity in media), and that’s fair. That’s a conscious decision.

I just feel like sometimes authors (and other individuals with a public platform) say things without thinking about the consequences. They might think that their stance is just common sense (”of course murder is wrong!”), but there are always going to be people who disagree. And when those people voice their disagreement you see these authors/public persons shocked that there’s backlash, and that it isn’t just taking the form of people saying “I disagree,” but it’s also resulting in boycotts, or trashing of their work, or other things that have a measurable impact on their career/income.

And, inevitably, the person who voiced their opinion complains that people took what they said out of context, or are being unfair, or are too judgmental. And all I can think of is the advice I got at a writing conference…

Everything you say and do online impacts your brand. Your brand is who your audience thinks you are, and if you suddenly say or do something that goes against their mental image of you, they’re going to feel betrayed. A betrayed reader might never read another book you write, or they might take to their own social media and decry the betrayal. So make sure you pick what parts of yourself, your beliefs, and your interests you want to include in your brand, and stick to it. Don’t talk about politics if you normally post cat videos and dessert recipes. And don’t post dessert recipes if you normally talk about politics. It isn’t that you can’t say X thing, it’s that you need to match what you say to your brand

And yeah…just had a weird dream and was thinking about this, so thought I’d share

20 Question Tag

I was tagged by @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure. Thank you so much for tagging me! (I LOVE YOUR WRITINGS YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HONNERD I’M FEELING)

Nickname: My real name is so short, nobody calls me anything except from my name. Feel free to give me one though!

Zodiac: Libra

Height: 1m 65cm

Last thing I googled:  The catalog of my library.

Favorite music artist: Selena Gomez

Song stuck in my head right now: The Avengers Theme Song (lol)

Last movie I saw: The Avengers. This explains my previous answer haha.

What am I wearing right now: Pajama bottoms and an old shirt.

Why did I choose this url: Because I did the Pottermore wand quiz and it said my wandcore would be a dragonheartstring. Sooooo I kinda liked that as my url :)

Any other blogs? Nope

What have you learned from your last relationship: That being in love means a lot more than just being a couple. I thought I was in love during the relationship, but I quickly realised I wasn’t when we broke up. Also, don’t get into a relationship too quick. People can turn out to be a-holes.

Religious or spiritual: I grew up in a religious family and went to church when I was younger. But now that my family doesn’t really have a say in it anymore (because I can decide for myself as I grew up more), I don’t concider myself as religious.

Favorite colour: Green and rosegold/copper

Average hours of sleep: 7? (But I really want it to be more)

Lucky number: 20

Favorite characters from books, movies, series: Don’t ask me, we’ll be here for hours.

Dreamjob(s): Author, interior designer, photographer, singer. Maybe actress too but that’s just unrealistic as I’ve never even acted before.

I tag: @boringrayofsunshine @lenanullings-x @blackandwhiteimagines @marauder–harder (because I secretly look up to her) @hufflepuffholland (because I look up to her as well) @spideyboys (because, yes, I look up to her as well, shut up) @rubbersoullennon and anyone who feels like doing this as well!

when i was young i believed in magical things and i got it in my and my best friend at the times head that if we stared at the sun for some amount of time something magical would happen and anyway thats probably why i need glasses today


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1: Nickname: Elias, the known outcast, weirdo, stupid, fat, disease, plague, disgrace

2: Gender: male

3: Star sign: Pisces

4: Height: 5'5

5: Time: 1:12 PM

6: Birthday: March 17th

7: Favorite bands: Skillet and Newsboys

8: Favorite solo artist: no idea

9: Song stuck in my head: none

10: Last movie I watched: Home Alone

11: Last show I watched: none

12: When did I create my blog: December 22nd 2016

13: What do I post: Wizardess Heart stuff, fanfics

14: Last thing I googled: how to train birds (my aunt asked me too…)

15: Do you have another blog?: no

16: Do you get asks: not much

17: Why did you choose your blog’s name: because I wanted to rp as Elias Goldstein?

18: Blogs I’m following: 585

19: Followers: 248

20: Favorite colors: blue, green, black

22: Average hours of sleep: 3-6 hours sometimes 8 hours

23: Instruments: none

24: What I’m wearing: a gray and black tank top with orange and blue shorts (yes I know those don’t match it’s hot leave me be!)

25: How many blankets I sleep with: none

26: Dream job: who knows…? I used to want to be a writer but found out I wasn’t good enough, I also wanted to be a singer and my voice sucks so yeah…

27: Dream trip: Japan

28: Favorite food: lasanga, pizza, chocolate!

29: Nationality: American (though I don’t know about my whole family so it can be more then this…)

30: Favorite song now: Linkin Park – In the End (yeah…)

Tag people to do this: no thanks they can if they want too…

Girls having fun~