why is this the coolest thing to me


I think the cool thing about Peter Parker and the reason why he’s such a good role model for me is like, he had the opportunity to be the coolest kid on the planet, but he stayed true to himself and he stayed Peter Parker. My life is changing all around me, literally in front of my very eyes and it’s very important that I stay true to myself and remain, you know, the little kid from Kingston.


In which Kratos also got wet in the name of science.

replication of this experiment.

In which I seduce the villain of a side quest

Context: So this is the same Mae Gjallarfjall who seduced the pirate captain on the first game. In a later session, we have arrived at the capital of Fountland, which will serve as our base of operations for most of the campaign. The party decided to run some sidequests to make some cash and possibly find some loot. So we pick two bounties that are the opposite of each other. One is a dude who wants help fighting off an army of 5000 people, and the other is the army of 5000 looking for more help. Our way of completing both was… unusual.

DM: So, you guys arrive at the camp of five thousand men. One of them turns to you guys and asks “Who the fuck are you?”

Me (OOC): I pull out the job poster and tell him I’m looking for his leader.

DM: He points you the right way and wishes you luck.

Me (OOC): We continue on to the tent and I walk in without announcing myself.

DM: You find Meb in her tent, barely clothed and sitting on a throne made of men. She looks at you as you approach.

Me (OOC): I roll Persuasion to sway my hips seductively as I continue forward. *rolls +2 and ties Meb’s Initiative check*

DM: She raises an eyebrow at you and smiles. She greets you and demands that you state your business.

Me: *holding up her Help Wanted poster* I came to see about your job offer. You have five thousand men at your disposal against a single enemy, and yet you cannot best him? Why?

DM (as Meb): Ah, yes, I and my… rival, shall we say, have a contract in place. I’m only allowed to send one soldier per day.

Me: And for what ends?

DM (as Meb): To steal a cow.

Me: What’s so special about this cow? Can’t you just buy it from him? If you have the money for an army, surely you can buy a cow.

DM (as Meb): It’s a really nice cow. And he won’t sell it to me.

Me: Well, if you haven’t already sent your soldier for the day, I’ll go next and end this whole feud.

DM (as Meb): I like the sound of that. For now, find yourself a tent and rest up for the night. He’s tougher than you may think.

The rest of the party salutes and turns to leave.

Me (OOC): As I turn and walk out, I roll Persuasion again to sway my hips. *Rolls +3 and successfully seduces Meb*

DM (as Meb): Except you. *pointing at me* You stay. You’ve caught my eye… What’s your name, hun?

Me: Name’s Mae Gjallarfjall. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

DM (as Meb): Oh, we’re going to be far more than mere “acquaintances.“ (OOC): Roll Initiative.

Me (OOC): *critfail*

DM to me: You fail to notice her grab a whip from her throne as she steps towards you.

The rest of the party, meanwhile, comes up with a plan to con Meb by disguising Paladin’s horse as the beautiful cow. In the morning, McCooly (the dude with the cow) would feign loss and run away with the real cow, giving the horse to Meb as per the feud contract. I, however, was getting laid, so I missed all of this.

DM: It is morning! Cocka-doodle-doo! The cow says "Moo!” McCooly is waiting in his usual spot just between his ranch and Meb’s camp. Mae, you wake up very sore but strangely refreshed.

Me: Welp, time to take care of this job. (OOC): Doot doot doot. I head out to where McCooly is.

DM: He charges you with a very predictable path at a very slow speed, and winks at you. Initiative.

Me: *+2 Initiative, +3 Block*

DM: You successfully block. He says “Oh no, you are so fast! How did you ever see my attack coming?”

Me (OOC): I punch him right in the face with Storm Fist. *Rolls +2 for contact and +5 for damage, fail the stun chance, but land the cooldown reset*

DM: He looks at you funny and whispers at you “What are you doing, you’re supposed to go easy!” He then swings his spear at you again. It is very easy to read.

Me (OOC): *+1 Initiative* I notice, and +2 Block.

DM: You block again, and he says “Well, I guess I don’t have to hold back either.” He’s trying to shiv you with the spear. Initiative.

Me (OOC): *Same rolls as lats time.*

DM: You do NOT block, and you get shivved for 7 damage.

Me (OOC): That’s 3 after armor, I take it as HP. My turn?

DM: Yes.

Me (OOC): I’m going to poke him right under the jaw in that soft spot between the bone.

DM: I guess that counts as Bare Knuckle. Roll.

Me: *connects and does 5 damage* And now, I spend a fate chip to instantly reset the cooldown of Fist of Havoc, and I’m Smashing. *rolls 36 damage*

DM: …aw… why? You killed McCooly. He’s like, the coolest NPC ever, man.

Me (OOC): Afterwards I roll First Aid to keep him from being completely dead.

DM: So after he wakes up, he shakes your hand and compliments your strength, and hands you 90 gold to split between the three of you. He then takes the fake cow over to Meb and hands it over. Meb then tosses you an additional 90 gold to split, and blows a kiss at Mae.

the reading of a quiet boy’s heart ❁ peter parker

summary : these are the contents of nine love letters, sappily written and addressed to you, written by a very lovestruck peter parker. plus a bonus one, because the sap couldn’t resist. 

technically a part two to love letters, but you can def read this separately. 

wc : 3.4k

author’s note : i didn’t think this through oh my god nine fucKING LETTERS I DID NOT THINK THIS THROUGH i still did it tho enjoy loves

  Peter had a kind heart, the softest you’d ever encountered before, and it was the pure goodness inside him that made you begin to fall for him in the first place. He sat beside you, a respectable distance settling between your bodies simply because he was a commendable gentleman and despite everything, despite all his feelings and wants and thoughts about you, he didn’t want you make assumptions about the type of boy he was. He wanted you to continue liking him for quite sometime, which is precisely the reason he was sliding his letters over to you now. 

  They were his prized possessions from over these past few months, all ten of them, though you’d already had the tenth read to you, and while he had never really expected this moment to come to fruition, he was happy that it was. “So, um, should I read them out loud?” He sifted through the pile to find the first one, and held it out in front of him once it was located. You arranged yourself comfortably on the bed, legs crossed and a ridiculously large smile on your face that Peter couldn’t possibly say no to. 

   He cleared his throat, ducking his head toward the paper. 

   Dear Y/N, 

       Hi. It’s Peter. If you’re reading this, which I highly doubt that you are because why would you be, you know it’s me, Peter, so I probably didn’t need to repeat that like eight times. Whatever. This is pen. I can’t erase it now so I’ll just keep it because the messiness of crossing out all these screwed up sentences would give me anxiety. I figured I’d write this to you because, well, I don’t have the balls to say any of this face to face. I can safely say that such a thing isn’t what I’m ready for. Maybe one day. God, I hope so. I know that if I got a letter like this, I’d be really happy, since it just means that someone was thinking of you and wanted to show it. I hope that one day, if you’re reading this, it makes you happy to know that I think about you. Or maybe you’ll be creeped out. I hope not. That’d be really depressing. Anyways, I just wanted you to know that I think you’re really pretty and I like when you smile at me in school and yeah. You make me happy. Thanks for that. So yeah. Next letter will be way more thoughtful and intricate. I’m new to this writing this. You don’t care. You’re not even reading this. Okay bye. 

     Peter was flushed with embarrassment by the time he uttered the last two words, looking at his knees and laughing a bit before looking back up at you. He was glad to see that you weren’t giving him a mocking smirk. “That was adorable,” you laughed, rubbing his back encouragingly. “Go on. Please.” You leaned down to kiss his cheek gently, and his face lit up where your lips met his skin. He found the next letter immediately and faced you as he read it. 

   Dear Y/N, 

       As promised, I’ve taken it upon myself to gather my thoughts before writing this to you and I hope I am much more coherent than I was in the initial one. I’m trying here. I learned some new words, too. I more of a whiz when it comes to science and mathematics. I’m decent at English, but you probably know that because you sit behind me. You’re amazing in English class. You probably know that just because you’re you and you know how you perform in your own classes. All right, so maybe I’m not as coherent as I thought I was gonna be. Moving on. In English today the teacher passed out different essays to everyone and we had to peer edit each other’s work. I didn’t get your essay but Ned did and I forced him to give it to me. I think he was just putting up a fight because he likes to torture me, which is fine. What are best friends for, right? Well, I read your essay and you’re probably the most wonderful writer I’ve ever read from. Seriously. You have this way with words and it makes me wish I was more of a writer so that I could express the way you make me feel in better sentence structures than the mediocre ones I’m forming at this very second. You’re an excellent writer. If you ever write a book and you have a book signing in some Barnes and Noble in the city or in The Strand, I’m gonna be the first in line, without a doubt. I’ll buy like fifty signed copies. I swear. Write a book. You’d wow everyone, and I think everyone deserves to read a bit of the Y/N Y/L/N’s work. You’d be doing the world a disservice if you didn’t share your talents, but it’s up to you, of course. Just think about it though. 

    “Aw, Peter,” you cooed, throwing your arms around him and pressing your lips against his quickly, your face burning but your smile infinite. “You’ll be the first to read my book when it’s finished. You’ll be the one it’s dedicated to.” In response, the shy boy nuzzled his nose affectionately against your cheek, at a loss for words because this girl in front of him was everything he could have dreamed of and more. 

    Dear Y/N, 

      We were partners in Chemistry today. I’m sorry if I came off like a rude, inconsiderate jerk. I’m gonna be honest right now. I’m shy. You make me shy. I was quiet because if I had talked to you the way that I wanted to, I would’ve be a stupid and stuttering mess and that’s not how I want to talk to you. I know we’ve had conversations before and they’ve been fine but a lot of stuff is different now and whenever we talk I get these butterflies in my stomach that make it hard to think or breathe or talk or look at you or hold things or do basic human tasks. So, that’s why I wouldn’t talk to you. I just didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of the coolest and loveliest girl I know, also known as you. Please don’t hate me. I don’t want you to hate me. 

   He coughed, embarrassed again, but he didn’t let that deter him from reading you the rest of the letters. He’d never let anything deter him from talking to you again.  

   Dear Y/N, 

      I think I’m in over my head. With everything, not just with you. I can’t really mention specifics, not even to you despite the fact that we’re not acquaintances anymore. We’re more like kind of friends, which is great! It means progress. Progress is good. It’s the one good thing lately. I’ll keep it vague. I get beat up every night and then every day I get picked on by Flash. He doesn’t hit or anything- I don’t think he’d be very good at it- but being called Penis Parker all the freaking time takes a toll on a guy, you know? It pretty much sucks. And I can’t tell May what’s going on because I know for a fact that she’ll freak out and everyone knows that if May starts freaking out, I’m gonna freak out even harder, and that’s a scary sight to see. Plus I had to quit Robotics and I really wanted to take the team to the competition this year. I also quit band but I’m not as upset about that. The uniform sucks. It’s too tight. I guess I’m getting muscles. It’s kind of weird since I’ve always been scrawny but I don’t know, it’s interesting enough. I’m not complaining. Maybe you like that in a guy. I don’t know. I try not to think about what you like in a guy because I’m pretty sure your dream dude won’t be anything like me. It’s fine. I’m happy admiring from afar. I like you a lot. I’m good with just being friends if that’s your wish. I don’t know why I’m telling you all these things that I am, but I feel like if you were really here and watching me write this, if you could read this, you’d listen and you’d understand. You always listen, even when I’m rambling, even though we don’t talk much. 

   When he stopped talking and reached for the next letter, taking the faded blue piece of paper from his stack, he knew the feeling pooling inside his stomach was nothing short of elation. He was right, as he often was. You listened. You did.  

   Dear Y/N, 

      Today, you punched Flash in the nose. No one saw it coming. But I think I fell in love with you right then and there. Or at least, I fell deeper in like with you. He called me Penis Parker again and you grabbed his shoulder and yanked him back, you told him to leave me be and he said that if you were sticking up for a nobody like me, you were nothing better. He was wrong. You’re a thousand times better. You stuck up for me and I’ll never be able to repay you for that. You just looked at me and I’ve never seen you look so fiery or so livid but you did and you raised your fist and you punched him and he was bleeding and you didn’t stop to help him, you grabbed my arm and you marched me away from them. No one has ever done something like that for me before. Ned says that it’s because you might like me, too, and I think I’m gonna hold on to the hope for a while longer. I want someone as kind as you to like me. And let’s face, you were a badass. It was epic. And I seriously hope you like me back, you amazingly awesome human being. 

   “You should really listen to Ned more often,” you said, leaning your head on his shoulder and pretending that you hadn’t kind of been tearing up this whole time. Peter pretend not to notice like the chivalrous boy that he was and nodded, chuckling. “Yeah, I should, right?” 

  Dear Y/N,

        This one’s gonna be short, because May is bothering me about who I’m always writing to and I promised I’d explain. I hope you don’t mind that I’m gonna tell her about you. These letters just help me blow off some steam and I guess it makes me feel pretty good to think maybe you’d potentially wanna read them someday. I don’t know. I think it’d be cool to give them to you, but I doubt that day will come. I think I already wrote that in a letter. Damn. I’ll move on. You got detention for punching Flash, sorry about that. Still, you told me that I shouldn’t feel bad about it because the guy had it coming. He totally did. You’re really cool. I’m gonna stop now because this letter is lame bye I like you.

   You poking the dimple emerging on Peter’s cheek and he wrinkled his nose, cringing back. You kissed the little indent. He didn’t want you to ever stop kissing him. The little I like you placed at the end of most of the letters really sealed the deal. 

   Dear Y/N, 

     Aunt May is now dying to meet you. I’m so sorry. I hope you never actually meet her because she’ll probably ask you to marry me and hit on you on my behalf just because she’s afraid I won’t be able to do it myself. She thinks you’re awesome. It’s probably because you punched someone. May is very big on girl power. I think you’d like her. Maybe you could meet her one day? I don’t know why I’m asking you’re not actually reading this and it’s a rhetorical question so yeah. Did I mention I like you? You gave me your book to read today after I mentioned that the series was something I was interested in. Seriously, you just whipped out the whole series and told me to read it whenever. You have the nicest smile when you smile at me. Please stop having such a nice smile. It’s unfair for the rest of us and I keep liking you more and more. It’s getting out of hand. Ned thinks so, too. 

   “See, that was a situation where you shouldn’t have listened to Ned.” 

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Should I keep reading?” 

    “I wouldn’t forgive you if you stopped.” 

  Dear Y/N, 

      I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s going to drive me mad. I like you so much it’s gonna suffocate me. Talking to you is the highlight of my day. My affection for you keeps growing and growing and growing as time passes us by and I don’t know what to do about because if I tell you I could either lose you or have the opportunity to be with the greatest person I’ve ever known besides my aunt and my uncle and Tony Stark,  but if I don’t tell you I could lose you. Either way, I could potentially never be with you. And I can’t take the risk. Maybe I should just get over you. Maybe I’d be better off. 

    Without wait, Peter flipped to the final letter. 

    Dear Y/N, 

      It’s been awhile. Sorry about that. I thought I’d try to move on. I tried to like Liz, I figured I could at least try, but she doesn’t compare even though she’s very nice to me, too. She’s not you. You’re the only you. You’re Y/N and I like Y/N not Liz and you’re Y/N and I no longer know what I’m saying. Michelle told me you’re avoiding me because of Liz and that you think I like her and it’s making you upset. Don’t be upset with me. That’s the last thing I wan. I just wanna scream HEY Y/N YOU LOVELY HUMAN BEING YOU I LIKE YOU DON’T HATE ME BECAUSE I LIKE YOU AND YEAH I LIKE YOU DATE ME LOVE ME. I said love. I’m gonna go now. Bye. 

     Peter placed it atop the stack, and you added the tenth one there as well. He wasn’t going to be embarrassed about his feelings. They were right there, right in front of you, his heart already read aloud and listened to you and appreciated by you. The thought seized him and made him lace his fingers through yours, shy smile shy eyes that met yours before closing and kissing you, and everything about him was soft. Soft lips that slanted against yours and kissed you in the way that anyone in love would want to be kissed, with love and with passion and as if he’d never want to do anything else for the rest of his life. Soft hands that tentatively found their way to your hips but didn’t go beyond there, soft hands that caressed your face in that adoring way he did and wound in your hair. Soft eyes that locked on yours and didn’t look away when you both broke for a second, your breathing labored. His forehead pressed against yours. He didn’t want to pull away, ever. 

    May casually strolled into the room, and Peter pulled back quickly but with annoyance, raising his eyebrows at his aunt. She’d let the boy have his kiss, happy- so happy- that her Peter was getting what he deserved, but she was still the parental figure and parental figures had to be responsible. That’s what she had been told, anyway. “Sorry, honey, I just wanted to be introduced to that girl you were telling me about just, like, two days ago.” She said cheerfully, smiling adoringly at her nephew and then at you. You grinned back, standing up to introduce yourself. 

   “I’m Y/N, it’s really nice to meet you, Mrs. Parker,” you stuck your hand out, but May pulled you in for a hug instead. 

   “You can just call me May.” She gave you a squeeze, very motherly, and you missed Peter’s outstanding beam as he watched his two favorite girls embrace. May lightly shoved Peter’s shoulder, then said, “Peter, are you gonna invite her to stay for dinner or what?” 

   “Maaayyyy, let me get my own dates,” he pouted, ushering her out of the room. When she left, her laugh still ringing throughout the apartment, Peter leaned causally against his doorframe in a painful attempt to look cool. “So, Y/N, would you stay for dinner?” Before you could reply with an obvious, May’s voice called, “Or forever? You could stay forever. I’d be on board with that!” 

   Peter blushed, rushing out of the room to tell her to keep quiet, but you didn’t mind one bit. Staying with Peter Benjamin Parker forever didn’t sound like a bad life, not one bit. 

   You hadn’t left Peter’s apartment until nearly ten o’clock, and even then, he had rode the train home with you to prolong the night. He kissed you at your doorstep twice, once on the lips, swift and sweet, and then once on the forehead, tender and caring. Then, he left, continuously looking back at your grinning face so much that he walked straight into your mailbox and nearly squashed a stray cat that had been wandering by. You smiled all the way up to your bedroom, thinking about the adorable idiot that had ensnared your heart in his hands. That night, he wrote you another letter, this time with the intent of giving it to you. 

   He delivered it at your locker a week later (he had spent that week editing it over and over again, making sure his feelings were true), appearing just as you were shutting the metal doors with an envelope in his outstretched hand. He was fidgeting, yes, but he was excited, and you took the letter in your hands after leaping into his arms and sending him flying across the hallway. He didn’t fall, though, which was a plus. 

   Dear Y/N,  

     I’ve heard from a few people that I don’t know what love is because I’m fifteen and technically my brain hasn’t fully developed. Here’s the thing, though: I don’t care. There’s not one part of me that cares about what science says right now. They can say what they want. Maybe, just maybe, I don’t know what love is. Maybe I haven’t the slightest clue. But maybe is a word that means you can never really know and that everything just a possibility. So, there’s only a very slight possibility that I don’t know what love is, but there’s a greater possibility that I do. However, for now, I’ll tell you what I do know. I know that when you smile at me even for just a second I can feel my entire heart quicken in its beats. I feel my pulse racing. I know that when you look at me in that soft and sweet way you do I feel for just a second that nothing could ever possibly hurt me as long as you keep looking at me like that, forever. I know your laugh makes me blush and that when you kiss me I’m completely invincible. I know that every song on my playlist can connect back to you someway somehow and I know that the sound of your voice can make my whole day. 

   If that’s not love, then I have no clue what love is. I’m pretty sure it’s love, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, my love. I’m pretty sure that these feelings that flutter around my stomach day and night and make miss you even when you’ve only been gone for five minutes are love, because what else could they possibly be? I love you, and you’ve made the world, my world, a better place just by making yourself at home in my heart. So thank you for letting me love you and loving me in return. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay you, just like I can’t repay you for punching Flash, but I plan on spending as long as you’ll allow me trying to do so. 

Your very in love boyfriend who knows this is too sappy but doesn’t care, 

       Peter Benjamin Parker :) 

   He added the smiley face in, a quick little doodle, and sometimes you liked to joke that the smiley face was what made you know you were in love with him. It wasn’t. It was everything else about that wonderful boy. But it the smiley face was certainly adorable. 

Writing Prompt #248

“You’re a…a…”

“A werewolf.”

“And you didn’t tell me? That’s…that’s…Dude. That’s the coolest thing, why wouldn’t you tell me? I’m so pissed right now, holy shit.”

Spread the Love - My Forever Favourite Fics

Remember when I said that I asked y’all to send in your favourite fics of your own or someone elses? 

Your Favourites

Well I think It was high time to tell you mine. I had been planning on doing this a long time ago but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it but now here I am posting this showing all my love to the most memorable stories  have read since I joined this site. So without further a do, below are at least 60 stories that I have loved and thoroughly enjoyed. All have a comment about what I liked about it and if you’re lucky you may be on there twice.

BTW it’s a very long post.

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Escape: A Peter/Gamora ficlet

(A/N: Spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 & 2. Is anyone else dying to know the story of drunken Peter telling Gamora about David Hasselhoff? Here’s my headcanon of how it went.)

“If you like piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiña coladas!”

Gamora lifted her head from the book between her slender fingers and glanced with mild annoyance at the off-key exclamation that had just come from outside of her hotel room door. Her lips threatened to smile, but she refused to, despite being in her room where no one would see it. It was the principle of the thing, after all. She wouldn’t admit even to herself that Peter Jason Quill could be amusing on rare occasions.

“Getting’ caaaaaaught in the rain!” Peter’s voice continued. “If you’re not into yogaaaaaaa! If you have half a brain!”

Gamora snapped the book shut and stood up as she heard a fumbling, scratching sound. She pressed the button to slide the door open and affixed her lovely face into a bemused look. “Peter, what are you doing?”

Peter Quill abruptly stopped his caterwauling and blinked a few times. “Oh. Hey, G’mora. Whatcha doin’ in my room?”

As soon as he spoke, she caught a wave of alcohol fumes. It made sense. They’d just gotten paid for another job and the boys’ idea of celebrating was flying to the nearest habitable planet and getting completely trashed, spending most of their score, and bickering with each other. Baby Groot had curled up on a pillow on Gamora’s sofa, mumbling in his sleep every so often. Judging by his dilated pupils and shaky footing, Peter was all but three sheets to the wind.

“Your room is behind you,” Gamora said patiently. “That’s why the key card didn’t work.”

“Oh, man,” he said, his face falling with actual regret, to her surprise. “M sorry, G’mora, I didn’t mean to wake you up. I’m such a jerk.”

“Usually, yes,” she said frostily. “But not in this case. I wasn’t asleep. I was reading. However, you might want to apologize to the hallway full of guests who had to hear your shrill voice through the walls.”

“You’re so right,” he agreed, and then tilted his head to bellow, “SORRY, EVERYBODY! DIDN’T MEAN TO WAKE YOU UP!”

“SHUT UP!” someone shouted back.


Gamora palmed her face. “Peter. Your room. That way.”

“Right, right, right. Sorry. G’night, G’mora.” He swiveled on his heel and walked up to the door. She watched him try to slide the card in eight times before finally sighing to herself and closing her own door. She snatched it out of his hand and placed it inside the hole. The door whooshed open and Peter stumbled inside, but not before turning and giving her an admittedly adorable smile.

“You’re a life saver, beautiful.”

She shook her head and caught his hand, dragging him towards the bed. “You need sleep or you will be too hungover to fly us out of here in the morning.”

“Well, one thing you’ll find out about me is that I bounce back like that.” He tried to snap his fingers on his free hand. “That. No, that. C’mon. That.”

Gamora sighed. “I will never understand why you find this infuriating state of intoxication so enjoyable.”

“Rocket said I couldn’t out-drink him,” Peter said defensively. “He was wrong. I won.”

“Did you have to buy every round to prove him wrong?”

Peter paused. “Yes.”

“Then no, you didn’t win. Rocket just wanted free drinks.”

Peter scowled. “Little trash panda.”

Gamora again refrained from smiling as she continued pulling the sheets down. She turned and helped him out of his red leather jacket. She felt his gaze on her and ignored it, brushing it off even though she felt her skin warming over her face and neck, over her shoulders, and in the tips of her fingers. Her heart beat mocked her with its accelerated pace. She tried to picture him as a child getting ready for bed, but it didn’t work. He was too close, too warm, and under the scent of alien beer was a rather nice, mild cologne.

He lifted his arms as she pulled off his outer shirt, still strangely silent and watching her fold it and set it on the nearby couch. Finally, when she turned around, he made a move.

He hugged her.

She stiffened, having expected something else. Stranger still, it was completely wonderful. He kept his hands on the small of her back and buried his nose behind her ear and into her dark hair. She hadn’t been held in years. Decades. Not since her parents. Gamora had lovers in the past, but none of them were permitted to touch her that way. This…it was affection, not lust.

And it scared her even more.

“You’re so good to me,” Peter mumbled with a sigh. “I don’t deserve it. I’m sorry.”

She shut her eyes for a second. “Peter…”

“No, really. Thank you, G’mora. I know I get on your nerves all the time. S’ just ‘cause I like you. You’re pretty and smart and so much stronger than me. Dunno how you do it.”

Gently, she settled her hands on his chest and pushed until she could meet his gaze. God, his eyes were all for her, like there was nothing else in the entire cosmos. No one had ever been foolish enough to do such a thing. Maybe that was why he did. Peter Quill defied everything, and her expectations most of all.

Heart in her throat, she smiled weakly. “Guess that’s just how my father raised me.”

She led him over to the bed and pushed him to sit. He obeyed and she knelt, unlacing his boots. “Bet he was a great guy. Probably smart like you too. Y’know, when I was a kid growing up and everybody else had a dad and I didn’t, I used to pretend that he was this famous actor.”

Gamora’s brown eyes widened and flicked up at Peter’s face. She’d never heard him say much about his father since they left Xandar. She’d gently tried to ask about his life before Yondu abducted him, but he wouldn’t talk about it. She licked her lips, unsure of how to proceed. She wanted to know, but she also didn’t want to invade his privacy while he was drunk. Eventually, she softened her voice and kept unlacing his boot.

“What was his name?”

“David Hasselhoff,” Peter slurred. She frowned, unsure if that name was correct or if his drunken state had altered it somewhat. “He was this German icon. He could sing and dance and his biggest success was this TV show with a talking car called Knight Rider. It was the coolest thing I ever saw.”

He fumbled for a second and pulled a slip of paper out of his pants pocket. She took it, examining the square-jawed, fluffy-haired man that he apparently idolized. “Why him?”

Peter shrugged. “He’s the coolest man alive. Who wouldn’t want him for a dad?”

“No,” she said softly, rising and sitting beside him. “Why tell the others it was him? Why not just pretend on your own?”

“I don’t know. Guess I just ran with what my mother used to tell me, that my Dad was perfect and not like all the other people on earth. Hasselhoff sounded like a good option at the time.”

He took the picture back and stuffed it into his pants. Gamora took the plunge. “Do…the others know this about you?”

He shook his head. Her stupid, selfish heart fluttered. “They’d probably laugh at me.”

Without thinking, Gamora reached over and slipped her fingers through his. He looked at her then. “No, they wouldn’t. Out here it’s hard to find family. They’d understand.”

He smiled, running his thumb along her knuckles. It tickled and sent butterflies exploding through her stomach. He leaned in towards her. Her eyes flicked to his lips. They parted as he drifted closer.

He kissed her cheek. “Thanks, G’mora.”

She felt a tug of disappointment at her core. “You’re welcome.”

“Stay with me.”

She blinked at him. “What?”

“Not like that, I mean…stay here tonight. Just tonight.”

“I…” Word clogged her throat and got stuck. She couldn’t look away from that hint of desperation and adoration on his face. Eventually, she just nodded.

He stood, drawing her up by the arm, their hands still connected, and she slid under the covers after kicking off her boots. She curled onto her side as Peter climbed in beside her and settled down, facing her. He smiled again, kissed the back of her hand, and snuggled down in the pillows, his eyes closing.

“Night, G’mora.”

“Good night, Peter.”

Slowly, she let her eyes drift closed.

And she never slept better.


I just have a lot of feelings about this ship, okay?!

Types of Reaper76 interpretations + my reactions:

Scenario 1:

Gabriel, aloud:
 lol, what up farm boy, where you goin’, I’m way tougher and cooler and more badass than you.

Gabriel, thinking: shit why is he so HOT why are his eyes so BLUE why is his hair so BLONDE

Jack, aloud: you’re not so tough or cool or badass, you’re just older than me and from LA, we still do cool things in *smudged writing on hand* Bloomingworth

Jack, thinking: oh my god he’s so HOT, he’s so ridiculously HOT, if I don’t leave soon I’m going to blush and swoon and faint - 

me: *looks into the camera like I’m on The Office* I don’t want this

Scenario 2:

Gabriel, aloud:
 no, dude, Jack’s my best friend, he’s awesome, sure he’s kinda naive and oblivious, but he’s really cool.

Gabriel, thinking: oh god, I’m so in love with him, why is he so amazing and hilarious and funny 

Jack, aloud: Gabriel’s the coolest person I know!  I would follow him anywhere, into any battle, into any war, he’s incredible - 

Jack, thinking: also I’m like really in love with him, he’s so big and strong and his smile is nice and - 

me: well this is definitely better, mutual respect and admiration and friendship are good traits for the start of a romantic relationship, so I can enjoy this a lot more - 

Scenario 3:

Jack, aloud:

Gabriel, aloud: this is dumb as all hell.  LET’S FUCKING DO IT.  

Gabriel, thinking: FUCK YEAH I LOVE HIM

Jack, thinking: FUCK YEAH I LOVE HIM


What I really think about Sakura

I decided to write down my thoughts… they are half serious and half…not.

Who found my older post, also drawings, probably understood that I’m a NaruHina shipper and I’m pro SasuKarin (however i draw everything ahah). But I want to share the truth about what I think of Sakura and about Naruto’s ending.

At the beginning I didn’t liked Sakura, it was the opposite! I was immediately enchanted by her looks (well she is the only pink haired pg with shiny green eyes) because I always loved the girly color pink. She was perfect to me: pink long hair contrasted with green eyes dressed in red. I also found her personality really cool because I loved when she got angry and punched everyone.

But little by little my opinion changed.

It wasn’t her fault but Kishimoto who grew up her.

Most of the people were surprised when in the chunin exams she cut her hair to save her team. It was a important moment… but it had an horrible hidden message: a feminine kunoichi can’t be also strong. It was more than one time told in the manga. Even Ino copied Sakura but also here all was hidden building a plot to explain it….

I never accepted that… it would have been more cool and honest if Sakura, going bersek, told something like “well, I’m just like this I love caring of myself and you’re just jelous of it shannaro!”. Maybe it is a little trashy but fuck it I would have loved her…

Then things got even worse: she couldn’t beat Ino, he got almost killed by Gaara for protecting Sasuke, she was intended to betray Konoha just to follow him who never cared of her but she was egoist also because she always wanted to change the person she “loved”… she stressed Naruto beging him to save Sasuke for her…

This is a focal point.

That poor blonde guy always loved her… really. Ok I respect Hinata for her kind soul but often even if there is someone caring for us this doesn’t mean that we have to fall in love with him/her. Naruto is always been honest and she loved Sakura for who she was even knowing that she had eyes only for Sasuke… he accepted that from the beginning to the end. He suffered in silence.

But what I didn’t really understand is: if Sakura was fixed only with Sasuke why give the readers hints that she loved Naruto instead? Yamato and Sai tried to help Sakura admitting it. But then there is that horrible chapter when Sai literally told her “wake up you silly chick Naruto LOVES YOU (and you love him) the guy you “love” is a freaking psyco that is going to kill everyone so we’re going to kill him first but Naruto probably doesn’t want it”. So God Kishimoto whispered her “lie to Naruto tell him you love him and say to him to forget Sasuke… and then go to kill the last Uchiha betraying everyone and risking your life again poisoning that poor fox guy”. This also a thing I don’t understand… Sakura can be not mature but she isn’t weak! God she can’t destroy all with a finger, save her and other lives (but not Neji’s because if not Hinata could’t approach definitely Naruto…) and she has a inner talent for genjutsu. So why she has always the need to be saved? Where is the logic on this?

Ok if you read all this you’re thinking “well why do you ship NaruHina?”.

The fact is that I simply accepted that at the end Naruto choose her. However, i would really liked if Sakura accepted her true feelings and stayed with Naruto.

It would have been the coolest thing when in the end, when she was healing both Naruto and Sasuke, when Sasuke apologise to her she said something like “the one who has to say sorry is me. I always complicated things without helping. Sasuke, I understand now. I’m really annoying. It’s hard to deal with someone so stubborn like me. But now i understand what how I really feel like. This is not a lie anymore… Naruto”.

Awwww, Kishimoto why you didn’t do this?

I’ll write only a few things more… “WHY”?.


- She was his first love and even if I loved The Last movie I disagree with Sakura when she tells Naruto that his feeling for her were false; again she lied to herself…

- Sakura is very similar to Kushina and even Minato sees this;

- She spent more time with Naruto than Hinata so she can understand him better;

- Sakura can look him in the eyes without fainting (lol).


- Because Neji died to make them canon…

- Because there is a NaruHina movie that is canon…

- Because Kishimoto loves Hinata and also his staff do

- Because Hinata almost died for him… but Sakura did this before in a different way

- Because Hinata is stalkers-Hime

- Because any other things other than her big breast (lol)


- Fandom.

- Platonic love.

- Reborn of the Uchiha clan even if you don’t know if Sasuke betrayed Sakura


- Sexyness.

- Uchiha + Uzumaki is the perfect combination

- Painful past

- Twisted minds

- Tomatoes,


- Because this is a shounen viril manga (like Haku)

- Because they are the reincarnation of two brothers. Oh well fuck this

- Because two males can’t do sons

- Because this manga it’s a total lie

And finally…


- Hinata is beautiful and quiet like Mikoto

- They have similar colors

- Two blue blood families

- Sharingan + Byakugan= Kaguya

- Ah ok they also somehow kinsmans

- I don’t have other reasons lol

That’s all! I just say a last thing: all the ships are beautiful. This is what makes them interesting and stimulating! So let’s respect each other it’s not bad to have different ideas.

BTS React to S/O being a special effects MUA

@ashxx182:  Ok, heres my request: BTS reacting to their S/o being a Special effects make up artist, if you could? I’m one myself, and I dont see reactions for my career choice offten. Thank you so much!

Sorry for the wait sweetie! Thank you for being so patient :)

- Admin Crys


He has a lot of respect for your craft and what you do, but it still scares the bajesus out of him on the regular. 

You find this very entertaining, and tend to play pranks on him with it. 

Once when he was walking up behind you, and wrapped his arms around you from behind, he thought he was embracing his sweet, cute gf. 

“Jagi, turn around and give me a kiss, I’ve missed you today.”

When you turn around, finally exposing the burnt/melted makeup you had applied that day for a photo shoot he would jump away from you. 


“Why do you always do this to me?! You’re going to give me a heart attack one day, I hope you know!”

*meanwhile you’re doubled over from laughing at him so hard. 

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He would think it’s the coolest thing in the world, wanting you to do his makeup as well. 

“We should do a couple photoshoot! But instead of normal glamour shots we should dress up as different monsters.”

“What do you think? This is going to be awesome.”

*You totally go all out every holiday and the Christmas cards, with your epic portraits, you send out every year are legendary among your families and friends. 

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Being passionate about life and what you do is very important to Joonie, and he loves that while you both have different goals/dreams you both share the same level of intense passion. 

He would be the Proud Boyfriend™

He would get just as excited as you over new projects and accomplishments. 

“They want you to be in charge of the whole MUA team? That’s amazing baby.”

“What’s the concept? Have you drawn anything up yet? Can I see it?”

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He likes that you’re so skilled in makeup, and if you’re going out somewhere he always ask you to do his as well, so he can keep up appearances. 

“You do it better than me, just don’t be so heavy handed, yeah?.”

“If you can do all of those elaborate special effects makeups then you can handle eyeliner babe.”

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He would be fascinated with it, always sitting right next to you (really close, up in your grillz close) when you get a special effects MU ready to post on your insta. 

He would be in awe, always poking and prodding your prosthetic, etc. You have to swat his hands away more than once. 

“Jungkook! I just put it on, it’s not even finished drying. Could you not mess it up?”

“Sorry, it’s just so incredible. It takes so much skill to do this kind of thing. I’m amazed.” 

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He wouldn’t like it at all. While he’s glad you love what you do, and are good at it, he hates seeing you in the effects makeup. 

Seeing half of your face melted off, or stitched together is something he’d rather not see. 

“Who in their right mind would want to see their loved one look like they’re dead? Or like something horrible has happened to them?”

“I know it’s fake, but it still disturbs me.”

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J Hope:

He’s totally cool with it. You both have a lot of fun messing around with different looks, and Hobi’s makeup game improves immensely while playing around with you. 

You have makeup battles/challenges to see who can come up with the scariest/grossest/most elaborate look. 

- Insert y/n as tae

“Just because you look like the devil doesn’t mean you get to act like one.”

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a bunch of starters from spiderman: homecoming trailers
  • "This is the coolest thing I've ever seen."
  • "This is the greatest day of my life!"
  • "Who's that new guy?"
  • "Gotta go!"
  • "That was awesome!"
  • "Don't mess with me."
  • "I'll kill you, and everybody you love."
  • "New move I'm working on."
  • "I stole his shield, then he beat me up."
  • "Why do you hate fun?"
  • "Nice try, buddy."
  • "So, you're gonna let me go?"
  • "What the hell?"
  • "We have thin walls here."
  • "They don't care about us."
  • "The world's changing. It's time we change too."
  • "So when's our next 'retreat'?"
  • "We'll call you."
  • "That's not a hug, I'm just grabbing the door for you."
  • "Good luck out there."
  • "This is my chance to prove myself."
  • "What if someone had died tonight?"
  • "That's on you."
  • "I wanted you to be better."
  • "We're going to take everything they got."
  • "You're not gonna stop me!"
  • "Finally! Here we go."
  • "We're not there yet."
  • "I stopped a Grand Theft Bicycle."
  • "Hey, could you do me a favor? Hold on to that."
  • "I helped this old lady and she bought me a churro."
  • "That was nice."
  • "I just feel like I could be doing more."
  • "This feels so strange."
  • "These weapons are crazy dangerous!"
  • "There are people who handle this sort of thing."
  • "Let go of me!"
  • "But we have a Spanish quiz!"
  • "You gotta get better at this part of the job."
  • "I don't understand."
  • "I'm intimidating!"
  • "Hey, where are you going?"
  • "What are you hiding?"
  • "I'm just kidding, I don't care."
  • "I'm sick of being treated like a kid!"
  • "What was that?"
  • "You were on the ceiling!"
  • "You said we were going to finish the death star?"
  • "She doesn't know?"
  • "Nobody knows!"
  • "You can't tell anybody about this!"
  • "I don't think I can keep this a secret, this is the greatest thing to ever happen to me!"
  • "I can't believe this is happening right now."
  • "Are there like, trials? Or an interview?"
  • "Just stay close to the ground!"
  • "Badass!"
  • "Forget the flying monster guy!"
  • "I was just trying to be like you."
  • "I screwed up."
  • "You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders."
  • "I'll do anything to protect my family."
  • "I know you know what I'm talking about."
  • "I just gotta do this on my own."
  • "Just don't do anything stupid, alright?"
  • "We should probably stop staring before it gets creepy."
  • "You guys are losers."
  • "Just, don't do anything I would do."
  • "And definitely don't do anything I wouldn't do."
  • "There's a little grey area in there, and that's where you operate."
  • "I know you want to save the world, but you're not ready yet."
  • "Stay out of trouble!"
  • "What is going on with you?"

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  • 1/3 of the intern bunch
  • intern Hansol is very odd, often in his own world, often caught in an odd situation
  • got his skateboard confiscated by Jihoon during the first week he was interning but it’s okay cause he’s got heeles
  • really doesn’t know what he wants to do or specialize in, he’s hoping the whole rounds and getting a taste in every department helps his decision
  • “idk why can’t I just be an everything doctor”
  • “Hansol no”
  • published a paper regarding pediatrics with Seungcheol because he won a rap battle
  • often hanging out with intern Seungkwan
  • says he got his way through med school by making raps of the body systems
  • rapped the anatomy of the body at the hospital talent show and did a Mic drop at the end
  • Much to Jihoon’s dismay, Hansol is actually a really good surgeon and is secretly vouching for him to choose surgery
  • got lost during the first week and somehow ended up in the morgue
  • is really really into his pager like he thinks it’s the coolest thing in the world
  • “it means I’m hungry, let’s eat”
  • makes up a lot of different codes (but obviously stays away from code red or blue cause that’s a no no)
  • chills with patients in their rooms when he has night shifts
  • found with his hand up a coffee vending machine because he was not going to put another dollar in
  • everyone leaves him there for the day
  • as air headed he may seem, he’s really knowledgeable
  • always knows the toughest of diagnosis because he knows random information
  • gets really shy with new patients which makes it seem like he doesn’t know what he’s doing but he’s just nervous around new people
  • he was the first one out of all the interns to finish stitching 10 oranges and is the first to step into an operating room
  • will switch Jihoon’s soft music to rap music and Jihoon can’t do anything because his hand is touching a human brain and
  • one day he got to substitute in for the person who speaks on the overhead speaker
  • made up nicknames for everyone
  • “Doctor S.Coups you’re needed in the pediatric unit”
  • “Doctor Woozi please head over to operating room 2”
  • “if someone finds a skateboard lying around somewhere I think I misplaced it, actually it might be in operating room 5”
  • beatboxes into the mic before getting kicked out by Jeonghan
  • once made the nurse station made so they all stuck him with bedpan changes for a week
  • you work at the newly opened cafe in the hospital
  • you see Hansol and Seungkwan a lot because they’re always hanging around when they’re on break
  • you became friends with Hansol during the time he had his hand up the vending machine
  • the vending machine was next to the cafe (really bad placement like who puts a coffee vending machine next to a cafe)
  • you were working the cash register and you just keep staring at the boy who’s hand is lodged up the mouth of the machine
  • “why is your hand up a vending machine”
  • “do you need help”
  • “nah I got a friend coming”
  • that friend was Seungkwan who was a scaredy cat to leave rounds especially since Jihoon was doing rounds
  • After a while you and Hansol strike up a conversation when customers aren’t holding up the line
  • You snort and laugh really loudly because his reaction was really cute and naive and now the tips of Hansol’s ears turn red because damn your laugh is hella cute
  • another hour passes with light conversation and you say it’s nearing the end of your shift and although you can’t hear it Hansol is whining a small no
  • Seungkwan finally comes back with a janitor who helps gets his hand out of the machine
  • Hansol jumps to his feet and hurries to the cash register where you are and his cheeks tint a lil red ‘omg cuter up close”
  • Seungkwan is squinting his eyes with a lot of suspicion because why are these two silent and why are they red faced HANSOL HAS A CRUSH
  • hansol has a crush on the girl who works at the coffee shop”
  • “hansol has a crush”
  • “hansol likes the girl—”
  • you get what I mean
  • Hansol starts to spend wayy too much time at the cafe like so much that you’re able to quote the paper he’s writing on the effects of the absence of the corpus collosum
  • this goes on for weeks and Seungkwan is getting really bored of the whole back and forth not wanting to confess because “it’ll ruin the friendship”
  • 22 hours with no sleep he’s watching Hansol stare at you
  • the cafe becomes really quiet. you and hansol are just deep red in embarrassment while Seungkwan passes out on the table
  • but thanks to sleep deprived Seungkwan, 5 coffee dates later
  • “y/n and I are dating”
  • sassy seungkwan “took you long enough”
  • seungkwan claims he doesn’t remember that day but whatever Hansol has a girlfriend now
  • actually learned the cafe menu by rapping it and teaches you the rap
  • also teaches you to skateboard in the hospital and you bribe Jihoon with free coffee so Hansol doesn’t get in trouble
  • at the end of your shifts, Hansol is usually still working so you bring him coffee with a  side of kiss on the cheek and Seungkwan barfs on the side
  • snuck back to the overhead speaker mic and rapped a cheesy verse about you which made you smile the whole day
  • you actually write little notes on the coffee cups and it brightens his whole day
  • on the rare times that his shifts ends before yours, he just sits and waits in the cafe and you two always leave with hands held together and third wheel seungkwan watching from behind
  • he still hasn’t chosen a specific field to study more on but he’s more than certain that he always wants you by his side with whatever he chooses
  • intern Hansol again is still uncertain about his career choices but he’s always certain that the smile on your face, the warm coffee cup in his hand, and the press of your lips against his cheek is something that he wants for futures to come
favorite monsters of the week ask meme, part two
  • Racist with a Terrible Headache: if you could just get up drive anywhere, right now, where would it be?
  • Bruce Campbell the Bigamist Demon: what is the biggest surprise you've ever had in your life?
  • Mildly Upset Meteorologist: what would the weather be like if you could control it?
  • Creepy Death Photographer: what is something you're morally ambiguous about?
  • Mulder in One Son: what's the most awkward situation you've been privy to?
  • Florida Gothic Aesthetique: what is a situation where you were overwhelmed but you pulled through?
  • Homeowners Associations are HORRIBLE: what is a community you really enjoy being a part of?
  • Dogs? I don't know: what historical figure would you consider a kindred spirit?
  • Phillip Padget Eat Your Heart Out: what is something about yourself you feel others do not see?
  • Flesh Eating Magic Mushrooms: name three things you do NOT want to be covered in
  • The Kid Eats Brains: what are your favorite brain foods?
  • It's a Metaphor for Teenage Speed Use: talk about peer pressure you experienced
  • Even Luck is Terrifying: what's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?
  • Screw You DONALD: what is something you feel guilty about but was justified?
  • Literally Fear Itself: what is the embodiment of fear itself to you?
  • Cigarettes are Bad by the Way: what are you addicted to?
  • Kathy Griffin Incites Mass Violence: why did you want to punch the last person you wanted to punch?
  • Jinn, the Coolest XFiles Monster: what are your three wishes?
  • Cult Worm, Name of My Band: name three things that gross the hell out of you, like this episode
  • Half Man Half Reptile Completely Incoherent: if you were half man half animal, what would you want the half animal to be?
  • The Kid has Bugs for Hormones: what is something you yearned for but did not receive?
  • The Brady Bunch but People Fucking Die: what makes you instantly nostalgic?
  • Burt Reynolds is Literally God Here: link me to three of the nicest songs you know
  • This Lizard Man was Adorable as Hell: what's your favorite thing about being human? what's your least favorite?
  • The Band-Aid Nose Man: what really disappoints you about the world?
An Idea for People Dating Demisexuals (Or just for people in general)

One of the coolest things I’ve ever come across to help with interpersonal relationships is the Aromantic/Platonic/Queerplatonic Checklist by @aromanticaardvark. Here is a sample of mine for a partner:

Kissing (forehead, cheek, etc): Yes
Kissing (mouth): Yes, but ask first
Hand holding: Yes
Cuddling: Yes, but ask first
Hugging: Yes, but ask first
Other affectionate touching: Some restriction

I know I’ve reblogged it before, but it’s really useful. The whole (blank) checklist can be found at http://aromanticaardvark.tumblr.com/post/44655392052/aromanticplatonicqueerplatonic-dating-checklist. (Sorry. I’m on mobile.)

Why is this checklist useful? It’s extremely detailed and can help with communication. If you’re like me, you crave some types affection, but are easily scared off by others. A good example would be hugging. I like hugs. But if I’m not expecting it, or I don’t feel comfortable with someone yet, I don’t want to hug. I’ll feel gross and icky and anxious. That is something important for a partner to know. The list even goes into hair brushing and terms of endearment. It will probably give some ideas on how to be intimate without sex too (great for allosexuals).

You can also make different ones for friends, family, and partners. There’s nothing stopping you. And once you’ve set your boundaries and communicated your feelings, it’s easier to remain close and keep those human connections.


Being a Non-Mutant and Dating Peter Maximoff Would Include...

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•Peter doesn’t tell you immediately that he’s a mutant because at the time people still weren’t completely accepting of them. Sp Peter has to make up excuses for why he can get things done so quickly

-“How do you always get to school before me? I live closer than you!”
-“I ah… I’m just a really fast runner”

•Him eventually showing you once you become closer and you thinking it’s the coolest thing ever

-“You can run at the speed of light and you’ve just decided to tell me this now!”
-“I thought you’d be freaked out”
-“Are you kidding?! This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me”

•Becoming a couple shortly after you find out about his mutation

•Peter showing off his super doped as much as he possibly can

•Using Peter’s abilities to your advantage and having him take you places such as school and the mall

•Having to help Peter hide his powers from people

•Peter being extra protective of you because you don’t have powers to defend yourself like he does

•Peter’s mom appreciating having you around because you keep her son under control and make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble

•Worrying that you two won’t last because you’re not one of his kind. However the two of you manage to fight through this obstacle

•Keeping things a secret from your parents for awhile because you’re both scared about how they’ll react to you dating a mutant

•Peter cheating whenever you play video games together

•Peter using his speed to steal random kisses from him

•You always sticking up for mutants because since you’re obviously close with one you know that some of them are good people

•Having a long distance relationship with Peter when he first goes to the Xavier school. It’s sad that you don’t get to see him all the but you’re happy he’s found friends who are like him

•Charles eventually allowing you to stay at the school with Peter and you being one of the few non-mutants to live there

I still can’t get over what an unreal privilege it is to be assigned to such AWESOME classes this semester. A group of my students were stuck on a problem today, so I sidled up and started writing something at the board nearby. 

Them: “NO, RILEY! Don’t do it.”

Me: “I’m not doing anything…”

Them: “No hints. You’re writing a hint. Stop.”

Me: “omg then don’t look at it. I’m writing very small. So small.”



Let me break it down why this makes me happy:

1.  My students have started aggressively refusing hints. They actually prefer to struggle through it and fight for their own understanding. They will sit there and stare at the board until they get it gaddangit, and that’s the coolest thing ever. 

2. Their independence makes my job awesome. It makes it fun for me to think about the problem, too. I actually get to step outside of pedagogy and just do fun math with friends(!?) I get to share my favorite thing in the world with people who like it, too. Like, as a job. My job is to just play fun math games all day, like, how is that real life? 

3. The fact that I get into yelling math-fights with my students is the best proof I have that I am doing my job correctly. They are comfortable and confident. We have succeeded in collectively building an environment where the sincere enthusiasm, skeptical inquiry, independence, and equality that are at the very heart of mathematical thinking can grow and flourish. The fact that I have a large group of people who regularly come to office hours more to work with me and (more importantly) with each other than to ask me questions, that all I have to be is a fixed point, a “Free Math Here” sign around which they may congregate, is the greatest compliment I could ever be paid. 

Came Here to Forget

Jack slammed his hand against the bar on the door. There was music playing loudly, but he could barely hear it over his own racing thoughts. He sat himself on a bar stool and ordered a shot of Fireball.

Tonight, he was here to forget.

Sure, plenty of people came here to forget, but he had had his heart broken for the fourth time this year. By the same guy.

It was the same thing over and over. “I hate you, get out,” then a week later it was, “I messed up, I love you.”

Jack hated that he was head over heels for this guy, yet he was being used like a fucking toy.

He downed the shot with ease, running his fingers through his faded green locks and sighing. His eyes were red and his head ached. Jack twisted around and people watched, seeing nearly everyone being lovey-dovey with their partner.

A couple shared a fruity looking drink, booping each other on the nose and giggling.

“Augh..” he muttered under his breath. He settled on staring out the window by the door.

Suddenly someone pushed open the door with as much, if not more, anger as Jack.

Jack watched as this man shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way across the bar. As he took a seat next to Jack, he slid his hands over his head and groaned.

Jack felt a little self conscious. he knew he was a crying blubbering mess, and it was just his luck the last seat this..fairly handsome man could have taken was next to him.

The Irishman wiped at his cheeks with his already tear stained sleeves, trying to make himself look like less of train wreck. As he did, the man next to him looked up.

He had tired looking grey eyes and hair that had been bleached some time ago. It hung down the slightest bit, framing his face nicely, Jack thought. His hand rubbed over his stubble covered jaw, and Jack bit his lip.

Jack made eye contact and smiled weakly.

“Hello..” he said quietly, “are you feeling alright?” The grey eyes crinkled as he forced a smile.

“I should be asking you..” he cocked his head, and it took Jack a moment to figure out what he wanted.

“Oh, uhm, the name’s Jack.” he held out a sweatshirt sleeve covered hand.

“Felix,” the man said, taking Jack’s small hand in his larger one, “now really, Jack..are you okay?”  

Jack shrugged as the bartender brought him another shot.

“I’ve had my heart broken more times than I’d like to admit..” he murmured, “by the same guy.” he hesitated as he said “guy”, afraid he’d get ridiculed for his sexuality.

“Oh jeez..” Felix muttered as he sipped the vodka soda he’d ordered. Jack nodded sheepishly.

“I just really like him.” Jack said, fidgeting with his sleeves, “and I keep falling for his stupid little acts.” Felix clicked his tongue.

“To hell with him. Or anyone that fucks with someone as adorable as you.” Jack froze a little, chewing on his lip. He looked at Felix, a blush and a smile on his face.

“Oh, I-I didn’t mean that in..in that way, I’m sorry..” Felix muttered curses under his breath, his face turning pink as he sipped his drink. Jack smiled a little more, but said nothing.

“So..why are you here tonight, Felix?” he asked quietly, “I told you why I’m here.” Felix stared at his drink for a second before answering.

“It..it’s complicated..” he muttered, “I was with this guy, and..well I never really loved him that much, and I met this girl at the train station on my way to work. She sat next to me and we got to talking. She was really nice, not to mention gorgeous, and we ended up seeing each other nearly everyday. She had a similar work schedule as me, and we talked about the coolest things and..ah fuck I’m rambling..” he shook his head and sipped his drink. Jack put his hand on Felix’s arm.

“N-no, go on. I’m listening,” he said, giving a lopsided smile. Felix pulled his bottom lip in between his teeth.

“Are you sure you wanna hear me blab on and on?” Of course he did. Jack nodded.

“I-I’m a good listener,” he said, pulling his hand away and fidgeting with his sleeve again, “it might make you feel better if you talk it out.” Felix looked at him for a second, tired grey eyes meeting ones that matched perfectly. Then he continued, swiveling around to meet Jack’s knees with his own.

“I..well, like I said, she had a similar work schedule, and I started to develop a bit of a crush on her, and I thought at the time she liked me too..” he trailed off and sipped his drink again. Jack folded his hands in his lap. “One day on the train we talked about relationships and how we wanted to be sure we found the right person. Then she took a vacation from work and I didn’t see her for a bit. During that time, I decided I was going to break up with my boyfriend.”

Jack nodded, watching Felix politely. He couldn’t help but study his face as he talked. The soft dusting of freckles, how cute his nose was, the way his eyes crinkled when he was thinking. His lips looked soft, Jack noted. The black shirt he had on was tight, and Jack could see his muscles ripple as he moved.

He swallowed, looking back up at Felix’s face.

“I got home after work that week, and sat my boyfriend down, telling him I needed to say something important. He said he had something to tell me as well.” Felix took a deep breath, sipping his drink again. Jack could tell it was hard for him to tell this story.

He smiled reassuringly as Felix turned back to him.

“I told my boyfriend that I had met someone I enjoyed being around, and that I didn’t really feel that strongly about him..I-I expected him to cry or something, but he just laughed it off and..and told me he had been cheating on me a-anyway..”

“That’s fucking cruel.” Jack said, quickly reaching out to wipe tears from Felix’s face. Felix looked at him, and Jack quickly retracted his hand. “S-sorry.”

“No no, it’s fine,” Felix smiled, “thank you..” Jack blushed as Felix continued. “As if it couldn’t get any worse..apparently the person he’d been seeing was..was the same girl I’d met on the train..” Jack’s mouth dropped open, his hand flying up to cover it.

“Fuck..” he muttered.

“It’s a small world, isn’t it?..” Felix murmured. Jack bit his lip as Felix edged forward on his seat, their knees pressing together. “He texted me about an hour ago..a photo of him and the girl kissing. He just wanted to rub it in my face..so I came here.” Felix leaned his head in his hands.

He was so close to Jack, that he could have just kissed the top of his head.

But he refrained from doing so.

They sat there in silence, Jack settling his hand on Felix’s knee and rubbing his thumb across it until Felix lifted his head.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Jack..” he mumbled, “I’m a mess.” Jack shook his head.

“N-no, it’s absolutely fine. So am I. Don’t you feel a bit better now that you vented?” Felix nodded slowly.

“Yeah, I guess..” he looked at his watch, “oh Jesus it’s late..” Jack pulled out his phone.

It was 1:24 am.

“Fuuckkkk..” Jack dragged out the word, sighing.

Felix insisted on paying for Jack’s drinks, as payment for “making Jack listen to him ramble like a bubble blowing baby”. Jack honestly didn’t mind. He could have listened to Felix ramble for another three hours and then some.

They walked out together, fingers brushing up against each other. Blushes found their ways to both of their faces.

Felix fished his keys out of his pocket and unlocked his car.

“Where’s your car?” he asked Jack. Jack chuckled lightly.

“I ah..don’t have my license actually. I walked here.” Felix looked at him wide eyed.

“No way in hell are you walking home at this time of night..Or day, whatever. Not on my watch. Get in.” He opened the passenger side door. Jack shook his head.

“Isn’t there a rule about not riding with strangers?” Felix rolled his eyes.

“Jack, I know you don’t know me that well, but please, trust me when I say I’m concerned about you.” Jack blushed.

“I-I mean I guess it wouldn’t hurt..” he sat down in the car, Felix shutting the door gently behind him. Jack buckled his seatbelt as he got in the car and started it.

What was the worst that could happen? Murder?

“So, uh, where do you live?” Jack bit his lip, then explained to Felix how to get there as they pulled out onto the street.

“Oh shit, Felix wait a second..” Felix drove back into their parking space, slightly alarmed at how panicked his new friend sounded.

“What is it?”

“My-my boyfriend..well ex boyfriend, is having a party at our..my house. He texted me on my way here..” Felix looked at Jack, complete worry taken over his face.

“Fucking asshole..” he muttered, looking away, “I-do you wanna come to my place then?..” Jack played with his sleeves.

“I-I dunno..I don’t want to be a burden on you, Felix.” he murmured, “You just met me, I’m sure you have stuff to do.” Felix shook his head and grabbed Jack’s hands before either of them knew what was happening.

“Jack, you will not be a burden to me. I want to help you. Please, come to my house, you can stay the night and I’ll drive you home in the morning.” Jack looked at his hands that had been taken into Felix’s, then back up at the man in front of him.

“I-if you’re sure..” Felix smiled, relief showing on his face.

“Thank god.”

They drove in silence, but it was a comfortable silence. They would look at each other now and then, giggles and blushes being shared.

Felix pulled into his driveway and Jack whistled softly.

“Nice place.” he said as he opened the door. Felix pushed a hand through his hair and shrugged.

“Thank you.” he murmured. He unlocked the front door and let Jack in first.

Felix took Jack’s sweatshirt and hung it in the closet next to his coat. Jack kicked off his shoes as a pug came to greet him. He laughed, getting on his knees and talking to the dog as if it was a baby.

Felix chuckled, “that’s Edgar.” he said, “He loves people, but I’m pretty sure he was sent from hell to watch over me or something.”

Jack burst into a fit of giggles as continued to pet the dog before standing up.

He turned to face Felix, not realizing how close he actually was to him. Their faces were just inches apart. Jack blushed, but didn’t back away. Felix’s hand suddenly connected with Jack’s hip, and he pulled him closer. Jack’s eyes fluttered closed and he leaned in, their lips meeting in the middle.

He wrapped his arms around Felix’s neck, pressing their bodies together. Felix smiled into the kiss before disconnecting it to breathe.

Jack’s face was red as all hell, he was sure of it.

“I-wow..” he breathed. Felix bit his lip; he suddenly looked embarrassed.

“I’m-I’m sorry, Jack..that was uncalled for..” he let go of Jack, the Irishman immediately feeling the loss of heat. “I shouldn’t have-”

Jack grabbed Felix’s hand and put it back on his waist, quieting him.

“Don’t stop..” Jack whispered, leaning into his touch and closing his eyes. He felt Felix lean in again, this time kissing him a little harder. He brought his hands to Jack’s butt, squeezing gently as he picked him up with ease. He backed Jack up against the wall. Jack laughed lightly, wrapping his legs around Felix’s hips. He ran his slender hands down Felix’s shoulders and arms, feeling each muscle ripple as he moved.

For some reason, he couldn’t put his finger on it, he felt extremely safe in Felix’s arms. His cares seemed to melt away as he kissed this stranger he met at the bar.

They parted slowly, foreheads still touching. Felix’s smile grew as he stared at Jack with those beautiful blue eyes. He was a little out of breath, but in a good way.

“Are..are you sure you wanna do this?..” he murmured, looking down at Jack’s lips, his eyes not daring to travel any further. Jack squeezed Felix’s sides with his thighs and smiled softly.

“Would I have stayed if I didn’t?”

With that their lips collided again, Felix letting out a soft groan as Jack ran his fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, Felix pulled back from the wall, Jack’s arms wrapping around his neck again. Felix started up the stairs to his bedroom, kissing Jack’s neck as he did. Jack threw his head and giggled, making Felix grin.

Kicking the door open with his foot, Felix placed Jack on the bed, climbing on top of him. He laughed, his deep baritone voice rattling Jack’s chest as he kissed him.

“You’re so cute..” Felix mumbled as he kissed up Jack’s neck. Jack hooked his legs around Felix’s waist.

“Thanks..” he murmured. “You’re not too bad yourself.” Felix continued kissing Jack’s jaw, carding his fingers through Jack’s faded green hair tenderly. The Irishman closed his eyes and smiled softly. He tipped his head back as Felix’s kisses moved his shoulder.

His hands began to slide down Jack’s slender figure, stopping at the hem of his shirt. He pulled away, looking him straight in the eye.

“I-is this okay?” he asked, fingertips lingering on Jack’s hips. Jack nodded and sat up, allowing his t-shirt to be slipped off and tossed to the floor.

Hands touched his shoulders, snaking down his bare torso. Jack shivered, grinning sheepishly as he did. Felix chuckled.

He pulled away, looking Jack up and down, studying every last detail of him as he smiled. Jack covered his face with his hands.

“Stop staring’..” his voice was muffled by his hands. Felix reached over and removed them from his face, kissing each hand as he set them down.

“You’re so gorgeous, Jack..” he said soothingly, adjusting himself so he was sitting in Jack’s lap. Jack looked away, blushing. Felix took his chin in his hand and kissed him, cupping his cheek with the other hand.

“Take this off..” Jack mumbled into the kiss, fumbling with Felix’s shirt. Felix smiled and slipped off his shirt, tossing it to join Jack’s. As he pulled away, Jack let his mouth hang open a little at how well-built Felix was.

“Christ..” he whispered, running his pale hands down Felix’s tanned torso. He bit his lip and closed his eyes as Jack toyed with him. “I got lucky tonight, didn’t I?” he muttered into Felix’s neck, kissing it sweetly. Jack heard him laugh softly as he continued to litter his neck with kisses. As Felix arched his back, Jack felt his erection press against his stomach.

“Fuck, o-oh god,” Felix’s hips came to life, and he rolled them against Jack. The Irishman fell back onto the bed, pulling Felix with him. Sitting himself on Jack’s hips, Felix fumbled impatiently with Jack’s jeans, finally sliding them down his legs and throwing them to join the other clothes on the floor. He then slipped out of his sweatpants and attacked Jack’s neck again, leaving them in their boxers.

“Shit-ah fucking hell..” Jack rutted his hips up into Felix’s, desperate for friction. To his relief, Felix returned the favor, pressing himself against the boy beneath him.

Nails dug into his back, leaving red marks in their place as they dragged down. Felix kissed Jack again, slow and sweet as he rolled his hips at a perfect rhythm. The Irishman moaned into the kiss, a string of curses leaving his lips as he felt himself getting close.

Everything that had happened to these broken-hearted men was gone, replaced by pure pleasure. Jack’s head felt light, and Felix’s lips on his were the only thing he was focused on.

“Fuck, I’m so close,” Felix growled as he hid his face in the crook of Jack’s neck, “fuck, fuck, fuck..”

“Ah god, I’m gonna cum, Felix..” Jack shut his eyes, his hips moving on their own accord now. His cheeks were hot, every fiber of his being on edge as he held onto Felix.

“Do it, cum for me, Jack.” he felt himself tip over the edge, leaning down to kiss Jack hard. As Felix slowed down, the Irishman arched his back, moaning louder than he intended.

“Ah fuck!” his hips jerked up a few more times before they both collapsed, Felix on top of Jack, breathing heavily.

“Mm, Jesus Christ..” Felix murmured as he turned over to look at Jack.

“Yeah..” Jack muttered, smiling at the man lying next to him. There was silence for a minute, both of them staring at each other fondly.

“Hey..” Felix lifted his head and reached out to run his thumb across Jack’s cheek, “thank you.” Jack propped himself up on his elbow, bumping noses with his counterpart.

“Fer what? Invading your house at 2 in the morning and cumming on your bedsheets?” Felix laughed.

“No no, as much as I enjoy the fact that you came on my bedsheets,” Felix pulled Jack’s head towards him, both of them laughing a little as they shared a kiss. “thank you for trusting me. Thank you for helping me forget..” Jack kissed him again.

“I was gonna say the same thing..” he murmured. Felix moved so he was lying on the bed, and he pulled Jack into his chest.

Jack closed his eyes, snuggling himself into Felix’s shoulder and sighing. “Thank you for letting me stay here.” he said quietly. Felix draped an arm over Jack’s waist and pulled the blanket over them.

“Thank you for staying.”

A/N this is a re-write from a since deleted blog of mine, so if you noticed that, please don’t bash me for it. thanks. hope you enjoyed otherwise!

How Gem fusions work (probably)

So one of the coolest, most intriguing parts of Steven Universe to me is the concept of fusion. I am a huge frickin nerd and I will spend hours just sitting here trying to comprehend what it must be like to experience being a fusion. 

For a long time though, there have been certain things that have had me stumped:

1) How could Pearl hide her intentions from Rose and Garnet during their respective fusions?

2) How could Jasper not realized Lapis was going to trap her while there were fused as Malachite?

3) Why was Alexandrite so quiet and (imo) uninteresting during fusion cuisine, despite being a fusion of so many gems? 

Before, I was under the assumption that when gems were in sync during a fusion, their minds “melded” and became one. However, the above scenarios wouldn’t make sense if that were the case. 

But then I realized, we’ve been blatantly told how fusion works. And during one of the most memorable episodes at that. 

“I am their conversation.” What if we take this statement as literally as possible? 

How about this: When gems are fused, each gem in the fusion is actually having a conversation with each other. In order to stay fused, the gems have to communicate, agree, compromise, debate and plan together. When this is done perfectly, their voices “sync up”, and the fusion’s amalgam personality arises. 

At the same time, whenever gems within a fusion have a difficult time communicating, the fusion’s personality dissolves and each gem speaks separately through the fusion’s mouth. 

The concept of fusion as conversation also perfectly explains how Pearl could hide information all the time during fusions, as well as how Lapis could fool Jasper while becoming Malachite. Because a fusion can only know what each gem discloses.

THIS ALSO MAKES ALEXANDRITE FRICKIN HILARIOUS. She wasn’t quiet and to herself because she lacked personality. She barely talked because Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Pearl were so awkward and had no idea what to say or do. But she had a stoic face because they all agreed they had to play it cool.

Viewing fusions as conversations just changed so much for me about this show, there’s a lot of little things I’ve noticed that I don’t want to get into cause this is already really long. Overall, it’s deepened my appreciate of the fact that fusions are metaphors for relationships. Remember what Garnet said to Stevonnie:

“You are not two people. You are not one person. You are an experience.”

Because relationships aren’t about changing, or gaining, or becoming something new. Relationships aren’t about who you are as individuals or as a group. Relationships are what is created between people. They’re the result of conversation and contribution and compromise. They are an experience.

The Four Times Spider-Man Wore His Mask and the One Time He Didn’t // Part 3/4

Part ONE / Part TWO / Part FOUR

Summary: After saving your life in a chance encounter, you start to see the Spider-Man everywhere. Fluff. Spider-Man x Reader fic. 

A/N: OKAY so I was NOT expecting the reaction I got for this mini-series and I am sooo happy you all liked it! So this is part three, one of my faves, and part four should be up later today I HOPE YOU LIKE IT???

Warnings: Light swearing

Less than a week later, and the Spider-Man was becoming more popular than ever. It was as if people waited until you were near to start discussing him. Or maybe everyone was just constantly discussing him. You had no idea. But it was getting harder and harder to ignore.

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*appears out of nowhere and whispers shyly* i’m kinda close to 7.5k and it would be the coolest thing to reach this goal before my birthday on July 10th