why is this the best sketch ever

I could see love a mile away,
I could see him standing in the biggest crowd
I could see him even in my dreams I knew
I could tell
He was going to be the best and the worst thing that was ever going to happen to me
And I still loved him through all of his flaws
The fact that he hated bagels
And he took 30 minute showers and he used too much conditioner
He was perfect
Which is why it hurt more when it got colder
And he always hated the winter time
I could see him changing
And suddenly we went from being a masterpiece to being the sketches you throw away
He stopped asking me how my day was and started asking me why I talked too much
I couldn’t feel him when we went to bed and he got up earlier and went to bed later
And I stopped seeing love in my bedroom and I started seeing him out with her
I hope she knows how lucky she is too because love is going to show you how beautiful life is just to show you that you won’t be happy like that again.
—  You love, love, & love & you end up leaving the windows open in the wintertime.

Hi I’m Jen and I take back everything I ever said about me being an artist

(courtesy of @bakanohealthy for this blessed/cursed au)


So it’s 1/1 New Year’s Eve according to the Lunar calendar, and since here at my place it’s kind of a big thing, here’s Sefikura wearing Vietnamese aodai LOL.

Btw, I just saw a post saying it’s the year of the Chocobo (aka year of the Chicken lol) but then you can say that it’s the year of the Cloud ahahaha.


So @zoteara won the first sketch in my new sketchbook, and they wanted Sans x Dank Memes… which then evolved into Sans x Rick Astley, because he will never gonna give Sans up, never gonna let him down, and he will never gonna run around and desert him, never gonna make Sans cry, he will never gonna say goodbye and never is he gonna tell a lie and hurt him :D

Sketches and Poems || Jughead Jones

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Request from anon: Same male reader anon from earlier! (This is a bit self indulgent woops) Can I get a Male reader x Jughead where the reader is Artie’s brother who’s on the football team too but is also an he’s also an artist? And he finds Jughead absolutely beautiful so he secretly draws him but one day Jughead finds his sketchbook or something?


Your eyebrows furrowed together as you attempted to sketch the upwards curve of Jughead’s black hair just right. It was a sketch you had been working on for hours and it had to be perfect.

You sighed and sat back, looking at your artwork.

Why was Jughead so perfect? Why did you have to fall in love with a boy who was utterly—

“Does Juggie know about those sketches, Y/N?” Archie said from behind you, making you jump.

You quickly closed your sketchbook, your cheeks turning bright red.

“No.” you mumbled as you looked down, missing your brother’s smug smile.

“Are you ever going to tell him about them? Or even that you love him?” the ginger asked.

Your head snapped up, your eyes wide. You shook your head.

“No. Absolutely not.” you said.

Archie sighed.


“No, Archie!” you exclaimed, standing up. “He’s your best friend. He’s my best friend! I don’t want to ruin that.”

“You’ll never know unless you try.” Archie said.

You shook your head again.

“Guess I won’t know then.” you mumbled as you got up, making your way to the stairs.

“Y/N, come on!” your brother called.

You ignored him as you walked up the stairs.

“But Jughead’s coming over in fifteen minutes!” Archie called again.

“Tell him I’m not feeling well!” you called back as you entered your room, closing the door behind you.

You flopped onto your bed, groaning into your pillow.

This crush you had on Jughead had been around for over a year now. Archie, your fraternal twin, had found out about it, and had also found out you were gay, almost immediately after seeing some of your sketches of the beanie-clad teen. You couldn’t help it. You loved to draw him. You loved him. Archie had pulled you into a tight hug, saying that he loved you no matter what and that you would always be his brother.

Archie had always encouraged you to tell Jughead your true feelings, insisting you would feel a lot better afterwards no matter what Jughead’s reaction would be. But you felt that you could never tell him. Aside from being an artist, you were also a football player. A jock. Jughead didn’t like jocks. Sure, he liked you and Archie, but you doubted that he could ever love either one of you. You weren’t even sure if he liked guys!

You heard the front door open downstairs and Jughead’s voice as he greeted Archie. You sighed, burrowing your head in your pillow again.

What was the point? It wasn’t like Jughead was ever going to find out—

You froze.

Your sketchbook. You had left it downstairs.

You scrambled out of your bed and swung open your bedroom door, racing downstairs as fast as you could. When you got to the living room, you froze again. Jughead was sitting in the chair you had been sitting in earlier with your sketchbook in his hands, flipping through the pages. Archie was standing across the room looking at you with an apologetic expression that showed he had no intention of showing Jughead your sketches. That it had just happened.

You looked towards Jughead again and you didn’t dare breathe.

“I thought you were sick.” Jughead said, not looking up from your sketches.

“I-I was. I-I am.” you corrected nervously.

Jughead nodded absentmindedly as he continued to flip through the pages.

“I’m gonna go get us some snacks. I, uh, I’ll be back in a minute.” Archie said as he gave you an encouraging smile before he left the room leaving just you and Jughead.

It was silent again before Jughead spoke again.

“These are all of me.” Jughead stated.

You nodded as you wiped your sweaty palms on your jeans.

“Yeah.” you confirmed.

The raven-haired teen looked up at you with an expression that you couldn’t quite figure out.

“Do you like me?” he asked.

You nodded again, looking down.

“Yeah,” you said quietly. “I have for a while now.”

Jughead let out a breathy laugh which made you look up at him. He had a certain twinkle in his eyes that you hadn’t noticed before.

“Well, that’s a relief,” he said as he opened his book bag which was leaning against the chair, pulling out his laptop.

You looked at him bewildered.

“Because I’ve been writing a ton of poems about how much I like you for the past year or so.” he said, a grin on his face.

You began to smile.

“W-What? Really?” you asked hopefully.

Jughead nodded.

“Yeah. Really,” he confirmed as he opened his laptop up. “You want to read them? It’s only fair. I did look at your sketches. Then maybe we could get a milkshake?”

You beamed.

“That sounds like a great idea.”



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lucysarah-c  asked:

Hi! How are you? I love your headcanon and scenarios, you are awesome at it! May I request a headcanon where s/o of Levi and Eren ask them if he/she can draw them? ( With S/o being an amazing artist,specially with faces or profiles. With Levi/ Eren dressed up, nothing naughty haha) Thanks you very much ! PD: sorry if my English isn't perfect, it isn't my first language.

Aw, thank-you so much! Your English is wonderful! And I got you, fam. Everyone’s been asking about artistic! s/o’s lately and it’s p gr8. 


  • His s/o is probably better off drawing him discreetly over straight-up asking at first and they come to find this out the hard way.
  • Drawing Levi’s perfect profile while he’s doing paperwork or drinking tea is great because he is still for a bit and his s/o is able to capture all the details of his face from the heavy tension of his brow, to the slope of his nose, down to the twitch of his lips.
  • Granted, he’ll catch his s/o’s eyes on him and turn, eyebrow lifted in a silent question of what they were staring at. Eventually, his s/o would work up the nerve to hand over their sketches of him and Levi is silent for a bit because oh–that’s what they were up to. 

  • He’d appreciate his s/o’s talents and let them know that their work is nice, but having Levi sit still on purpose for the intent of drawing him probably doesn’t happen often. He’s a busy man and doesn’t want to spend his free-time sitting around when he could be doing other things with his s/o, but he indulges them every once in a while. 
  • All in all, not the best muse but it could be worse. 

  • Remember how I said it could be worse?

  • Catching Eren sitting still is a miracle. If he’s not animatedly talking with someone, he’s preforming chores or experiments or something that renders his s/o from drawing him to completion. Which is a shame because he makes the most lively facial expressions and his s/o wants to capture them on paper.
  • When Eren comes across his s/o’s sketches of himself, he turns beet-red and waves the book at them because he’s totally and completely flattered and embarrassed at the same time. Eren doesn’t get why they’d want to draw him so badly, but he can’t deny the quality of the sketches because his s/o is super talented.

  • Would be the type to ask what his s/o was drawing from over their shoulder if he caught them in the act. When they’d shyly flip the book over to reveal his half-sketched profile, Eren flushes bright pink because oh.

  • If there was ever any down time and his s/o asked him to sit still to draw him, Eren would try his best. Really, he would, but this boy cannot sit still for longer than fifteen minutes without getting restless. He’d start to jiggle his leg subconsciously and his s/o just lets him go because he tried. 

Words: 2.1k

Summary: Castiel feels like a useless sack and the reader tries to convince him otherwise. Set between LOTUS and First Blood.

Warnings: Smut, Praise!kink (attempt), Language, Painfully sweet fluff because Castiel deserves love.

A/N: 1)The nickname in this fic may come across as odd for Castiel, but will be explained in another story. 2) I was in a sad place after watching First Blood and needed Castiel to feel happy again; at least in the form of fan fiction. 3)This is my second attempt at writing smut. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Tags: (Let me know if you want to be added)

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I admittedly forgot that her name was Leaf when I first got this request. I don’t even know why because Leaf is possibly the best name ever. As a teen I called all my green iPods Leaf.

Anyway here she is.

I’m doing Game of Thrones request art, so if you have an idea send it in and I’ll draw it. Probably. Maybe. But no harm in asking, right?

Brendon Urie's Stylist on the Panic! at the Disco Singer's Colorful Tailormade Style: Exclusive

For Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie, the embrace of “emo” spans at least a decade. But thanks to stylist Anthony Franco, the band is changing its tune, donning a new, colorfully clad style.

The self-taught designer and stylist first cut his teeth in the ‘80s and '90s dressing Janet Jackson, Boyz II Men and Lauryn Hill and outfitting MC Hammer for his “2 Legit 2 Quit” video. “When you come from making clothes for stars, you can’t give it up, which is why I like working with Panic!,” Franco tells Billboard in an exclusive interview.

After being introduced to the Las Vegas-bred group through their Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour director – who Franco worked with while styling Fall Out Boy – it was a match made in sartorial heaven. “I just threw a whole bunch of stuff in my bag from working on films like Waterworld and X-Men, made a bunch of sh–, met the boys, and they were like, 'We love you,’” he recalls. “They were babies, 17 to 20 years old, and I was already in my 30s, but from that point on, I became really close with them and have literally done every single thing with the band and Brendon since.”

How would you describe Brendon’s style?

The thing I love about the band is they’re from Vegas, so they kinda had a Rat Pack vibe with emo elements to them. With all groups, it’s the singer who usually has their individual style, and Brendon will wear anything I ask him to. He trusts me, and that’s a big thing; when an artist does not allow their stylist or creative team to help them create an image, a lot of times it looks like it’s forced. Personally, I can’t think of anyone out there with his sense of style. He loves his shiny fabrics, has stage presence, and to me, he’s always been a one-man show. He does take over, and the fans love it, and it’s great.

He seems to be a big fan of colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets, along with high-collar shirts. Is that your influence? 

Yeah, the high-collar thing came about when we were doing the “Hallelujah” video, where it’s a play on clergymen in a confessional. Instead of doing the band in collars – which is a direct reference to priesthood – we implemented that element into the shirts by raising the collar up. I love how Karl Lagerfeld dresses with his collars, so that’s what we go for. It gives an emperor’s look as opposed to looking like a preacher.


Brendon @brendonurie @panicatthedisco ready to give you an amazing performance tonite on @fallontonight - #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #tonight

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Jan 19, 2017 at 5:01pm PST

What about the colorful and patterned tuxedo jackets?

This started around the '05 Vaudeville eyeliner emo look, but I began noticing that the clothing started to elevate itself with shine and color. I wasn’t so nervous about it since I knew Brendon could pull it off, but it was also something that nobody at the time was doing, and it sort of came across as really Liberace. To avoid looking like a Vegas lounge singer, his fit had to be perfectly tailored and custom-made. I didn’t want to just throw him in clothing that we had to alter but didn’t work for him. As his stylist, I want to make sure that every time he’s out there performing or on the red carpet, he looks different, but it’s still his style.

Is there a pattern or color Brendon wouldn’t wear?

I don’t know if I would ever put him in plaid. I like textures, and leopard works perfectly for him. I think there is not a color now that we haven’t used. That’s why when we did the Grammy red carpet, we went for a clean slate with the white tux with silver thread in it and a fattened collared shirt (exclusive sketch below). Kind of like [Grammy-nominated best rock album] Death of a Bachelor, where a bride wears white. We flew in the shiny fabric from London, and I made the full look (tux, pant and shirt) within a week, because I have his pattern down perfectly. That’s fast for us, but with him, I don’t like to do things with too much of a lead time because we’re so creative we might change our minds. His fans love him, and it’s nice when they get in really close and can spot a new detail within that look.

What influences Brendon’s style the most: comfortability or design interest?

Since he’s an active performer, his pants have a little stretch in them, and his shoes have to be super comfortable. But up top, he will wear anything. I also have to be aware of sweating because he’s performing, so I will never use wool. He’ll start the show looking head-to-toe perfect and will start stripping stuff off, and before you know it, he ends up shirtless. [Laughs] For him, I think it’s really about a full look at the beginning, and then he’ll sort of taper down to get himself into it. For the red carpet, he wants to look perfect from head-to-toe.

When it comes to fashion, what excites Brendon?

He’s interesting because we know it’s the element of dress-up, and he knows that people love him for his music and his clothing. He gets inspired by fashion and is not an off-the-rack kind of guy. Brendon will never follow a designer just because everyone else is following a trend. It’s dress-up, but it’s not a costume nor gimmicky.

Brendon @brendonurie looks so good at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards - he’s wearing a custom Diamond White Tuxedo–We’ve done almost every color in the rainbow – This shining beauty is definitely one of my favorites. #brendonurie #panicatthedisco #grammys

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Feb 13, 2017 at 10:31am PST

How do you keep it from looking gimmicky?

The good thing is, with well-made clothing; it never looks cheap. And we put a lot into making sure the fit of the fabric and details are expensive, a.k.a. well-thought-out and -executed.

When he’s not performing, what does Brendon gravitate towards?

He’s all casual. Jeans, T-shirt, a hoodie and Adidas sneakers. He is straight-up comfort. 

Even at nighttime?

Oh yeah, he would never dress up to go to dinners and stuff like that. That persona of him is strictly  onstage. 


Brendon @brendonurie giving you one hell of a performance yesterday @iheartradio - wearing one of my favorite jackets in Army Green Lacquer ☠️ #brendonurie #iheartradio #performance

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Sep 25, 2016 at 10:50am PDT

What is your most memorable styling moment with Brendon?

His light-blue jacket with leopard T-shirt from his last tour. A couple, who met at a Panic! concert and eventually got married, sent a photo of their baby dressed up for Halloween in a leopard shirt and blue onesie jacket over it. It was so damn cute, and when fans start re-creating his looks, it’s flattering for us. The most incredible moment was when Brendon met President Obama after performing at the Kennedy Center Honors in a gorgeous bronze tuxedo, which we custom designed. It photographed beautifully, and I felt so proud to see my work on him while meeting the president. 


One of my favorite fashion moments - Brendon @brendonurie & Sarah @sarahurie at the Kennedy Center Honors 2013, both look so stunning wearing my designs. #love #friends

A post shared by Anthony Franco (@afrancodesigner) on Nov 11, 2016 at 2:35pm PST


( I had to repost this post because apparently someone denounced it… don’t ask me why because I don’t know, this time I haven’t put no choking pictures…maybe it was a mistake. I waited several days but Tumblr did nothing so I repost my sketches)

Buenas tardes Tumblrs !!

Well, it’s been a week since I’m in my new apartment, finally everything is OK know. I have a the best job ever, my apartment is wonderful and I have to take the ferry to go at my work !!! I’m so happy。(*˘︶˘*).:*♡

I’m a little tired but I have a lot of motivation to draw more and more !!

See ya


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Happy birthday @glittering-snowfall
I know I’m a day late but I still hope you enjoy this little gift I made just for you. I honestly don’t know why there lips are so far apart cause when I first sketched it out there faces were still connected… … … . 😅 this is awkward. Oh not cause you’re awkward it’s just cause I’m awkward, you’re gorgeous! WAIT WHAT? lol (I couldn’t resist ) oh well I hope you still like it and hope you had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

anonymous asked:

Hello. I love your blog! If it's not too much trouble how do you think the host club would feel about having an SO that's an artist? One that almost always has paint/marker on her hands, falls asleep in her studio often, and draws them a lot?

Sure! I hope you like it. I’m an artist myself so I had so much fun with this!

Tamaki: “She is always beautiful, but she looks like a goddess when she is in her studio. The way she pinches her eyebrows together in concentration as she holds the pencil up to her sketchbook. And the marks she gets on her face from touching her face with her graphite covered hands. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.”

Kyoya: “I was never one for artwork until she came into my life. I was never one for sitting down next to someone creating someone and observing, trying to figure out how moving their hands could create something so beautiful. She makes me forget about the stress of life for a while and remember that beauty is found in all the little details.”

Honey: “I love sitting there and watching her as she sketches, her hands slowly creating a few lines into a complete masterpiece. Especially when she draws me, the way she sees me comes through the artwork so clearly, it almost always brings me to tears.”

Hikaru: “At first I didn’t understand it. Why she would always come in with paint deep in the crevices of her body, but then, when I held her hand and I felt the pieces of dried up paint, I felt as though I understood. It was a part of her. She always carried it with her, to remind her that she was colorful, inside and out.”

Kaoru: “She fell asleep once, in the middle of a pretty big charcoal piece, and I saw the complete peace on her face, and that was the first moment I realized she was the best thing that has ever happened to me actually. But her hair was everywhere and her face was pressed softly to a blank spot on the large unfinished work. She looked so innocent, and it was beautiful.”

Mori: “I started to like her the day I saw her sitting outside drawing a tree that was in front of her. I didn’t realize at first that she was crying and that’s why she was sketching, but then she started to talk about it as we got closer. And when she draws me, her emotion inside the graphite is so strong, I can feel her love before I even see the drawing.”