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your Keith post gives me life !!! do you think you could do one for lance too ?

Sure can do! :D I could probably do one for every paladin tbh, I love them all so much. Anyway, here, have some of the reasons why I adore Lance:

  • is flirty
  • it’s a good flirty though??? he only ever compliments people, makes finger guns or talks himself up. nothing gross about it
  • used to sneak out of the garrison regularly
  • the most innocent laughter
  • does the eyebrow thing
  • is a good strategist and confident in his abilities!!
  • befriends people super fast
  • presumably can knit
  • feels insecure about what he contributes to the team despite being confident in his abilities
  • calls Blue “Beautiful” and is very happy with her
  • has the worst jokes
  • and even worser comebacks
  • loves his friends!!!!! so much!!!!!!! he brags about them to other people!!!
  • long limbs,,,,
  • always tries to diffuse tension
  • the more tense the situation, the more annoying he gets (probably in an attempt to distract people)
  • instantly becomes serious when the mission starts
  • is afraid of ghosts
  • can do A+ impressions of other people
  • moves his entire body while handling the controls for the fighting drones
  • he :3
  • knows the altean time measuring units and what they translate to
  • has absolutely no control over the volume and/or pitch of his voice
  • presumably has an exceptionally good relationship with his mom
  • s h a r p s h o o t e r
  • always gives new people the benefit of doubt
  • knows how to thread the needle
  • is bilingual
  • drapes himself across anything
  • is ambidextrous
  • has no understanding or interest in fancy words or math stuff
  • his first reaction to becoming a paladin and ‘protecting the universe’ was shock and fear
  • overlooks the most obvious things and is #shook when he finds out about them
  • is surprisingly analytical and knows how to read people
  • actively uses these skills on his friends - never against them of course, just to get to know them, calm them down or push them to overcome their fears
  • is the biggest dork
  • is afraid of dying
  • but did not hesitate even a second to save Coran from the bomb
  • he’s self-sacrificing that’s what he is
  • and homesick
  • is competitive to the point that he started a rivalry with Keith who barely even knew/remembered him
  • usually becomes useless around pretty girls until they open his eyes and screw him over
  • is so honest about his feelings in a private setting??? but only then
  • makes use of altean clothes
  • missed 10 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that he never really had
  • is probably really good with kids and animals!!!!!
  • freaks out easily
  • randomly dances sometimes when he’s happy
  • was fully on board with collecting coins from a fountain because Pidge wanted that one video game that he couldn’t care less about
  • loves water!! and the ocean!!! is probably a really amazing swimmer!!!!
  • is the quickest to call shotgun
  • arguably has the best fashion sense
  • puns are good if he makes them,,, but only if he makes them
  • exaggerates most of his movements
  • food goo,,, face masks,,,,,
  • always wrecked the garrison simulator back on earth
  • confronts anyone - no matter how much he looks up to them or wants to impress them - if he thinks that irrational decisions are being made

CONCLUSION: Lance is a good kid!! I love him!!

[lance continuation] [keith] [keith now with additional meta improvement

Dating Tom Holland Would Include

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  • He’s so polite in public
  • But is the most handsy person you’ll ever meet
  • Grabs your ass during hugs
  • Squeezes your boob’s for no reason
  • Will put his jacket over a puddle because he’s so extra
  • Calling him Tommy
  • Him calling you love,darling, babe
  • “Darling would you like some tea”
  • “Darling where are you?”
  • Sometimes he’ll even do it in the same sentence
  • “Darling are you feeling well love.”
  • It’s like taking care of a 8 year old
  • Cuddling on the daily
  • Because Tom just loves holding you
  • Tom burying his head in your neck when your just hanging out
  • Getting to go on set and becoming best friends with Zendaya
  • Him making fun of you because you’re American
  • “You guys have iced tea?!”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “No wonder you guys suck”
  • “Yet we beat you in a war. ”
  • “…”
  • Tom gets “mad” when you say Steve or Bucky is your favorite
  • “But babe I’m Spiderman.”
  • Will use that in every argument
  • Tom will make grabby hands at you if you’re across the room
  • “C'mere love. ”
  • If you don’t he will pout and whine
  • Sex with Tom is always amazing
  • Shower sex
  • Balcony sex
  • Quickies in between takes
  • Trailer sex
  • Almost getting caught by Harrison on multiple occasions
  • “You guys are like fucking rabbits”
  • Tom is the most random person you will meet
  • He literally makes everything interesting
  • “Babe do you ever wonder if snakes cry because they don’t have legs.”
  • “Why are you like this.”
  • Thinking its so cool he’s Spiderman
  • But not saying anything because his ego is big enough
  • “Wasn’t I amazing darling.”
  • “I wouldn’t know I was staring at Robert the whole time.”
  • Tessa loves you more than him
  • He loves seeing both of his girls together
  • Harry, Harrison, and Tom team up on you to tease you
  • If you’re shorter than Tom because he’s an asshole he will place everything on the top shelves
  • Because then you ask him to get it for you
  • He likes feeling needed
  • Such an adorable asshole
  • Tom is always worried you’ll leave him because he never has time for you
  • You reassuring him you’re not going anywhere
  • Zendaya and Harrison gagging when you guys are lovey dovey
  • Everyone’s super happy for you both
  • Being inseperable
  • You could survive without Tom, but holy cow Tom would start complaining after 10 minutes
  • “Harrison is (Y/n) back yet?”
  • “Tom she went to use the bathroom.”
  • “Don’t you think she’s taking to long.”
  • “She left 10 seconds ago mate what is wrong with you.”
  • Him being the sweetest boyfriend in the world
  • Paparazzi always starting shit but you ignore it
  • 90% of the fans love you but there is always that 10%
  • You don’t care because you love each other so much

It was the 24th of May and it was Matsushita Yuya’s (Sebastian) birthday. As I understood, Uehara Takuya (Grell) and Yuya are very close friends and Taku-chan asked other actors to prepare a surprise for him. This surprise was going to be at the end of a play (it’s a rerun of “The Most Beautiful DEATH in the World”). So, Yuya was speaking to the audience, but then Takuya appeared and his little present began. 

I was laughing to tears when I saw this for the first time! I adore Takuya to death, because it’s the present which only Grell can invent and suggest. He knows his character just perfectly and this is why I love Taku-chan even more than Grell.

Ok I just realised that there’s two scenarios here:

One, just as angry actor guy asks “who.invited. THE HOCKEY TEAM” the hockey team is yelling Ford’s name and keep praising the stage management so the connection will be made and poor Ford will just awkwardly smile as they all give her a *look*


This guy is so self centred he doesn’t know Ford’s name despite having been working together for a while, so has no idea who they are talking about.

If it’s scenario B then loads of interesting possibilities for fics and headcanons about why Ford is looking for a change, and how her relationship with the actors might not have been ideal.

If it’s scenario A, funny possibilities from actor friends trying to understand why their best most adorable stage manager is leaving them for THE HOCKEY TEAM.

bex taylor-klaus: “I think that the Keith-Pidge relationship is the most underrated friendship on the show […] they work well together, they secretly absolutely adore each other. It’d be cool to have their relationship develop into something a bit more emotional, an emotional friendship.

jeremy shada: “i mean they’re pretty open on our show…because of the network […]. but i think they’re playing pretty slow burn with most of the relationship stuff, and so, as far as where we’re at, there’s not even been–i mean, they always put like little things that will probably pay off later, odds are, but nothing like, for sure at the moment.”

little things that… will pay off.

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So I've read all your Supercorp stuf on ao3 and if you were going to recommend other fics to read what would you recommend?

okey dokey kiddos buckle up. this list includes fics im currently subscribed to and desperately awaiting an update on and fics i have finished but loved. i did a literal rec bc i wasn’t totally sure what you wanted. if i forgot to mention you or your fic i still love you im just poorly organised pls forgive me.

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My totally original characters guys lmfao

Jk, I wanted to draw the three hedgies in the Mickey Shorts style? I think thats what it’s called? X’’D I think the style is adorable so yeeee o3o.

Don’t ask me why I made Shadow and Silver similar to Bendy and Oswald–And the fact that Sonic is wearing Mickey’s pants X’’D.

Hope you liked it! If ya did

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Virgin (Peter Parker x Barton!Reader)

Request: Okay! Honestly, your imagines are awesome!! They have got everything in them, humor, fluff, making out!! They are amazing!! Are requests open? If they are, can you write an imagine where Y/N is Hawkeye’s daughter, and she is dating Peter, so he decides to give her the safe sex talk and she’s like ‘I’m not a virgin’ and he flips out! And could Peter and the Avengers be there? Thank you so much!! :) :) ❤️❤️ by @allkindofimaginesmultifandoms

A/N: Hey everyone! I’m so sorry at the lack of imagines up lately -I’m just studying really hard and I have literally no time to write. I am going to try and upload thrice a week, but please bear with me if I’m too busy and I can’t. Thank you for understanding x

You sat on a stool at the Avengers Tower’s kitchen, looking at your nails while listening to your father, who was lecturing you after finding you and Peter heavily making out there.
‘’You hid it from me!’’ he screamed. ‘’How could you? I bet your mother is going to be so mad. You are going to be grounded for this, young lady.’’
That made you look at him, a confused look in your face. You looked at Peter, standing at the other end of the kitchen next to the rest of the Avengers, who had gone into the kitchen when they heard all the shouting.
‘’What for? Having a boyfriend and not telling you so you wouldn’t ground me?’’ you told your father, mad. ‘’That’s why I didn’t do it! I’m old enough to choose who I want to go out with. You adored Peter until twenty minutes ago!’’
Peter awkwardly scratched his neck, trying to leave the kitchen but not being able to, the rest of the team blocking the door as they saw you and your father argue.
‘’Clint…’’ Natasha started softly. ‘’Maybe she is right. She is seventeen. I think she is mature enough to know what to do and who to date.’’
Clint glared at Natasha, mad that she was taking your side in the argument.
‘’I bet you are going to get pregnant. If you ever come home with a child, I swear to God… I am so mad about this, but I know you are going to keep seeing him,’’ he told you, earning a nod from you and making Peter blush ‘’so I’m just gonna give you the safe sex talk in front of everyone to make you uncomfortable in revenge.’’
You blushed and shook your head, already knowing that wasn’t gonna end well.
‘’Dad…’’ you said slowly, trying to get him to stop.
‘’First of all,’’ he started ‘’you should go to the gynecologist with your mother so he can give you whatever pills you women use…’’
‘’Dad….’’ you said again, a little bit louder this time.
‘’And never, ever, let Peter do anything without a-‘’
‘’I’m not a virgin’’ you told him quickly, making him shut up and open his eyes. He looked like a fish out of the water, not knowing what to say.
You looked at the rest of the team slowly, your cheeks bright red, and you found them chuckling and laughing, Tony’s hand patting Peter’s shoulder as Peter stood there with his cheeks burning.
‘’You…’’ your father started, looking at you. ‘’You…’’ he said again, looking at Peter this time.
‘’It was not with Peter, before you try to kill him’’ you told him, chuckling a bit. ‘’I go to high school. I know more people than the Avengers.’’
Clint looked back at you, trying to decide what to say.
‘’I’m so gonna tell your mother’’ he told you.
‘’She already knows’’ you said, laughing a little. ‘’And we went to the gynecologist. And I’m taking pills. She just decided not to tell you.’’
Your father opened his mouth, a confused look on his face, and he turned to the door.
‘’I can’t believe this is happening to me’’ he said softly as he left the kitchen, the team letting him go.
They started to leave one by one, winking or laughing at you, making you blush. When they were all gone, Peter approached you, a shy smile on his lips, his hand on his neck.
‘’How about we finish what we started?’’ he asked you softly, making you laugh before kissing him.

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Tuesday Fic Rec #10 (More Classics™)

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (@dsudis) | stiles/derek | m | 116.6k |

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

Love, love love this. Stiles gets hurt, Derek watches after him, it’s an epic ride from beginning to end. 

Game On by stilinskisparkles ( @stileshale ) | stiles/derek | t | 6k |

Derek first sees him from across the quad four days into fall semester. He’s sitting on one of the long benches, a marker pen in his mouth, grinning at something the kid lounging on the bench beside him is saying. When he laughs properly he pulls the pen out and throws his head back, his neck a long, lean line Derek is entranced by. He flicks the page in his book and highlights something, tossing the cap up in the air and catching it with his teeth.

Probably among some of the first fics I ever read and it’s still in my favorites list. Nerd!Stiles, college jock!Derek and adorable pining. 

Just the Same ericaismeg ( @ericadays ) | stiles/derek | g | 68k

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

Ah-freaking-dorable. High school au ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Stiles figures out that werewolves exist  (◡‿◡✿) alive hale family (◕ ‿◕ ✿) it includes most of the tropes that i love all wrapped up in one well-written epic. 

The Searching Ceremonies by @gingersnapwolves | stiles/derek | m | 407k |

Derek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn’t expect and aren’t sure they approve of….

The master of mystery stories writes a wonderful tale of mates with bullying, pack dynamics and slow build to keep you hooked through part 1 and relationship growth to keep you through the second 2 parts. I don’t think I can put into words how much I love part 1 and then got lucky enough to get 2 other stories in the same universe. 

Untamed by @petals42 | stiles/derek | t | 28k |

Of course, the transfer kid gets mentioned because transfers are rare, but the news isn’t that exciting. In fact, according to Laura, no one even seems to know his first name. The only thing anyone has really figured out about him is that he’s American. And that’s not exactly hard because he obviously has an accent.

The only thing Derek really knows is that, despite other reports, he seems quiet enough, prefers to work alone, and has the most amazing shade of amber eyes that Derek has ever seen.

Not that he’s looking. Obviously.

OR: A Harry Potter AU where Stiles is a Slytherin transfer student and Derek is the grumpy Gryffindor who falls in love with him.

There are also potions, elves, and falcons involved. Oh, and illegal use of magic. Obviously.

The Harry Potter Setting AU we didn’t deserve. IT’S SO GREAT I LOVE IT. I can’t put into words here either how great this is. Stiles and Derek in Hogwarts, Stiles is the US transfer that’s so lost and Derek befriends him. I love so much about this it’s so great. 

Get Pranked

Pairing: Clint x F!Reader


a clint x reader where everyone is having a prank war?

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Y/N.

Clint: babe

Clint: babe!

Clint: BABE

You: Did someone text me? Not sure.


You: Oh it’s my love. Hey.

Clint: loki managed to prank me

Clint: that means I’m losing the war I started. If I get pranked again, I’m defeated.

Clint: that makes me sad.

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Practice Makes Perfect ~ Oliver Wood imagine

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can you please write an imagine where Oliver Wood gets mad at the reader for something related to quidditch and the reader finds it absolutely hilarious and says to him “you’re so cute when you’re angry” ((:


None. :)

~Practice Makes Perfect~

Nobody doubted there was something going on between you and Oliver. Whenever the two of you were even around each other, neither of you could refrain from flirting with one another.

You were one of the Chasers on the Gryffindor, and a rather good one at that. The big game against Slytherin was coming up and Oliver was cracking down on everyone to step up their game.

Today’s practice was particularly tiring. You all played non-stop for a very long time.

“Okay, everyone, huddle up,” Oliver shouted.

Everyone flew down to the center of the field where Oliver was.

“Alright, we have to make sure we get all our moves cleaned up,” he began.

He started listing the mistakes people were making. It was a rather long list ofextremely tiny things.

“We have to keep practicing to get this right,” he mounted his broom, ready to fly up.

“Come on, Wood, ease up! We’ve been practicing all morning!” You interjected, placing a hand on your hip.

He looked over at you and raised his eyebrow.

“Look, our team is kick-ass, and the game isn’t for another 2 days. I think we’re ready,” you simply said.

Oliver got off his broom and walked over to you, stopping when your faces were merely inches apart.

“Really?” He said, attempting to hide a smirk.

A playful scowl formed on your face.
Really,” you echoed, looking up at him.

You saw his eyes flicker down to your lips, then back to your eyes before he walked away.


Eventually, Oliver let the team take a break. You made your way to the locker room to relax for a bit.

You walked in and saw the locker room was completely empty. You put down your broom and laid down on the bench.

You closed your eyes for a few seconds, then a shadow came over them. You shot them open and saw Oliver hovering over you.

“Can I help you?” You sat up, moving hair away from your face and looking up at him.

“Why did you do that in front of the team?” He asked, folding his arms.

“Do what?”

“You talked back to me, in front of the entire quidditch team. I’m your captain, (Y/N), and-”

“You’re so cute when your mad, Wood,” you smirked, standing up in front of him.

“Excuse me?” He said, his face beginning to turn red.

“You’re adorable when you get all angry and flustered,” you repeated, stepping closer to him.

“I-um-I don’t-”

“Oliver, I’m not thick. I see the way you look at me-”

I see the way you look at me,” he retorted, getting closer to you as well.

You felt your cheeks begin to heat up, trying to hide them by facing the ground.

He immediately lifted your chin so that you were gazing into his eyes again.

“So… Are you just going to stand there or are you going to kiss me?” You questioned, a small smile playing on your lips.

He let out a soft chuckle, taking your hand in his. Then, you felt his lips against yours. You placed your free hand on his cheek while he put his on your hips, pulling your bodies closer.

You found yourself getting lost in the kiss. You had been harboring a crush on Oliver for a very long time, and every time he even looked at you, you felt your heart flutter.

In fact, you both were so lost in each other, that neither of you realized that the twins, Fred and George Weasley had walked in.

“Ahem,” George coughed.

The two of you quickly broke away, both of your eyes getting wide.

“Having fun, you two?” Fred laughed, leaning against his broom.

“Toss off, the both of you!” You shouted, gesturing them to get out.

“We still have to finish practice. Unless, you’d rather be doing this,” George hinted, gesturing to you and Oliver.

“Practice is ending early today. So, leave,” Oliver glared.

They both put their hands up in defeat, walking out of the locker room.

When they were gone, Oliver snaked his arms around your waist again, crashing your lips into his.

“I would much rather be doing this,” he said.

~The End~
•Thank you for requesting!•

{ shorty | levi x reader }

Prompt: “hEy! i have a request! imagine for levi confessing to his crush who is really small and cute? like the "smol but will fite u!! >;-(” type of girl!!“
Warnings: Feisty and smol reader.
Word count: 619

You  were just at 5'0 and the most precious thing the Survey Corps has ever had on the team. Many people underestimated you at first but they all quickly had a major wake up call when they saw how feisty you could get. You were so small but you could definitely pack a punch and you most certainly didn’t hold your tongue. The boys loved to tease you about anything they could just to get a reaction out of you. Why? Because it was the cutest thing ever. It was like watching a puppy bark at you. The puppy thinks that they’re being intimidating but its just really adorable…until they bite you.

That day just seemed to not be your day considering you’ve been called into Captain Levi’s office for your little stunt you pulled in combat training.

You were paired up with Reiner for hand to hand combat training and he thought it would be so hilarious to annoy you about your height. He easily towered over you looking down at you with a smirk.

"How’s it going, shrimp?” He asked.
“Don’t call me that.” You said in an irritated tone.
“What’s the matter, babe? Your short ass don’t think you can take me on?” His voice was oozing with confidence. Too much confidence.
“What’s there to take on?” Your eyes trailed up and down his body. “It doesn’t look like much.” You finished. Reiner looked throughly offended but amused at the same time.
“You got a whole lot of mouth for such a little girl.” He said. Your eye twitched and you let him have it.

All the commotion caught Captain Levi’s attention. All he saw was your small frame going at Reiner accompanied with your colorful vocabulary.

“(Last)! In my office now!” Captain Levi said in a loud and stern tone. It was enough to put fear in anyone’s heart.

You sat in a chair in front of his desk uncomfortably as his gaze never left you.
“I’m starting to think you like get in trouble, cadet.” Levi said and you averted your eyes to his, furrowing your eyebrows.
“Not at all, sir!” You said.
“Tch. You need to control that little attitude of yours, brat. You wouldn’t have this problem.” Levi chastised you.
“Yes, sir.” You sighed. “What’s my punishment?” You asked preparing for the worst.
“I’m going to let you off with a warning only because I find you amusing.” He said and you gave him a look.

“Amusing?” You asked.
“Do you actually think you’re scaring people? A kitten is more terrifying than you. When you’re angry it’s quite cute really.” Levi said. Your eyes widened and a shade of pink appeared on your cheeks. Levi got up from his chair and walked in front of his desk so he was standing above you.

“You’re dismissed… shorty.” As the last word escaped his lips you could see the slightest smirk. He knew what he was doing, he wanted you to react. You could play that game too.

You stood up from you spot standing fairly close to your superior. Levi raised an eyebrow.
“Thank you, Captain short ass.” You smirked.

Levi grabbed both sides of your face and before you knew it his lips were on yours. The initial shock passed and you were soon moving your lips in sync with his. Just as soon as it started it was over. You felt yourself pout as he pulled away.

“Don’t ever call me short again.”

Will & Wolfgang

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  • Will is cop. Wolfgang is criminal
  • Will believes in justice and law. Wolfgang is like ‘fuck the law’
  • They are literally standing opposite from each other
  • But they share something in common and that is…they’ll protect the ones they care and love whatever the cost may be
  • What I love about season 2 is it showed more interactions within the cluster. Each character brings different and interesting dynamics with other cluster members
  • I mean I adore every single connections that my babies have with each other, and that’s why I’m going to post about these relationships among characters
  • But I’d say that the relationship between Will and Wolfgang was one of my favorites. I’ve been dying to see them working together as a team. and here we are!
  • I think the fact that…even though they stand against each other when it comes to justice/law, they accept and understand one another for what they are, care for each other, and work together for their cluster – that’s what makes their relationship so complex and interesting

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers)

2x02 Who Am I?


– that line right there. That made me fall in love with Wolfgang again! I think it also shows how deeply the cluster cares about each other. And hearing THAT from Wolfgang…it just explains everything. period.

– I mean come on. My babies, the cluster looking out for each other like family…it’s just…my God…it’s so beautiful. I can’t take it!!!!

2x03 Obligate Mutualisms & 2x11 You Want A War?


– YES! YES! YES! This is exactly what I was hoping to see in season 2! Seeing them take in charge during Sun’s jailbreak and revenge on her brother. I mean they’re both used to these kind of situations, so no surprise, but still UGH!!! I was so excited to see them both working together!

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

Wolfgang: Will, no! Stop.

Will: This is our LAST chance!

Wolfgang: If they put bullet in you, it will be.


– I really liked this moment because this time, it was Will who tried to get Whispers and got furious for it might be the last chance. And it was Wolfgang who stopped him. It’s quite surprising cause I would say, normally it’s reversed, you know.

– Normally it’s Wolfgang who’d try to do something reckless or dangerous, and Will would be the one stopping him saying things like “calm down first. There might be other ways. We’ll come up with something”. So it was great to see their roles kinda switched in that situation (it also showed how Wolfgang truly cares about his cluster member…btw I wish there’s a gif for that)

I don’t know how to describe their relationship in one word. At first, I was like “frenemies?” and then “nope. that’s not it” lol. I mean, literally, they are cop and criminal - which makes them enemies - but…THEY CARE FOR EACH OTHER! I MEAN THEY EVEN HAD SEX (in their minds)! lol.

Potential reasons why the new SVTFOE trailer was a flashback.

1. Star looks incredibly young(er).

-Her hair is up in two buns. I don’t know about you guys but for me, that hairstyle just makes star appear a little younger.

2.She isn’t wearing her usual dresses from the past season.

-I know this may not be a concret reason but just like her new (or old) hairstyle, it just makes her look a bit younger.
We know star was 14 when season 1 started, she may have even turned 15 by now. But The new/old hairstyle, combined with her different clothing, makes her look like she’s between 12-14.

3.Tom didn’t seem to like star at the beginning of their dance.

-Come on guys, we all know tom. If he currently had an opprotunity like this, he would definitly use it since he still seems to hang on star.

4. River seemed to approve of Tom.

-Okay so this was the part when i noticed that something was off. River adores Marco and already assumed that he was stars boyfriend. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still thought so. Plus, in Battle for Mewni, he and Marco basicly teamed up like mission impossible.


- If this is a flashback, this could explain why marco isn’t there. Marco got to know tom when tomstar wasn’t a thing anymore.

Gorgeous Glasses

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Request: Barry Allen imagine? where you wear glasses but the team don’t know because you always wear contacts and one day you run out of contacts and the whole team is confused on why you are wearing glasses but Barry finds it adorable? thanks xx

Notes: I actually really liked writing this, I usually wear contacts but I have like stereotypical-nerd glasses so this hit close to home. I think this is a little shorter than most of my fics, but I hope you all enjoy it!

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valentine’s day headcanons
  • it’s everyone’s favorite holiday y’all
  • let’s talk about yamaguchi and how much of a romantic he is
  • v-day brings out the cheesiest side of him
  • he gets flowers for EVERYONE
  • tsukki is allergic to pollen so yams buys him plastic ones
  • they don’t die though, so tsukki doesn’t throw them out…
  • …..which means his closet is full of plastic bouquets from years past
  • anyway
  • yamaguchi takes his time to make treats for all his friends
  • which he packs into adorable pink gift bags
  • with personal notes about why he loves whoever the gift bag is for
  • so the whole team gets one, obviously
  • tsukki doesn’t get one, however
  • it’s the first year he’s been left empty-handed
  • yams has the smuggest smile while everyone else unwraps their bags in the club room and tsukki is just. dumbfounded.
  • so he complains
  • “yamaguchi, where’s my bag?”
  • “i left it at home. you can come by and get it once we finish up this meeting!”
  • so tsukki agrees
  • and yamaguchi still looks smug
  • they go to yamaguchi’s house
  • tsukki does not see a gift bag anywhere and complains again
  • but yams tells him to close his eyes
  • and he makes him promise not to look while he goes and gets the “gift bag”
  • except
  • it isn’t a gift bag
  • tsukki feels a long rectangular box in his hands
  • and yams tells him to open his eyes
  • and it is a box. a black box with no writing on it or anything
  • “are you proposing to me?”
  • “just open it, you dummy.”
  • tsukki opens it and
  • wOAH
  • it’s a….bracelet
  • it’s plain black leather with a tiny silver circle
  • it kinda looks like the moon
  • but it has an engraving of the letter “T”
  • he assumes it’s for “Tadashi”
  • and suddenly tsukki is blushing but not ANYWHERE near as much as yams is
  • “it matches mine.”
  • and yams is wearing one just like it
  • except, upon closer inspection, it has the letter “K”
  • which is obviously for “Kei”
  • and tsukki, although still salty he never got a gift bag full of food..
  • is very happy
  • because he loves his boy
  • even if he is the cheesiest
  • “happy valentine’s day, tsukki.”
  • “so this means we’re valentines now?”
  • and yams blushes even harder but nods because DUH
  • tsukki hates consumerist holidays but
  • he could never hate one that yamaguchi loves
  • because DUH
  • he loves him

(As if it were) Yesterday

“Rin, put me down. This is embarrassing.”

What? He was embarrassed for being carried around by a girl? Rin hid a smile. She would have none of that attitude right now, “You’re injured, Kakashi-kun.”

“I still can walk,”

Argumentative, isn’t he.

“Barely. Your chakra exhaustion says otherwise.”

“I can. Besides, Obito told me to protect you. How I am doing that when you carried me around like this?”


She ignored the way her chest twist in pain at that name. She retorted instead, “You can watch my back from there. Besides we are in Konoha. I’m sure there are no enemy around here,”

“Shinobi rule number—” Kakashi’s voice choked off suddenly as if he were bitten his tongue. He took a long shuddering breath that tickled her at the ear, no doubt remembering bad memories it brought about… before. He never talked about rules again until today.

Rin didn’t ask why.

“You’re always protecting me,” she mused. Being a medic usually doesn’t come with great physical powress, so, “it’s my turn to take care of you, Kakashi.”

Her memories came unbidden then, of a deaddeaddead compassionate boy that she loves like a little brother, then this other boy that she adores, now exuding warmth behind her back.

“I’m sure Obito would want that,”

…and she gave Kakashi her most brilliant smile.

Companion art/fic to Tomorrow

Edit: Rin was a medic and Kakashi was the youngest (and smallest) in their team. What do you mean it’s not canon? Of course piggyback happens at some point. It had to.

Say It (4/8)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.659

Summary: Y/N loved Bucky unconditionally, enough to sacrifice your life for his happiness, now Bucky tries to save yours.  

Warning: Angst (please don’t kill me!)

A/N: I’m so sorry for all this angst I’m giving you guys, please hang in there, I promise it will get better, this is probably the last chapter with this kind of angst! I love you all, please remember that and if you wanna scream at me, my ask box is open. I love you all *bats eyelashes so you don’t kill me*.

He couldn’t shake it.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake the bone-chilling hatred when you had spoken his name. You had said many words after that, but they had fallen deaf to his ears as all he could focus on was the way you were murdering him with his eyes, your voice like knives slicing into the deepest depths of his heart. Steve had been quick to grab his arm and drag him out of the room; Bucky hadn’t been able to tear his eyes from you even though you were screaming murder at him. Your voice was so deep, dark, and cold; Bucky understood why it had scared you when you were a child.

Bucky looked at the screen that showed you in your cell. You were sitting against the wall again, only looking at Wanda who was talking to you. You didn’t answer her. Bucky wanted nothing more than to walk in there again, but Steve had prohibited him from doing that. Which was why he was sitting in the control room looking at you on the big screens. When you had seen Bucky, your anger had risen a tenfold out of the blue, a swing of your fist against the glass wall had caused it to shake, which had shocked both Wanda and Steve. The main reason they didn’t want Bucky in the same room, was for Bucky’s safety and he found it ridiculous.

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Armed Detective Agency Off-Set

Atsushi- Atsushi’s personality takes almost a complete 180 off set. He’s quirky, fun and loud. He finds his outfit kind of annoying to deal with because the belt keeps smacking him in the ass and legs when he’s filming. He also thinks he looks kinda like a hobo, even if that is the point of his getup. The hardest part in filming was trying to keep a straight face as Akutagawa spit out the word ‘Jinko’ because of the strange accents he would do. Atsushi is crazy dedicated to filming and is always seen with his script in hand. But, just like the Show Atsushi, they’re both kind to everyone, although irl Atsushi likes to joke around a lot more. When they were filming the Chazuke part in the beginning, he couldn’t finish it all, so the crew teamed up to help him.

Dazai- Dazai is so extra that he refuses to take off his costume until the set is actually closing, and even then, it takes five people to shove him into a change room. He’s really cheeky and mischievous to people that he’s comfortable with, but the entire crew can tell you that he kept to himself for the first two weeks because he was really shy. He’s a crazy good singer, but the only person he sings seriously for is Chuuya. They aren’t officially dating, but everyone knows that he will eventually.He’s pretty good at keeping in his alcohol too. Also, Dazai is the king of pranks. He once switched out everyone’s scripts for the Bee Movie script (even Asagiri’s). Dazai also acted like Yenpress Dazai for a week, driving everyone insane. A not-so-funny prank ended up with him in the hospital after accidentally hanging himself as a joke. The wiring was faulty and he was choking for a good 20 seconds before Yosano panicked and said that it was indeed real. There’s at least one crew member watching Dazai’s actions from that scare.

Side note: The entire crew once played ‘Never Have I Ever’ without Dazai there for fun and accidentally found out that everyone has had a crush on Dazai at least once from the entire time they worked with him. They all vow to keep it a secret (although Chuuya is slightly jealous, he would never admit it) They can’t help it, he’s really charming. 

Fukuzawa- He’s the most like his character than anyone on the set (excluding several other members). But… he’s actually semi-allergic to cats, which kills him inside because he loves animals. He, Hirotsu and Mori are always seen together talking about politics and other things that most of them don’t care about. Fukuzawa is great friends with everyone and is in charge of making sure the studio doesn’t burn down from everyone’s shenanigans

Ranpo- He’s not as lazy as everyone thinks. The guy goes for an hour runs before filming begins because he knows the amount of food he’s going to consume is ridiculous. Ranpo sometimes kidnaps Carl to freak Poe out, which sometimes leads into really loud bickering. He can be found helping with the cameras/filming or reading a book in the corner while blasting rap music from his headphones. He’s also brilliant at chess and graduated early. Ranpo has never found a job he actually likes until he became and actor on BSD

Yosano- Still Queen off and on set. She and Kouyou are best friends, but everyone has been trying to get them together since the production began. Yosano and Ranpo had a slight fling back then, but are still pretty great friends. Because she plays someone with medical knowledge, she does actually have training so everyone goes to her when they have an injury. She also really adores kids and always gives candy to Kyouka, Yumeno and Kenji (and Oda’s kids, but they’re rarely around)

Kunikida- He’s actually pretty laid back off the set and is always willing to give advice. Dazai’s antics have worn onto him, and is sometimes seen helping him out with pranks and such. Kunikida thinks his character is ridiculously uptight, but the crew has already placed bets as to when he’ll discover that some of the behaviours are coming off the screen and into his own life. He’s known to tie with Dazai and Chuuya when having drinking competitions.

Haruno- She’s Naomi’s stylist and helps out in the set and crew when she’s not on-screen. She’s surprisingly handy with technology and constantly wonders how she puts up with all the weirdness on and off set. Haruno loves them all though

Tanizaki Siblings-  Tanizaki siblings love each other, but not that much. The whole incest thing wasn’t really their choice. Junichiiro believes his outfit is pretty similar to how he dresses, but Naomi finds it kind of gross and wants to change his style. She constantly goes to Kouyou to get fashion advice  and drags Haruno, who is her designated stylist to go with her. She finds wearing her school uniform slightly convenient because she has to rush there after filming anyways. Junichiiro is always roped into zooming through traffic on his motorcycle to get her there on time. They are also designated to get coffee each morning because everyone has given up on Dazai getting it for them.

Kenji- No matter what his role is in the show, he is most definitely not a farmer’s boy. If anything, he’s the most corrupt 14 year old any of them had met. His mind has surpassed the gutter and currently lives in the 9th circle of meme hell. Everyone wonders what happened to him. Regardless, he’s still pretty sweet and loves to cause chaos on the set. He’s also quite a charmer and has a small crush on Kyouka, leaving a small love triangle between them and Yumeno. The entire team is divided between the two boys and some of them *cough (Kunikida and Haruno) wonder why their lives aren’t as cute as theirs is. Kenji is also crazy smart and sassy af.

Kyouka- Everyone adores Kyouka so much. She’s the princess around the set and you can see Chuuya and Kouyou absolutely spoiling her. Her personality also takes a big turn. She’s not into cutesy things at all, at least that’s what she said when everyone gave her giant Dango pillows, but unbeknownst to them, she still has them in her room. Her pigtails feel childish to her and she finds it annoying every time Kenjii flicks them like reins. She’s extremely sassy and knowledgeable about the relationships between everyone on set. People constantly watch their back, but she’s like the black market dealer for secrets, no one knows how she does it. Kyouka comes from a rich family, but because of that, she’s homeschooled, so everyone tries to pitch in and make her life fun to make up for all that she’s missing. Also, Kyouka hates the phone around her neck in the show; more than once they’ve had to refilm a part because one of her 5 cellphones go off in the middle of a recording. Normally it’s one of her online friends or a recording studio asking her to come to a cover for them.