why is this such bad quality

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Can you do the character thing for Tucker

do I like them: Dude. Tucker was like. my first favorite rvb character. i looked at him, he made a joke, held the sword, and I instantly fell in love with him. It was like the fIRST time I saw him. One of the main reasons why I wATCHED red vs blue in the first place was because of Tucker I lOVE HIS MAN

5 good qualities: is able to fit both in Flordia’s and Maine’s armor - both of whom are entirely different sizes and heights, developed A+ eyesight due to his inaccessibility to sniper rifles, character development, loVES HIS SON, have you seen him fight he sucks but in a gOOD WAY

3 bad qualities: had a rock, went an entire season crying over his bf being gone only to basically never talk to him once he came back, honestly makes me a little sad in regards of his character development compared to the way I kind of fell into around the same time

favorite episode/etc: oh god idk man. This One Goes to Eleven is honestly a personal favorite even if it has a little bit of Tucker in it. It was like one of the first Red vs Blue episodes I watched fully and I just. I loved him before but seeing him in a sort of action sense i just fell in lOVE

otp: tuckington

brotp: oh yo I don’t even kNOW… him and Church??

ot3: okay so tucker… and tWO churchs

best quote: right now it’s “W-T-FUCK” because I’m saying it a lot for some reason

headcanon: Okay man just. just lisTEN for a second here. it’s dumb but just. its sO DUMB but lISTEN… So Tucker has like turquoise (???) eyes right? Okay but. when the sword is in use… his eyes gLOW. and when he doesn’t have it on his person his eyes are pale compared to when he has it on him. like an oc made by a 12 year old.

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would you rather have the 100 end after season 4 with a great ending, or it have 10 seasons, but loses quality over time?

Ahhh, DIANA why?! :P

I want loads of seasons, but not if it’s gonna go down like The Vampire Diaries, which, let’s face it, is so bad now. So I am gonna have to go with the epic fourth season.

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It's sad.

When it comes to Simblr, it’s not about:

  • the quality of your blog
  • how many pictures you dedicate to your queue
  • how long you took you to edit that awesome photo that you’re proud of
  • or how nice of a person you are

Now it’s about:

  • Who you’re friends with
  • Which Sims game is better
  • How you decide to play your game
  • How “relevant” you are
  • How much drama you can cause

And people wonder why the Simblr community is mostly seen in a bad light.