why is this such bad quality

You know who would make a great Jedi?

Data from Star Trek.

I mean, shoot. He has the no emotions bit down (all he has to do is take out his chip and BOOM, but that doesn’t mean he will. I imagine he’d subjugate the Council to hours long, researched arguments on why repressing your emotions is bad.)

Also he could fucking upload Jedi history and lightsaber forms into his neural matrix. HE COULD JUST DOWNLOAD JAR'KAI, CMON.

Plus, his eyes? He probably gets the “Are you Sith?” thing all the time, to which he replies, completely serious “I am not sure. Allow me to check.” *Staring off into space* “No, I am not. Unless we are speaking of the Sith Order prior to the rise of Darth Bane and his teachings, which shared many qualities similar to the Jedi Order we are part of today. It is all extremely fascinating, I have even prepared a diagram and thesis paper on the subject.”

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what are your thoughts on desert song,,

some of gerard’s best vocals like it’s so raw and just gives me goosebumps tbh idk why they thought it was a mess like its too bad he was drunk but like honestly that vocal quality didn’t exist anymore once he got sober so like obviously that’s more important but it sounds really good nonetheless

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Why are taylor dresses so much cheaper? Are they still good quality?

no they’re actually bad quality but we all still keep buying from them !!!!!! 😉 haha just kidding, but no they’re cheaper because they’re not assholes and overcharge for everything. the include the shipping and time slot deposit in the overall price so you know what you’re paying up front immediately. I even got money back from one of my dresses because shipping was cheaper than they expected !! they have beyond amazing customer service, they are willing to fix anything if it isn’t what the customer wants and they only work on one dress at a time which is a huge plus for me. I received a date when they would start working on my dress and when that date arrived they discussed what I wanted, sent me a computer generated sketch of my own dress designs, then made the dress and shipped it out to me all in a week. they bite off what they can chew and know how to run a business. every one of their customers is important to them and they show that through all aspects of their company and every step of the way when working with them. I can’t recommend them enough.


I think edgeworth just had a bad case of “nggghooooooh” 

Phoenix is pretty much puppy faced throughout the first trial in T&T, so why not draw a young edgey reacting to this puppy-faced-soon-to-be lawyer

Edit: I reuploaded the pictures for better quality and fixed up some things that really bothered me

posts about how  you should only surround yourself w/good “positive” people vs. bad “Negative” people confuse me. like have u ever met a person? those suckers are complex. rarely do they, to me at least, exude sheer positivity or sheer negativity. obviously people that are mean or abusive to you are like, not great to be friends with, but “negative” is such a vague term. pessimistic? angry? what does that even mean, and why is it bad to be friends with, like, people who have shitty qualities? (u know, like people have)

also kind of strange to present it as though every person in your life was someone you chose to be there. like let me go to the friendship market and pick only the ripest, most positive of acquaintances. sometimes people happen to u.